Clickfunnels Alternatives

There is no denying the fact, when it comes to funnel building platforms, or websites that allow you to build landing pages quickly, ClickFunnels usually comes out on top, or at least somewhere near the podium finish.

For years they ruled the roost, with plenty of competitors appearing, and then disappearing, or simply never fully launching. Many of them had great ideas, grand master plans or really good platforms, but they seemed to fade from either lack of on going monthly users or even just low sales.

A good example is the seemingly large number of dead or unsupported landing page / funnel builders on networks such as Warrior+ or JVZoo. 

Clickfunnels Alternatives - Who Wil Win?

But, thankfully as the years have gone by, a large number of ClickFunnels alternatives have appeared and stuck around, ready to fight for their slice of the funnel building platform pie. 

If you are looking for just free clickfunnels alternatives, then check this article out

Today we are going to dive into as many different sites that we could find, placing them into one of the following categories;

  • All-In-One Platforms (Funnel builder, email, membership area, etc)
  • Standard Funnel Builders (Whereby they have easy to build multi step funnels)
  • Landing Page or Single Page Builders (Whereby they can be used to build and connect separate pages to become a funnel)

If we are being brutally honest, most single page or landing page builders, can be funnel-builders, they usually are just missing the 'overall view' that you may get with more traditional funnel builders. So we have included them in this article.

All-In-One Platforms

Not really sure if this is the name that everyone gives this type of platform, but this is what I have decided to name this style of platform, these solutions will usually contain;

  • A Funnel Builder
  • A Website or Blog builder 
  • Email or Autoresponder functionality 
  • Live or Pre-Recorded webinar functionality 
  • Membership area creator
  • Possibly other tools and apps

If you pay for the Platinum version of ClickFunnels, then you get access to your own affiliate marketing program and their in built auto-responder. ClickFunnels isn't an All-In-One platform, as it doesn't have the blog/website builders or the tons of random tools and additional features that the following platforms do have, but all of these platforms are great replacements for ClickFunnels.


Clickfunnels Alternatives - Kartra

A platform that has been around for quite a while, and a firm favourite with a lot of marketers, Kartra was one of the first All-In-One platforms that I heard of when I started with my blogging journey. 

Kartra does focus heavily on the selling of products or services, using their Kartra Checkouts and Kartra Memberships, they are also quite well known for hosting a lot of other peoples affiliate programs, with a large marketplace that can be tapped into. 

I would say the fact that Kartra has;

  • It's own membership & course area - Allowing you to build your training course, 
  • Affiliate program functionality -So you can get people to promote the course, 
  • Checkout program - You don't need to play around with 3rd party gateways
  • and email system - So you can email your new leads/customers directly

Means you can kind of have everything you need in one place, especially if you are a course creator. Of course the funnel builder or page builder as they call it also gives you the opportunity to promote and sell your products. 

Kartra pricing starts at $79 per month (if you are happy to be billed every 12 months) and you can get a 14 day trial to give it a test run. 


Clickfunnels Alternatives - BuilderAll

Another platform that has been around for a while now, I first heard and wrote about BuilderAll back in 2018 when I was looking for alternatives to ClickFunnels, as I didn't have the money to be spending the big $$'s. 

BuilderAll has come a long way since I first laid eyes on it, changing from ClickFunnels conqueror , to a WordPress Waster, onto an 'all-in-one' everything you could ever want... back to a ClickFunnels Killer. We are now on BuilderAll 4.0, with their latest release/launch focusing on Funnels and their funnel simulators & views. 

But they do have a large number of apps and tools in their arsenal, and a bit like Kartra and many of the others on this list, they do claim you can get rid of every other app, tool and platform, and simply use theirs. With the ability to;

  • Create drag and drop funnels
  • Drag & Drop website builders
  • Email Creation and Email automation (though I find it unusable) 
  • Build and deploy apps
  • Checkout gateways
  • Create social media content, such as 'wrapped' videos

And a whole load more features that would make this article 5x longer than it needs to be. Because Builderall have recently done their 4.0 launch, they have updated their pricing (again), allowing you to lock in the full suite of tools and programs for $69.90 per month. Around $30 cheaper than other all-in-one platforms. Definitely worth checking out what they have to offer, you can do so here.


Clickfunnels Alternatives - Groovefunnels

One of the latest additions to the world of funnels and website builders, GrooveFunnels is actually a platform owned and built by the same guy who built or oversaw the building of Kartra.

Which meant when it launched, GrooveFunnels already had some clout and potential customers knew what to expect. 

GrooveFunnels as we have come to expect from all in ones contains a lot of the same features you may find within Kartra;

  • Drag & Drop Funnel Builders - GroovePages
  • Sales focused websites and checkouts - GrooveSell
  • Drag & Drop Website Builder - GrooveBlogs
  • Videos & Webinars - GrooveVideo/GrooveWebinar
  • Email AutoResponder - GrooveMail

You may have guessed the naming convention they went for! In all, there are at least 20 different tools on this platform, pretty much allowing you to do everything you would want to do, including the ability to have your own affiliates for products or services you might sell. 

GrooveFunnels is free to get started with, so you can go set up your funnels or websites without having to pay anything, but to unlock the more features (such as 10k leads/contacts in your GrooveMail) you will need to upgrade to their Platinum account. 

While GrooveFunnels is still in BETA, you can grab the lifetime offer for $1397 (roughly the cost of a years worth of ClickFunnels). The upgrade essential unlocks 17 other apps (at least potentially) and gives you access to 40% commissions (rather than the 20% you get with the free version).

This is one of the few free ClickFunnels alternatives that you will find on this list.

Clickfunnels Alternatives - System

Another relatively new platform, one that I had not heard of until a few months back, Systeme as with the others in this particular space, sell themselves as being 'The only tool you need to launch your online business'. 

If you are looking for a platform that does also cater for eCommerce and even DropShipping sites, then System is a great ClickFunnels alternative. 

Systeme has a number of features, including;

  • Drag & Drop Page Builder
  • A place to keep your leads and customers
  • Email Creator & Autoresponder
  • eCom & Affiliate program set up

I did find Systeme difficult to set up and use, and it does need some work, but if you are looking for a cheap and cheerful landing page builder, or 'all-in-one' then this might be an option. 

One of the cheapest all in one platforms on this list, starting at FREE just $27 per month with 5,000 contacts, this could be a good alternative to GetResponse or Aweber if you are simply trying to do some quick and easy lead capture pages.

Yeah, is free these days, at least for their basic tier, which for a ton of people is more than enough. 


Clickfunnels Alternatives - NowSite

I was trying to decide if to include NowSite on this list of funnel builders and marketing platforms, and I nearly didn't, but someone might decide it's a worthwhile ClickFunnels or BuilderAll alternative. 

I doubt it, but you never know. 

NowSite marketers themselves as an AI enhanced marketing platform, that has everything your business could ever need. Offering features such as;

  • 3 ClickMarketing (They find 'relevant' content and then lock it behind an email optin..genius)
    • It can be promoted on social media
    • Added to your 'automated blog' 
    • Use it as lead gen
  • Email Marketing 
  • Funnel Builder
  • Retargeting Ads

I tried using this platform for around 3 - 6 months, and I found it an absolutely abhorrent platform to use, with the landing page/funnel builder being clunky, the email servers wouldn't allow you to use a branded domain (unless you bought one from them), the 3 click marketing essentially locked readily available and free content behind their own content lockers, and it was a completely and utterly useless platform, considering the price. 

If you really want to spend the same amount of money as ClickFunnels or GrooveFunnels, then you could go get NowSite, but I would encourage you not too. 

Standard Funnel Builders

If you pay for the basic version of ClickFunnels, then what you get access too is a funnel builder, landing page builder and to be fair a membership/training area creator. The following options are pretty much the same features you would get with a standard ClickFunnels account.


Clickfunnels Alternatives - DropFunnels

Possibly the first WordPress based funnel builder, or at least the first one I have heard of, I did think about adding this too the All-in-one platfortms, but it didn't quite have enough to warrant it. 

DropFunnels is an SEO focused builder, that is hosted and built on the WordPress framework. It's a bit like having a page builder installed on a website or blog, but this allows you to have everything in one place. 

The different features that DropFunnels come with include;

  • Website & Landing Page Builder
  • SEO Focused Pages - Including the ability to deal with Meta Titles & Descriptions
  • Lead & Customer CRM
  • Link Tracking

As mentioned before, DropFunnels is a bit like having something like Thrive Architect or Elementor installed on your WordPress blog, and then also having premium PrettyLinks, Yoast and a whole load more.

If you are someone who does use WordPress with a page builder and use ClickFunnel or similar for your funnels, then this is a great way of merging those together into 1 platform that you pay for.

The cost is about half of that of ClickFunnels, starting at $49 per month including a single website & unlimited funnels and membership areas. 


Clickfunnels Alternatives - Simvoly

Promoted and sold as a website or funnel builder, Simvoly was yet another funnel platform I hadn't heard of it until the middle of 2020. As with DropFunnels, Simvoly does offer a number of features, but it's missing the vital email responder to really call it an all-in-one offering. 

Simvoly comes with a large range of offerings such as; 

  • A Drag & Drop landing page & funnel builder
  • Calendar and booking tools
  • A CRM (You can tag and score your contacts and customers)
  • Membership & subscription app
  • White Label Capabilities

If Simvoly had their own email responder, I would say this is the best alternative to ClickFunnels, actually, I am going to say it, for between $24  - $79 to have up to 30 funnels ad domains it's well worth having this platform if you are someone who wants to house a multitude of funnels, landing pages and membership areas. 

Landing Page or Single Page Builders

Finally, we have arrived at the last bundle of platforms and tools that can be used as a replacement to ClickFunnels. These landing page builders usually don't have lots of features, and will usually just focusing on individual pages (with some offering lead magnet funnels - landing page & thank you page).

Usually these options are one off prices, come with alternative uses or the landing page option is the secondary functionality, more will be explained below. 


Clickfunnels Alternatives - FastPages

A stand alone platform, aimed at offering people a simple to use, fast landing page builder. FastPages is marketed as a lightning fast landing page creator, with a variety of mobile ready templates, and a platform that is up to 10x faster than their competitors. 

FastPages will help you create a lead generation funnel, for example you can create a lead capture page, with information about your webinar, training or free course, and then attaching a thank you page too it, but FastPages doesn't natively give you the options  of people a sales funnel (upgrades, down sells, one time offers). 

A decent, well put together drag & drop page builder, with some easy integrations

I would probably see this as a cheaper alternative to ClickFunnels if you are only using ClickFunnels to capture leads or building landing pages. Costing $47-$97 month, or if you are lucky then $197 one-time-fee (I would check this page out it usually contains any lifetime offers).

These days it looks like they may have given up marketing or selling this platform.

Click Wealth System

Clickfunnels Alternatives - ClickWealth System

The first of the 'DYF' programs, ClickWealth System is a different type of landing page builder, aimed at those who want to use someone else's ready built landing pages or lead capture pages. 

ClickWealth System is very similar to passive profits or 12 minute affiliate, whereby they give you 3 or 4 ready done landing pages and offer emails that can be used as the follow up. 

They do offer a builder, so you can create your own pages, but I would just use the ones provided, or grab one of the upgrades to get a whole host loaded onto your account.

Considering it costs $9 to grab it, it's not massively expensive to get it and try them out, I wouldn't say it's the best alternative to ClickFunnels, as it's basically just a number of landing pages hosted for you, with the potential to add some Done For You email campaigns, but if you are after some potentially decent lead capture pages, and don't have a ton of money to get started, this could work. 

Thrive Architect

Clickfunnels Alternatives 2 Clickfunnels Alternatives

If like me you enjoy the freedom of using a single platform to deal with all your different needs, without being locked into contracts or paying monthly to use the products, then Thrive Architect might be the right one for you.

Thrive Architect is a WordPress plugin that is actually a page builder (I use it to create all of my articles on my sites), but also has the ability to create landing pages or lead generation pages. It comes with a number of pre-made pages that can be imported, updated and published.

Thrive won't work as a full sales funnel, but is a great offering if you need to capture emails or leads via your own website. It costs $69 as a one-off purchase, and can be used on pretty much any Theme to enhance your site. You can also just import the ready done pages to be used as a stand alone page. 


Clickfunnels Alternatives 3 Clickfunnels Alternatives

Another WordPress page builder, Elementor is the slightly more popular plugin out of the two on this list (I personally prefer Thrive as I found it more intuitive to use). 

Elementor offers some very similar options to Thrive, giving you the ability to change your standard looking WordPress pages into useful and great looking lead generation pages. 

Elementor costs $49, but you need to pay each year (I assume that's to keep getting updates), but I would say that's a fair price, considering others on the list could cost you that per month. 

12 Minute Affiliate

Clickfunnels Alternatives 4 Clickfunnels Alternatives

One of the original Done For You page builder offerings, 12minute affiliate again, as with Click Wealth Systems, offer you ready built and hosted landing pages or lead generation pages designed to help you build your email list quickly. 

This option is more expensive than it's counterpart, costing $47 per month to access this platform, essentially the same price as DropFunnels, FastPages or Simvoly, I would say this is only a good option if you are trying to get a full email campaign done for you, you don't want to go look for products and simply want someone else to do basically everything. You just sent traffic. 


Clickfunnels Alternatives 5 Clickfunnels Alternatives

The first of these two 'odd one outs', but many email platforms now contain additional tools, for example page builders, landing page designers or subscription form creators. 

Moosend is one of the latest email marketing sites that provide landing page tools, which can be a great alternative to more expensive builders such as ClickFunnels. 

Clickfunnels Alternatives 6 Clickfunnels Alternatives

They have a variety of landing page templates and designs that can be used, with the ability to have Moosend host the page, or embedding it into a WordPress site, you get a few different options. 

The beauty of this, is that you don't need a separate email responder, as this is one. Starting from $8 per month, this is one of the cheapest options. 


Clickfunnels Alternatives 7 Clickfunnels Alternatives

Another ClickFunnels alternative in the form of an email provider, GetResponse is a fairly well known platform that again offers landing pages as part of their portfolio.

They have a number of templates to choose from, with a decent drag and drop designer and builder that allows you to update, change and customise the pages as you wish to fit in with the offer you are promoting or your own brand. 

Clickfunnels Alternatives 8 Clickfunnels Alternatives

Not quite as robust as say full an all in-one-platform or a standard funnel builder, but a cheaper alternative to the others on this list. Starting at $10.50 per month, or if you want to increase those features to a full sales funnel (this is slightly different than a standard 'funnel', so be sure to check out the GetResponse review to have a look) pricing starts from $34.50 per month. 

As with others, if you are already using an email platform to send emails, and you are fed up of using something buggy like GrooveFunnels or BuilderAll, then here is a decent alternative. 

Conclusion - Are There Any Worthy ClickFunnel Alternatives?

At the end of the day, trying to find a platform or tool to replace ClickFunnels is quite easy, there are a number of them to choose from, and probably a lot more than I have listed here. 

It depends heavily on the features you are looking for, for example if you need everything in one place because you don't want to pay $$$'s per month for email, funnels, blogs and membership areas, then DropFunnels or are going to be great places to look into. 

If you just want a simple landing page builder, then Systeme, GetResponse or Simvoly will be pretty good options. 

Have a blog already, or a website that runs WordPress, Thrive will be your best bet, it does now cost monthly, but you get a ton of benefits and tools as part of that membership and it makes your site look amazing. 

I would recommend taking advantage of the different trials that the platforms offer. is free to get started with, as is GetResponse. With free trials from DropFunnels and Kartra always being available.  

Have I missed any, can you think of a better ClickFunnels alternative that I can add too this list?