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There are 3 different price points, I feel the lower two are probably worth it more than the final price. Review 2 review

Ease of USe

Some areas are easier than others. The editors are nice to use, but some of the platform gets lost in menus, sub menus and random buttons. Review 3 review


With funnels, blogs, ecommerce, affiliate programs, webinars and an email responder, you have a lot packed into this platform. Possibly too much for now. Review 4 review


I haven't actually required any, though they seem to have a small but growing Facebook community, and they did email a few times asking if I had joined or started yet. 

Summary: A cheap, and somewhat cheerful 'all in one' platform, designed to give marketers the ability to do all kinds of things for a small price. As with others, they have managed to get a few good things going, but still room for improvement.

  • The Funnel Templates Did Look Nice
  • The Page Editor Is Easy And Simple To Use
  • Quick And Easy To Create Email Campains And Newsletters
  • No Real Consistency With Page Branding Across Funnel Pages
  • The Blog Tool Lacks Any Real Ability To Do Much Beyond 'Add A Page' 
  • The Product & Sales Side Of This Platform Is Confusing And Full Of Submenus And Buttons starts at $29, but you can get a 30 day free trial to see if you like it.

I have recieved more emails this year about a new funel building platform, or 'all in one marketing platform' than any other year, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down. With many calling themselves ClickFunnel Killers or 'the latest funnel software'.

Today I have a new one to review, going by the name of, they look to be an all in marketing platform, focusing on funnels, blogs and emails, so a bit like GroovePages or Kartra.

They reached out and asked if I would have a run through and give it my honest opinion, so here I am to do just that. 

What Is

In their own words, is 'the only tool you need to launch your online business', which doesn't really explain what it does, or really provide much of a backgroud.

The home page is pretty spare on information, giving you a few sentences about what you may find inside, and it doesn't actually tell you how long that free trial is. Review

The features page provides a little more detail, though I am going to be honest, not a lot. Review

As a quick comparision, BuilderAll's home page, is the opposite, it's really long, it pretty much gives a short explanation about every tool that they have. Their home page has more detail, than Systemes 'features' page. Review

I have said in the past that BuilderAll have an issue with too many tools, and not enough focus, so at least only seem to be focusing on about 4 or 5 areas, it's just a shame you have very little clue about what it is. 

Having spent about a week looking into this platform, the really high level view, is that they are an 'all in one' platform, designed to give you everything from funnel building software, to the ability to build blogs, manage your contacts and create membership sites. 

I will also go more indepth with each of the different areas, below. I will try to provide as much information about each area, doing my best to explain how they work and what they do.

What Is Inside Of

Right, let's actually get into this, because there is a lot to cover in this review, with a number of different features to explore. 

I will bundle the key areas together, as I have done for other large platform builders, I would say if you do want to check out all the features, then you should grab yourself one of their free trials, that way you can actually understand what is all about.

The Funnel Builder

I am going to take a big guess and state that this is the main angle that Systeme are aiming for. They are focusing on the funnel building part of this platform, mcuh like ClickFunnels does, the other areas are simply add ons, or additional 'fun tools' that can compliment the sales funnels.

So the Salesfunnel area comes with a sort of 'funnel wizard' designed to get you going on the right path. Review

Each option will take you to a different screen, on which you will find a vartiety of templates. if we take the 'Sell' option, you are given what I would call a pretty standard 2 step funnel, with a single landing page and then a thank you page. Review

If we decide to go with the product page that I would say looks the most, 'different' from the others (i.e not an eBook), then you are given a number of options.

The first being what you actually want the page to be called, the other being the products or even the commissions you want to provide for people buying the products. For those familiar with ClickFunnels would know this as the 'settings' or admin page. looks to provide this straight away, rather than what I would have expected, which is the editor. Review

The admin part is pretty standard to be fair, giving you access to the 'standard' setting you would expext, as well as split testing, sales informaiton, and any automaiton rules for example triggering an event if someone decides to click buy, or where to send people if they subscribe to your email list etc. 

When a user clicks the 'magic pen?' icon, the one below the magic eye, then they get access to the 'editor' (I have no clue why they hide this away). 

The editor is the same as many others. It's an easy to use, simple, drag and drop editor. Review

I really like the editor, it's easy to use, it doesn't take long to completely change the look and feel of the page that you are editing, quckly adding new images, fields or a multitude of payment options and products.

But, there is an issue that become more obvious when you go back the funnel overview, and something that doesn't make a lot of sense. 

For my first 'order form' step, I chose a bright, vibrant 'fitness and supplement' based page. It stood out from the generic book selling pages that usually haunt these page builders. 

And therein lies the problem, because the 'Thank You' pages that are given...suck. Review

There is zero follow on from the first page. They are just 2 seperate entities, there is nothing that says that funnel step 1 and 2 are going to be connected. So I will have to craft and update one of these 5 thank you pages to look vaguely similar to my very nice looking order form. 

The same can be said about a few of the pages and 'funnels' within, they don't feel like there is anything connecting them. Take Thrive for example, when you select one of their templates, it gives you 3 or 4 pages that all have the same theme, colour scheme and look to them. You can quickly get them all set up, with minimal work. 

I do like the funnel builder, it takes a bit of time to navigate and get used too, but it's easy to drag and drop stuff aroud, and adding automation is pretty simple as well.


I'm not sure I can call this a full CRM, but do have a place to save a lot of information about leads and customers, so it does have some basic CRM characteristics. 

It's a pretty simple CRM, that allows you to store and filter a large number of fields, including if they have been referred by affiliates, when they where last active (I assume that means what they last purchased) and again is just a place for you to store the informaiton about your customers and leads. 

The Email Responder & Newsletter Tool

To be fair to Systeme they have actually made this part super easy, 100X easier than BuilderAlls crazy Mailboss. 

You can easily create a new newsletter, so if you have a one off email you want to send out, maybe a special offer, new amazing product launch, or simply want to build a relationshipwith your contacts, then it's easy enough to do. Review

One thing I noticed is the neither the CRM nor the Email Responder seems to have the ability to have 'lists'. You can tage people, which I assume is their way of runnig lists, but usually I like to have tags, whithin my lists. For example a list that may contain 'buyers', I want to be able to tag those who open frequently, have bought a few items or many other options, this limits that ability. 

The 'campaigns' section looks to work and function much like many other autoresponders, I would say it's even easier to use than some autoresponders *cough*Aweber*cough*. Review

It's easy to see a new campaign, what emails it contains, number of contacts at each part and a vareity of other stats. Plus they have made it easy to simply add a new email. Review

I will accept that you can't do fun flows like you will find within GetResponse or ActiveCampaign, but you can set up a pretty decent and long email campaign that sends out emails at a certain time of time, or after another email with relative ease. 

From looking around, it looks like the only way to 'actviate' these campaigns is via tiggers inside of funnels, this makes it slightly unfriendly when it comes to wanting to move people across to new campaigns. 

Other than that, not bad.

Blog Creation

The blog creation tools are always ones that, scare me. For one simple reason, WordPress works really well and is pretty simple to get up and running, why make that more difficult. 

But, I am going to look at this blog creation tool and see what it's like. Review

This is not a good start. A single 'template' that looks to just preload a header, a generic font and 3 'pages', which can be edited. Review

It's difficult to navigate this section, the 'posts' button is actually a button and it changes when you click on it to 'Pages'. I have zero clue why platforms do this, as it makes navigating super difficult. 

Each page is a drop & drop style editor, think Wix or something like that. It's fine to use, it's easy enough to add images, blocks or whatever you want onto it. Review

You can add a post the same way you add a page, and you get access to the same builder. 

My biggest issue, and the reason people use sites like WordPress is that you have zero control over anything. You don't know how well your posts are optimised, you can't add plugins or useful tools to help you understand SEO or page speeds. 

You just have no control over it, it's simply a pretty page builder. I would say it's nice, if you are possibly a store, or someone who only needs a website that looks pretty but doesn't rank or ever show up in search results. 

Ecommerce & Affiliate Programs

Really this section should be undereither the blog or the funnel, because it's all about setting up products, and potential affiliate programs within the other areas. 

Within this section, you have the ability to add your own products that can then be added to your funnel, sort out coupon codes, set up subscriptions, see if people have paid and some other stats. Review

I can see why Systeme.Io added the this section, as it does help put this type of information in a single place, but you do end up running around a bit when you are creating eCom or product funnels. 

I decided to create a few products to show how this stuff will look or feel, but if I am honest, I was lost. After clicking 1 button, seeing a menu, another button, a new menu, some more buttons and menus..I just got annoyed. Why is this so difficult? Review

There is no image, no pricing (there was a VAT button), and this screen just looked at adding attributes, but again, nothing is overally friendly or fun to use. 

Compare this to something like Shopify that gives you everything in 1 single place, it might be slightly over kill for say a funnel, but having this information infront of you means you have the ability to create multi step funnels, different types of funnels and basically make life a lot easier. Review

Even ClickFunnels makes this part easier, and I have never been a huge fan of them, but at least I can easily see my product information. 

The affiliate part just allows you to say how much you reward if an affiliate sends someone to your funnel and someone buys the product. 

Who Created

The original version looks to have been created by a French company, a lot of the pages when navigating still pop up with French, especially on pages that may or may not be seen as often (password reset header was in French). 

Who Is For?

Honestly, I would say may be good for those looking for a cheaper and simple funnel builder, as long as you are only after really simple funnels. 

If you are someone looking to sell 1 or 2 products, with the ability to run an affiliate program alongside it, then again Systeme may be the right platform for you. 

I may even say that if you want the ability to capture emails, with a really simple auto-responder (that you simply plugin 50 follow ups or 150+ follow ups) then again, this could work for you. 

The final 'customer' may be those who are just starting out and want a cheap way to run webinars, most platforms that host webinars, at least 'evergreen' ones charge a few hundred $'s a month. With Systeme you may find that the cost is a lot less, and you can still build a funnel around it.

How Much Does Systeme Cost?

There are three seperate pricing tiers (at the time of writing this review). 

Each tier provides you slightly more email contacts, a few more websites, the ability to play with customer domains and also look to unlock webinars. Review Pricing

I admit it was quite difficult trying to capture all of the 'features' you get on 3 different tiers, but at least the tiers are less confusing than BuilderAll.

Essentially, with $27 per month, you get 5k contacts in your CRM, unlimited funnels & blogs, 3 membership sites and you can run your ow affiliate program.

For $47 per month, you can boost that to 10k contacts, 5 sites, 2 customer domains, 3 webinars and some coupon codes.

Then finally, at $97 per month (The same price as the cheapest ClickFunnels tier), you can enjoy 15k contacts, unlimited everything and 5 customer domains. Plus a 1-1 coaching session. 

Is Systeme The Right Funnel Builder Or All In One Platform For You?

Honestly, I don't know. I enjoy parts of this system, but some bits frustrate me. 

The complete lack of 'theming' within the funnel pages really bugs me, why not just choose 1 'template' for a funnel, and run with that look at feel between each page, when you add more steps it takes on that look and feel.

Yes it was simple to build and edit the funnels, the builder is nice, easy to use, but having to update the branding to fit every page gets tedious. 

The blog part, personally I find useless, I can see if it's a small local business, that just want's 4 pages stating what they do, who they are, some price and a contact us, but for a blogger or someone running websites, it would take an age to actually get anything sorted. WordPress will always win that race, hands down. 

Finally, the product or ecommerce part was just really confusing, with so may sub menus and pages, you get lost so easily, you just don't know what you are doing. 

What I Like About Systeme

The funnel builder editor and the overall strcuture designer where really nice and smooth. 

Being able to set up campaigns, send emails and have some structure to the emails was brilliant, and this blows MailBoss out of the water (even if you can't do complex logic paths). I loved the fact I could get up a campaignwith 5 or 10 emails, in maybe an hour or less, give it some rules, and then trigger it by an action on a funnel. Simple and easy. 

I also enjoyed the webinar funnels, and the fact you can actually create webinars, but it suffers from the same issue as the funnel builder. There is a lack of consistency across pages or steps. It is better in the fact they only have 3 or 4 thank you / webinar pages, but they do have a number of different capture pages, and some of these just don't match.

What I Didn’t Like About Systeme

Aside from the stuff I enjoyed, basically everything else if I am going to be honest, and I do try to be. 

The blog builder tool just felt lacking in any real control or power, with 1 single template, it was hardly mind blowing. 

Adding products, as I said earlier becomes a maze, and you can't easily see what your products contain, their prices or even what they are. They are simply just strings of text. I accept you don't need this information within a funnel, because a sales page will have that information, but it's good to have this informatio nactually stored against the product, so when they get to checkout they have a quick overview, an image and some information. This is vital if you have multiple upsells and cross selling within that funnel. 

The overall look and feel felt unfinished, with only a small number of templates, and a lack of real consistency across the pages, made it feel like you had to spend hours updating colours and styles, which defeats the purpose of using this kind of product. 

Systeme Review Conclusion?

For the price, if you wanted a cheap way to run a very simple funnel, or even a webinar, then I would say is a better alternative than say ClickFunnels or BuiderAll. But venturig into the $97 price range, ClickFunnels still wins this battle, with a much easier template system, a much quicker and nicer to use product inventory system and of course the ability to share and use other ready built funnels.

I feel that if keep working on it, and improving areas such as new funnel templates, a better product design suite, then they could corner the market for cheap, useful funnel builders.

$29 After 30 Day FREE Trial



Ease Of Use






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