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FastPages Review Summary;

FastPages Review 2 fastpages review


The lifetime deal for me does make the most sense, I would struggle to see it's worth at $97 per month considering it just offers landing pages. 

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Ease of USe

I did find FastPages easy to use, taking between 5 - 20minutes to set up some decent looking landing pages.

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FastPages focuses on being a page builder, and nothing more. You can create landing pages, integrate some email auto-responders and that's it. You will need other platforms to perform anything beyond that.

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I did find the support team helpful and knowledge. There is also a decent collection of videos and help documents from AdPages, the creators of the underlying platform. 

Summary: FastPages is a lightweight, easy to use landing page builder, aimed at those who have multiple domains needing lots of landing pages. But a limiting selection of integrations and tools does make this a hard sell when compared with other similar tools. 

  • the page builder is easy to use. 
  • the drag and drop elements mean that you can get a page set up very quickly
  • You can integrate your new landing pages on wordPress, allowing you to capture emails on your blog, without needing heavier plugins.
  • the landing pages load quickly, as the name suggests
  • a number of templates have been pre-made, allowing you to use and then edit as you see fit
  • I personally find it expensive for what it offers. 
  • parts of the platform can be buggy with visible missing elements
  • limited number of integrations on offer with payments and email responders

From $49 per month (worth getting the lifetime deal in my eyes)

Landing page builders, funnel creators and all in one platforms are pretty abundant these, with lots of new companies and websites popping up to compete with the industry favourites such as ClickFunnels, Kartra or BuilderAll

Today we look at a new landing page builder, called FastPages, sold as a lighting fast way to build landing pages or capture pages, without the bloat that comes with bigger platforms. 

It's probably worth noting that FastPages is a whitelabel version of AdPages (they do even mention this), a landing page builder software, that much like Simvoly offers companies the ability to white label and sell the platform as their own.

FastPages have taken this and added their own spin on things, increased the templates and offered their support and added their own 'speed on top'. I see nothing wrong with this, and they are actually cheaper than AdPages themselves (who look to specialise in white label solutions).

What Is FastPages?

As previously mentioned, the best way to describe FastPages would be classing it as a standalone page builder. Designed as a platform to allow marketers, to quickly create a landing page, sales page or something similar, but keeping them super light, and super quick. 

Unlike platforms such as ClickFunnels that has tons of products and books etc to promote, or BuilderAll that has 3,000 different tools, FastPages focuses on a single feature, very fast loading landing pages. 

A lot of funnel platforms, page builders or all in ones, are slow. FastPages claims they beat the competition, removing the bloat and the additional extras that come with other sites.

fastpages review - quick loading pages

You won't find any webinar software, marketing books or even 'funnel hacking' eBooks on their site, you will simply find a page builder. 

It's worth noting that does come with a library of templates, that do cross a wide range of uses, so it's not 'just a page builder' they have got some pre-made ones for you to use. 

FastPages Features & Tools

This part isn't going to be huge, or at least not as long or as complicated as some of the other platforms we have looked at and reviewed on this site. 

Drag & Drop Page Builder

By far the biggest feature for FastPages is their drag and drop page builder, designed to allow someone to create a pretty decent looking page fairly quickly. 

FastPages Review 6 fastpages review

You are given 14 different 'elements' that you can add to the pages, including countdown timers, forms (think lead generation or email capture) and payment options (again think checkout button). 

Each image, text box, icon and timer etc can be changed, swapped around or added too, with relative ease. You can quite quickly change out the images or sections to include whatever you fancy. 

FastPages Review 7 fastpages review

I removed out a column, added a timer, updated the image positions and saved the page in around 30 - 40 seconds. It really doesn't take long to do it. 

Something I did enjoy about FastPages, and it's a bug bear that really gets me with ClickFunnels, the ability to update and change columns on the fly. 

FastPages Review 8 fastpages review

They give you the option to simply add or remove columns, or even new rows, within the section. ClickFunnels pretty much makes you delete the column to get you to add new or remove one.

Pre-Built Sections

A follow on from the Drag & Drop Builder tool, is the pre-built sections that can be added fairly quickly to the pages you are creating. 

I can navigate to any section within the page, and I will be met with 3 dots within a circle. This indicates I can add a new section below. 

FastPages Review 9 fastpages review

FastPages have created 45 pre-made sections for you to add, and then edit, including;

  • 12 Cover Sections
  • 8 Header Sections
  • 1 Footer
  • 12 Different Feature Sections
  • 2 Pricing Modules
  • 2 Galleries
  • 3 'People' or Meet The Team
  • 5 Blocks Of Text - Including social media shares, FAQ's and sign up forms
  • The ability to add a blank section with a different number of columns

Now, the layout and how they are shown, is annoying, you have to scroll to the left or right to see beyond the first 5 (and that's using a widescreen monitor), so using a laptop I expect you would only be able to see 3, maybe 4. I would have much preferred them stacking them below, so you can see them on 1 screen, in 1 place, without having to scroll and decide. 

The pre made areas are nice though, they look well made, professional and you could easily add them to your site, move the images or wording around and make it your own in a few minutes. 

Overview Of Sections

Following on from FastPages pre-build sections, is the overview. And something, I would really like, if it worked properly. 

When designing or building long pages, especially sales pages, lots of different sections, such as; images, lead capture, sales videos, and big blocks of text. It can be hard to keep a track or know what order they are in. I believe this is meant to help with that. 

FastPages Review 10 fastpages review

Now, as you can see, this could be quite useful, even speed up the time you spend jumping around the different sections, the problem is, it's broken, or buggy. Not sure which. 

The only ones that appear for me are the ones that I put on the page to showcase the done for you sections, none of the others (that came with the page I chose) show up. 

Overview Of Pages

As well as the overview of sections, you can also see all the pages that are within the 'funnel'. Yes, I will call these funnels, not a sales funnel, but they are forcing people towards an end goal (either a sale or an email/sign up). 

FastPages Review 11 fastpages review

You could add multiple pages into your 'apps', so with a bit of effort you could probably make a sales funnel out of it, but it would take more effort than using an actual funnel builder. 

I do like the overview, as I feel it helps you understand and see all the pages that you have got set up and I think this could help you turn this page builder into something different. 

Embedded Sections

A feature I haven't seen on many page builders, or at least not embedded as part of the actual builder, are Quizzes. For example, Thrive Architect only lets you build quizzes by using their Thrive Quiz addon, ClickFunnels has no way of doing it, as far as I know, and even newer platforms such as GrooveFunnels don't have any easy or obvious way of doing this, quite simple thing. 

Something that people may not see as amazing, but for someone who spends time creating landing pages or capture forms, and wanting to get them done quickly, the ability to have everything in one place, without having multiple tabs open is quite neat. 

FastPages Review 12 fastpages review

As you can see, the quiz builder has opened on the same page as the landing page I am building, letting me add questions and answers as I go, without needing to create them elsewhere and import them in. You can also add custom logic to the answers, and integrate a lead generation form into the end of it. 

FastPages Review 13 fastpages review

Again, seems a small thing, but I really liked that part. Though it can feel like you haven't saved or kept the quiz, as the only way 'out' is to exit it with the red X, and that does put me on edge slightly. 

There are also a few other oddities when it comes to the overall builder, for example to integrate or sort out the email responder, you have to click on the submit button, to actually get the integration options. 

FastPages Review 14 fastpages review

There is no simple 'integrations' tab or menu option whereby you can set up the email responder. You have to set them up individually (as far as I can tell). 

I have pages that will capture an email 2 or 3 times across it, especially long form sales letters or training capture pages. That can quickly become annoying having to set the integration each time. 

Also if you click the wrong icon, so you select Zapier, instead of ActiveCampaign, you have to come out of the integrations pop-up and re-do it again. There are no back buttons or breadcrumb trails to follow. 

As I was writing this FastPages review, I found that this kind of problem or bug did keep appearing, and did become annoying. 


A bit of a follow on from the drag and drop builder, is the ability to integrate with a number of other platforms, now the current number of integrations, isn't that huge, but they do offer Zapier integration, so that does increase the numbers quite a bit. 

The main two integrations are for, email/auto-responders and payments. As I mentioned above, you do need to integrate each form or payment button, this can become tedious. 

Currently you can integrate your forms with

  • Moosend
  • Zapier (Basically a way of bolting on other apps, but you have to pay for it separately) 
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Mailchimp (Who for some reason hates eCommerce and Marketing clients...not sure who they have left)

If you are someone who isn't techy, you want the ability to do a pretty quick and simple integration. You want to select your email responder, maybe add an API key and a list name, be done with it. 

You don't want to have to pay for a 3rd party platform to then do these integrations for you, and for me the lack of any decent autoresponders does let this down a little. 

The 'Payments' integrations are sadly, not much better, with only Stripe being offered, 

Template Library

Something of a must in this day and age, a template library, or library or done for your pages or funnels is always helpful and helps decrease the learning curve that many have to go through. 

Having a few examples can really help speed up the process for someone to create their pages, or help someone understand a platform better. 

FastPages Review 15 fastpages review

It's one of the reasons platforms such as ClickFunnels did so well in the past, you could easily share, import and update someone else's Done For You funnel, without needing to spend hours or days trying to learn design, or the secrets to increasing conversions. 

There are 36 different templates that FastPages offer, with some really nice, professional pages that can be used for a variety of reasons and businesses. 

Some of the businesses that FastPages has pre-built templates for include;

  • Gyms & CrossFit Boxes - Focused on lead generation 
  • New app launches - Focused on offering advice and pricing information
  • Nightclub & brick and mortar businesses - Focused on providing information and community building
  • Real Estate - Lead generation 
  • Quiz Pages - A huge variety of uses, and something can be used across most niches. 

Each page does offer a different style, layout or overall goal for the user, so there should be something for everyone to at least give a starter for 10. 

Again, I personally enjoy templates and think they can help so much, it would something I felt DropFunnels lacked when I reviewed them a while back. 

WordPress Plugin

FastPages has a WordPress plugin that can be used to add your new landing pages to your blog or website. Expanding your blogs ability to capture emails and generate leads, without having to use bulkier and potentially slower page builders such as Thrive or Elementor. 

How Much Does FastPages Cost?

FastPages actually has 3 possible tiers for people to go for, one of them I feel is probably worth it more than the others, especially if I compare it to page builders or funnel platforms.

Each tier comes with a different number of visitors, views per month or domains that can be connected. 





  • 100,00 views per month
  • 10 Domains + SSL
  • Landing Pages
  • Pop-Ups
  • Pre-built templates
  • Free WordPress plugin




  • Unlimited views per month
  • Unlimited Domains + SSL
  • Landing Pages
  • Pop-Ups
  • Pre-built templates
  • Free WordPress plugin

Looking at the pricing, it's easy to try and compare FastPages to something like Thrive or DropFunnels, with similar costs per month. 

FastPages offer a lot more in terms of domains, allowing 10 domains with a free SSL for each for just $49 per month, or unlimited for $97 a month.

For me, the lifetime deal would be a better offer, it is 4 months up front, but once it's set up and running, you don't have anything extra to pay for. For the price, I would probably compare it with Thrive, if I didn't want to use it across my whole site. For example I know some bloggers like to keep their sites clean, and not use Thrive or Elementor as they can slow a site down. 

Yes it is more expensive, but across more than 3 websites or domains, I would break even. With Thrive costing me around $69 per licence (even with the 5 or 10 bundle deals, this would still be cheaper). 

The ability to add these pages onto a WordPress site is quite good, and could be really useful if you run a number of different websites, and want the ability to use the domains with a quick loading page builder. 

Personally, I don't see the $97 per month being worth it. Yes, unlimited views and domains is useful, but it is just a landing page builder, I can't do much more with it than that. For the same price I could use ClickFunnels, or if I wanted too I could run BuilderAll and get a host more tools to play with, and both of those sites offer WordPress plugins. 

There is a FastPage trial available, that offers you 14 days to test the whole platform out to see if it works for you. 

Who Is FastPages For?

As I mentioned before in this FastPages Review, I would see FastPages as a contender for plugins such as Thrive Architect, or LeadPages. This is primarily a lead capture page builder, designed to allow you to capture emails or even get sales for products, without having to pay for something like ClickFunnels, or without the extra blogging tools that come with DropFunnels. 

I would see marketers, or people with a product to sell, but don't want to do lots of upsells and downsells using FastPages. Perhaps even those who are running a brick and mortar business trying to increase their reach and email list, again without needing the 4million tools that other platforms offer. 

More seasoned vendors or eCommerce users probably won't want to use FastPages, as there is no easy way to add the up-sells and cross selling, but if you are new, and just have 1 product to promote and sell, it will work fine. The same would be said for those selling training or membership, as this would have to be connected to something like Kajabi or a membership site, which could be more expensive. 

Is FastPages The Right Platform For You?

If you don't want to pay for a full funnel builder platform, or don't need all the bells and whistles of BuilderAll, then FastPages might be the right choice. 

And if you don't want a full site, heavy page builder such as Thrive, and only want to build landing pages and connect them to your blog, FastPages would be the right platform for you. Especially the one off lifetime deal. 

What I Liked About FastPages

I found the actual page builder itself to be quick and easy to use, you can create a pretty decent looking landing page, or even a sales page without much hassle in around 15 - 20minutes. Utilising the pre-built sections, or even just loading a template and customising it to your look and feel. 

The templates that they have on offer are varied, and there are enough different industries and styles to choose from that I believe anyone could pick FastPages up, import a template, swap out some text and have a decent page set up without a ton of hassle. 

The look and feel, including the overviews and sections tabs make navigating FastPages very easy, I can easily see (well, kinda) what my pages are made up of or how my 'funnel' is looking from a high level overview. 

If I didn't have Thrive Architect on my blogs and sites already, I would have got the lifetime deal from FastPages and use them to create the landing pages or capture pages. 

What I Disliked About FastPages

There are some sections that I feel are a bit buggy or could do with improving, but that is the same for every platform I have reviewed, not one funnel builder, page creator or all-in-one platform that I have looked at is bug free. Some are worse than others. 

The overview sections that let's you see all the parts that make up your pages is buggy, meaning you can't actually see what is inside your section. Making this part redundant. 

I find the lack of integrations a little, frustrating, with only 3 email autoresponders to choose from, or the fun that is Zapier (and another expense) to try and get some of the other big, more useful responders to work. If the main point of your software is to help people build awesome looking landing pages that capture emails, then a multitude of easy to connect and use emails responders should be on hand. I would argue that FastPages only offers 2, as MailChimp is so confused with their market these days, seemingly not liking ecommerce store owners and pretty much hating anyone that even breathes the word 'marketer', you are reduced to ActiveCampaign. 

Lastly, the fact that both the pop-up and integrations modules essentially lock you out or stop you from making changes once you have started or got set up is also annoying. 

FastPages Review 16 fastpages review
FastPages Review 17 fastpages review

Pop-ups can be added, but once added they just seem to get stuck, I have now way to edit them, and I only briefly saw it show up once. I can edit the name, but that's it. 

Integrations simply have to be cancelled and started again, there is no way to 'go back' or choose a different integration. You have to find the button again, hover over, click integrations and then click the integration you actually wanted. So 5 steps, versus 1 click. Plus you have to do that for each button. 

In a world of funnel builders, landing page creators and all-in-one platforms, I feel that FastPages hasn't quite found it's USP, aside from being 'fast'. The lifetime pricing does make it a better offer than Thrive Architect, but I wouldn't use it to build my blogs, whereas the the $49 per month pits it against DropFunnels, who offer the ability to create blogs, membership sites and a page builder (though for 1 website). 

FastPages vs ClickFunnels

Having a look online, there are a number of people who have asked about how FastPages compares to ClickFunnels, as well as a number of other platforms, I have decided to create a funnel article comparing the different parts, such as templates, objects, integrations and overall ease of use across these two platforms. 

Though it's worth keeping in mind that ClickFunnels does offer more, and does focus on a slightly different market. 

FastPages vs DropFunnels

Another funnel, landing page builder that is getting a lot of attention at the moment is DropFunnels, another ClickFunnels competitor that has been compared with FastPages a few times. 

Both platforms do offer similar pricing, though DropFunnels offers more tools or features, but reduces the number of sites that can be used. Comparing the $49 per month offering, FastPages gives you 10 different domains, whereas DropFunnels is more about a single site or domain. 

I will look at creating a full comparison between the two, now that I have enjoyed and used both platforms. 

FastPages vs Thrive Architect

The final tool, or plugin that I myself have compared FastPages against is Thrive Architect. The stand alone page builder for WordPress, created by Thrive. This plugin is designed to transform a full WordPress website, moving away from the somewhat limiting (or at least used to be) text and block based builder. 

FastPages can be used in the same way as Thrive, except from

FastPages Review Conclusion

I find it difficult to say where I fully stand with FastPages, I find the builder and the templates ect nice to use and I do accept that a new landing page can be set up relatively quickly, with a number of integrations and even displayed within a WordPress site. 

But the overall cost, and what you get for the pricing, compared to other platforms or page builders, I find it somewhat lacking. If you don't want a bloaty or full site page builder for your blog, and you have lots of different sites that could use landing pages, then this instantly makes sense.

Or if you are someone who has 10 different websites, each having ads run too it, then yes, this option may be useful, but from experience, marketers will have maybe 1 - 5 domains that they run ads towards, and if they have more, then they are looking for more than just a landing page builder. 

Lastly, if you are someone who does just want a simple, easy to use landing page builder, you don't care about full funnels, creating membership sites and just want to capture emails etc, then I would say it is worth at least checking out, and seeing if FastPages is for you, you have 14 days to trial the platform out, and give a full run. 


From $49 per month



Ease Of Use




Support And Reliability



  • Easy To Use
  • Some Great Templates
  • Very Quick To Load
  • Fairly Easy To Integrate With WordPress
  • 14 Day Free Trial


  • Expensive For The Single Feature
  • It Is Buggy ,With Elements Missing or Not Loading
  • A Very Limited Number Of Integrations On Offer