How To Capture Leads More Effectively

Learning how to capture leads is one of the secret goals that any online business owner wishes to learn. 

Most online business owners can agree that lead generation is one of the most powerful strategies for increasing sales and revenue. Many visitors on a website would not be initially interested in proceeding with a purchase. When the visitor leaves the website, they are lost and may eventually end up buying from a competitor. 

Learning how to capture leads effectively can help you get those visitors to return to your website and buy the product or service they are interested in from your business, instead of a competitor. Digital marketers and online business owners have a large number of methods to choose from when it comes to generating leads – these leads can then be nurtured and eventually turned into paying customers. 

We will take a look at five of the best strategies that you should consider when trying to learn how to capture leads. Each of these strategies is still valid today and can be used by any type of online business, whether you are only starting out or have already made a presence for yourself. 

1. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads have become one of the most promising platforms in terms of generating traffic to virtually any kind of online property. Whether you want to drive more visitors to your website or have a specific landing page set up – this platform has a diverse selection of tools that you can utilize. 

The Facebook Ads platform also gives you a variety of ad formats that will capture leads directly on Facebook. This means the potential client does not even have to visit an external website – they are presented with a form that collects their email addresses and other details while browsing their Facebook timeline. 

2. LinkedIn Ads

The ad platform on the LinkedIn social network might not be as popular as what is offered by Facebook but still holds great potential. The major benefit of LinkedIn is the targeted approach you get – most people find that companies who focus on B2B services and products perform great on the LinkedIn platform. 

If your business focuses on promoting services and products that other companies will find useful, definitely consider taking advantage of LinkedIn to drive traffic to your landing pages. You should also consider using the ad formats that will collect lead data directly on the platform, as this may help to boost your conversion rates. 

3. Website Pop-Ups

If you have a website where you wish to capture leads without the need for setting up a completely separate landing page, then you should consider setting up some pop-ups on the website. These pop-ups should provide value to the visitor – perhaps offer them something in exchange for their email address. 

How To Capture Leads

You could decide to have the pop up displayed to the visitor after they have been on your website for a specified period of time. Another useful way of getting people to sign up for a newsletter or enter their email address for a free download is to have the pop up shown when their mouse cursor leaves the window.

This is usually an indication that they might want to navigate away from your website. This "exit popup" gives you one last chance to capture the visitor as a lead. 

If you use Thrive Architect you can use a 'lite' version of their Thrive Leads, but you will need to grab the monthly membership to get access to the full plugin (well worth it!)

If you are using platforms such as Shopify for your eCommerce store, then you can use ready made apps like Wheelio, or use Themes to get the same outcome.

4. Solo Ads

 Solo ads are another excellent way to get more people to a landing page that you have optimized with the primary purpose of capturing leads. Solo ads are advertisements that you buy on email newsletters that are sent out by a third-party.

The major benefit of solo ads is the fact that the people who build these lists have already developed trust among their email subscribers. Thus, you get to tap into that trust – when they promote and recommend your business, then you are more likely to get leads from their email list. 

If you are struggling for ways to find solo providers, or are unsure about what solo ads are, then check out this guide

One of the most popular marketplaces has to be Udimi, you can also check out the review and more information about Udimi and how you can utilise it for your lead generation. 

5. Referral System

Another great way of getting more leads is to set up a referral system for your business. Offer existing customers a reward, such as a coupon code that can be used on their next purchase if they refer other people to your company. 


Every digital marketer or online business owner should spend time learning how to capture leads, as this is one of the most effective ways of increasing sales in the long-term. Leads that have been captured can be nurtured and even sold to multiple times, leading to recurrent profits from the same contacts. I hope you enjoyed a few of the top methods for capturing leads today.