GetResponse Alternatives

A well known saying within the marketing community is 'The Money Is In The List', with many suggesting that having an email list is the backbone to a successful marketing business. There are a number of email marketing platforms, with GetResponse being a firm favourite of mine, but today I wanted to find some GetResponse alternatives to see what else can be used to help with your affiliate marketing efforts. 

As part I compiled this list, I have tried to focus on the ones that are somewhat affiliate or marketing friendly, or specifically offer their services to marketers, as GetResponse is affiliate friendly, and one of the reasons I enjoy them so much. 


GetResponse Alternatives - Aweber

One of the first alternatives that I used a while back, Aweber is usually seen as the direct alternative to GetResponse, often being sighted as a good option if you don't get on with GetResponse, or any of the others on this list. 

Aweber comes with everything a small business, or affiliate marketer may require, including;

  • Landing Pages
  • Drag & Drop Email Builder
  • Autoresponder & auto newsletters broadcasting
  • Reporting 
  • Tagging and CRM Capabilities 

I did find the autoresponders to be better than GetResponse, they are easier to set up, and can have a number of different triggers, plus it is so much easier to determine the list that is being used with each autoresponder. 

Something that Aweber offers that not all email marketing platforms offer is the free level, allowing someone to use their platform, for free up to 500 subscribers, and you get access to pretty much every feature, even on the free tier.

They also offer all of their features, no matter the price you pay. They simply scale based on the number of subscribers you have each month, starting from $16.50 per month for 500 subscribers. 

One downside I found with Aweber, and the reason I eventually moved away from them, is that they can be unfriendly towards affiliate links, and some affiliate platforms.

I ran into problems when promoting E1U and even Legendary Marketer, with very little information given from their support team about why they didn't like those platforms, and why I couldn't send people who had signed up and where even members more information. You would have to create a bridge page or landing page with affiliate links to get around this (much like you would have to do with ActiveCampaign). 

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BuilderAll MailBoss

GetResponse Alternatives - Builderall

MailBoss, or BuilderAll is probably not the most obvious choice when it comes to replacing GetResponse, or finding alternative email marketing platforms, but it is something that is worth looking into, especially if you already use BuilderAll for other parts of your business. 

MailBoss, or BuilderAll email, depending on what they are calling it nowadays comes with the following features;

  • Unlimited email subscribers 
  • Workflows for automation
  • Drag & Drop email builder
  • Reporting and contact scoring 
  • 'Smart' deliverability 

It's no secret or surprise that MailBoss comes with a variety of tools and features, it's kind of what BuilderAll is known for, though from previous experience, it's not always rainbows and sunshine. 

Having used Builderall for a while, including using MailBoss to send new leads and signups emails etc, I always found it to be clunky, hard to use and not very user friendly. Nothing ever seemed to be in the right place, or in any logical order, so if you are trying to find a replacement to GetResponse, but you don't need the additional things that BuilderAll comes with, then I would probably steer clear. 

If you already use BuilderAll for your funnels, membership sites or your marketing efforts, then using MailBoss makes a lot of sense, it does integrate with all the other features of BuilderAll and can make promoting BuilderAll easier. Or if you are someone who has a huge email list and normal email responders will cost a lot, as BuilderAll does offer unlimited lists and contacts, for $69 per month. 

You can try BuilderAll & MailBoss for 30 days, for $1


GetResponse Alternatives - ActiveCampaign

Another email marketing platform that usually get's promoted as an alternative option to GetResponse, is ActiveCampaign. An email autoresponder that I actually use myself as part of my Legendary Marketer promotions, due to it's flow building and automation capabilities. 

You can actually get the same promotions and automations already set up and ready to go as part of my Legendary Marketer bonuses.

I also use ActiveCampaign for my own BlogTraining promotions, as I found the automations quite useful, especially when it comes to finding what emails people have opened and what they haven't. 

So ActiveCampaign comes with a number of features, though some are locked behind higher tiers; 

  • Marketing Automation
  • Subscription Forms (embedded forms)
  • Landing Pages (Plus Tier)
  • Reporting 
  • Contact Scoring  / Lead Scoring / CRM Functionality (Plus Tier)

Luckily, the automation and mapping features are given to you at the bottom tier, allowing you to create some pretty decent and clever flows for around $9 per month. 

I would probably say that ActiveCampaign is one of the cheapest GetResponse alternatives, if you want to keep automation flows, as this is something that GetResponse offers, but at a higher price point than ActiveCampaign. 

One downside to ActiveCampaign is something that is very similar to Aweber, they frown upon affiliate links, and affiliate marketing. You have to utilise bridge pages, or landing pages to build up some good faith with them, showing them that your campaigns are not spammy, or going to be an issue for them. 

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GetResponse Alternatives - GrooveFunnels

A platform that has been making a lot of noise recently, promising lots of tools and features, GrooveFunnels is usually seen as a ClickFunnels competitor, or BuilderAll competitor, rather than a straight up GetResponse alternative, but, they are. 

One of the tools that GrooveFunnels offer, and promote is called GrooveMail, an inbuilt autoresponder and CRM, designed to be used with the other products within the GrooveFunnels roster, for example GroovePages or GrooveAffiliate. 

Released as a CRM & Email automation tool, GrooveMail comes with a number of features;

  • Email Automation & Flows (including behavioural and action targetting)
  • 10,000 email Contacts
  • Drag & Drop email builder
  • Pre-made email templates
  • SMS Messaging

As with BuilderAll, the big draw to using something like GrooveMail, will be the fact you can use the other apps as part of the price, the fact they all tie in together, and that you get 10,000 contacts as part of your membership. Having that many active contacts in any of the other autoresponders would cost you 

  • $125 per month with ActiveCampaign
  • $47 per month with GetResponse (or $70 if you want the same level of features)
  • $69 - $146 depending if you go over the 10k mark or not with Aweber
  • $69 per month with BuilderAll

I know some people, such as James, from the Breakout Code and Phoenix utilises GrooveMail to house his contacts and to run his campaigns, as it allows him to have his huge list for a single one off cost (GrooveFunnels is currently offering life time access for $1400). 

After that lifetime deal, it looks like it will cost between $99-$299 per month to access the GrooveFunnels suite (I personally feel it will launch at $99), so this would still be cheaper than some of the stand alone autoresponders. 

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GetResponse Alternatives - sendinblue

A very different approach to email marketing, Sendinblue focuses on emails sent, rather than total number of contacts or leads. This could be a a great alternative to the big email platforms such as GetResponse or Aweber, as there is no cap on the number of emails you can capture and hold. 

Sendinblue only charge their customers based on the total number of emails sent per month, while also still offering a lot of the features you would expect to see, including;

  • Drag & Drop email creator
  • A/B Testing (Lite+)
  • Landing Page Builder (Premium+)
  • CRM & Contact Scoring/Organisation
  • Marketing automation and reporting

They do offer a free version, but you can only send up to 300 emails per day, so if you only have a small contact list, and you only email them once per day, this could work out really well for you. Though, most affiliate marketers I know, tend to send at least 2 emails per day, sometimes more if they focus heavily on email marketing as their money making method. 

The other tiers then start to open up more emails per month, with their Lite offering you 10,000 emails per month, for $25. Again if you have a small list, of say 500 contacts, you can send them around 1 email per day per month (you can actually only send 20 per contact).

To start with, 10,000 emails seems like quite a lot, but again if you are someone who sends out a 2 or 3 emails per day, and you have 1,000 people on your list, you will burn through that limit very quickly. Even the 20,000 or 40,000 limits costing around $54 per month actually end up looking like a bad deal. 

For me, with even my pretty small list would need the $54 per month just to meet the basic needs for the blog training and blog visitors. There are minimum of 7 emails for the videos and login information and then up to 10 more follow up emails each month to check on progress and offer more advice. 

The contact focused pricing makes a lot more sense, especially if you send a lot of emails per month. 

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ClickFunnels Platinum / FollowUp Funnels

GetResponse Alternatives - ClickFunnels

 Not many people know that ClickFunnels has got the ability to send emails and be your email marketing platform or autoresponder, possibly because this particular part isn't advertised as much as the other aspects of ClickFunnels. 

It used to be called Actionetics, but these days is called Follow-Up Funnels, this is the additional tool or feature that is part of the ClickFunnels Platinum level. Follow-Up Funnels is meant to be more than just an autoresponder, it's designed to be an automated, 'tag' driven email responder, made to increase your sales and conversions. 

Using the different data points that ClickFunnels has on offer, you can target your new leads by how long they have stayed on pages, if they have a following on social media, if they recently grabbed an offer or a combination of these options. 

GetResponse Alternatives - Follow Up Funnels

The FollowUp Funnel tool can then be utilised to contact and 'follow up' with your contacts in a number of ways. Be it sending a text, email or combination of the two, using tags or scores to decide what to do with them. If someone opens the 2nd email, you can register them for your webinar or training.

If you are someone who uses ClickFunnels heavily for your promotions or sales or even Backpack (the affiliate software that they have), then FollowUp Funnels might be a good shout, as it comes as part of that offering. 

ClickFunnels Platinum is by far one of the more expensive options costing $297 per month, but this includes access to FollowUp Funnels and BackPack.

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GetResponse Alternatives Conclusion 

So there we have it, 6 autoresponder alternatives to GetResponse, some of them are pretty much direct competitors, others come with additional tools or features, that may make more sense, especially if you want to bring your IT estate under control, and under a single roof.

Email Marketing platforms such as Sendinblue offer some interesting changes to the standard model, whereas GrooveFunnels offers lifetime access for a single one off price. 

So if you are someone who utilises email marketing a lot, maybe doing a lot of free lead generation or you simply want to start using autoresponders more and you don't like GetResponse, you have a number of alternatives to choose from.

Got any others that you have used and loved? Let me know below and I will check them out and add them to the list.