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Considering how much you get for it, this is more expensive than a standard blog hosting, but you get a lot more for your money here.

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Ease of USe

I found the whole experience really easy, I did experience a few blank pages or crashes, but navigating and setting stuff up was easy. 

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Plenty, considering they sell themselves as a funnel builder, you also have membership sites, blogs and landing pages included as well. 

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Well I got a ton of emails from them asking if I needed anything, and where super friendly, plus answered a few questions, so I can't complain!

Summary: DropFunnels is an 'all-in-one' platform, but they have decided to focus on core elements and to perfect them,such as funnels, membership sites and page builders. Without trying to cram in emails, webinars, the kitchen sink and half of London.

  • You Can Import ClickFunnel Funnels Into Your DropFunnels Account - That's Huge!
  • Editor & Funnel Builder Work Well
  • Well Priced
  • A Few Decent Templates
  • A Number Of Different Uses
  • Nice SEO & Link Tracking Plugins
  • Still A Bit Buggy
  • Lacking Funnel Templates

14 Day Free Trial Allows You To Try Out Everythig, Then Prices Start From $49 per month

For the last 2 months or so, all I have seen have been posts that basically say 'screw ClickFunnels, you should get DropFunnels, it's 100% better!'. Naturally, after doing a ClickFunnels review 18months ago, I had to take a look at DropFunnels, else I would miss out of this 100% better wordpress based funnel builder. 

Yes, you heard me right, this particular funnel builder is built, and runs on WordPress, and from my initial view, looks to run very similarly to Elemtentor or Thrive Architect, but with a few key differences, which I will cover soon. 

What Is DropFunnels?

It's quite complicated, because DropFunnels is and can be many things, depending on how you use it, or what you want to get out of it. At the core of it, it's a semi-all-in-one marketing platform, aimed at helping you build funnels, blogs and technically even things like membership sites. 

DropFunnels Review

The whole platform is built on, and uses WordPress, which for me, I like, because WordPress can be massively powerful and gives you so much freedom when it comes to design, SEO, speed and basically a ton of stuff other platforms don't.

When I heard DropFunnels was on WordPress, I had to check it out, mainly because I like to use Thrive Architect as my 'funnel builder'. I say it quite lightly, as I really only create landing pages, thank you pages and on occasion download pages. 

These are simple to do, Thrive has a ton of templates that can all be loaded onto a few pages and easily connected. With a little manual work to ensure you are pushed to the right page. 

Now, DropFunnels offer the ability to create actual funnels, membership sites and blogs, without the need for extra plugins and themes etc. I am skeptical, as I like the ability to use my own SEO plugins and of course themes, but hey, I am open to trying new things. 

If you want to 'Try New Things' you can get a 14 day free trial, that gives you access to everything, just grab it here.

When you set up an account, there is a nice introduction funnel that asks a number of questions. A bit like ClickFunnels survey, except, a funnel. 

DropFunnels Review Funnel

I really enjoyed this section, as they are trying to work out which tier you might need, if you require help or if you simply want to 'go at it alone'

DropFunnels Review Funnel

Every single answer comes with a short video explaining the questions, you can then answer and again be directed to help documents or the chance to get 1-1 coach. It obviously provides them some good data on areas they should focus on, and it also potentially gets you started on the right path. 

Because I was just testing it out, I went down the Affiliate Marketing / Network marketing route. I don't know if the choices you make change the layout once inside DropFunnels, I assume not. 

The DropFunnels Features

I have tried to split the following section into smaller bitesize pieces, essentially bundling in different tools or parts of the platform that relate to each other. 

If you have read my most recent Systeme.io review, then you will have seen this format before, as it allows me to go through each section in a bit more detail, and give my opinon or view on them, as well as explaining if it's useful to have them in that chosen area or if they belong in seperate places.

This DropFunnels review is no different, so I have created a section on the funnels, CRM & Leads, membership sites,  the actual blog part and of course the marketplace.


I guess considering it's called DropFunnels, the funnel section should be the word place we start. 

I was really interested in this part, as I said before, I do like to create my own mini funnels with Thrive, so seeing what DropFunnels had to offer was pretty cool. 

Starting the process off is pretty easy, there is a large button called 'Add Funnel' at the top of the Funnels tab, this gives you some simple options, such as naming the funnel. 

DropFunnels Review

As you can see, you create the funnel, then create the funnel steps below it, again you will have to click into every funnel step to set it up, change the view of it and play around with the theme or branding. 

You also have the option of grabbing some ready made funnels, which I will go through more later within the Funnel Marketplace section, but they allow you to have the same theme/branding on all parts of the step, ready for you to just change the wording. 

DropFunnels Review

The builder itself is a a little difficult to master when you first start, especially if it's a completely blank slate. With a ton of different modules to look at and even sections on changing the number of colums (it says rows..but I knew what it meant).

DropFunnels Review

As you can, it's a bit daunting to look at, and it took a few minutes of just throwing stuff onto the page to try and get something to work.

Luckily, you can do pre-made 'Templates' which are essentially done for you pages that can just be edited as you wish. 

There are a number of different pages or 'groups' to choose from,from landing pages, webinar registartion pages, checkouts, coming soon pages and video sales pages. There is pretty much a page for every part of a funnel you may require. With a decent selection of styles within the groups as well. 

So you can choose around 10 different pre-built webinar registration pages, roughly the same number of VSL and lead capture pages. So you can usually find a layout or brand scheme that suits your brand. 

DropFunnels Review

The ready built pages are easy to select and install, and you can add any of the pages onto any part of the funnel. The best part is that there are pages that visually look the same. 

So you can find a registration page and a thank you page thaty both look the same. Or you can build a webinar registration, thank you, webinar and then a checkout page all looking roughly the same. 

This really does make life a lot easier. 

I also really liked the page editor, you can click on each section, get shown a number of option, clearly, without having to click on it, then click another button and then 5 seperate buttons. It's just simple and easy.

DropFunnels Review

Once you are done with the page, you can save it, this should take you back to the funnel overview, sadly for me, it just took me to a nice white blank screen. A few refreshes later and well, nothing. I had to go back to the main menu to get back to the funnels. Annoying.

When all the pages and steps are complete, you can start to play around with intergrations, tracking codes, order confirmation details and a whole ton of other things, including sharing the funnel!

DropFunnels Review 6 DropFunnels Review

The funnel builder does feel a lot like ClickFunnels, with some areas being slightly easier to deal with, especially switching out whole themes instantly or complete pages. 

I would give their funnel builder and editor a good solid 8/10.

Funnel Marketplace

So we have looked at the standard funnel builder, there is also a second part too this funnel section, and that is the market place. 

It's split into 2 sections, though they don't make a lot of sense. The two sections are 'Premium Themes' and 'Full Funnels', but from what I can see, both sections provide you with full funnels. I chose a 'Real Estate' funnel that provided a decent looking capture page and thank you page, which would do me, but it was within the 'Premium Theme' section.

Looking at some of the other funnels/themes avaiable within that section, there are some really nice looking pages and layouts. I picked up the course layout, and I have to say, the layout and colour design for this is lovely. 

DropFunnels Review 7 DropFunnels Review

Obviously they may not be a 'full funnel' because a lot of these are for capturing single payments, so there are not up-sells or bonuses, and it's focused on a single outcome (a sale), so that may explain the difference. 

At the moment, there is a single 'Full Funnel' within the marketplace, which is of course the 'Free + Shipping Book Funnel', seems to be famous these days. 

DropFunnels Review 8 DropFunnels Review

The funnel does come with a sales page, one click upsells, obviously the additional bonus details and there are also some order summary pages. Again I am assuming they class these as a funnel because it contains up-sells/cross-sells, which I would say does make sense.

All the themes and this funnel are of course free to use, you can then edit them as you see fit, adding your own products, pricing, upsell pricing, downloadable items and whatever else you fancy really. 

All in all, the marketplace is 'lite', but at least they have a few to choose from. It would be nice to see a few more 'full funnels' though. Maybe as they grow they will add more. 

If you are enjoying this DropFunnels review, be sure to check out their 14 day trial.

Products & Sales

Now that we have looked at the funnel part of this platform, it makes sense to check out the products and sales, especially as a lot of these funnels are going to need this stuff.

The sales page is clean, easy to view and you can see a number of different stats and reports, including breaking down sales or orders by funnel steps. 

DropFunnels Review 9 DropFunnels Review

One part of this platform I was worried about was the 'products' page, a few funnel builders or all-in-one platforms have really struggled with this, and have made it incredibly difficult to add the products. 

Thankfully, DropFunnels did a pretty decent job of this, providing you with a ton of different fields to add information into, all of which is useful to have, especially when it comes to checkout or order summarys.  

DropFunnels Review 10 DropFunnels Review

Each product will then appear in the product section and you can open and update or edit them as you see fit. These can then be added to funnel steps without much hassle. 

Again, a decent job and one that many screw up.

Membership Sites

I wasn't sure if this was a big focus for DropFunnels, but then again I don't spend a lot of time in the membership world, considering I don't have a course to sell, so have never required one. 

From poking around this, it looks to use the WordPress 'membership' levels, blocking off certain URLS if your user account doesn't have the correct access. You get a number of styles and levels to choose from, either basic or advanced, and you can build whole sites within a number of different URLS. 

If you have a number of different courses, then this would work really well, allowing you to have a different URL and section for the courses. 

Each site can have their own theme or layout for the lessons, you can change the login pages and the forgot password pages. 


Leading on from the membership sites, and funnels is what I like to call the CRM, though really it's a mixture of leads & WordPress users. 

There isn't a section set aside for 'CRM' and each part is seperate, so you can check out all the leads, where they have come from, what funnels, the usual type of lead data. But you also have the users / members section. 

From the looks of the information, it's based on WordPress membership & user accounts, so when someone becomes a member of your course, they will also have a user created. 

It's worth noting, you cannot send emails within this, but you may be able to hook up an Autoresponder, possibly via webhooks or API. I did notice you get the option to export your leads, so you could quite easily import them into an auto responder of your choice. 

Blog / WordPress

I'm not really sure if this area is one that DropFunnels are focusing on, but they provide the options, and you can add your own domains in, so I can't see why not. 

The blog or WordPress side of this, works a lot like a standard WordPress installation, with a few tweaks. 

Firstly, you can create standard looking posts, or pages, much like you can with a standard WordPress site, but you can also build these posts and pages with DropFunnels. Essentially working like a page builder. 

DropFunnels Review 11 DropFunnels Review

This gives you the choice of just creating a normal blog posts, such as this one. Or allows you to create a mini funnel or possibly a capture page within a post. 

I found it difficult to chop and change like I can with Thrive, so I can type a whole blog posts out in Thrive Architect, throwing in images, templates and a bunch of other things, without needing to use the standard WordPress builder, but this feels a lot more difficult with the DropFunnels Blog Builder. 

Plus every time you add a new element, the 'new' module just vanishes, so you have to click a button for it to appear again, so if you have say 10 - 20 elements to add, you will be forever clicking to add that next section. 

If I was going to use it, I would probably write everything out within the standard builder or text editor, and then try and fit in extra bits and pieces with the DropFunnels builder. 

Though I am not convinced I would want to port all of my blog posts onto that platform, which may defeat the whole point of actually wanting to own DropFunnels.

Plugins - SEO

It's worth nothing that you can't add your own plugins to this WordPress build, you are restricted to a number of 'pre-approved' plugins. The first of the plugins you will notice is the SEO one.

On every page or post that you crate, there is a section that is designed to help you understand your on page SEO, much like RankMath does for me on this site. 

DropFunnels Review 12 DropFunnels Review

The plugin is pretty decent, and is a cross between YOAST & RankMath, and provides you with more than enough information to understand if your posts are going to rank or not. 

SEO looks to be a big selling point for DropFunnels, with a lot of their advertisement focusing on the fact you can set up your funnels to be SEO centred, which is all well and good, but I have found from experience, that funnels usually work a lot better with Ads, because the content on funnel pages are usually so thin that they just don't have a chance to rank against a full site.

I guess this will work if you are doing an eCommerce website, or funnel, focusing on trying to rank funnels that sell particular products, or possibly looking at gaining leads for local businesses that may have easier to rank pages.

Plugins - Link Tracker

Another useful tool, or plugin depending on how you look at this, is the Link Tracker. 

It's actually found under the marketing section, and works the same way as PrettyLinks works. You can add your own extension to your own site, it will then re-direct a user to a link of your choice. 

It can then be reviewed, you can see number of hits and the last time someone actually clicked it. I'm not sure you can run reports on the link tracker, but it's nice to have in case you don't have one. 

Appearance & Themes

Honestly, you have very little choice of changing how posts, or menus etc look and feel with this platform. It pretty much uses a standard 'clean' theme across all your standard posts and pages (if you don't decide to change them) and that's it. 

You can't add new themes, or really update how it looks, you can only change whole pages by using the DropFunnel builder.

What Is The DropFunnels Pricing Like?

I think the only price 90% of people would pay for DropFunnels is $49 per month, at least at time of writing. 

From the looks of the pricing, $49 is their 'standard' that provides you 10k visitors a month. Obviously if you are sending traffic, or doing well with SEO then you may hit that limit, so you will get an email asking you to upgrade to $148 per month. But realistically if you have over 10k visitors a month, you should be more than capable of spending that extra $98 per month. 

Again the $49 per month provides you access to everything.

  • Unlimited Funnels
  • Unlimited membership sites
  • Unlimited posts & pages on your blogs
  • Link Tracking & SEO Plugins
  • A basic CRM
  • Pretty decent hosting speeds

What I Liked About DropFunnels

I actually liked a lot of the features of DropFunnels, which may surprise some readers, considering what I have said about other builders in the past. 

The actual editor and funnel builder part of Drop Funnels is pretty good, the pre-built funnels or premium themes are well made, and they look very proffesional. I would defintely use them if I was building quick and simple landing pages for clients, knowing that I could probably build a small site or blog around that funnel, with that probably being my home page or something. 

The templates given within each page are nice, they match up with each other, so you can easily build a 4 or 5 step funnel using the pre-existing templates. You may have to change a few of the colours or maybe swap out some images, but really that was it. 

I enjoyed the fact that they had thought about SEO & blogging, a lot of funnel builders obviously don't think about that part, especially as they focus on ads or getting traffic to come to them, as apposed to simply 'finding them'. The SEO plugin looked pretty decent and I could have easily used it if I wanted to build a blog around a funnel or capture page without much trouble. 

Even though I didn't take much time looking into it, the membership and 'learing' aspect of DropFunnels was decent, it does utilise WordPresses, so no need fo extra plugins. With my limited experience doing that type of building I managed to get a somewhat 'good' looking membership site created with a few lessons thrown in.

The price also works, considering ClickFunnels alone is $97 per month, with many wanting to add a blog onto it, probably costing them another $20 in hosting. You could easily bundle that together for $47 and be done with it. You can also built out a membership and training platform, attatched to your funnels. Which means you don't have to pay for something like Kajabi or BuilderAll

Lastly the interactive, or step by step quiz funnel really works, asking questions to understand your level and deciding which plan you will require. I don't know if the consultancy on offer is free, or if you have to pay for that help, but for people just starting, it's actually nice that they offer it, and there is zero pushing after you say no.

What I Disliked About DropFunnels

I wouldn't say there where many things that I would say I 'hated' when it came to DropFunnels. 

I came across a few bugs, such as saving funnel steps and being met with a white or blank screen. That happened pretty much everything I did anything with funnels. 

When creating funnels from scratch it felt really daunting, just a blank canvas, with this huge list of possibilities. Even having a 'basic' layout may have been nice, just to ease you into the process. Some of the pre-built templates also looked a bit basic, considering the standard of the premium themes, I felt that some of the templates had been thrown together, with some of the colour and branding not quite matching. 

The number of pre-built ready to go funnels was...lacking? 

Well, there was 1. I know that's probably more than some other companies provide, but why make such a song and dance about it, when all you actually give if the basic 'Free + Shipping' funnel that has been done to death. 

They could have really come up with an awesome looking eCom funnel, or maybe used their real estate templates to up-sell some swanky pick up service etc. Missed opportunity on that one.

Who Is DropFunnels For?

Honestly, anyone looking to build pretty decent fast funnels, with a 'SEO' twist too them. Or if you are looking for a nice place to create your own membership area(s) with videos, courses and teaching then this is a much cheaper alternative to something like ClickFunnels, BuilderAll or Kajabi. 

I wouldn't say that hardcore bloggers would want to move across to DropFunnels, especially because I enjoy having my plugins, themes and page builders configured how I want them, which I think most bloggers would agree with, but if a company simply wanted a 'blog' for SEO purposes, something to play around with, then again this could work. 

Is DropFunnels Right For You?

Good question (Thanks James), I would give the 14 day free trial a run. That way you can play around with it, build some funky funnels, create a multitude of membership sites or a load of landing pages. 

The world is your oyster with a free trial. Magic.

DropFunnels Review Conclusion

If you are searching the market for a wallet friendly funnel builder, or a bank happy membership site to host your training, then I would say DropFunnels might be the platform for you.

The funnel editor, and pre-build themes etc are easy to use and install, plus they offer share funnels, so as the community grows, I suspect so will the number of funnels avaiable for people to play around with. 

Have you tried DropFunnels, or have you got another platform that might compete? Let me know in the comments below.


Starting From $49p/m









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