Keyword Chef Review

Keyword Chef Review 1 Keyword chef review

Keyword Chef Review Summary;PricingThis won’t be for everyone, some would prefer paying monthly and getting unlimited, but in reality I only do around 5 searches a month and I have still only used a fraction of my credits.Ease of USeYou put a seed word or phrase in, it gives you answers. Can’t get much easier, … Read more

Aweber Review

Aweber Review 16 Aweber Review

Aweber Review Summary;PRICINGThey offer a free version, which gives access to a lot of the tools and features you would need. The paid version is well priced as well.Ease of USeI did find Aweber easy to navigate and use, creating emails or landing pages was quick and hassle free.FunctionalityThey do offer a lot of the … Read more

How To Use ClickFunnels With WordPress

How To Use ClickFunnels With WordPress 44 How To Use ClickFunnels with WordPress

For a long time people would see website building, and funnel building as two very different needs, and that they should never cross or function together. But, in reality that’s rubbish.  As someone who has a variety of websites and requirements, I can confidently say, having the ability to add a funnel into a WordPress website, … Read more

SaleHoo DropShip Review

SaleHoo DropShip Review 46 SaleHoo DropShip Review

SaleHoo DropShip ReviewPricingIf you have multiple stores, or use lots of apps, this could save you a little bit of Ease of USeIt’s not the easiest to navigate, though you can filter or sort the list. FunctionalityYou can import and edit the products, and automate running your store, which is the main aim of the tool (though … Read more

AliDropship Ultimate Package Review

AliDropship Ultimate Package Review 54 alidropship ultimate package review

AliDropship Ultimate Package Review Summary;PricingYou are paying for more than just a theme with some products installed. Ease of USeAlIDropShip itself is pretty easy to use and to run.FunctionalityThe underlying plugin allows you to run a full dropshipping store on WordPress, with a number of decent features. SupportA mixed bag here, I have never had an issue … Read more

Leadpages Review

Leadpages Review 63 Leadpages Review

Leadpages Review SummaryPricingConsidering it starts at $27 per month to run unlimited pages, but only a single site, it beats some of the more expensive options out there. I wouldn’t say the $200+ tier is worth it though. Ease of USeFor the most part, it’s a pretty easy to use platform, majority of it is simple, … Read more

Thrive Themes vs ClickFunnels

Thrive Themes vs ClickFunnels 84 thrive themes vs clickfunnels

Creating landing pages, sales pages or squeeze pages has never been easier, with new platforms and tools appearing pretty much every single month. Today we decided to look at two separate platforms, that offer some very similar functionality, but in a very different style. It’s time to put the WordPress Plugin Thrive Themes vs ClickFunnels, to … Read more