Affiliate Secrets Review

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 Review Summary:

Spencer is a multi million $ super affiliate, with a huge proven track record in the world of affiliate marketing. He has put a massive amount of detail and content into this training course and it shows. A packed and brilliant course for anyone wanting to get started with affiliate marketing.  

Affiliate Secrets Review 2 affiliate secrets 3.0 review


It's a higher ticket product, with a slightly higher than normal price tag, but it's well worth it. 

Affiliate Secrets Review 3 affiliate secrets 3.0 review

Ease of USe

I do find Thinkific (the hosting platform) annoying to navigate around. But playing videos or opening bonuses is easy enough. 

The Online Student - Content


There is so much in here, with so many lessons, it's difficult to show all of them in their glory. 

Affiliate Secrets Review 4 affiliate secrets 3.0 review


Spencer's Group is full of people who are willing to answer questions, and support has bee pretty decent via email as well. 

  • Spencer is so full of knowledge and excitement for people to succeed
  • A lot of methods and styles are covered in this training. Not just marketing, but how to become an authority and a statement within your niche
  • Spencer takes the time to go step by step, with easy to follow videos. Everything is laid out in a simple, beginner friendly format. 
  • The bonuses, templates, emails and extras all add up and go towards helping people succeed
  • The platform can be difficult to navigate 
  • Some of the links to templates etc can be hard to find or open
  • Finding the bonuses can also be difficult to find (there isn't a single place to find them)

In the world of Affiliate Marketing, there are a few well known names. People who stick out, either due to something amazing they have created (courses, books or training) or because they have succeeded with certain platforms or products. 

Spencer Mecham, is someone who falls into both of those categories. He may be most known for his status as ClickFunnels #1 Super Affiliate. Pulling in over $1,000,000 of commissions, and having an insane number of paying subscribers. 

affiliate secrets review - achievements

After Spencer's success, he created his own training, called Affiliate Secrets. He broke down how he managed to win the dream car, and become a super affiliate. Over the years, his course has gone through a number of updates and refreshes. Culminating in the latest version, Affiliate Secrets 3.0. 

This Affiliate Secrets 3.0 review will look into the modules, Spencer training style, videos and of course downloads and takeaways. Everything you need to decide if Affiliate Secrets is for you. 

Who Is Spencer Mecham?

As mentioned before, Spencer Mecham is quite frankly, an amazing Super Affiliate. As with many well known and successful affiliates, Spencer went from knowing the square root of nothing about Affiliate Marketing, to earning well over $3m in commissions. 

who is spencer mecham

He would probably admit he is most well known for being the face of a lot of the ClickFunnels Affiliate success stories. Having helped 15+ affiliates win their dream cars and generating over $1m himself. 

Spencer has also seen success with other platforms such as Legendary Marketer, Super Affiliate Accelerator and many more. From blogging, YouTube and of course TikTok, Spencer has experience with a variety of traffic methods. 

What Is Affiliate Secrets 3.0?

The main training from Spencer, aside from his free training courses. Affiliates Secrets 3.0 is the 3rd iteration of his popular affiliate marketing course. 

affiliate secrets 3.0

This buildaprenuer course covers everything from the basics of Affiliate Marketing, to advanced email sequence techniques, landing page set ups and how to succeed with social media. I will of course dive into these in more detail below. 

What Is Inside Of Affiliates Secrets?

Spencer has taken the time to go through every part of affiliate marketing, going as far as splitting this course into 2 separate areas. Which we will cover now. 

The main section, is what I like to call the 'core', which covers all of the basics of affiliate marketing. Talking about niche selection, how to find products and beyond. 

The secondary section focuses on 'Traffic', as without eyeballs on your offers, you really have nothing. 

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 Core

Right, let's get into the heart of this Affiliate Secrets 3.0 review. The 'Core' half of this course is made up of 9 core modules, with 2 bonus modules (3 if you managed to get Affiliate Secrets before the price rise). 

affiliate secrets 3.0 core

Most of the modules are made up of multiple videos, including intros, assignments and downloadable templates or ideas. 

affiliate secrets 3.0 modules
affiliate secrets 3.0 modules video

Pre-Course Module

This module is essentially an introduction, giving you a starting point and overview of what you are going to learn over the next modules. This section also covers the basics of affiliate marketing, traffic methods and how it all fits together. 

affiliate secrets 3.0 start here video

Everyone should start at this point, no matter your experience or background with affiliate marketing. Spencer also covers the all important 'where do I find my AS3 bonuses'.


  1. Big Picture 1
  2. Big Picture 2
  3. Where To Find Your Bonuses
  4. Coaching Calls Facebook Group (For those with access)

Module 1 - Niche

Possibly one of the most important areas to focus on when you are just getting started, finding a niche. A niche is essentially just a category or area of interest for someone. 

Even if you have a niche in mind, the section is worth watching. Spencer focuses on helping people find a niche that resonates with you, explaining the big 3 (health, wealth & relationships) and of course, finding sub niches. 

affiliate secrets 3.0 lesson 1

Spencer also explains about drilling into these niche and sub niches, and then drilling even further into those audiences. This method allows you to become 'The Guy' within these sub niches. 

He hasn't gone into hundreds of different niches, as it would take way too long. Instead he focuses on giving you the tools and knowledge to find a niche that suites you. 


  1. Niche

Module 2 - Products

A lot like the Niche module, this module is focusing on finding something that resonates with you. This time it's about finding a product within your chosen niche. 

You can find hundreds, or thousands of products within niches. Much like other courses such as SAA or even my own BlogFocused, this is about finding 1 or 2 products and learning exactly what they do, and how they work. 

affiliate secrets 3.0 lesson 2

Spencer also provides a list of his own affiliate programs or tools that can be used (across a variety of niches)


  1. Products

Module 3 - Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are a powerful tool for any business, be it online, brick & mortar, eCommerce or a blog. They allow you to build up an email list (even a buyers list) via simply capture forms and pop-ups. 

You will find a large focus on emails and email sequences, it's how Spencer has done so well with his businesses. It all starts with capturing the right eyes.

affiliate secrets 3.0 lesson 3

The beauty of what Spencer teaches, is that you don't need to find new traffic methods or implement additional ones, you can use your existing blog or website.

Within these lessons, he focuses on different types of lead magnets, the different types of capture forms he uses and how to deliver them. Spencer Mecham also talks about his favourite subject, outsourcing. Great for those who don't want to build these themselves. 


  1. What Makes A Good Lead Magnet
  2. Designing And Delivering Lead Magnet

Module 4 - Landing pages

A natural follow on from lead magnets, are full blown landing pages. A landing page can be used to capture emails in exchange for a lead magnet, or can be used to pre-sell programs or offers. 

affiliate secrets 3.0 lesson 4

A landing page can also be used standalone, using software such as ClickFunnels or Or you can use page builders such as Thrive Architect as an add on to a website already. Spencer does prefer to use Elementor, rather than Thrive, but the principle is the same. 

I personally loved this section and module, as Spencer drops a ton of background and personal experience here. He has built a whole empire using landing pages and lead magnets. 


  1. Landing Page Builders 
  2. What Makes A Good Landing Page
  3. Bridge Pages
  4. Split Test And Popups (Definitely Worth Looking Into)
  5. Bridge Page Scripts
  6. Assignment #1 - This is the first module that introduces the assignments, giving you a takeaway and a bit of homework. 

Module 5 - Email Marketing

This is a huge module, and it's packed with a lot of value. I usually hate the word 'value' it can be so meaningless, but Spencer is very knowledgeable within this topic. 

Email Marketing is once again a natural follow on from the capture pages and lead magnets. Mastering email marketing can really help boost the income capabilities of a business. 

affiliate secrets lesson 5

This module covers everything from getting the basics set up (Using ActiveCampaign), to how to increase trust with your list and of course, generating cash from the list. Spencer shows his own 20k email list, as well as giving you a step by step live build. 


  1. Introduction To Email Marketing
  2. GSuite
  3. Definitions And Terms
  4. Capturing Emails Integrations And Logistics (This ties in with Lead Magnets and Landing Pages)
  5. Email Types & Sequences
  6. Soap Sequences / Welcome Emails
  7. Shotgun Emails
  8. Anatomy Of Affiliate Sequences
  9. Email Examples Part 1
  10. Email Examples Part 2
  11. Email Marketing Live Build
  12. Anatomy Of Single Emails
  13. Coming Up With Email Ideas
  14. Tips And Tricks
  15. Email Deliverability
  16. Email Reports
  17. Email Assignment
  18. BONUS - Email Templates (These are great)

Module 6 - Bonuses

A word, or phrase that has become a little... marmite in the affiliate marketing world. Bonuses

I have never been a big fan of using bonuses, but listening to Spencer and of course Jacob Carris, I understood their is a time to use them.

For example, due to the price of Super Affiliate Accelerator, I actually like to offer a set of useful and helpful bonuses. Rather than stacking some PLR and offering 50 bonuses for a product that costs $1, it makes more sense to offer a $400 laptop, streaming setup and additional reading books that will help that person succeed. 

affiliate secrets 3.0 lesson 6

Spencer takes you through how to pick bonuses and how to build or potentially outsource the creation of a bonus. As well as showing example of bonuses pages. 


  1. When To Use Bonuses
  2. Best Kinds Of Bonuses
  3. Bonuses Landing Pages
  4. Resources (This includes data and a sales sequence)

Module 7 - JV Launches & Launch Jacking

Launch Jacking, or JV Launch Jacking is a method in which affiliates promote products that haven't launched yet. JVs or Joint Ventures is a great way for developers (vendors) to work with affiliates on their launches. 

Launches can be a highly profitable time for both affiliates and vendors, as there is usually a lot of hype around new products. People actively search for more information, or reviews about new products to find out who or what they are. 

affiliate secrets 3.0 launch jacking

Spencer focuses on how to find the right launches and products, rather than just telling people to go for 'any product you find'. He of course explains things like email sequences, how to get in front of eyeballs and what to do on launch days. 


  1. JV Launches
  2. Launches Big Picture
  3. Pre Launch
  4. Live day/ Post Launch
  5. BONUS - Email Launch Templates

Module 8 - Pro Tip / Access (Consultancy etc)

A lot of affiliate marketers like to be quite, guarded. When I first started out, I created websites and blogs (like this one), most of them behind pen names. I didn't want people to know I created the sites, or what I was doing.

It's the reason I never started a YouTube channel, I simply didn't want to show my face or be me. Which is fine, though it can be limiting. A trick I learnt a few years ago, is that you can add a little authority to your work by offering access to yourself. 

 I would say this module is highly optional. It's not going to be for everyone. 

affiliate secrets 3.0 lesson 8

Spencer explains different ways to increase your reach, such as giving personal access to yourself. Of course, it's entirely optional, and something I would only recommend for higher ticket products. 

You should always remember that your time is worth it, don't offer access to you for just $10. 


  1. Pro Tip / Access

Module 9 - Adwords

If you have read other articles on the AvidMarketer site, then you may have seen me talking about Adwords in the past. I have always struggled with Adwords, especially trying to get them to work. 

This Adwords module is in-depth, and really useful. It explains how Spencer finds products, sets up a brand new campaign and how he scales and increases his chances of succeeding. 

affiliate secrets adwords

 It can be difficult getting started with Adwords, and Spencer does explain the best ways to get up and running, without blowing your budget in one go. Thankfully, this module does come with a bit of a warning. If you are not careful, you can end up spending $$$'s in a single day, especially if you decide to go down Spencer's more, unique routes. 


  1. Overview
  2. Finding Programs
  3. Auction
  4. Keywords
  5. Campaigns And Ad Groups
  6. End To End Demo
  7. Callouts And Extensions
  8. Advanced Techniques Part 1 
  9. Advanced Techniques Part 2
  10. Reports
  11. Important Information - Don't skip this part

Bonus Module - Outsource

This final module is a bonus module, which focuses on something that Spencer is known for, Outsourcing. Outsourcing can be a great way of growing or expanding a business, without having to do all the work yourself. 

After a certain threshold, it can be difficult trying to do everything. For example, Spencer actually outsources a lot of his tasks such; 

  • Article Writing
  • Video Research
  • Article Research
  • Backlink Opportunities 
  • Moderating his groups

This allows him to focus on money making activities such as editing or updating blog posts, creating videos or building his audience up. Spencer provides some templates and guidance on how find and reach out to people to help with your work. 

Of course, you are going to require money to help with this part, so if you are still getting started, I would skip this module until you are making $100 or so a month. Or at least getting a few sales per month. 

Affiliate 3.0 Traffic Edition

As I mentioned at the start of this Affiliate Secrets 3.0 Review, Affiliate Secrets is split into 2 sections. The second half of this is titled ' Affiliate Secrets 3.0 - Traffic Edition'. 

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 core focuses on the tangible parts, so your email sequences and lists. As well as the landing pages. But, if you don't understand the second part, then unfortunately you are going to have a hard time. 

affiliate secrets 3.0 traffic training module

This half helps you focus on the traffic methods you can use, to promote your land pages, email sequences and lead magnets. Think of it as the missing piece, learning how to get eyeballs on your offers is one of the biggest parts of succeeding with affiliate marketing

The following areas are not split into modules, and you can choose whichever you one you fancy. I would say that whatever method you choose, focus on it. 

Facebook Organic

A method that has grown in popularity these days, Facebook Organic (or Organic in general) can be really powerful. With roughly 1billion Facebook accounts, there are a lot of people to potentially talk too and use. 

A lot of people try and succeed with affiliate marketing and Facebook, but sadly, many fail. Most will add people, spam a link to all the people they have added, and wonder why they don't make any sales. 

affiliate secrets 3.0 facebook organic

Spencer talks about using Facebook to build your authority. Something like Jacob talks about inside of SAA. Becoming a knowledgeable person, or becoming known as someone to go to can be massively powerful. But, without simply being the 'free knowledge guy'.

Spencer creates a brand new profile, taking you through every step of the way. From profile creation, making new friends and of course, how to create and write decent posts. 

Lastly he covers the most crucial part of this method, the selling. It's all well and good having friends, or an audience, but if they simply all just follow you for no reason, then it's pointless. Don't be afraid to pitch offers, as long as you have actually understood what they need. 


  1. Big Picture
  2. Profile Optimisation
  3. Making Friends Part 1
  4. Making Friends Part 2
  5. Daily Posts
  6. Value Post Examples
  7. Conversation Starter
  8. Selling


A method that Spencer has done very well with. YouTube can be used in a number of different ways, from creating review videos, helpful content or guides. This module uncovers everything that Spencer does to generate leads and sales via YouTube. 

He helps you understand the algorithm and how YouTube works with ranking and showing your videos to people. As well as the types of videos and content that works well with this method. You will find information on thumbnails, titles and your on page SEO such as tags or descriptions.

affiliate secrets 3.0 lesson 11

Of course, Spencer also talks about shortcuts, such as batching your videos up, how to increase watch times, and some sneaky tips and tricks. There is a lot of content within this module. If you are struggling to get started with YouTube, this can provide you with a ton of information. Also, if you have had issues with blogging and SEO, then YouTube may be the place to go. You can rank a new video, a lot quicker and easier than an article. 


  1. Big Picture
  2. Search vs Social
  3. Types of Videos
  4. Content Ideas
  5. Creation Videos (tools)
  6. Batching
  7. Outline
  8. Algorithm
  9. On-Page
  10. Video Metrics
  11. Watch Time
  12. Editing Videos
  13. Session Watch Time
  14. Thumbnails
  15. Titles
  16. Velocity
  17. Playlists
  18. Sneaky Tricks (Worth watching this)
  19. Reports Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4
  20. A/B Testing


If you have ever been on TikTok (or Instagram) you will have seen how videos can go viral on these types of platforms. Because of how new TikTok is, the ability to be seen by thousands, or even millions of people is quite easy. 

affiliate secrets 3.0 lesson 12

As with YouTube, Spencer has done really well on platforms like this. Taking advantage of the virality of the algorithm. There are some great example within this module that show videos that have been seen by hundreds of thousands of people, and how you can benefit from these new eyes. 

Using a simple funnel or set up like the Legendary Marketer 15 Day Business Challenge or even Spencer's own free courses. This part walks you through;

  • Setting up a new account
  • Content Ideas
  • How the algorithm works and of course how to increase watch tips
  • Setting up a simple CTA


  1. Introduction
  2. Engagement
  3. Editor
  4. Content Ideas
  5. Algorithm
  6. Watch Time
  7. Random Tips
  8. CTA
  9. Duet, Stitches & Responses
  10. Going Live

Facebook Groups

A follow on from the original Facebook Traffic training is how to use Facebook groups. Growing your own group allows you to build up a following or like minded and interested people. 

Spencer has once again dropped his own knowledge into this section, having built up his own group (Automation Nation) to 17,600 members.

affiliate secrets 3.0 lesson 13

Building a group can be difficult, with a lot of time and energy needing to go into them into them in the early days. Affiliate Secrets 3.0 gives you tips on going from 0 - 500 and then pushing that to 10,000 members. 

The larger, and more engaged the group is, the easier it can be to leverage it, from selling your own courses to promoting decent tools. Though, it's not always about just selling to the group. He explains how it helps build a personal connection and an interested audience. 

I even manage to make a brief appearance in this module, so that's a little ego boost!


  1. Introduction
  2. Creating Groups
  3. Group Funnels
  4. Algorithm
  5. Growing Group 1 - 500 & 500 - 10,000
  6. Post Formatting
  7. Comment Ladders
  8. Lives
  9. Moderation
  10. Analytics
  11. Ecosystem
  12. Assignment (Definitely worth going through this)


Lastly in this huge Affiliate Secrets 3.0 Traffic section, is the blogging module. This is massive. 

Earlier in the year, Spencer partnered with Nate McCallister, who is quite frankly a blogging god. He has seen huge success with blogging, building up multiple sites including his Entresource website. Pulling in well over six figures with his websites, he really knows what he is on about. 

affiliate secrets 3.0 blogging 21day blog challenge

This whole module is a mixture of the blogging course and challenge that they created, as well as additional videos from Spencer. 

Blogging is inherently easy, anyone can write a article or get someone to create an article for you, for just a few $'s. The difficulty is around setting up the structure and building up the authority. Nate & Spencer go through every single step of the way. 

The module covers; 

  • Picking Niches
  • Finding Hosts & Setting Up The Site
  • Installing Plugins
  • Connecting Analytics & Social Media Accounts
  • Learning On-Page & Off-Page SEO
  • The Different Post Types & How To Find Keywords 
  • Backlinks & Email Sequences

And so much more. 

Affiliate Secrets Review 5 affiliate secrets 3.0 review

This whole section will probably take a good few hours to go through, and no stone is left unturned. Even after a good few years writing blogs and building websites, I still get so much from this section. 

Lessons; (I have bundled these together, as there are 63 in total)

  1. Getting Started
  2. Finding A Host & Installing WordPress
  3. Logos & Branding
  4. Plugins & Connections
  5. Understanding SEO
  6. Blog Types
  7. Understanding Keywords & Competition
  8. Creating Posts
  9. Backlinks and Guest Posting
  10. Lead Magnets & Email Sequences 
  11. Understanding Blog Silo
  12. Additional walkthrough with Spencer 
  13. How To Hire Bloggers & Writers
  14. Final Lessons & Checklist

Who Is Affiliate Secrets For?

A lot of content is covered within AS 3.0, with so many areas, styles and traffic methods. If you are new to affiliate marketing, or have some experience, this course would be perfect for you. 

Even after a few years of experience with affiliate marketing and sales, I still learnt a lot from Spencer and from Nate. They have a lot of knowledge that they are willing to share within Affiliate Secrets 3.0 

How Much Does Affiliate Secrets Cost?

The current price of Affiliate Secrets is $1497, or there is a payment plan available that breaks it down into $600 chunks across 3 months. 

The price you pay gives you lifetime access, I wish I had got this back when it was Affiliate Secrets 1.0, as I would have gotten access to all the new variations and updates across the years. 

You can also apply for Spencer's Affiliate Secrets Affiliate Program. If you are accepted, then you are given 50% commission. Using the knowledge found within this training, 2 sales would earn your investment back. Which wouldn't be a difficult task. 

Some readers will see the $1497 or even the $600 per month price tag as quite high. If that's the case, I would definitely recommend checking out Spencer Macham's Free Courses. There are a number of mini courses and training sessions that can be watched and implemented to build up a cash stack. 

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 Bonuses

Do you remember the section above that spoke about bonuses, and when to use them. It shows that Spencer really knows how to attach useful bonuses to his products. 

As part of the Affiliate Secrets 3.0 course, you also get access to;

  • DFY Email Sequences - These are high quality, battle tested emails that you can copy and paste into your own auto responder
  • One Click Landing Page Imports - Have you ever struggled with creating landing pages? Let Spencer give you his
  • Outsourcing Secrets - I actually let this one slip in the review, it's a great module to go through
  • JV Launch Secrets - Another module that has been added too, this shows how to dominate JV contests, even with a tiny list
  • 30 Day Fast Track - Spencers own step-by-step guide to using your Facebook Profile (Actionable Steps)
  • Adwords Millionaire - This 10minute setup shows how Spencer creates 6-figure incomes, using Google Ads

As well as Spencer's amazing extras, I have added my own additional bonuses, to push this training to the next level. 

  • Russel Brunsons The Secrets Trilogy - These books have launched thousands of online businesses, and given countless entrepreneurs the ideas to create their own path. 
  • Access To My "Holy Grail" Spreadsheet of Recurring High-converting Affiliate Programs - This spreadsheet offers some of the best high ticket programs on the market, as well as programs that offer monthly or yearly commissions. Each program can provide $$$'s in commissions 
  • Access To BlogFocused & Affiliate Program - The affiliate program offers a boosted commission of 60%. A great companion to a high ticket offers. 
  • Nate McCallister's Evergreen Affiliate Marketing - This book dives into the mind of Nate, offering a fresh look on affiliate marketing. It's the perfect companion to the Affiliate Secrets Training and can really open your eyes. 

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 Review - Pros

There is a lot that has been done right with this course. While writing this Affiliate Secrets Review I noted it's not 100% flawless. But Spencer has done an amazing job with this course. Possibly one of the best I have been through for a while. 

Spencer's Knowledge

After only a few minutes, you realise that Spencer has a ton of knowledge. He isn't a fly-by-night wannabe marketer. He has years of experience, countless other affiliates who have succeeded with Spencer's help and he has of course earned $3million in commissions. 

The course is so packed with his experience and knowledge, he hasn't left anything out. Each module, and lesson offers you exactly what you need.

Variety Of Methods And Styles - Something For Everyone 

The Affiliate Secrets training covers a lot of topics, with a huge focus on building you up as a complete authority. Spencer talks a lot about becoming the 'go to buy' inside this course.

Straight from the get-go when Spencer walks through the intro, you realise he wants you to succeed and learn marketing, sales and becoming a leader.

The course teaches a huge variety of traffic methods, from blogging to social media. If you don't want to blog, then you can learn YouTube. Not someone who wants to plaster their face around the world, then Facebook may be for you. 

He also covers all bases when it comes to assets. From how to create landing pages or funnels, to getting others to create lead generation docs or useful give away items. 

He Bought In The Experts

I like the fact that Spencer actually bought in Nate for the blogging module. Nate has a ton of experience, and is well known in his chosen area. 

Spencer has seen massive success with Ads, YouTube and of course social media. It is refreshing to know when marketers are willing to ask or get in others to help with areas they may not be experts in. Spencer has of course done very well with blogging, but he can admit when someone may know more. 

Downloadable Content, Templates And More

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 comes with a lot of downloadable content, such as templates, funnels or spreadsheets. Nearly every single module has something to take away, use or play around with. 

Spencer has given his own landing pages, follow up emails and even people or platforms he has hired or used. All of these can help someone become unstuck or take to the next level. 

Having a template to update and play around with, or an email sequence to use as part of a follow can all boost your chances of success.

Affiliate Secrets Review - Cons

No course is perfect, I am sure everyone knows that. This is no exception, there are things that bug me, or could be updated or edited to make for a smoother experience. 

The platform

I personally, am not a huge fan of Thinkific , which is the platform that Spencer uses to host this course. I find the navigation difficult, especially between the modules or even the 2 different areas. 

Lessons can be marked as either videos, audio or text. A lot of the videos within this are marked up as text, resulting in a much smaller screen or viewing experience. 

The videos that are categories as video don't have wasted white/grey space around them, and are actually at a decent size. For example, check these two comparisons. 

affiliate secrets 3.0 video 1

A ton of grey space, with a small video in the middle of the space. Even on a large monitor, it's difficult to really watch without simply going full screen (which you may not want to do all the time)

affiliate secrets 3.0 video 2

Compared to the 'video' format, which removes basically all of the grey/white space and simply provides you with the video you want to be able to see. 

Affiliate Secrets 3 Review - Wrap Up

I wasn't sure what to expect when I first started out writing this Affiliate Secrets Review. I have reviewed a lot of courses, from some pretty big marketers and it can be quite a ride. 

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 really does live up too it's hype and Spencer has packed a lot of content into this course. With so much to cover and such a large amount of information found inside, it's difficult to fully show everything. 

If you are new to affiliate marketing, and you are curious about learning from a ClickFunnels Super Affiliate, with a chosen track record, then Affiliate Secrets is the perfect training to get started with. Spencer definitely delivers a hell of a lot inside of here. 

You wont be disappointed with this course. if you are willing to take action, put into practise what Spencer is showing and teaching, doing all the homework and activities he sets, then you are onto a great start. 

Affiliate Secrets 3.0

$1497 (Plans available)



Ease Of Use







  • Spencer Is An OG Within This Niche And Knows So Much About Affiliate Marketing
  • Every Section, Every Video, Every Lesson Is Easy To Follow And Clear
  • There Are Bonuses, Templates, Emails And Extras
  • A Lot Of Styles & Methods Are Covered Within This Training


  • The Platform Is Difficult To Navigate
  • Finding Bonuses Can Be Difficult To Find Or Access