Freedom In Four Steps Review

Freedom In Four Steps Review Summary;

An in-depth and knowledge packed workshop, with additional access to even more amazing content. Jamie has created a brilliant workshop and vault, both well worth the small price of entry.

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Jamie recently removed the monthly fee, but the workshop cost of $97 is definitely worth the price. It's full of content and Jamie knows what he is talking about. 

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Ease of USe

Jamie is using ThriveCart for the membership area, it's fairly easy to use, though I personally find navigating a little annoying.

The Online Student - Content


It's chocked full of content, from indepth videos, to pre-done sales scripts, post templates and more. You are getting a lot in here. 

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Ultimately, this is one of the reason you would grab either of these. The support is quick, in depth and Jamie does go out of his way to ensure you are provided with everything. 

  • The workshop is In-depth, broken down into sizeable chunks and full of content. I'ts not just a salespitch, it's actual knowledge.
  • Jamie knows his onions, he has lived and breathed this style for a while and he is willing to break it down for you
  • the methods, techniques and ideas taught are great for those just starting, or even experienced marketers looking for another string to their bow
  • he has a proven track record of sales and income, with $25k+ months in the bag
  • I personally find The membership Software a little difficult to deal with  
  • This style isn't for everyone (but then, you probably wouldn't grab this..)

Social media marketing, network marketing or outreach marketing, depending on who you talk to, are all pretty much the same thing.

They require some amount of chatting or talking to people, understanding what they are currently up to. Then you have to see if they are falling behind with what they are doing and if they need help. 

It's about building relationships and getting to know these people better, without throwing pitch after pitch at them.

Something I learned from the SAA mastermind a while back, is that it can be powerful. Especially when it comes to talking to people within Facebook messenger. 

This is where FIFFS steps into the fold, created by one of the SAA Mastermind teachers.

The focus of the 'Freedom In 4 Steps' course is increasing your understanding of messenger or phone-based selling. As well as understanding how to craft offers, create content and a few other areas.

Freedom In Four Steps used to have two separate programs. This has now just been reduced to the workshop offering, but this FIFS Review will look at both. Providing you with as much information to help make your own informed decision. 

What Is FIFS?

As mentioned before, Freedom In 4 Steps is a 2 part training course. A stand-alone workshop, and an ongoing membership program. You can find more information on this below. 

Created by Jamie Gardiner, who along with Jacob Caris and Chris Donnelly created the SAA Mastermind that I have spoken about.

Both parts of the training explain, show and teach how Jamie has managed to earn $25k+ months. As well as building up a recurring monthly income from his organic traffic strategies.

Utilising free or low-cost methods to bring in a variety of different commissions. All without needing to spend money on ads or traffic. 

The aim of the course and the information focuses on a lot of organic marketing, with content around;

  • Selling via Messenger OR Phone
  • Creating Content That Actually Sells
  • Email Marketing
  • How To Create Workshops

Some of the FIFS membership is still under construction, so see this as a work in progress. With new content appearing each month.

What Is Inside Of FIFS?

I will break this part into its two respective areas. These include the FIFS Workshop and FIFS Membership. 

Freedom In 4 Steps Workshop

The FIFs Workshop shows people how Jamie uses Facebook outreach and messenger conversations, to make sales.

The workshop is in 6 different areas, depending on what you are looking to understand learn. Jamie has taken the time to split these into timed sections (rather than one huge long video)

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The workshop includes;

  • Offers Are ATMs
  • Content That Crushes
  • Connect To Convert
  • Diagnosis Techniques
  • Cash Collection Through Single Strategies
  • Fortune In Follow-Ups

You will learn that each of these areas builds upon each other.

For example, creating content that crushes, will usually start a conversation. Then using diagnosis or connection you convert to a sale or save for later.

The whole workshop is around 2 hours of in-depth, useful information. 

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Jamie has also provided extra training materials. He has included, scripts, templates and other helpful ideas. Designed to ensure that you have everything you need to start.

The videos are clear and well laid out. Jamie brings his own experience and provides examples to bring his own flavour.

Unlike other workshops, or 'training' you can actually take what Jamie shows you and put it into practice.

A lot of these low-level training sessions or low ticket workshops are thin on the ground. Many spend 3/4's of the time talking about a different product. Or trying to upsell you onto a different product. With some waffling on about themselves. 

Once again, Jamie keeps the side waffle to a minimum. He does talk about the membership offer. But it doesn't take away from the core information and is a separate video. 

Freedom In 4 Steps Membership (Training) 

Note - The on going training/support is no longer on sale.

Some may see this as a possible upsell, though I see it as a separate offer. The FIFs Membership is in essence access to Jamie's past training and content vault. It is also a good way of gaining the ability to get support from Jamie within his private group. 

Some of the training builds upon the original workshop. Offering a more in-depth view, going into even more detail in respect to how he has built his little empire. 

As of the time of writing, the FIFs Membership gives you access to 7 extra training areas, including;

  • Additional Phone & Messenger Mastery (Hand in hand with the workshop)
  • Additional Content Creation Modules (Again hand in hand with the workshop) 
  • Launch Jacking modules (works really well with organic due to the nature of launches)
  • Jamie's personal coaching call back catalogue
  • Additional content around using all of the training in real-life scenarios (more practical, less theory!)

There are also 2 more modules that are in the works. These go into email marketing (and how to increase your backend commissions). As well as how to create your own passive income-producing workshop. 

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Each module is made up of a number of separate videos. As with the original workshop, they come with downloadable content. Including; worksheets, questionnaires, scripts and other items that will help you with certain situations

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I am always a big fan of downloadable content, especially as it allows you to actually take or use what the teacher is doing and put it into practice

For example, someone saying they use a template or some questions to 'get over objections'. Then showing a few on-screen or talking about them, provides no value. But having the template or the questions that you can use in your own conversations or as part of your content. 

The accompanying videos are in-depth, as with the original workshop training. Jamie sticks to the core content, without adding filler or random fluff that people don't care about

Having put a few of the 'Cash Extraction Module' ideas into practice. I can see why these methods and styles have allowed Jamie to grow and bring in daily leads and sales. 

If you are someone who wants to learn and use these different styles. I would say the FIFS membership is worth grabbing, even if it's only for a few months. 

Freedom In 4 Steps Membership (Group & support)

Note - The on going training/support is no longer on sale. Jamie still offers Q&A sessions/group support with the workshop though. 

The second half the FIFs Membership, is the private membership area, designed to offer;

  • Support
  • On going live Q&A sessions
  • Additional ideas and styles to implement straight from Jamie

An area that is generally lacking, or can be quiet, is the support area. Usually, because it is actually a costly endeavour to keep providing support. Especially as it takes the initial person away from the money-making tasks. 

One way of doing it, is offering that support as part of ongoing membership. The same way that Wealthy Affiliate offers support. You pay a monthly fee towards more training and a support network that can be tapped into on the daily basis. 

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The weekly live training and Q&As is a big part of the on going support. As with the SAA , having a live session with questions, answers or potential new styles works well. 

Each of these weekly calls is then loaded into the membership area, to ensure that you can come back to them at any time. 

If you are someone who struggles with keeping up with training. You seem to fall off the wagon after a few days or weeks and need a little kick, then this kind of help can be super powerful. 

Who Teaches FIFS?

Jamie Gardner, a super affiliate marketer who utilises and succeeds with organic traffic styles.

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I will admit, not the most flattering image of Jamie..Sorry!

Jamie has grown his own affiliate income and other branches of income beyond the $25k per month.
An impressive number, especially as most people don't even manage to generate that per year

Who Is Freedom In 4 Steps For?

A question I always get asked when it comes to training reviews. Especially in the Make Money Online space, is who would benefit from this training, who is it aimed at, or is it for you?

The FIF's workshop, and ongoing membership is perfect for those who may have started out with organic, or social media style marketing, but got stuck.

For those who saw other people try it. You added a few hundred people or a few thousand. But became stumped at the next, but pretty critical stage. 

It's also a cheap, but still very effective way of getting into affiliate marketing, or even selling your own products.

Even though a vast part of my income is from blogging. I still use some of these strategies to bring in leads and commissions. I find that some keywords and products are competitive. It would cost thousands in ads or link building strategies to see the same results. 

For entrepreneurs who want to get into social media marketing, network marketing or content marketing. But don't have thousands to spend on SAA or similarly priced products. and who want the extra support and guidance from a guy who knows his potatoes, then Freedom in 4 Steps is perfect. 

How Much Does FIFS Cost?

For training with so much inside of, the actual cost of this is pretty low. 

The FIFs workshop costs $97 . This also includes additional access to; 

  • Jamie's 6 Figure Sales Script
  • The Content Curator
  • Jamie's Bait And Switch Strategy 
  • A Step by Step Close Video (You can watch as Jamie closes a high ticket sale, explaining why and how)
  • Pop-up FIFS Groups
  • Q&A Sessions

The extra content and sales script are worth more than the $97 charged. I believe Jamie should sell them separately, but hey his choice!

There is also a $29 offer which provides you access to Jamie's suite of digital products. This includes;

  • Templates
  • Guides
  • Training 
  • Funnels

So if you are looking for additional material to add to Jamie's workshop, then the funnels and templates can be an amazing add on, and I would say worth it. 

The FIFs Membership is an optional extra for those who may want additional support, techniques and learn other methods. Again, it's not sold as an upsell, simply provided as something people may want to grab to keep the learning going. 

The membership is actually currently closed, but the workshop DOES give you access to the group and Q&A sessions. 

You can of course cancel at any time, though I am not sure what you lose access to if you do decide to cancel.

Should You Get FIFS, Is It Right For You?

If you have ever wanted to learn how to understand selling via messenger, or even via phone. You have wanted to build your own content marketing machine. Or you have wanted to use social media and network marketing to do so, then yes, then is right for you. 

If you are all about learning SEO or blogging, then no. I would grab BlogFocused instead. If you want to learn ads or YouTube, then check out Spencer Mecham's Affiliate Secrets

Freedom In Four Steps Review Conclusion

Jamie has created some pretty decent. Across both, the workshop and the ongoing membership.

He has put a lot of effort and work into the course and the information held inside. Offering a hell of a lot of knowledge, for a low price. 

A lot of people have, and do charge a lot more for similar content. Jamie has offered a unique and low barrier to entry of learning these ways.

It doesn't cost $500+ or $1,000+ to join. If we also consider the additional training, support and help Jamie offers. Especially to those struggling or not 'quite getting it' you are getting a ton for the price. 

Having been through around 4 hours of content so far, with plenty more to crack on with. (I haven't even managed to get halfway through the calls backlog or the new training he dropped a day or so ago). You will be learning, implementing and enjoying for weeks or months to come. 

Well worth the price of entry, well done Jamie, I enjoyed this one.

Freedom In 4 Steps








Ease Of Use



  • The Workshop Is Packed Full of Valuable Information
  • Well Priced For What You Get
  • Jamie Has A Proven Track Record Of Using Organic Marketing And It Shows
  • The Support And Additional Training Given Within Jamie's Group Also Shows He Wants People To Succeed


  • Not A Big Fan Of The Membership Site Software