What Is Affiliate Marketing?

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is; a marketing method whereby you (affiliate) send traffic towards a product in exchange for a commission.

Affiliate Marketing vs DropShipping - Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing comes with several options as well as strategies to make the affiliate marketing work for you.

This article will teach you what affiliate marketing entails, give examples of affiliate marketing, affiliates strategies and top affiliate networks you can join.

How do affiliate marketers make money

As I said above, an affiliate marketer is paid on commission from the firm that they are an affiliate of. The links, banners or button of the products that are being marketed contain the unique user ID which when the HTML code gets embedded into the blog makes the adverts appear.

When a user clicks the link/ ad/image and picks to purchase the products, the firm gets alerted that you are the affiliate that led the customer to buy the product. In such a situation, you receive a commission from the firm for being accountable in driving new customers and traffic to their website.

How can you do affiliate marketing?

You can actually do it in a number of ways, from growing large social media accounts and having an affiliate link in your bio, to having a YouTube channel that promotes or contains links. 

If you know how to do adverts or have run PPC campaigns in the past, then you can also be successful with Affiliate Marketing that way, but most people who are just getting into Affiliate Marketing usually are completely new, and want easy, simple to follow (and cheap) ways to succeed. 

You will usually see people telling you that you need X software or Y super funnel. You don’t.

Because the simplest way of doing Affiliate Marketing is doing 1 of 2 possible paths.

And the path you take is entirely up to you (or you can do both).

Path 1 - Blogging

It’s actually one of the cheapest and simplest ways to get into Affiliate Marketing, as it allows you to build up a long term, truly passive income.

The steps for starting your blog takes about 5 steps

  1. Decide on a niche - I usually tell people to think of a hobby or a passion and work around that (don’t worry, if this is the first time, it’s easier to blog about things you enjoy than trying to become a master of something you don’t know a lot about or don’t care about)
  2. Find a cool domain name (I usually use something like https://expireddomains.net to find aged domains - It means that blog posts etc can rank a little easier if there is some history behind your domain). Don’t purchase it just yet, there is a way of getting it free
  3. Decide on a hosting provider. There are two options (sorry!)
    1. You can get free hosting, for 2 websites + free training + WordPress set up and a small number of plugins set up for you, just grab a free account - But you need to purchase the domain separately.. so a few $’s from somewhere like 123 is pretty good and have sales on. Or DomainCheap
    2. Option 2 you can get cheap hosting and a free domain from SiteGround - Plus you get WordPress set up for you, ready to go.
  4. Start creating content. Yeah, it’s really that simple, If you are passionate about the area and you have the knowledge, then you can usually find cool articles to write about. Such as Top 5 things that new golfers should know, the best 10 clubs for new golfers, how to bring your A-game to golf or Pro Club 4029 Review. You want to write engaging, but fun content that people will be searching for. Use google, or just think about things you might search for. You can also use sites like AnswerThePublic who do a great job of showing you the different types of searches people do.
  5. Well, you need to sign yourself up to an affiliate program. Most stores or online retailers have one. Now the commission % may not be brilliant, maybe only 10% at the most, but when you are just starting..that’s alright. Especially when you look at some of the checkouts people purchase! Amazon, eBay, WalMart and many others have affiliate programs or referrals, but so do many others..and sites such as ClickBank also offer eBooks or eServices in tons of different niches and you can sometimes earn higher % commissions.

Path 2 - Vlogging

Now, you don’t have to do this separately, people usually do this hand in hand with Path 1, because they complement each other so well.

  1. Decide on a niche - I usually tell people to think of a hobby or a passion and work around that (don’t worry, if this is the first time, it’s easier to blog about things you enjoy than trying to become a master of something you don’t know a lot about or don’t care about)
  2. Grab yourself either some screen recording software, plenty of free or paid for stuff OR grab yourself a decent hand camera or rig that you can take with you if you are doing stuff away from a desktop or a computer.
  3. Start creating content, again it’s that simple. Do you want to sit in front of a camera and review golf clubs, or maybe you want to take people out on the course and give practical tips? It really doesn’t matter, you just want to provide useful and helpful content.
    1. You may want to find someone to edit the videos a little - I usually use places like Fiverr because it’s not expensive and you can find some great people to edit and even make your intro/outro videos!
  4. Well, you need to sign yourself up to an affiliate program. A bit like Path 1, you want to find programs that fit with your niche. You can then link to the items that you review or even items that you use yourself to give people ideas and products to go and use.

That’s it.

No fancy software (unless you count some free screen capture software), no fancy funnel builders, no need for adverts or sales letters and no need for email lists or anything like that.

Is this the quickest way to quit your job?

No, probably not, but it is one of the best because articles last for years and people still find them. One article I wrote 2 years ago, still gets constant hits to this day and still earns me money.

If you want to learn more about SEO and growing blogs, then I recommend checking out this training, it offers some pretty epic ways to use SEO to rank, plus it was written and created by an absolute beast of affiliate marketing. 

Where To Find Affiliate Opportunities

There are a number of ways to find affiliate opportunities, and it depends on what you want to promote, there are dedicated platforms, or affiliate marketplaces whereby you can login and see a huge variety of offers to promote.

The Best Affiliate Platforms?


One of the most popular sites that people use to find their offers is called ClickBank. You may have already heard about it if you have started to research Affiliate Marketing in the past, and that's because it's probably one of the biggest platforms and one of the oldest.

ClickBank is full of offers from software to step by step training courses or even physical products such as health supplements or guides.  

They also run their own affiliate marketing course called ClickBank University - Worth checking out if you want a step by step guide. 


Another really popular site, JVZoo is used by some of the biggest vendors who mainly want to promote software or tools, you will always find lots of video graphic tools or funnel building software. 

JVZoo does differ slightly from ClickBank, as vendors are the ones who pay out, rather than JVZoo holding the money and then releasing it too you. 

It also requires you to be accepted to promote products, so you may need to explain to vendors that you are new or have just started, but you have a blog, or vlog and already have seen traction on your videos and articles. 


One of the biggest sites for affiliates, it's not strictly a platform, but they have so many different products that you can promote that it kind of falls into this category. 

Amazon doesn't just do Amazon.com, they also have Audible, AmazonPrime and of course the main Amazon marketplace that can all be promoted. 

Other Methods To Find Affiliate Offers

If you want to go a little off the standard track, you can actually find affiliate offers in a number of ways.

Google Searching

Yep, good old fashioned google will allow you to find new opportunities, by simply searching for terms such as 'X product affiliate' or 'X product referral' will start showing up different affiliate offers, IF that product or service offers the ability to become an affiliate. 

You can also run searches looking at a broader term, for example 'affiliate offers for wood working', this will bring up platforms of particular products that have affiliate programs. 

Reach Out To Your Favourite People

This always worries people, but lots of sites actually have affiliate programs, that they don't always promote. If you have a tool or software that you love to use or you constantly use a service that you feel others would love and you have a platform and an audience to utilise, then reach out to the website using their contact options and explain it too them. 

This won't work every time, but it's worth at least trying!

What Big Websites Use Affiliate Marketing?

It is always a good idea to see some of the success stories that come with affiliate marketing to understand better the concept around “affiliate marketing”. Below are two real examples of websites that make thousands of dollars per day and also monthly through affiliate marketing.


This is a popular product review site where a different type of products gets reviewed and get compiled into a comparison table and top 10 lists.  The site is funded mainly by the Amazon associates. The site has comprehensive contents that give a User advice on the products that are worth the money.


Many bloggers have published most of the traditional collections of their writings which gives them a chance for several affiliate marketing opportunities using any of their online pieces. The affiliate links to the online retailer get included as part of the author's blog post or articles.

The Best Courses For Affiliate Marketing

Purchasing a course, or training can be a bit daunting. Most people don't want to take the big step, and that's ok, there are plenty of videos on YouTube that can give you ideas and even some meaningful information on how to succeed with Affiliate Marketing, but they lack one thing. Structure. 

Most videos are one off videos aimed at solving 1 particular problem, and are usually just a short 5 minute video on setting up a site. 

If you don't know what the next step is, then you may never find the video that will solve your next issue (especially if you don't know what your next issue is!)

Courses solve that problem by giving you a structure and a path to follow to get you from A - Z in hopefully the easiest way possible. Lucky for you, there are loads of different courses that actually cater for different needs. 

The Best Affiliate Marketing Courses For Beginners

I usually categorise these courses as the ones that don't focus any particular type of traffic or platform and provide information on basically everything, at a slightly higher level. 

They are great for those just starting and want to learn the basics, but also good for those who have had some success, but want to go onto the next level.

Savage Affiliates 

One of the highest rated courses I have ever looked at, the course is packed full of useful information on the different ways to suceed with Affiliate Marketing. 

I myself took the course nearly 3 years ago (the original Savage Affiliates 1.0) and have never looked back. For the price, you will struggle to find as much information or as much good content as this. It's perfect for those who are just starting, or may want to learn more about alternative methods to branch out with. 

ClickBank University 

I have already mentioned CBU before, the guys behind the ClickBank platform created their own training course a while ago, and recently gave it a bit of an upgrade.

The course provides it's pupils with the basics and some of the more advanced tactics of becoming an affiliate markter, though it heavily focuses on ClickBank, for obvious reasons. 

My personal recommendation is to purchase the course and then look at cancelling the subscription, unless you find the forum or lives useful, I felt that you didn't need to keep paying each month if you had access to the videos and training anyway. 

Wealthy Affiliate

This community, as it's more than just training, usually gets quite a bad rap, usually because the ones who promote it do it in quite boring or very similar ways. 

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform that provides hosting, tools and training for those who want to get into affiliate marketing. 

It's quite heavy on bringing more people into the WA bubble, but they do provide some really good training on every aspect of Affiliate Marketing. Once signed up, you have to keep the subscription up to keep access to your sites and training, so it's very all or nothing with them, which for me is a bit of a downside. 

The Best Affiliate Marketing Training For SEO

I really only have one recommendation here, and that has to be SEO Affiliate Domination. It's designed specifically to teach people how to succeed with SEO and that's it.

Greg Jeffries is a master at his art and has created a course that provides his knowledge in an easy to follow format. If you are serious about using SEO as your main strategy then SEO Affiliate Domination will be the one you want to check out.

I would look into either Authority Hacker if you are going for 'authority websites' or Savage Affiliates if you are trying to build Amazon niche sites, ClickBank niche sites or an Authority Site.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Training For Adverts & PPC

A lot of affiliate marketers want to take their game to the next level, or want to focus on a faster, more scalable option, and this is where PPC or advertising comes into play. 

It is the means of using sites such as Google Ads, Bing or even social media to link potential customers to offers. 

Legendary Marketer

One of my up and coming favourite courses for 2020 is Legendary Marketer

The course focuses around using funnels, adverts and social media to generate commissions from different products online. Focusing a lot of ClickBank or JvZoo, the Legendary Marketer 15 Day Business Challenge is a great place to start, especially for the $7 it costs to do it. 

Affiliate Secrets

A more niche course but Spencer's Affiliate Secrets course has created a number of highly successful super affiliates, who have earned $100k's using the methods he teaches. 

The course does focus more on how to promote sites such as BuilderAll or ClickFunnels via PPC and how to drive traffic towards these sites, but he does also teach you how to do it for a variety of offers and software. 

What Is Affiliate Marketing - Final Thoughts

If you are on the fence about if Affiliate Marketing is right for you, or if it's something you should invest your time into, let me say one thing, JUST DO IT.

There are so many ways that someone can succeed that it's worth spending the small amount of time required to find a way that works for you. 

If you need help choosing a path or even a course, let me know, I would be more than happy to mentor and help you. 

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