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BuilderAll Review Summary;

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For the price, I will accept you do get a lot of apps, but for me some of them are just not user friendly or just don't work as well as their counter parts.

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Ease of USe

It takes a little while to navigate around, but with 14 days to explore (and a free tier to build a site on) and understand how it all fits together should be more than enough time. 

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The functionality is pretty expansive. BuilderAll is marketed as being an all in one platform, including a website builder, funnel creator, webinar host and so much more. Some of the apps are not user friendly so their functionality is lost.

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A pretty active Facebook group (actually a number of them) with a decent team of mods and users willing to provide support. They also have a growing support forum and article library.

Summary: A great new platform full of different tools to help you succeed with setting up your own digital marketing agency, funnel building agency or just a place to build your own blog. At around 50% of the cost of other similar funnel building platforms, this is a great place to get to grips with how to build funnels or membership sites. Keep reading for the full BuilderAll review. 

  • Great Price
  • There are a lot of tools 
  • Great if you are trying to consolodate your tools
  • 14 Day Free Trial is useful to get to know the platform
  • BuilderAll 3.0 has Arrived and bought some improvements
  • The builderAll canvas funnel builder is really nice
  • Can Be Buggy On Occasion
  • Still Missing Some Features You Find In Competitors 
  • Some of the apps for me are unusable or simply don't work
  • The pricing tiers are now more confusing, with 5 different offerings - I think the 3 tiers make more sense
  • it sometimes feels confused about it's target market or audience. 

BuilderAll now have a FREE tier that you can stay on forever, or upgrade with pricing starting from $29.90 per month

It has been about 18 months, possibly as much as 2 years since I wrote the original BuilderAll review, with updates being inserted into the article when they where released or when I found time to write about them. 

But a lot has changed, the platform I originally wrote about, is different, the tools have been upgraded, the pricing structure is completely different and BuilderAll have, settled down a little. They seem to have set a course, focusing on a certain set of tools and building those up, while stil maintaining and I guess improving the others as time goes on. 

Because of that large change, I decided to re-write this whole article. I took out a 14 day trial (as of the 19th July) which unlocks absolutely everything for those 14 days, and spend a few hours diving in and trying out the different tools, seeing what is different and possibly, finding out what is still the same.

Before I get into the meat and potatoes of this BuilderAll review, it's worth mentioning that the new sign up process has been smoothed over, focusing on showing you what BuilderAll can do, but also explaining how to navigate and make the back-end look and feel how you want. 

One of my biggest issues before was that it had so many tools, it was horrendous from a user experience point of view being able to actually navigate. They seem to have cleared it up.

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Having that small little introduction to give you the ability to play around with the system that you are about to play with, really puts your mind at ease. 

BuilderAll Review 19

And you also get a wizard, or onboarding tutorial that starts to show you where things are, again for something this big, it's worth getting that information. 

Right, enough of the starter stuff, let's get on with this BuilderAll 3.0 review. 

What Is BuilderAll

BuilderAll is one of the growing breed of platforms called 'all-in-ones' designed to allow marketers to use a single platform to basically run their business. In total there are roughly 21 different tools, or apps on the BuilderAll platform. I will of course try and go into as many of them as possible later. 

The platform was designed I guess for marketers to be able to have everything from a website builder, funnel generator, video editing and creation tools, to a CRM and even VA access tools.

A small selection of the tools and apps you get, depending on your tier are;

  • Drag & Drop Website Builder
  • Email Automation & Autoresponder
  • Funnel Builder (For a variety of platforms)
  • Booking Apps
  • Video & Image Editing Tools 
  • SEO & Heatmap tools
  • eLearning & online course tools

And that's just a high level overview, the apps or tools you are shown cover a number of different areas, that they break down into

  • Builders
  • Email Marketing
  • Engagement (or social proof)
  • Design
  • Reporting
  • Others - DNS / VA Access

This screenshot gives the best overview I can find. 

BuilderAll Review 19

One of my biggest criticisms of 'all-in-one' marketing platforms, is that many do the shotgun approach, whereby they will create as many apps as possible, to cover every scenario, but usually not finishing or polishing those apps and tools. Meaning you are left with a lot of OKish apps, or some half done tools that simply don't work as well as their paid counterparts. 

It will be interesting to see if the ever-expanding offerings from BuilderAll have been updated. 

These are only a few examples. Once you start to delve into the tools and templates that are available on the Builderall platform, your creativity will really be the only limit to the variety of website types that you can develop with the platform.

BuilderAll 3.0 Features & Tools

As part of the BuilderAll 3.0 overhaul the different tools and apps have been categorised into sections, which makes things a whole lot easier to navigate, as shown above they decided to categorise them by their overall purpose. 

The BuilderAll Builders

The Builders section houses all the apps or tools that focuse around, well building. The majority of these are drag and drop tools so that you can quickly and easily build a funnel, or a website without needing to play around with code.

This section has the following tools; 

  • Pixel Perfect Builder (Old)
  • Cheetah Drag & Drop (Replaces Pixel Perfect)
  • BuilderAll Canvas Funnel Builder
  • A WordPress intergration plugin (essentially a page builder that can export directly to WordPress)
  • eCommerce (Now powered by Magento)
  • BuilderAll Webinar Builder
  • ChatBuilder
  • eLearning (course or membership creator)
  • App Builder
  • Builderall Directory Builder
  • BuilderAll Booking

If you only count the ones that are marked as new, and ignore the ones being replaced, that's still 10 different builders here, this is going to take a time. 

Pixel Perfect Builder (Old)

With the release of BuilderAll 3.0 Pixel Perfect was pretty much retired, being replaced by the Cheetah tool. 

The Pixel Perfect Builder was, and I guess still is an Drag and Drop page builder, it feels very much like the tools you would use on Wix of Squarespace (no surprise, considering they once said they wanted to out do those sites).

One of the most impressive features of the entire platform that you get access to would definitely be the Pixel Perfect Builder.

The Pixel Perfect was designed to be both BuilderAll's landing page, or funnel builder, as well as a website builder. You can get a idea of how it worked, and still does work with the video below.

The Pixel Perfect Builder comes with pre-built templates, that actually let you build an entire website fairly quickly. 

My main issue I guess with it these days, is that the sites take a while to load, changing templates can take around 30 seconds for everything to slowly appear, but I have to be honest, this was still one of the better editors our there at the time. Possibly a bit cluttered and confusing to navigate, but still. 

BuilderAll Cheetah

One of the flagship apps that BuilderAll like to push a lot is the Cheetah website builder, called it because supposedly it's lightning fast. 

This works differently from Pixel Perfect, straight from the get go you are presented with the ability to created published or unpublished sites. 

BuilderAll Review 19

Selecting either will start you on your website building journey, with the options of starting from scratch, using a template, or picking up something called a smart template. Sadly there are no descriptions explaining what any of these options mean.

BuilderAll Review 19

From playing around a little, the smart template looks to pre-fill in some of the information that you can set within 'Tag' groups. I assume it will also pick up the same colour. Sadly after creating a tag group, the smart templates crashed, and refused to do anything. 

So, time to use a standard template and to be fair, there are loads to choose from, covering a variety of different niches and styles. 

BuilderAll Review 19

I am always curious with these, that if I choose something like 'webinar registration' if it will load others such as the thank you page, and then the actual webinar. It doesn't it simply loads that first page you choose. 

BuilderAll Review 19

You are then shown this screen, that is essentially that first page (Yes, the website is called Mr Test.. the one before crashed). For you to now build the next pages for this website, you will need to now click 'Create New Page', which loads a completely different screen from what you just saw.

BuilderAll Review 19

You now need to fill in these details, that where not asked to fill in before, as well as now choose from a dropdown what your next page needs to be. Hopefully you remembered what your first page was called.

BuilderAll Review 19

Lucky for me I had this article open with my above screenshot, because there is no way of knowing what page you have chosen. 

This, in my personal opinion just makes it harder, and more difficult for someone who is trying to quickly build a website, or a few pages. 

The page builder itself has been updated, so the look and feel is a lot different than the Pixel Perfect builder they obviously wanted to replace. Focusing on a single side bar to add new elements and edit existing ones. 

BuilderAll Review 19

All in all, it is slightly nicer than Pixel Perfect, the builder feels a little slicker (though it's slower to open side bars or even switch between elements, taking around 1 - 5 seconds to catch up sometimes).

But the fact that you can't seem to load say a 'webinar' page group into your website, especially considering the creation templates really do make it look like you are importing a site template, as apposed to simply starting with a single page, I still feel this website builder needs some work, and some user experience thought put into it. 

BuilderAll Canvas Funnel Builder

The all-in-one platform wouldn't be complete without a funnel builder, and to be fair, BuilderAll do quite a good job of showig high level or complex funnels, and then allowing you to jump in and edit each part. 

I like this as both a funnel designer concept, and the indivudal page editing concept, it actually means you can map your funnel, seeing where each pages will go, before jumping in and dealing with the look and feel of the pages.

You can pick from pre built funnels that you can then choose different themes, page layouts and even add extra pages anywhere you want within the funnel. 

BuilderAll Review 19

Once you have chosen your category, you are given the choice of some pre-built funnels maps, these show you the different start and end points, including up-sells or cross-selling that might happen within the funnel. 

BuilderAll Review 19

Grabbing one of the pre-built ones makes the most sense, as they are already done for you, and just need your images and text adding, without the need to play around with the flow. 

When you have chosen the template, you get to choose the look and feel. Essentially BuilderAll are doing what I wished they did for the Cheetah builder, they are pre-loading in a number of pages that have the same theme. 

BuilderAll Review 19

For example, if I picked up the 'Muscluar Mass Gain Theme', then every single step along that funnel is going to have the same look and feel. 

BuilderAll Review 19

The landing page, or lead capture page that contains some pre-filled points. 

BuilderAll Review 19

The email confirmation page can be shown if selected answers where given, such as asking if they want to buy X product or just download Y free gift. Or you can send them to a new application page if they say yes to one of those questions. 

BuilderAll Review 19

For those who said they want to join that mastermind or training group, boom you have the second sign up page, or you can simply send them straight off to a different page. 

BuilderAll Review 19

The finished funnel flow looks really nice, you can then go ahead and 'create' the site. Which essentially will pre-load everything you have made in here into Pixel Perfect. Missed a trick by not combining this with Cheetah, but maybe they haven't got around too it.

BuilderAll Review 19

As you can see, each page is loaded into Pixel Perfect, you can look edit the look and feel, without worrying about if the linking between sites is correct (you can quite literally not touch that part and just change out the text and it will work quite nicely). 

I wish more funnel builers gave you this ability, and then showed you the pages to edit after, I think it's a really nice way to understand where your customer journey is. 

eCommerce Builder

This builder was revamped and added at the tail end of 2019, created as a way of letting someone create a professional looking store, without needing to know how to build one from scratch. 

BuilderAll essentially has an API plugin straight into Magento, so that you can build a new eCommerce store within BuilderAll, but using a Magento account. 

The new builder uses Magento, a well known and popular platform that many store owners use themselves to build websites. It provides greater freedom that something like Shopify, without being hindered by platforms such as WordPress + WooCommerce (still a great platform, but can be limiting). 

As with the Pixel Builder & The Canvas Builder, you can choose from a pre-selection, at the moment they are mainly focused on the USA, Brazil and Spain, with the option of Other. You are then given the option to choose which layout, either with or without data (i.e with products or without).

BuilderAll Webinar Builder

Another new addition, or possibly a rework and re-jig of some old apps is the BuilderAll Webinar Builder. 

This might surprise you, but it's an app that let's you set up a webinar of your choice, be it running it through Youtube, Facebook, or possibly a Live via Youtube or just something that you filmed 20 years ago and you want to run on a never ending cycle of 'webinars. 

BuilderAll Review 19

Sadly, I couldn't actually it to work, it simply kept telling me to refresh the page. I guess it's still in BETA. 

Chat Builder

Pretty simply really, it's an app that allows you to run a chat function on a website of your choice. That's it. 

eLearning BuilderAll Builder

There are two elearning builders, so I am going to ingorethe old one, and just focus on the New eLearning BuilderAll Builder. It's quite a nice wizard to be fair, and looks quite easy to get going. 

BuilderAll Review 19

The whole process for this is possibly one of the best module or class creation builders I have used across the last few platforms. Everything is in one place, with the ability to add your modules, thank you page URLs, certs and a whole ton of other things.  

BuilderAll Review 19

You can quite quickly add modules and lessons, without needing to play around with fiddly buttons. Simply find the video or text you want to add into the lesson and you are done. You can decide if you want to drip feed them, or just give every lesson instantly. 

BuilderAll Review 19

After creating your modules and lessons, you can check what you have created and give it an idea of what it will look like. 

BuilderAll Review 19

All in all, I quite like this, it's pretty quick and easy to set up, the overall look and feel are ok, you do get the option of playing around with the theme, but I just used the standard one that is given. 

The App Builder

It really does what it says on the tin, it allows you to create apps that can be loaded onto app stores, or simply used as a way of creating a mobile friendly 'website'. 

You need to have an active subscription to be able to create and submit the apps to the app stores. 

BuilderAll Directory Builder

To get the directory builder set up, you need to set up local places, categories and a whole bunch of other stuff. To be honest, I don't actually know anyone who would need or would want to create their own directory. 

BuilderAll Booking

Essentially a calender tool, BuilderAll Booking is for those who want to schedule calls and meetings, potentially setting up how much those calls and meetings will generate (useful if you are a consultant or possibly a mentor).

Again, the set up, or wizard is really quite easy and simple to use. You can create a new calendar, and then give the different timezones, success URLs (in case you fancy doing some up-selling), you can do the normal stuff like set available times, how long your sessions are for, if you need intervals and a host of other stuff.

BuilderAll Review 19

I had a look at one of these apps the other day, and it took about, 15 minutes to figure everything out, BuilderAlls calendar takes about 5minutes. 

The beauty for this is you can run multiple hosts, different types of people (say if you are a hairstylist and you do mens & womens hair, then you can set different groups) as well as run multiple calenders. 

Nifty, I like it. 

BuilderAll Email Marketing

I was dreading doing this update, especailly with how much MailingBoss was so clunky and just an awful tool to use, it was one of the main reasons I would never reconmend BuilderAll to anyone, because MailingBoss looked like it had come out of a Soviet Russian missle toolkit. 

Supposedly, it has come on leaps and bounds since then, and it's a sexy, easy to use auto-responder and email platform. 


MailingBoss is an integrated email marketing system that comes as part of the Builderall platform. 

MailingBoss looks to allow you to create workflows, subscriber lists and of course email campaigns, so far this looks fairly normal.

Email Workflows

The workflow tools allows you to come up with potentially complex decisons or actions based on what your subscribers do, or what email campaigns you send them. It takes some getting used too, and you can 'link' the seperate elements, you only seem to be able to add your first element, and then it must be used to add the next stage. 

BuilderAll Review 19

You could probably make some complex automation if you have the time, and possibly use it for the same thing I use ActiveCampaign to do with my Legendary Marketer campaigns. 

Email Lists

Pretty straight forward if I am honest, you can create a list that certain capture pages use, allowing you to understand where leads have come from. 

BuilderAll Review 19

But, I would say this is where MailingBoss starts to become confusing, as it starts to go down the rabbithole of buttons, links, actions and getting a bit lost in itself. 

The terminology used to try and explain even the simplest of actions, is baffling. 

BuilderAll Review 19

That screen alone has 6 different buttons, 3 of them do nothing, 2 are fairly obvious I guess and 1 is confusing (and obviously duplicated). I'm not sure how they ended up with this screen, or any of the other within MailBoss. 

I think one of the things I find most baffling with MailBoss, is the sheer complexity to do simple tasks. 

Want to send a single email to your subscriber list?

You have to create a 'campaign'. Why.. it's a single email, it's not a campaign or sequence of emails, it's a single one. 

To do that campaign takes 5 steps, including tagging, choosing sequences (WHY!), choosing what type of campaig it is (be it a regular, automation, autoresponder)..

I had lost the will to live at this point and abandoned MailBoss.

It should be sent back to the sorting office to re-do it's training.


Professional Emails

Last in our awful whistlestop tour of badly designed email auto responder from the soviet era, the randomly dubbed Professional Emails app. 

This MAY be the place to send those single outbound emails..but who knows, you need a verified domain to do that, and I sure as hell can't be bothered to try and find out how to send a single email. 


Next up is the clear title App section 'Engagement', something that every budding entreprenuer will probably want to gain access to. 

In total, there where 11 different tools that you could install and use

  • ChatBot
  • Share Locker
  • Social Proof Popups
  • Website Bots
  • Autoposting
  • Notification Apps
  • Autoresponder
  • Telegram
  • SMS Messaging
  • CRM
  • Script Generator

I'm not sure I would class the last few as engagement, but hey, they have to go somewhere. 

Facebook Chatbot

If you haven't seen tools like this, they are essentially mini funnels or flows within Facbeook messenger, that can be hooked up to Facebook pages and used to help customers or leads find products or services. 

ManyChat is one that I use to create mine, as it's free, and fairly easy to use. 

The BuilderAll Facebook chatbot looks to be very similar in what it can do, I'm semi certain its the same app, but I can't be 100% sure. 

Quite good, so a nice bonus to have. 


Sharelockers are a great way, (or potentially a very annoying to your customer) of growing social engagement by essentially hiding or locking content behind a wall until someone interacts as you see fit. 

Some people use it on shall we say less than legal sites, that may promote CPA programs or pirated movies, because it's a good way of getting more people on your site without needing to pay for ads (which you wouldn't be able to do). 

The BuilderAll Sharelocker works perfectly fine, you give it some URLS for sharing or liking, and then give it some social images to use. 

It will spit out a HTML script for you to add to your page. 


Social Proof

A nice new addition, the social proof tools allows you to show when customers sign up to your funnels, membership sites or buy products. 

You provide it with a domain, what you are asking it to show, be it a new sign up, or potentially a purchase. 

BuilderAll Review 19

Everytime someone triggers the app, then it will display a little popup saying an action. There are free versions of this type of social proof out there, so I wouldn't pay to access a platform just to use this app, and to be honest, the free ones are a bit more professional to look at. 

Professional Website Bot

If you have ever wanted a chat bot on your website, well now you can.

It works the same way as the messenger bot, you set up a flow of questions and possible answers, it slowly directs the confused person to where they need to go.

It seems to work fairly well, a little clunky and a lot of wasted space with the user interface, but that's just a small issue.

They should have made one for MailIntern.

Social Autopost

I like to call this the Buffer clone. 

This app allows you to select your Facebook account, choose what day and time you want to post an image or a block of text and it will post it for you. 

As with a lot of BuilderAll apps, a lot of wasted space, you quite literally have to go to a different screen to select your account, why not just do what Buffer does and let you choose or even set up the account on the same page. 

Even the calendar they use takes up the whole screen and doesn't eve manage to get 30 days into view. 

Browser Notifications

Doesn't exist currently. 

Instagram Autoresponder

A nice and quick way to get your Instagram account banned quickly, the BuilderAll Instagram Autoresponder. 

Give it the doomed account, and decide what rules you want to run. Be it comments or mentions, and how you want to respond. You can essentially comment back on every comment that is given on certain posts etc.

Nope, I am not going to use it to see if it works, I like my Instagram accounts.


You need to have telegram bots set up (done eslewhere) for these to work properly. 

SMS Messaging

A bulk SMS delivery tool, you can send SMS to your leads or people going through your funnels. 


The CRM is actually a reall nice tool, it's great for understanding your customers or leads, though I would have personally put this under the 'Email' section, as a lot of these people are going to be added to lists. 

The CRM app allows you to start adding interactions with those leads, saying if you have spoken to them, called them, emailed them etc. 

BuilderAll Review 19

Every interaction can be scored with a value, the more interactions the higher the score, which usually means these leads are closer to becoming 'buyers'. 

BuilderAll Review 19

It's a nice app, I can't really argue with this. 

Script Generator

The last tool within this section is the Script Generator, something that is quite similar to ClickFunnels own Funnel Scripts. 

The app essentially creates headlines, emails, sequences etc. 

You can plug in different Avatars (these are essentially data points about your target market, be it age, education, interest etc) this will help determine the wording and the style of the script that is generated. 

BuilderAll Review 19

You can also just run it raw, without an avatar to see what random scripts you will be given. 

I really like the script generator, as it can potentially save both time and money, as it means you don't have to pay for copy writers or people to create these emails, you can simply click a few buttons and get a script you can go ahead and play around with. 

BuilderAll Review 19

The script you get from this tool seems to run really well. These tools are essentially large libraries of text or whole emails that have been pre-wrriten in the past with lots of variations within them (check out article spinners to get an idea). 

Not bad BuilderAll, not bad!


If you fancy yourself a bit of a Micheal Angelio, or maybe a Van Goh, then you will definitely want to add a few of the apps from the design category. 

A section that I have not had much time to play around with, as I already use tools such as Canva and Content Samurai for social media posts or YouTube videos. 

Inside Design, you will find;

  • Magazine Editor
  • MockUp Studio
  • Photo Studio
  • Animated Videos
  • Floating & Presentation Videos
  • Video Wrappers
  • Video Tag

I didn't do a lot of playing around with the Design stuff, because I have the design ability of a 4 year old. 

I had a little look at the Magazine app to see what it was like, and to be honest, I actually liked it. 

BuilderAll Review 19

Selecting the templates actually give you a load of pages that can then be edited and updated as you like. 

I actually enjoy the design apps, they seem to work, but I do need to go and play around with these a lot more. 

Other Apps

The final section, or bundle of apps don't really belong anywhere else, they are 'just apps' that can be used across a few of the others. 

It's full of reports, click maps and tools that basically just help you do increase your page visiblity or dial up the conversions on your apps. 

SEO Report

The SEO report will analyse your URL's for the chosen keyword to tell you if you are actually optimised to rank for that keyword. 

I actually ran one of my latest articles through the SEO Report to see what it gave me, it was actually a pretty decent report. 

BuilderAll Review 19

The report itself isn't super detailed but does give a few ideas, for example one of the issues it had was that my Meta Description ran to 165, but according to their research only 156 show, though RankMath don't get angry until 170 characters. 

It also told me to add bolding to my keywords, for example it might tell you that I would need to ensure the words BuilderAll Review are prominent. They do say it's only a small preference, but hey that may make the different between 1st or 2nd page. 


This is quite difficult to test, as it requres adding pixels to websites, which sadly I didn't have any spare. 

From the documentation it looks to run the same as HeatMaps or HotFunnel, which essentially increase the 'heat' on page maps, showing you the areas that are used the most. So if people don't click that huge call to action, it will turn up cold as ice. 

But if everyone just instantly click a link to elsewhere, it will show up as Hot as the sun. 


BuilderAll Plans And Pricing Information

The next big shake up with the BuilderAll 3.0 release was the plans and pricing structure, and it has gone through a number of changes, from starting with 3, down to 2 and now it currently sits at 5 BuilderAll Pricing Tiers. 

I would reconmend looking at this page to get a full idea on the different plans and their costs, as it's quite a lot to put on one page.

The pricing now starts from Free, all the way up to $69.90 a month (this one basically gives you everything).

The below table will start to provide as much details as possible, without making this page looks stupid. 


0 Domain Connections

100 Subscribers
Ticketing Support
1 GB Disk Space

Up to 3 Websites




  • Cheetah - Drag and Drop Site Builder
  • Unlimited Subdomain
  • Unlimited Membership Areas
  • Super Checkout
  • Super Checkout For Affiliate Sales
  • Bump Sells, Upsales, Downsales
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • Email Marketing Module
  • Drag & drop Email Automation

3 Domain Connections

100 Subscribers
Ticketing Support
2 GB Disk Space




  • Everything In FREE +
  •  Cheetah Funnel Builder (when release)
  • A/B split Testing
  • Funnel Sharing
  • SSL Certificate
  • CDN Servers
  • Third-party integrations
  • SSL included
  • DDOS Attack Preventio
  • 3 Total Domains
  • Daily Backups

5 Domain Connections

5,000 Subscribers
Ticketing Support
5 GB Disk Space




  • Everything In Builder +
  • CRM Tool
  • Builderall Telgram Automation
  • SMS Messaging App
  • 5,000 Subscribers
  • 5 Total Domains

10 Domain Connections

15,000 Subscribers
Ticketing & Live Chat Support
10 GB Disk Space




  • Everything from Marketer +
  • Professional Messenger ChatBot
  • Professional Website Bot
  • 15,000 Subscribers
  • 10 Total Domains

It's worth noting, even the $69 a month one is still a little cheaper than competitors, and you do get access too unlimited subscribers, which is worth more than $70 a month with just about any autoresponder..if you can bare to use MailingBoss.

I have always been on the fence about their pricing, and the latest change increase than 'on the fenceness'. On the one hand, you get a lot of tools for $70, including the ability to house unlimited leads, send SMS's, build funnels etc. 

But on the other hand, how many of them will you use, especially if you have apps and tools that work really well. 

So I guess it is up to each individual to work out what works for you and your business. 

The Pros of BuilderAll

There are a lot of tools avaiable with BuilderAll, from messenger bots, to drag and drop page website builders, so no one could argue you don't get a lot for your money. 

The funnel planner within Canva is amazing, and I wish other platforms used or had something similar, it works and it makes building out complex funnels really easy. 

I loved being able to see an overview of it, I just wish I could edit the pages directly, rather than havig to go to the page builder apps to play around with it, but hey, I guess I am being picky. 

Some of the other random apps such as the Magazine creator work really well. 

Oh, and you can run the free version, especially useful if you want to build a website or get started with building your email list. 

The Cons Of BuilderAll

I honestly don't know how many of the apps I would use, especially as I have platforms and tools I happily use. For example Canva works a lot better than the image apps, including just being a swifter and quicker tool. 

Buffer is smoother, quicker and more user friendly than the Post App, plus it's free to use anyway. 

The MailBoss re-design doesn't look to have done much to make things easier, it still takes a lot of clicks and messing around to do some of the most basic of tasks. The flow designer is nice, and I admit creating a list is about 4 hours less to do than it used to be..but it's still a really horrible app. It's not user friendly, the buttons are confusing, or don't work and I constantly want to rip my hair out when I see it.

I wouldn't replace an autoresponder with it, UNLESS all I did was do auto emails or campaigns whereby I never send random emails or fancy doing anything outside of the flows.

Who Is BuilderAll For?

A question I have pondered a lot recently. Especially as I don't think I am the target audience, considering I have WordPress and Thrive for my blog, I also use it for some of the simple lead capture pages that I use. 

I think BuilderAll could be useful for those who don't want the hassle of setting up a WordPress site, or possibly don't like or don't understand how to do it. It would also be good for those wanting to find a new funnel builder (though at this moment in time I would reconmend DropFunnels if you are looking for a low cost funnel builder).

The other person or group who may benefit, are those who simply want to reduce their outgoings or costs, you have got the chance of saving potentially a few hundred $'s a month, though it's worth baring in mind what your time cost is. 

It might save you $80 to swap the autoresponder over, but if it takes 4 or 5 hours to do a task, you have lost that savings instantly. 

How To Get Started With Builderall

It is quick and easy to get started with BuilderAll to be fair, and you get a 14 day free trial to play around with each app, to then decide which plan you require to help you acheive your goals. 

Remember that you can upgrade or downgrade your current plan at any time, so if you do need access to more features once you land on the dashboard, you can simply request an upgrade to the next available plan.

BuilderAll Review Conclusion

While there are a lot of platforms out there that can help you set up sales funnels, blogs, e-commerce stores, and general websites, only a handful focus on offering a vareity, and BuilderAll do have a variety. With Builderall, users are given access to a library of tools that they can immediately start using.

The system is fairly easy to use, depending on which app you want to start with, but there are some that are either pointless, or just not user friendly, so be sure to play around with them all. I am honestly on the fence with BuilderAll these days, so I will have to let you make your own mind up about it. 


FREE Tier Avaiable



Ease of use




Support & Reliability



  • Great Price
  • You Get A Lot For Your Money
  • Some Aspects Are Easy To Use
  • You Can Build More Than Just Funnels


  • Still Under Development
  • MailBoss Is Personally Unsuable
  • There Are Still Bugs
  • Some Of The Apps Seem Unfinished
  • Not All Of Them Are User Friendly

2 thoughts on “Builderall Review”

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