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Starting at $29.90 a month, you do lose a chunk of functionality, but the higher price give you access to so much content and tools!

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Ease of USe

It takes a little while to navigate around, but with 14 days to explore (and a free tier to build a site on) and understand how it all fits together should be more than enough time. 

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The functionality is pretty expansive. BuilderAll is marketed as being an all in one platform, including a website builder, funnel creator, webinar host and so much more. Plus their affiliate program is easy to use and you can share funnels and pages quickly.

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A pretty active Facebook group (actually a number of them) with a decent team of mods and users willing to provide support. They also have a growing support forum and article library.


A great new platform full of different tools to help you succeed with setting up your own digital marketing agency, funnel building agency or just a place to build your own blog. At around 50% of the cost of other similar funnel building platforms, this is a great place to get to grips with how to build funnels or membership sites. Keep reading for the full BuilderAll review. 

  • Great Price
  • Fully Packed Platform
  • Great For New Funnel Builders
  • 14 Day Free Trial - No CC Needed
  • BuilderAll 3.0 has Dropped!
  • Can Be Buggy On Occasion
  • Still Missing Some Features You Find In Competitors

You can now get a completely free version of BuilderAll

As the internet evolves, more-and-more people are delving into the industry and setting up their own online businesses. It has become exceptionally easy for the average Joe to start their own business – whether they wish to write, provide their services as a freelancer, or start an online shop. 

This also means that competition is becoming more intense – with every person setting up shop on the internet or starting their own blog, and you have one more competitor stepping into the market.

With all this in mind, you are probably seeking ways for yourself to gain an advantage in the industry or niche that you are targeting.

Whether you are setting up a brand new blog, creating a new web store or you want to start creating sales funnels, you need to find the right tool for the job. 

Now, this is where many people are facing a big issue – there are many tools out there that all promises you to give you a way to boost your results.

Each one of these tools promises you to be the best and to offer you advantages over all of the competitor marketing tools on the market.

You might eventually blindly choose one of these and end up disappointed – not all of these tools are easy to use and will give you access to the right applications to ensure you can promote your business to the right audience and be able to convert visitors into paying customers effectively.

After testing out a lot of different platforms that promise to give me an edge in terms of building an online business and the tools that I would need to promote my online business, I discovered the Builderall platform.

A few of you have probably heard about Builderall, or it's more famous (and much larger marketing budget) big brother ClickFunnels. For those who don't have that kind of money to shell out, read on. 

In this post, we’ll be taking a closer look at what Builderall is all about, what tools you are given access to when you decide to take advantage of the platform, and I’ll tell you just how affordable this suite of software is.

Builderall is a true all-in-one platform for people looking to make their mark on the internet. This platform was built to help you not only set up a professional online business but to help you even further, by giving you access to the marketing tools that you need to promote that online business and make the most of it.

The team behind Builderall are all highly trained and experienced in the online marketing industry, and they are all expert programmers. Thousands of hours worth of coding has already been spent in the platform – and the developers still continue to develop new apps, tools, and plugins to add to the platform, aiming to make your experience as an online business owner and marketer easier, more convenient, and, of course, more streamlined.

The platform is extremely versatile – you can build a large variety of websites with the tools that Builderall gives you access to. Here are just a couple of examples:

  • Professional websites to represent your physical or online business
  • E-commerce website to sell physical products or services
  • Online sales platform to help you start a DropShipping business
  • Sales funnels to give you the ability to sell your own online information products
  • Funnels to get people to sign up to your email list and to help you become a more successful affiliate marketer
  • Webinar platforms for streaming live video to your audience
  • Lead capture pages with the purpose of growing your email list
  • Affiliate systems to get other people to promote your products and services

These are only a few examples. Once you start to delve into the tools and templates that are available on the Builderall platform, your creativity will really be the only limit to the variety of website types that you can develop with the platform.

One of my favourite features of the platform is the fact that almost everything is based on a drag-and-drop system.

I haven’t done a single line of coding with any of the landing pages, sales funnels, or websites that I have developed with the Builderall Pixel Perfect Builder.

You get to choose a website template and then edit it in a live viewer.

Building a sales funnel? No problem – the system gives you a drag-and-drop system where you can configure triggers and actions that are executed based on the visitor’s behaviour on the website

Want to try builderall?

You can get access to 14 Day Full Access of

BuilderAll using the link below. 

Go ahead and give it a try! You are going to love it!

What Features Do You Get Access To?

I have shared a couple of things that you can do with Builderall already, but I’m sure you are looking forward to a more in-depth breakdown of the specific features that the platform will give you access to.

Thus, I thought it would be a good idea to break down the tools, modules, and even the plugins that you get when you decide to sign up to a plan on Builderall’s unique platform.

With BuilderAll 3.0 release, they have revamp the whole back end and given the place a bit of a tidy up. 

Gone is the huge menu on the left hand side, and instead is a simple 7 point menu. 

You can now also customise which tools you want to see on your dashboard, for example my dashboard is all about tools that help with building sites, building funnels or increasing conversions.

Builderall Review - BuilderAll Backend

The BuilderAll Builder Tools;

As part of the BuilderAll 3.0 overhaul the different tools and apps have been categorised into sections, which makes things a whole lot easier to navigate. 

The Builders section houses the tools that help you build amazing websites, funnels or even apps, quickly and easily. 

  • Pixel Perfect Builder
  • Canvas Funnel Builder
  • eCommerce (Now powered by Magento)
  • Webinar 
  • eLearning
  • App Creator 

Pixel Perfect Builder

One of the most impressive features of the entire platform that you get access to would definitely be the Pixel Perfect Builder.

Now, I have seen a lot of drag-and-drop website builders in the past, but this one surely is one of the best and advanced that I have come across. 

The Pixel Perfect Builder is the result the Builderall team spending years on coding and developing the “perfect” website builder.

You can design anything with the Pixel Perfect Builder. Whether a store, a simple website, a blog, or an extremely complex sales funnel.

You decide where to display your logo, how your website’s menu should look, what widgets should be displayed, how you wish to display pricing information, and more. Plus, everything is responsive, which means the website you build will automatically be able to adjust to the width of the device that it is viewed on, be it a desktop computer, a tablet, or even a mobile phone.

If you feel like your creativity is limiting your opportunities, then simply head over to the template section of the Pixel Perfect Builder. Here, you get to choose from a massive range of templates – not only full website templates but even smaller templates that you can combine in order to create something that is unique to your brand.

There are many different types of templates that you will find available, including templates for e-commerce stores, membership websites, sales pages, sales funnels, blogs, and more.

Canvas Funnel Builder

Another feature that fits hand in glove with what BuilderAll is all about, is the Canvas Funnel Builder. 

This newly revamped and updated tool allows you to quick, and easily build complex funnels, with just a few clicks of a button. 

The funnel builder is designed to show you the overview of complex or even easy to build funnels and then allow you to edit and swap around the different sections as you go. 

You can pick from pre built funnels that you can then choose different themes, page layouts and even add extra pages anywhere you want within the funnel. 

Builderall Review  - BuilderAll Canvas Builder

Once you have finished with the funnel build, you are then provided with the pages to edit, without having to worry about issues such as buttons not going to pages or if the funnel will actually work. 

One of the best parts is that you can quickly go back to the Canvas builder if you decide you want your funnel to do something else and you can re-use the pages you just created.

eCommerce Builder

New to 2019 is the eCommerce builder, designed to help you build smart and stylish looking ecommerce stores so that you can focus on marketing or selling your products, not trying to make a website play ball. 

The new builder uses Magento, a well known and popular platform that many store owners use themselves to build websites. It provides greater freedom that something like Shopify, without being hindered by platforms such as WordPress + WooCommerce (still a great platform, but can be limiting). 

As with the Pixel Builder & The Canvas Builder, you can choose from a pre-selection, at the moment they are mainly focused on the USA, Brazil and Spain, with the option of Other. You are then given the option to choose which layout, either with or without data. 

Tools Inside the Builders

The professional and creative animations are only a small part of these extra features that you get access to in order to captivate your audience and increase your chances of impressing a potential customer the moment they land on your website.

In addition to these animations, you can also utilise these smart features on your website:

  • Countdown timers
  • Evergreen timers
  • Parallax effects
  • Scrolling pop-ups
  • Registration forms
  • Email subscription forms
  • Contact forms
  • Time intent pop-ups

These apps are all found within the Pixel Builder or the Ecom Builder. 

Advanced Analytics

Once your website is live, you get access to a range of analytic and testing tools to help you monitor the performance of your website and perfect any areas that do not seem to be performing well. You can use A/B testing features, along with additional tools, in order to see which parts of your website are performing better, which buttons visitors are clicking on more, and what type of wording helps to draw in customers and get them to click through to the next page.

Social Media & Engagement Tools

As you are building your website, you get access to a range of tools that you can use to make increase engagement, conversion rates. These are separate to the ones found within Pixel Builder and can be used or install across multiple sites, even ones not build with BuilderAll (check the right hand corner to learn more!)

Inside this section, you get access to 9 different apps that can really help you automate some of your sites. 

  • Facebook ChatBot
  • Social Proof
  • Autopost
  • Share Locker
  • Sitebit
  • Roulette
  • Browser Notifications
  • Instagram Autoresponder
  • WhatsApp Messaging
  • SMS Messaging
  • CRM
  • Script Generator

Facebook Chatbot

You are going to be paying $15 - $100 a month to access a Facebook chatbot, or any kind of ChatBot. 

You get one as part of your membership to BuilderAll. That is amazing value. 

You can create chatbots from scratch, or you can import ones that have been built by others, currently there are two main ones that have been built that you can directly import. 

The chatbot flow visualisation tool is really easy to use and simple to set up. 

Social Proof

A nice new addition, the social proof tools allows you to show when customers sign up to your funnels, membership sites or buy products. 

Unlike tools such as Prove, it only works on sites built on Pixel Builder or on the BuilderAll site, so you can’t install it onto other sites, yet. I hope in the future they will expand this capability. 

The other tools and apps here can also help customers feel more comfortable, or automate some of the tedious parts of running a business. 

The  autopost will allow you to schedule a number of posts and let it throw these onto feeds for you, reducing the need to manage your accounts, you can also add the auto comment tool that can reply to peoples comments, I have personally stayed away from these due to the fact Facebook and Instagram etc hate bots, and you can be penalised quite heavily for it.  


If you fancy yourself a bit of a Micheal Angelio, or maybe a Van Goh, then you will definitely want to add a few of the apps from the design category. 

A section that I have not had much time to play around with, as I already use tools such as Canva and Content Samurai for social media posts or YouTube videos. 

Inside Design, you will find;

  • Magazine Editor
  • MockUp Studio
  • Photo Studio
  • Animated Videos
  • Floating & Presentation Videos
  • Video Wrappers (great for ecom!)
  • Video Tag (Great for YouTube)

As I get used to these, and play around with them more, I will look at doing some separate articles on them. 


MailingBoss is an integrated email marketing system that comes as part of the Builderall platform – and this is one powerful system if you wish to utilize an email list to boost your profits. Most people know that the money really lies within the list for almost any type of business, so why not make email marketing a part of your business.

With MailingBoss, you can easily set up a list and then collect leads anywhere on your website using the easy drag-and-drop interface. You can even offer visitors something in turn for their email address, such as access to a seven-day email course or perhaps an ebook that you have written with a few tips.

Personally for me, I still use 3rd party email providers, mainly GetResponse to run my email campaigns. 

It just makes things nicer, especially if I move away from using BuilderAll in the future, or if I want to get people on my BuilderAll list I can move them across to a ClickFunnels list (especially if they are looking for a bit more from their funnels).

Builderall Plans And Pricing Information

The next big shake up with the BuilderAll 3.0 release was the plans and pricing structure. 

They have moved from 3 different plans, down to 2 and also increased the pricing slightly to reflect the additional tools and apps, plus the improvements across the BuilderAll platform. 


Perfect Solution for Digital Marketing Business Growth




  • Drag and Drop Site Builder
  •  Professional Email Marketing - 10k Leads
  • Professional Checkout Application
  • Your Own Affiliate System
  • Connect up to 15 domains
  • Bandwidth and unlimited visitors
  • Third-party integrations
  • SSL included
  • Premium local and CDN hosting 

Noted - This pricing structure is still cheaper than other competitors. Check out this link to see more about the plans.

If you are new to BuilderAll, then I would look at getting the basic package to begin with, its focused mainly on the Pixel Builder, as well as providing you with 10,000 leads within MailBoss and access to some of the affiliate features. 

If you are trying to find an all in one, everything and the kitchen sink thrown in solution, then take the higher tier package straight away. It gives you everything. 

How To Get Started With Builderall

It is really easy to get going with the Builderall platform – best of all, you don’t need to know how to manually code a website or any of those technical stuff.

 I've seen people start to use Builderall when they are new to the internet – the platform comes with a full set of tutorials, so all you really need is a basic strategy to work from, and then the tools that Builderall gives you access to will help you do the rest.

To get started with this platform, you should first have a basic idea of what you are expecting. This will help you choose the right plan – while the basic plan is good for just setting up a website, if you would like to use this platform for promotion as well, you might need to do an upgrade from the basic plan. Thus, know what you want to do with the platform – then look at the plans and features I have shared with you above to get an idea of which one will suit your needs.

Once ready, simply head over to the Builderall homepage, click on the “Buy Now” button – don’t worry, it’s really hard to miss. There’s multiple “Buy Now” buttons all over the landing page. Click on any one of these and then select the plan that you have decided to go with.

Remember that you can upgrade or downgrade your current plan at any time, so if you do need access to more features once you land on the dashboard, you can simply request an upgrade to the next available plan.

Once you click that “Buy Now” button on the plan that you are interested in, you will need to register an account on the Builderall platform and pay for your first month. This is a relatively quick and easy process. You can also pay with various payment methods – pay by card or by PayPal, it’s your choice.

After payment, you can sign into the dashboard using the credentials you configured earlier and immediately start building your first website on the platform.

You can also get a 'full access' 14 Day Free Trial by using the link below! So you can truly try before you buy. 


While there are a lot of platforms out there that can help you set up sales funnels, blogs, e-commerce stores, and general websites, only a few of them has the tools that make it easy for beginners to set up and promote professional online properties. With Builderall, users are given access to a library of tools that they can immediately start using, including a drag-and-drop interface. The system is extremely easy to use and allows you to build any kind of online property, then gives you access to the tools you need to effectively promote your property to the right audience, maximising your potential to make big profits through your website.


$29.99 per month



Ease of use




Support & Reliability



  • Great Price
  • You Get A Lot For Your Money
  • Fairly Easy To Use
  • You Can Build More Than Just Funnels
  • Perfect For Beginners


  • Still Under Development
  • Relatively New To The Market

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