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The Simvoly Review Summary;

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It has an unlimited free trial, and it starts at just $12 per month to start accessing more features. Plus the option to white label reduces that cost. 

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Ease of USe

Possibly one of the easiest page builder, and funnel builder I have used in recent times. Easy to build pages and funnels, without much of an issue.

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It lets you build funnels, websites, landing pages and eCom stores. Plus you can add booking, webinars and services. It does exactly what it says on the tin and a bit more.

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I had no real issues when using the platform, but all the videos and help text where really useful. 

Summary: A really well laid out funnel platform and page builder. Lots of templates to get started with, ability to white-label your own platform, and even the ability to run eCommerce stores as well. 

  • Easy To use page and funnel builder
  • plenty of Professional templates to start with
  • lots of guidance and information
  • can create websites, lead funnels and ecom funnels
  • you can white label and run your own funnel building or website design business with this product
  • Free to start - low cost monthly price if you want to unlock more

They have an unlimited FREE trial account, and then starts from just $12 per month

It seems like each week a new funnel builder or funnel platform pops up, I'm not sure I can even keep up. I was alerted to Simvoly by Chris from SAA who had been giving it a try. As I am always on the lookout for tools and products that can help my readers, I thought I would create an account, give it a good run through, test it's features and create this Simvoly review. 

I will add, that most funnels builders, are usually quite similar, with a few standing out, giving them a flare of their own.

And Simvoly (other than having a difficult name to type) allows for full white labelling of their product to be sold and marketed as your own, as well as focusing on more than just lead generation.

What Is Simvoly

According to Simvoly's own website, they are 'The Best Funnel Builder' which is quite a big bold claim, but hey I guess you need some balls in this industry to help you stand out. But, ignoring the bold claims, Simvoly really is a lead gen & eCommerce funnel builder & membership site creator.

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With a large focus on those who build funnels for a living and need the ability to hand funnels to clients, or potentially even manage them for clients. Even giving you the option of taking their funnel builder software and putting your own label on top of it. I will cover that in more detail later. 

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There is also a focus on eCommerce funnels, so if you are trying to do 1 page websites (possibly DropShipping) or build and create OTO funnels that increase the overall cart value. Again, I will check these out in a little more detail.

You can give Simvoly a try yourself, for free, they seem to have an unlimited trial on the account, and of course an affiliate program.

If you read the DropFunnels review, you would have noticed I spoke about the 'on boarding' process. Something I have found with older more established platforms is that they throw you into the deep end, they give you the platform login and tell you go find your way. 

Simvoly do something similar to DropFunnels whereby they actually start you off on the 'builder' straight away. 

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Literally the first screen you see after signing up, is a huge library of ready built funnels, landing pages and stores that you can select and go play with. Or you can simply select a blank template and build until your heart is content. 

As I was simply seeing what they had, I just chose a generic lead gen style funnel, but you can quite easily review what funnel you are going to be using, without having to load it into your account, which again is nice.

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What Does Simvoly Include

Simvoly's main selling point is their funnel library and funnel builder, it's what it focuses on, it's not trying to be anything other and beyond that, no email responders or crazy half baked app builders in sight!

Funnel Builder

Starting the process off is pretty easy, you are presented with a large library of done for you funnels, stores, websites and landing pages you can upload and edit. Each one can be scrolled through, each page checked, viewed on mobile, tablet or desktop and even viewed with some dummy text and images to give you an idea of how it will look. 

Plus they even give you a brief description of what the point of the funnel is. This one of example was build to help you see a single product, with a big view on benefits, customer testimonials and increasing social proof on every step. 

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When you select a funnel, you are also given an introduction to the funnel builder, again a nice touch giving you a quick video overview of what you are about to see and use. 

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Once the funnel you have chose your funnel, watched the video, you will be taken to the funnel builder itself. 

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The drag and drop builder is quite intuitive and fairly easy to use, the left hand sidebar contains basically all the information you are going to need from 'pages', add widgets, global colour schemes, funnel analytics, funnel settings and of course the preview. 

I really like the simple, clearly laid out view of the screen. You can easily see which sections you have selected, the settings bar doesn't get in the way, and the top bar is also tidied away and can be ignored if you want. 

Thanks to Simvoly for the GIF

Every section can be double-clicked to be edited, or you can click on the element you want to do something with and you will be given a number of options. 

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As with most editors or funnel building platforms, the right hand side of your screen is then opened to allow you to change things such as add image descriptions or shadows etc. Basically more in-depth editing if required.

Adding blocks and widgets is also fairly easy. With 2 ways of doing it, depending on if you are after pre-build blocks of widgets to add directly onto the page, or if you just want a single widget. 

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There are 28 different widgets that you can quite quickly drag onto a page, throwing it anywhere you want really, and it will slot itself in and the page will jiggle around to make it fit. You can check out a whole video on the page builder here, because trying to show actually how smooth or quick it is is quite difficult. 

The other option you can do with the page builder is throw in whole blocks. 

There are 13 categories to choose from, including bold headlines, picture galleries, call to actions and even contact forms. Each can be imported onto the page in the chosen area and then updated to fit the look at feel of the rest of the page. 

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As you can see, the funnel builder or page builder, is pretty user friendly, you can quickly swap between the different pages or steps of the funnel as well, something I find a lot of funnel builders simply ignore, making you go back to other parts of the platform to change. 

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Again, using the nifty side bar, I can see and navigate to the different sections of this particular funnel. Each page loads pretty quickly and I can crack on with building whatever it is I am doing.

Simvoly eCom Store

Something that each funnel builder platform does differently is the 'stores' or 'products' sections, I have never found two that are alike. Simvoly is of course no different. 

At the top of the screen, you will find a Store link. This is where you add the products you are selling withing your funnels, websites or even on one page product pages.

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You have 3 pretty distinct areas, you can't exactly get lost. 

Open the 'Store Products' tab basically shows you any products you have, the price, name, SKU (if applicable) and the ability to look into it in more detail. 

Adding new products seems pretty straight forward. 

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With 4 key areas, each offering their own options to fill in, such as membership groups, shipping rates or categories depending on what you choose to create. 

The product overview is pretty simple, with all the information in front of you. Filling the details out, takes about 2 minutes. 

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You can also get into the weeds a little bit with this, with the ability to create different checkout pages or product listing pages separate from the funnels or website you have built. 

Allowing for a little more customisation, possibly overkill or confusing, I haven't made my mind up on that yet. 

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Simvoly CRM / Contacts

As with any platform that gives you the option of capturing emails, having members or even selling 'stuff' there is a CRM or contacts section. 

The CRM is nicely laid out, with the important information shown, such as name, email, phone and when they become a contact. You can also segment your contacts up, or put them into different membership groups if you so wish. 

There is a limited amount of information held about contacts, but you can track to see what products they have bought, add any tags or even see if they have submitted email forms. 

The CRM includes a messages tab, which allows you to see if people have submitted any of the forms on your funnels/website. Again, seemingly simple to view. 

Simvoly Booking App

Technically the booking tab is found within the CRM, as well as it's own section, but I decided to split out out, just to make things clear. 

From the looks of it, the booking and appointments section is pretty decent. I'm not sure if any other funnel builders or platforms do this, possibly BuilderAll? 

But I did like it, you can create a support website, or possibly a service funnel that maybe sells cleaning services, and get all the bookings held within Simvoly, that can then be assigned to operators and services you offer. 

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As with all the other apps and overall layout, it's clean, crisp and not that confusing. You are taken through a wizard that shows you what you need to fill in, adding your operators, any questions you may want to ask on the forms and even the availability and schedule. 

Simvoly Websites

Something that, semi confuses me, is the difference between the websites, and then landing page / funnel part. 

Within Simvoly, there is a distinct difference, with a split that lets you create a funnel, or create a website. 

After exploring the website side of the platform, it looks like you can build up large websites, that may or may not include a funnel or something on top of it. 

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Much like if you where building say a dentists website with different areas, such as blog posts, services they offer, and appointments, this side of Simvoly becomes incredibly useful. 

Simvoly even load a few examples of products or services to give you an idea of how they are set up. 

Pretty good if you are creating these for clients, more on that later.  

Template Library

I was pretty interested in looking at what they had, especially from a 'pre-built' or library stand point, as I believe one thing that many struggle with, especially with the likes of BuilderAll or even ClickFunnels is the fact they have no clue where to start or what might work or look good. 

Many rely on share funnels, expensive or possibly not very good funnel designers or simply try and mash something together themselves, so having a pre-set library of templates that I can import and then use is awesome. 

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The library is quite extensive, with around 50 - 60 different templates, possibly more, I did see some duplication within the categories, but still 50 templates ranging from simple coupon funnels, to multiple product upsell/downsell funnels designed to increase your cart value. 

You also get whole websites provided too you within their template library. I pulled through a real estate website, with dummy data on house listings, an appointment section, about us section and even a few simple blog posts that can be updated and edited to increase your SEO. 

What Is Simvoly White Label?

The big, 'unique selling point' of Simvoly, or at least in my eyes is the white label capabilities of their whole system. As far as I am aware no other platform allows you to sell or promote a funnel/page builder platform using your own branding and even price points. 

Simvoly Review 25 Simvoly Review

You can basically use Simvoly, but brand it as yours. They let you take everything inside of Simvoly, then set your own pricing plans, take all the templates, building blocks and even their affiliate software to allow you to grow a Simvoly White Label 2.0. Or whatever you end up calling it. 

If you are someone who builds eCommerce websites, and you are fed up with the 1 time Shopify bounty, or the hosting bounty you might get for creating a website on WordPress for someone, you could build and host it all under your own white label account. 

Essentially giving you the freedom to charge for your website/funnel building services, and also take a monthly recurring payment home as well. You can become a Shopify or a ClickFunnels.

You do of course, have to pay for it, which can range from $29 per month to $199 per month. Plus there are also additional pay as you go fees on top of that, if you need to start adding more projects and funnels etc. Again ranging from around $2.75 per month, to $96.85 per month. 

So a whole host of possibilities and opportunities for those who are into that particular business. 

What Is Simvoly Funnel Academy

The final part of the Simvoly family, or the Simvoly platform, whatever you want to call it, is the Simvoly Funnel Academy (how many times can I say Simvoly in a sentence). 

The whole of the academy, is a bit like the One Funnel Away challenge, or what the ClickFunnels Affiliate Training used to be like. It's focused on giving you the basics on what funnels are, how to build them and the different types of funnels. But it also has courses on increase conversion rates, bumping your order value and implementing subscriptions and membership areas for ongoing revenue. 

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The videos themselves do differ in length, but the average seems around 10 - 15 minutes each. They also include a lot of their own videos on how to use the platform, or get the most from Simvoly.

I would say they are really well done, informative and easy to follow. I watched a few of them when I was getting to grips with the platform, even though I have used plenty of other funnel builders or even page builders, I wanted to make sure I was getting the most from this site. 

Considering this is a free academy that you can sign up for, you don't even need to have an active Simvoly account (though, it's free..why wouldn't you). 

I would say it's worth sitting down and watching the 4 or 5 hours worth of videos anyway, especially if you are simply into building funnels or websites for clients and just want a refresher or boost your knowledge a little, a bunch of free videos could only help matter. 

Who Is Simvoly For?

This is a question that always gets asked, it's one of those chicken and egg type questions that people are never too sure about answering. 

But for this, I think the answer is quite clear. 

Simvoly is designed for those who want a clean, easy to use, quick and so far 'none-buggy' funnel builder, so that they can build funnels & landing pages for themselves. It's a platform for those who want to create training or membership areas, that can be boosted by those funnels or landing pages to funnel more students or clients in. 

It's also for those who want to build smart looking websites, be it for real estate firms, cleaning contractors or maybe dentists and lawyers. The added bonus of the ready build sites, with their booking components already set up, the ease in which you can add availability and even resources to those calender's, just makes life so much easier. 

Speaking to a contractor friend earlier, I was actually noting and realising how easy it would be to build the exact site he wanted, without having to use 4 or 5 different WordPress plugins, a page builder, a premium theme and some decent hosting. 

Lastly, Simvoly is for the entrepreneurs, the funnel designers or the website builders who want to be able to have their own platform, with their custom logos and theme, but still want to be able to hand their sites over to others, without losing out on revenue. 

Being able to take the entire Simvoly platform, even at it's most expensive of $199 per month (still cheaper than ClickFunnels) I could white label it, open an affiliate program, bring customers in and build their sites (if I ever wanted to go back to doing that) and also allow others to promote it for me. There are not many platforms that give you that amount of freedom. 

What Does Simvoly Cost

Technically, it's free.

Well, ok the trial is free, but as it doesn't require any credit card details, they have let me create some funnels and some websites and still haven't bugged me to pay anything, I will class that as at least being partly free.

Fine, let's get on with the pricing, so it starts from $12 per month, which gives you access to a single funnel, a single website, an eCommerce store (but only 5 products). It's essentially, their 'you want to test this platform, but you cba to pay much' version. I get it, people are tight. 

It then jumps to $24, you start to increase the number of funnels, you can now have real checkout pages, add order bumps, do up-sells and even increase the number of products you to sell to 100. Most people are probably going to me choosing this level. It's got everything you'd need.

For those who are awesome and want to crank out more funnels than they can handle, the $59 per month plan pushes you up to 30 funnels, with 33 different domains (who has that many!), you can have unlimited products, unlimited members in your training areas, you can have your own live chat agents and of course, the white label ability. 

And if you are a funnel god, or some kind of website guru, then $149 per month will give you 10 websites, and unlimited everything. Go nuts. Make your own funnel party.

Simvoly Review 27 Simvoly Review

Enjoy this huge table of all the different pricing and features you get. Again, $24 per month on an annual basis does look pretty good. 

Is There A Simvoly Free Trial Or Free Version?

Well yes there is! You can grab an unlimited free trial here. I don't know what unlimited actually means, I'm not sure if it's like a phone contract whereby they say unlimited, but they mean 10gb data.. or a broadband contract where they say unlimited but what they mean is that if you sit and play Fortnite too much they will cancel your account and send rude letters. 

So far, it's been pretty unlimited. 

Is Simvoly The Right Funnel Building Platform For You?

I would say Simvoly is a hot contender for a very good funnel builder. It's quick, easy to use and not stupidly expensive. 

Does it have a slightly odd middle aged bloke doing some epic power marketing to get you to buy it? Nope, seems to have a guy called Stan who on occasion sends me a message asking how I am doing. 

What I Liked About Simvoly

I really enjoyed all of it. I rarely say that about platforms, especially funnel builders etc, but this hasn't managed to do anything stupid or bug out on me. The builder is nice and easy to use, I can easily see the pages in my funnels, I can see booking, contacts and sales through clear and well positioned buttons and I can create a pretty sexy looking website with some decent content in about 1 or 2 hours using their templates. 

The website and funnel templates look professional, I can run both eCommerce and lead gen style funnels without much bother and I can integrate my own auto-responder, payment providers and analytics tools into it without much of an issue. 

What I Didn’t Like About Simvoly

Nothing, so far. I am struggling to find anything that annoys me. I could say that their claim to be the worlds most powerful funnel builder is a bit bold, but I would struggle to argue that point. 

The Simvoly Review Conclusion

If you are sick and tired of the normal funnel builders, or eCommerce platforms, you want something that does what it says on the tin, makes good looking websites and funnels, then Simvoly is going to tick a lot of boxes for you. 

Does it have flashy adverts, I don't know, I have an ad blocker.

Does it have legions of affiliates promoting it to claw at its lucrative commission structure without thinking if it will actually help you? No, it offers 35% and the prices start from FREE. I'm not going to retire from this affiliate program. 

At the end of the day, it's a solid page and funnel builder that allows you to create some pretty sweet looking websites, sales pages and eCommerce funnels, without breaking the bank. 

I would say, give their free account out, and see if you like it. I doubt you will be disappointed.