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Zero Effort Commissions Review Summary;

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You do get DFY content as part of the price, and the up-sells at least go along with the rest of the training and content. I would probably get the traffic bible/reseller rights to get things going

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Ease of USe

The steps provided and getting everything set up seems easy enough. You are given share codes, pages and the direct instructions on what needs to be changed. 

The Online Student - Content


There is content, yes. It just feels like it's missing the next step. Set up is cool, but what happens after the DFY emails finish, then what?

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I can't really comment on the support, I know James is pretty decent with it, but I don't know about Vick. I will update if I hear anything. 

Summary: Not a bad information product from one of the top vendors on W+. It does provide you with DFY content (templates & emails) but I wouldn't say it's ground breaking or anything amazingly new. 

  • This style of building lists is well known and does work
  • The DFY email sequences, product and landing pages is great for those just starting
  • It provides the start, but not really how to scale or move past the first few days
  • One of the upsells looks to wrong, or not needed, check below for more details
  • This isn't revolutionary or ground-breaking, and the sales page is quite hyped for what you get

 It's has been a while since I delved into the world of W+ products, usually because I find a lot of them overhyped and a bit cringe (but that's for another day), but one recently caught my eye. 

Zero Effort Commissions is a joint venture between a guy who I have written about a few times on here, James Fawcett, and a dude I don't think I have ever written about Vick Carty. Both of whom are top 10% vendors on Warrior+ and also top Affiliates on the platform. 

When I notice they had done a JV together, I thought I would grab some review access, and see what it was all about. So, today we are going to dive into the $357 a day passive automated system and see what this is all about. 

What Is Zero Effort Commissions

To put it simply, Zero Effort Commissions is an information product, designed to show you the steps that Vick Carty (and to some extension James Fawcett) do each day, to build their email lists and generate commissions. The product comes with a number of DFY assets, that I will dive into below that do help with this journey. 

There are also a number of up-sells and additional purchases that make this whole journey a little easier, or quicker. Again, more on that below. 

The sales page declares that you need to do the following

  • Sign up
  • Active the the DFY Sequence
  • Profit

Though, as you will probably have guessed already, there is a little more too this particular product, and training.

What Is Inside Zero Effort Commissions

So the core of the Zero Effort Commissions training is split across 6 more 'modules', and then 2 additional 'make some extra cash' videos. Inside of the training you are going to learn;

  • Overview of the process
  • How to get links
  • Business Setup
  • The 'Secret' Code
  • Traffic Sources 
  • How to make more money (Actually an upgrade sales video)

Some of you may have guessed that this method is quite similar to what James teaches inside of End Game or even BAM. We are going to be using landing pages, with solos (other traffic methods are spoken about) and then follow up with emails. 

The key difference here, is that Vick does indeed hand you some Done-For-You content, in the form of the follow up sequences and to be fair even the offer to promote (which just happens to be this product). 

The 1 click business set up focuses on showing you how to use Converti, essentially a landing page builder to help capture your leads. Vick then also hands you 15+ emails that are pre-loaded into an autoresponder. 

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The emails are spread across a number of days, so you will have 7+ days worth of emails that will be sent out to all the people signing up to your list. 

Though Vick does give you these emails, there is little in the way of 'what to do next'. Once those emails have gone out, you are left a little in the dark about where to get more emails from, places to get more offers or any idea on the next step. It would have been cool to just have a short video telling you how to search for more products, or even how to not just promote 1 single product.

For traffic, as with a lot of these products will be coming via Udimi, which is a perfectly fine traffic source, though again Vick seems to focus on just 1 or 2 points. I.e what Udimi is, and how to place an order. It doesn't talk a lot about refund rates, sales scores or even the Tier of the traffic being purchased. He does briefly say to see if people are making sales, which is true, but I feel there is more to talk about here. This is at the end of the day, the main traffic sources.

It can mean that someone ends up with a rubbish seller, and ultimately people will give up. 

Step 6 or module 6 talks about 'More Money' unfortunately, that isn't really a step. It's just telling you to purchase Zero Effort Commissions Pro, which gives you x2 commissions, so rather than giving you 25% commission they offer 50%. I have rarely seen sellers offer 25% on their front-end products. I have seen people being pumped to 75-80% commissions if they buy licence rights, so it's possible this is just a mistake. 

This method is a good way of generating higher returns on campaigns, and it does mean you could earn $9 per sale, rather than $4, or even $90 rather than $40 on upsells etc. It will usually costs $47 or $97 to do it, but it can pay off quickly if you use 1 product via your funnel. 

Steps 7 & 8 are a little confusing, as they seem to talk about a different product. Though it may just be a challenge. Step 7 talks about creating YouTube videos talking 'First Sale Online' and earning $100. You then provide a link to said product, that helps people generate their first $100. 

Step 8, then you provide a video testimonial about earning your first $100 promoting Zero Effort Commissions, and you are rewarded with $100 voucher. Not cash, but a voucher on future products. 

Who Teaches Zero Effort Commissions

The guy actually teaching this is Vick Carty, he has a number of different products on W+ and he is fairly well known in the WarriorPlus space. He has had some successful products and interesting training courses, though I haven't personally sat and gone through his past work. 

He has partnered with James Fawcett, W+ top Affiliate, who does use a method similar to this in his own business, though James doesn't appear in the modules. 

Who Is This For?

These types of products, and the training is mainly for people who don't have a ton of tech knowledge, and want to be given as much of it as possible to help them along the way. 

With this you are given a good 80-90% of the stuff, including the product to promote, the landing pages and follow up emails. With minimal effort you can swap out the links and grab a domain, and be ready to go in a few hours.

You will of course still need to find decent traffic sellers, and new products to promote, plus new emails that can be used once the others have gone. 

How Much Does Zero Effort Commissions Cost?

As with all W+ products, the price will vary, it will go-up, down left and right. So it's always best to check the sales page to find the current price. At the time of writing, Zero Effort Commissions costs the following;

  • Front End Offer - Launch Price $10.93
  • Pro Edition - $27
  • The Done-For-You Edition - $97
  • Clone Us - $37
  • Traffic Edition - $47
  • Reseller Edition - $47

I previously spoke about the pro edition, which seems to off provide double your commissions. Personally, I would ignore it, and grab the Re-Seller edition, especially if you can get it on offer, the down-sell looks to be $27. This will offer you 100% commissions. 

The Done-For-You edition gets Vick or his team to set everything up for you, so the landing pages, emails, affiliate links, the whole lot. All you need to do is send some traffic towards the landing pages and start generating commissions from those sales. 

Clone Us edition is a case study on how they scale this particular method, so if you want some additional steps, or you want to watch someone else do it, worth checking it out. 

Finally, the Traffic Edition is quite similar to James Fawcett's Little Black Book. It's filled with vendors and sites that offer decent, worthwhile traffic. For $47 this removes a ton of guess work, and means you can use reliable sellers.  

Zero Effort Commissions Bonuses

There are actually a number of bonuses associated with Zero Effort Commissions, including some bonuses found inside the training itself. 

One thing Vick does provide you with, is the Profit Booster Software. The landing page/capture tool actually allows you to give away free software, (the same software to be honest), but also earn commissions on the upsells it has. 

So Profit Booster lets you capture leads, in exchange for free software, but then it provides you with the leads that your leads capture. Essentially gifting you the leads from your downline. So a bit like a downline builder. So if you give the software to Anthony, and then Bianca signs up, you are also given Bianca's email. So you generate Tier 2 leads for free. 

It's nifty, though I am not sure if it's allowed in this day and age, so always worth checking local privacy laws. 

The other Zero Effort Commissions Bonuses you are given are 4 additional traffic strategies, which can be used to help bring more visitors to your landing pages or even affiliate links. These include Twitter, Quora, YouTube and Facebook. 

There are also a few additional secret bonuses, that are inside of the members area, but you would have to grab the product to get them. 

What I Liked About Zero Effort Commissions

The method does work, I can't deny it, I have been semi focusing on doing a case study on solo ads and how to build a business from them. There is no doubt that they can be effective, James is proof that consistency pays off with this style. 

You are given emails, landing pages and even a product or 2 to generate commissions from which is all you need to start with. So you have the groundworks to get started, and to at least start making commissions. 

What I Didn’t Like About Zero Effort Commissions

The actual information is a bit thin on the ground. It's the start of how to get going, the beginners basics. Nothing talks about new products, new emails, follow ups or how to clean or build that list. Unlike End Game or Breakout Reloaded whereby James goes into a lot more detail, for the same price. 

The only advantage here is you get a few more emails (James usually provides 3 or 4) and you do get access to a couple of products to promote. If you really wanted to focus on this traffic style, then I would probably pick up Breakout Reloaded (it's around the same price) and you do get more information in my opinion.

Zero Effort Commissions Review Conclusion - Should You Get It?

In short, it's not a bad little training course, though I wouldn't say it's that in-depth or ground-breaking. Yes, they do offer some decent follow ups, and you get all of the basics given to you, including a bunch of emails and templates, which is good.

If you do go for it, I would probably just use it for the DFY content, and then follow Breakout Reloaded on the next steps and how to keep pushing it forward.