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Super Affiliate Accelerator Review Summary;

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The price is not for everyone. But considering the amount of content and support you get, I would say it's worth the price.

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Ease of USe

I actually found the navigation and getting the resources etc really easy. 

The Online Student - Content


The course is packed full of content, with new modules and videos being added all the time)

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Thriving community, Q&A lives every week, support thread and other support channels. Really can't complain.

Summary: This method is not new, leveraging the power of social media, groups and building a tribe has been around for a while. But how to actually leverage that authority is something most people get wrong. SAA teaches you how to actually market and make sales (it can be used with more than just affiliate marketing) as well as content marketing, networking and a lot more. One of the most in depth courses I have reviewed at this price point (or ever)

  • Easy to follow training videos
  • lots of Downloadable content, scripts, Scenarios and other resources
  • supportive and growing community, able to answer Questions and help each other grow
  • a quick action week, designed to get you out the door and succeding, not just sat watching video, most courses just don't bother
  • you don't need to be an established affiliate to succeed. 
  • Not everyone is comfortable talking to others, this won't be the course for you if that's the case
  • The price point will put some people off

Super Affiliate Accelerator is currently priced $2000 (payment plans are available). 

Super September is here, and so is the $9k+ SAA Bonus Stack (click here for more details)

Many moons ago, I reviewed a small training course by a guy called Jacob Caris, someone who most people would not have heard of unless you where either a super fan of ClickFunnels, or the new and improved Legendary Marketer Platform. At the time of the review, I didn't know much about him, never seen much of his work and hardly knew what he had achieved. Fast forward nearly 12 months, writing this Super Affiliate Accelerator Review, it would seem as lot has changed.

Jacob has made a name for himself, by having a very focused, possibly bordering on insanely focused desire to succeed with whatever he puts his mind to. His first training course DreamCar Profits showed he had the knowledge, so can his second (third if you include his Platinum Secrets Course) carry on this trend, or has he possibly missed the mark on this one?

What Is The Super Affiliate Accelerator?

The Super Affiliate Accelerator (or SAA from now on), is Jacobs newest offering, an in-depth training and mastermind style course, aimed at teaching affiliates, new or seasoned to leverage the power of authority, social media and the premise of providing value to those on social media to build an army of hungry buyers, desperate to buy anything from you. 

Well, ok, not quite, it is designed to teach you how to build up authority, and show people you actually know what you are talking about when it comes to affiliate marketing, as sadly, a lot of people simply don't. 

Super Affiliate Accelerator Review

The training, Q&A's and course are a framework in which you can start to transition yourself from a follower, to a leader, helping you understand what people are after and diagnosing their problems. 

SAA is actually split into 2 distinct parts, the training videos & resources, and the online group & QA's that take place within that group.

What Is Inside Super Affiliate Accelerator

It's time to get the the nitty gritty of this mastermind/course, and actually look at the substance. 

As I have already said, SAA is split into 2 main parts, the core training and then the support group or mastermind part of this, so I will split this SAA Review up into those key areas. 

Super Affiliate Accelerator Core Training

The SAA core training is split into 12 separate modules, with an additional bonus training area, and then a separate section for the affiliate side of the course (more on that later). 

I won't split every single module out, as I will be here until the end of time, so I will look at grouping them. 

As I have said before, SAA is focused around utilising social media, Facebook groups, value posts and authority to help bring in large $1000+ commissions. You can get a good understanding of the foundations to the course with this eBook that gives you the 3 steps you need to start bringing in high ticket sales.

Module 1

This is your intro module, giving you a really good overview of the tactics, training and of course what the outcome of the whole mastermind is. 

Super Affiliate Accelerator Review

The ground rules are set out, what the strategy is and of course, an introduction to who will be teaching you. That's kinda important. 

Module 2

It's time to get rid of your ego, and understand that the right mindset is key here. 

Something I had to go through a few times, because I have a stupidly big ego at times and this is a good place to break that ego down. 

This section is also about helping you understand how this process works, stopping you from becoming obsessed with chasing 'the yes' and of course, giving you a seller mentality. 

A lot of affiliate marketing is all about selling, the clue is in the name, marketing. You are marketing and selling products, be that through articles, ad copy or email copy. You are creating content designed to sell, this is no different. Except it's a lot more personal, and can really hit you hard if you are not ready for it. 

Module 3

Understanding who you are actually trying to sell too, or more important, your target customer. Without this, there is no way you are going to succeed. 

Lots of courses or training programs skip through this, take ClickFunnels for example, you don't just have to promote it to other marketers, dentists, gym owners, brick layers and even car sale showrooms. It's great to understand who you are actually trying to pitch your products too, or what your niche and the people within that space will be. 

Super Affiliate Accelerator Review 4 Super Affiliate Accelerator Review

You don't just have to go for the big easy one such as Make Money Online, or Health etc. There are lots of niches out there, who have their own audience and people looking to build their businesses.

Take dentists, they are always on the look out for new leads, or new business. They are probably not tech savy, they can tell the difference between the molar and incisor, but probably don't fully understand what an upsell is, or an autoresponder is. 

Module 4

Time to hit the ground running!

Module 4 is all about your first week within this course, designed to get you set up and started, with daily plans, simple action points and easy to follow videos to help you kickstart this style of training. 

Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day, and this method of affiliate marketing can take a few months to start seeing results, especially if you are brand new to affiliate marketing, or if you have never used social media as a way of selling before. 

This Week 1 Fast Start Process is going to get you primed and ready, and give you the exact plan you need to do daily to ensure you are actually doing, rather than just 'soaking'. So many people will simply sit and watch videos, or follow training, but never actually take action. 

This module is going to make you take action. 

Module 5 - 8

I bundled these modules together, because it's all about roughly the same thing. Finding a product, and selling it. 

Module 5 starts with actually finding those products, Jacob provides a number of products that can be used such as Legendary Marketer, Easy1Up or even looking at more traditional products such as JetSet. Each of these products can potentially provide you with $500+ commissions, with some giving you $2,000+. 

You can get a few ideas on high ticket products here.

Super Affiliate Accelerator Review

Modules 6,7 & 8 then start to hit you with actually learning and understanding your sales machine, coming to terms with building that relationship, your groups and of course learning how networking and using the power of social media to bring in those leads and potential buyers. 

You get PDF's, resources and different scenarios that you can sit down and read through and understand. Everything from understand what the core of 'sales' is, to full on sales scripts.

This all builds up and helps you transition into the next few modules.

Module 9 - 11

It's time to build your tribe, your group and your following. This for me, was the key, and one of the reason I jumped on this mastermind when it came out. 

Building a tribe and group is an awesome way of stamping your authority and providing value, while at the same time leveraging that group to bring in commissions and results. For many, a group isn't something they want to grow, but it can really help skyrocket results if used correctly. 

Super Affiliate Accelerator Review 5 Super Affiliate Accelerator Review

These modules also come with downloadable content and ideas on how to grow and build them. 

They also cover how to build your friends list, how to find new friends (leads) and also touches on tools such as this to help purge the unresponsive friends (or the lukers). As keeping engagement and that Facebook algorithm primed is key!

Finally, Module 11 bring in Facebook Ads, bots and how to keep testing and experimenting. I loved this section, though due to limitations with FBAds accounts, I can't fully leverage this. Yet. 

You can still use the techniques within module 11, with a passive or less automated approach, but having that ads can really start an awesome little fire. 

Module 11 also has a separate section, which I like to call Module 11B, which is a number of videos around branding, marketing and sales. There is around another 45 - 60 mins of additional video and then another hour or two of documentation and scenarios that you can read through.

Module 12

We are coming to the end of the core modules of SAA, Module 12 comes with a number of different resources, that you can take and use your own way. 

From funnels to messenger bots, these extra resources can help automate some of the processes, or allow them to become 'passive'. There is also access to a special bonus that you can give away as an extra or value stack, it works well with programs such as legendary marketer. 

Bonus Training

This section doesn't really have a 'module' attached too it, but does provide you with a ton of additional value. 

Within this section is a growing number of interviews, training and formulas. The training and interview with one guy is pretty amazing to watch, as he talks about and explains how the used a similar strategy to hit $100k in 4 months. Yeah, that's a pretty impressive number. Now that's not typical, but it's an awesome goal to try and beat!

Super Affiliate Accelerator Support Group

The other half of SAA is the Facebook group (and the support area). 

This group is structured with a number of posts, such as 'wins', 'Q&A thread', 'Past lives' and a 'Daily Action' sections, giving people the ability to be held accountable. 

Some members will post their monthly results, or awesome big wins (I recently posted hitting 100 members, and being made a moderator in 2 large Affiliate Marketing groups). It doesn't always have to be monetary. Others like to post their daily activities, such as outreach, conversations and group growth. Personally for me, I don't as I don't really keep a daily record of what I do, but others find it useful.

The support or Q&A thread is massively helpful, as you can leverage the growing knowledge of 100+ members, some of whom are super affiliates (think Spencer or Greg Jefferies), or have experience within certain areas, such as SEO or copy-writing. It's great to be able to ask an odd question and get back a large number of replies, most training courses lack any support (even when it's sold with having a thriving community). 

Super Affiliate Accelerator Review 6 Super Affiliate Accelerator Review

Once a week you also get access to SAA Lives, whereby one of the guys, or all three, or a mixture of them will take an hour or so to answer questions that people have had issues with throughout the week, as well as provide value by giving new information, or helping people focus on the task at hand. The lives are useful and it's nice to actually have have someone answer a question that might have bugged you for a few days and really annoyed you. 

Lastly, ad-hoc lives and interviews also appear throughout the month, including interviews with big names in the affiliate industry, to people who may have just started but have just hit the ground running with their work. It's great to throw these lives o in the back ground and gain a bit of knowledge on someones style, or tip-bit that they might have implemented that increased conversions or sales.

You should never underestimate the power of a good and active support group. 

Who Are The SAA Mentors or Teachers?

This mastermind is actually run, or at least supported by 3 individuals, each bringing in their own expertise and skills to the group. 

Jacob Caris

As I have already said, Jacob is the main guy in this mastermind, creating a lot of the videos, and the training within the SAA training modules. Jacob has been in the affiliate marketing gig for the last 3 years. He is the face of the course, and the front man of the 3 amigos. 

His successes and resume is fairly impressive, hitting $100k commissions with Legendary Marketer, being one of the youngest ClickFunnel dream car winners, having 200 active members of ClickFunnels, every, single, month. 

Out of the thousands of ClickFunnels affiliates, the Dream Car Winners Club is pretty small. 

Jamie Gardiner

The ad guy, Jamie brings the expertise and knowledge with anything to do with Facebook Ads, or Paid Traffic. Some of the advance modules within Super Affiliate Accelerator use Jamies knowledge to help you see quicker, or bigger results. 

Jamie is on a lot of the Facebook Lives, offering advice on how people can tweak ads, or scale up paid traffic. 

Chris Donnelly

The final piece of the puzzle is Chris, a Scottish bloke (which means people from the south like me can't understand him) who specialises in copywriting and crafting stories that convert people from simple leads to hungry buyers.

As with Jamie, you will find Chris's knowledge embedded within the training, the ability to craft stories is essential for building up your leads and followers. 

Who Is Super Affiliate Accelerator For?

I think one of the biggest misconceptions with programs or training like this, is that you need to be a established affiliate already. 

It's really not the case, you can get started as a complete newbie and start seeing results, and can sometimes even be more beneficial as you are not tied down with past conversations or expectations. It also means you don't bring in the ego that you may have if you had been successful for a few years.

If you are looking to leverage social media, authority and building up a tribe of leads and potential buyers, with the aim at selling or providing value to them, then SAA might be the right fit for you.  I would recommend giving the case study video a watch as it really provides and insight into what SAA is all about. 

Is SAA Right For You?

As I mentioned, SAA is not the right training course for everyone, and it's worth keeping that in mind. 

The other point to think about is, are you currently succeeding with your current approach, or have you hit the goal you set yourself with what you are doing. If you are not achieving success, then are you going to put in your absolute all to changing that and learning something that anyone who is willing to take the steps can succeed with. 

Because that is the key. 

This will not work if you buy it, watch a few videos, maybe do a little outreach and not give this your all. This requires work and drive to start seeing results. 

You can even use the results of the community, or certain products to help build up your own reputation and credibility, and Jacob and the guys talk you through this approach, so those who have little or no experience can also pick this up and start seeing their own results. 

Super Affiliate Accelerator Pricing - How Much Does It Cost?

 It's worth noting SAA is a high ticket product, currently the price for Super Affiliate Accelerator is $1497 $2000, but it's worth understanding everything you get access to. 

  • You get lifetime access to the SAA Core Training Modules (this training is growing and being worked on each month to ensure it's up to date)
  • Any future updates, you also get access too. As I mentioned, this training is already being updated and improved
  • Access to the mastermind and support group, this group has some of the best in Affiliate Marketing inside, who have done 6 or 7 figure earnings.
  • Access to the coaching calls and their replays, including the live interviews and support calls.
  • The ability to promote SAA, as an SAA affiliate. Giving you up to 50% commissions (you cannot promote this course unless you own it)

SAA also comes with private coaching from me, one of the original members and BETA tests of SAA, who has leveraged the training to really skyrocket my income and earnings, changing my mentality and approach to social media and my online presence. 

This program is unique in some sense, there is a no refund policy, the guys only want people who are dedicated and want to succeed with this program, it's one of the reasons there is a screening process. Jacob or one of his team like to speak to each potential member of SAA on the phone, which can be a huge issue for some people.

But if you are not willing to speak to someone, then this course is probably not for you. 

Super Affiliate Accelerator Bonus - Super September

For the month of September, I have decided to do something I rarely do, put a bonus stack together. One that will actually compliment the training and get you on your way. 

The $9,000+ worth of value bonus stack includes access to 1-1 support, a high ticket program that you can use the SAA training to promote and Russel Brunsons Secrets Trilogy Boxset, as well as other products and assets to help you get started on the right foot.

The full Super Affiliate Accelerator Bonus stack can be found here.  


At the time of writing, I have been within SAA for 8 months, I have gone from hiding behind Amazon blogs and SEO to actually stepping forward and taking charge of what I do. Including charging for my time and expertise and even (slowly) building my own group of dedicated followers. 

I have managed to use the information and training inside of SAA to leverage some really high ticket products and platforms, as well as taking a new approach to promoting Legendary Marketer and of course Easy1Up

I get messages daily, asking for links to different programs and platforms, allowing me to actually make commissions, without needing to constantly be online or throwing out post after post. People seek me out to ask for my links because of the value I now provide to them. 

I would recommend giving the case study a watch, it really does explain a lot of the principles, and even gives you the chance to book a call with one of the team to have a chat through some of the concepts. 

If you want to chat about the course, or have questions then feel free to hit me up on messenger, and let me know you have come from here!

Super Affiliate Accelerator

$2000 (or 3x$800)





Ease Of Use




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