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The course is now open again.

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Ease of USe

Easy to follow and easy to navigate around the training, it runs on Kajabi, so nothing crazy.

The Online Student - Content


The content is solid, it is too the point, but it can feel a little short(there isn't much hand holding). So I may be over looking the high quality of it.  

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Greg has always been very supportive and friendly. Happy to help and offer support. 

Summary: CF Affiliate Domination is a ClickFunnels focused training, aimed at giving ideas and ways to promote ClickFunnels, that sit outside the box, provided and created by a current ClickFunnels dream car winner (Greg Jefferies)

  • The videos are focused, Greg doesn't hit around the bush
  • Greg is Knowledgeable about the different styles, especially focusing on the content research and creation 
  • greg does provide Downable content, for example emails or campaign ideas 
  • it Can Feel Short, especially when you take into account the price

For many, winning the ClickFunnels dream car competition is a dream of theirs, someone else paying the monthly cost of your car. It's such a big dream, that other companies looked at doing something similar, BuilderAll offer a program much like the ClickFunnels Dream Car, though they call it a lifestyle bonus, which is pretty catchy.

Both of the contests are very similar, get 100 active members under you, as an affiliate, and either platform will pay you an extra $500 per month, on top of the commissions you get from 100 people. Of course if you get 200 active people, then ClickFunnels will boost you to an extra $1000 per month, and also feature or promote you. 

But, if we are being realistic only around 100 people have successfully managed to accomplish the goal of having 200+ active people. Most of whom have got into the ClickFunnels Dream Car winners list by leveraging businesses they already owned, industries they where part of or having a large following. 

A few though, did it completely from scratch, and in a completely new way. One of those guys is someone called Gregg Jeffries, who managed to dominate the leader board by leveraging the power of SEO, something I don't think anyone else managed to do, but plenty have done since. 

Greggs full course, SEO Affiliate Domination was created to explain how he manages to quite frankly dominate some big company leader boards, using nothing but SEO. But, he created the CF Affiliate Domination training, to help people focus on how to reach that dream car. Much like Jacobs Dream Car Profits course, it was designed to specifically target and help achieve that dream car status.  

What Is CF Affiliate Domination

The CF Affiliate Domination training course, is a 6, or 7 module training program, that takes ideas and Greggs own way of succeeding with the Dream Car program, and focuses solely towards helping people get the dream car. 

Rather than providing advice on how to dominate programs, or how to do SEO, this training is focused on the mechanics of ClickFunnels, how ClickFunnels can be promoted and the different ways in which Gregg has promoted it himself. 

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As I said before, there are 6 modules, with a mixture of video, text and downloadable lessons, usually a main video that explains the technique, then a number of text or downloadable PDF based lessons after. 

This is not a super intense mastermind style, it's more a high level overview, with strategies, tools and resources to help ache

What Is Inside CF Affiliate Domination

Unlike SEOAffiliateDomination, this mini training isn't solely focused on SEO, there are different traffic methods involved.


The first of the modules focuses on websites, and of course SEO, which comes at no surprise considering Greggs background. 

The video inside of the first lesson is only around 12 minutes long, but Gregg actually packs a lot of detail into those 12 minutes, there is no waffling, no side tracking, it's just in-depth and useful information about how Gregg sets up and builds websites devoted to selling and promoting ClickFunnels. 

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The video explains how to come up with content, how to generate keyword ideas and even how to structure the site, as it says, website overview. 

He also adds additional text below, essentially explaining that you need to get yourself a domain, and of course a host. If you are interested in starting your own website, you can sign up to the 5 Day Blog Builder.

Some of the modules, are simply just text, for example the one explaining about themes, simply states you can use whatever theme you like, including one or two ideas.

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As you can see from the image, there is no video for how to install them, or a guide on creating the website, it is very much about the structure and content ideas. The same can be said for the plugins section, and even the additional tools and tips. 

Some people might be put off by this, considering the price tag, but the initial video is good and actually provides a simple, but effective way of building a site focused on promoting ClickFunnels.

Video Marketing

The next module that Gregg goes into is of course video marketing, of YouTube, a way that many have seen success with both promoting ClickFunnels and a variety of other programs. 

YouTube can seem like one of those strange places that can be difficult to understand or crack the algorithm , but really it's quite similar to blogging, utilising your content, keywords and tags to start ranking. 

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Now, again the intro video is quite short, maxing out a little under 5minutes in length, from how to set up your account, to then how to find and think of content ideas. It's no surprise that Gregg uses his knowledge of keyword research from blogging to then find topics and keywords and titles for YouTube videos. Again, the methods are quite similar to blogging, the only major difference is that you are making a video, not writing an article.

Later lessons provide you with the pretty simple format that so many YouTubers use, which boils down to

  • Intro
  • Main Content
  • Conclusion / Call To action

This style is very similar to pretty much any article, review, YouTube video or any other type of content. 

Gregg also drops some ideas on using products like Vidnami or EasyVSL, for those who want to utilise their blog content and create videos without using their own face, or even their own voice. 

Of course if you like have your face on camera and creating content, then you can take a look at some of the ideas that Gregg provides. 

Email Marketing

A method that I believe can be used in conjunction with other styles, email marketing can also be used as a stand alone method, utilising paid traffic methods to build up that email list. 

I suck at email marketing, I usually forget to email the list of contacts I do have and have built over the years, so people are usually surprised when they see an email from me. 

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Gregg has done well with the email marketing module inside CF Affiliate Domination, he has provided different ideas on auto-responders, and drops into the data and metrics behind email marketing. 

He also dives into one of his own accounts to help understand his difference sequences, and how he segments up his leads. I personally find it really useful when marketers do it, especially with things like ads or emails, as it gives a really good idea on how they operate and work. 

You will also find examples of his email sequences, as well as downloadable zip files containing actual intro sequences, which again I find really useful. 

 Lastly, Gregg does also drop a video explaining the interesting world of Solo ads, and how they can potentially be used for promoting ClickFunnel products, something that may be more useful these days, simply because ClickFunnels removed most new affiliates ability to promote the platform, and instead have to promote the products they have, for example the Affiliate Bootcamp, OneFunnel Away Challenge or the secret trilogy books. 

Solo ads can be hit and miss, and they will always need follow up emails, and Gregg does explain this and also thankfully explains that it can be costly to find a supplier that works or that can provide decent leads. 

Share Funnels

Something that I think many people forget is that ClickFunnels, and most of it's competitors such as DropFunnels offer share funnels. These are ready built funnels that are embedded with your affiliate ID. 

That means you can show a company, such as a gym or a dentist a really cool looking funnel, that you or maybe someone else created, share it with them, and if they decide to use it, you get the monthly commission on. 

It can be a great way to earn a passive income, after the initial sale, especially if you lower the initial consultancy fee or purchase price of the funnel. You can of course get all kinds of funnels these days, in pretty much any sector, and if you are struggling on how to build them, then you can always take ClickFunnels own funnel builder course (The One Funnel Away Challenge) which shows people how to build and create their own funnels. 

Funnel Marketplace - Additional Information

Always worth keeping in mind that ClickFunnels does have a marketplace with hundreds of different designs, these can be used to help build out your own funnels or even be purchased on behalf of clients.

 You can of course utilise this marketplace, to sell your own funnels, if you so wish, or simply use it as a place for ideas. 

Who Teaches CF Affiliate Domination

The whole course is taught by Gregg Jefferies, a ClickFunnels super affiliate, who has successfully built and grown in monthly active users well past that prestigious 100. 

He managed to do so, entirely via SEO, with no paid ads or paid traffic. That's a pretty impressive feat, especially as most people use a mixture of SEO and paid traffic to chop and change. 

Who Is CF Affiliate Domination For?

If you are someone looking to succeed with ClickFunnels, or you want to start dominating the leader board then this course might be the place for you to start. 

The training inside can also be used with other products or platforms, it's not just for ClickFunnels, for example the information that Greg talks about inside of the website module such as content ideas or keyword tactics could be put towards programs such as Legendary Marketer, or even other funnel platforms like GrooveFunnels or DropFunnels

How Much Does CF Affiliate Domination Cost?

At the moment, CF Affiliate Domination is currently priced at $500. This is higher than past sales, which was between $97-$197, which is a little more expensive than Jacob's Dream Car Profits, but a lot cheaper than the high ticket SEO Affiliate Domination

What I Liked About CF Affiliate Domination

As with Greggs other training, his style is very much focused on just giving the raw facts and ideas. He isn't someone who gets caught up in the weeds of 'how to create a blog', well, at least for this particular training, it's much more about how to use that blog to earn money, or how to utilise a certain style to generate traffic. 

It's content that someone can use, take action with and take action with it, without having to wait 2 hours for him to tell you to download a particular theme. 

The information is to the point and useful, and I can see someone taking his ideas and putting them towards winning the ClickFunnels dream car, or even BuilderAll's Lifestyle competition. 

The videos are clear, and the downable content, share funnels and resources go well with helping someone sell ClickFunnels as a platform, and it's products. 

What I Didn’t Like About CF Affiliate Domination

It can feel a bit sparse, considering it's current price point, you get around 60 minutes of 'content', which I realise shouldn't be the only way of viewing value, but people will, and they do. A lot of people when looking at 'courses' or training will decide that if something is short or too the point, then it must be $50. 

As Greg even states himself at the start of the training, he isn't going to hand hold and it's designed for those who just want the raw ideas or content, for some, they would want some hand holding. I personally don't see it as a problem as long as it's sold as such. 

I'd argue that if Gregg can teach you a way of getting 10 or 20 ClickFunnel signups then you have made your money back or double your money back the first month it happens. 

Some of the ideas such as running solos are not ground breaking, and I don't feel there was anything aside from some good follow ups that might change that particular style. 

CF Affiliate Domination Alternatives

I know that for some, CF Affiliate Domination, might just be out of reach, or they want something that comes with more modules or even some different angles. So, I thought I would look for other training that exists to either promote ClickFunnels, or can be used to help promote it. 

Affiliate Secrets 2.0

ClickFunnels Number 1 super affiliate Spencer Machan's own training course, built around and focused on how to succeed with not just ClickFunnels, but other affiliate programs. Spencer recently started smashing it with other programs such as Legendary Marketer and Authority Hacker. 

Spencer's style of training is pretty laid back, full of value and really good.

It is more pricey, sitting just shy of $900, but Affiliate Secrets 2.0 is action packed for the price. Spencer does also have a free course that is well worth checking out.

Dream Car Profits

As mentioned before, Dream Car Profits is a training course that was created by one of ClickFunnels youngest Dream Car Winners (Jacob), utilising the power of blogging and a few other methods.  (he even took Gregs SEO Affiliate Domination course). You can read a full review here. 

The course focuses on Jacobs way of achieving the dream car award, as most of these types of training is. The course is a reasonably priced $97

SEO Affiliate Domination

Greg's big daddy course, this is the fully packed, 8+ module course that gives you the step by step actions that he does to succeed with his style of SEO day in and day out.

This course comes with action points, step by step videos and a huge library of resources and case studies. The SEO Affiliate Domination course can be put towards basically any program, platform or network you fancy, and well worth looking into. 

The price for SEO affiliate domination is the most expensive out of the 3, sitting at $2,000, but it does come with an investment back guarantee, so that's pretty amazing. You can also check out Greg's free training if you want to get a look and feel of his style.  

CF Affiliate Domination Conclusion - My Final Thoughts

I did enjoy this course, I find Greg's different styles of marketing interesting and really focused. He offers some great ideas, especially with the part you would expect, i.e content ideas and keyword research. 

If you are someone who is wanting to win that Dream Car competition, and you want ClickFunnels to pay for your car lease or car payments each month, then I would say this could be well worth looking out for and investing in it.

CF Affiliate Domination








Ease Of Use



  • Useful, To The Point Content
  • Gregg Jefferies obviously knows what he is talking about
  • Some great takeaways and tips on how to win that CF dream car
  • Downable content,share funnels and email follows up


  • Some people will find the content quite short