ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review Summary;

A well put together 4 day training series with some of ClickFunnels best affiliates. A much needed revamping and refresh, the guys at ClickFunnels did well with their 100 Day Super Affiliate series. 

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The whole 4 day training is free, you really can't get better than that. 

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Ease of USe

Videos are easy to navigate, and again easy to watch, only downside is the banners and constant upsell being shown. 

The Online Student - Content


Wit h15 different videos (mixture of training and interviews) there is something for everyone. 

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Never had an issue with their support, though as always you will find some complaints dotted around the internet. 

  • a decent selection of different backgrounds and ideas for the 100 days series
  • great takeaways and nuggets of information can be found within the 15 different videos
  • technically, it is a free series
  • you can usually take information from a few of the different training sessions and piece your own idea, which is pretty cool
  • the fake scarcity timer is annoying as hell
  • you have to put up with the one funnel away challenge buy button everywhere
  • to get the full package you would want to pay the $100 for the OFA as the 100 day plans are really cool
  • there are no Downable sheets or takeaways sections (mainly because that is used as a bonus for the OFA).

ClickFunnels is known around the world as possibly one of the top rated funnel building platforms out there, but arguably, Russel Brunson is known as one of the leading marketing 'gurus' (I hate that word), who took ClickFunnels to a $500m+ business, on his own. 

Utilising the army of affiliates and marketers to grow his business, as well as theirs. A pretty simple concept, use ClickFunnels to build your business, explain how others can use ClickFunnels to reach whatever goal it is they are trying to reach, be it eCommerce, Marketing, Lead Generation or Affiliate Marketing. 

He has written a number of books on marketing and funnels (The Secrets Trilogy), but they have also released a variety of different training programs such as the original Affiliate Bootcamp, the One Funnel Away Challenge and Perfect Webinar Series. 

And this is where the new vamped version of the Affiliate Bootcamp comes into play, if you have read the ClickFunnels review, or the 'How To Win The ClickFunnels Dreamcar' articles, then you will have probably seen my talking about how the old Affiliate Bootcamp was in need of an update, it was old, tired and lacking any purpose. 

Thankfully, with the release of the One Funnel Away Challenge, this neglected slice of the internet got an update, and as such, we are going to finally do this much anticipated ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Summit Review to see how good it really is, or isn't. 

What Is The Affiliate BootCamp?

Originally, the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp was called the '100 Days To Becoming A Super Affiliate' and it was a mixture of training and advice split across around 30 days explaining different strategies could be used to become a super affiliate with ClickFunnels. 

Fast forward to 2021, the affiliate bootcamp is now a 4 day event, that provides you with a variety of training sessions and content from some of ClickFunnels biggest super affiliates or marketers. 

These are people who have either used ClickFunnels to build their own business, or have become super affiliates promoting ClickFunnels. 

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Summit Review - Overview

The training is split across 4 days, or 5 if you include the initial day of talking about the One Funnel Away Challenge that this training will ultimately walk you towards, because, let's be honest, this is ClickFunnels, everything is a funnel! 

Each day has a number of different speakers and training sessions, from people such Dave Gambrill, who used used ClickFunnels to grow his own communications business, providing the secrets to ensuring buyers stay with you month after month. Or Greg Jefferies, the mastermind behind SEO Affiliate Domination, and how he finds keywords and phrases that people simply never try and rank for, but can be tiny gold mines. 

There is such a variety of strategies and training styles spoken about within these days, which we will dive into below. 

What Is Inside Of The Affiliate Bootcamp Training?

As mentioned, the bootcamp is split into 4 core days, each with 4 different speakers, or 3 on the first day if you ignore Russels own training session which is really a video on explaining the next 4 days and how you can get blueprints and bonuses if you sign up to the One Funnel Away Challenge with the affiliate boot camp funnel (actually worth it to be honest). 

The days are then split into sections for each speaker, with a training video, some key points, and of course an invite to join the challenge (yes, you will see that a lot).

I will try and break the days down and explain a little more about the topic they cover, though considering it's free to join, I would encourage anyone to sign up and watch some of these videos, because even if you are not bothered about YouTube, or SEO or maybe list building, there will be a nugget of information for just about anyone here. 

Day 1 - Russel, Steve, Dave & Rachel

Kicking off this series is Russel himself, who talks about his own 5 step plan that he would implement to get started with affiliate marketing. 

The video of course talks about ClickFunnels, as well as the One Funnel Away Challenge, so it feels more of a sales pitch than anything else, which is possibly why his face isn't in the overview found at the top.

Steve Larson is the next guy to step up, who dives into an hour long training session on understanding your Unique Selling Points, Offers and how to utilise other people to help with your goal. 

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As mentioned before, Dave Gambrill is next on the list, offering advice and information on building momentum with your growth, explaining how he started at slowly, and built his business month after month, taking each step as it comes. 

Finally for Day 1 at least, is Rachel Pendersen, who refreshingly moves away from the pretty boring 'money printing machine' style marketing a lot of affiliate marketers like to talk about. 

Marketed as the Queen of Social Media, her approach focuses on building up an audience of buyers and followers who actually care about the product you are offering. 

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review 6 clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp review

This session is more of an interview style training session, as apposed to the more hands on/whiteboard videos that the others had on this day. Still, some interesting takes on methods that have worked for her.

Day 2 - Jim, Greg, Jacob & Dana

When I first saw the list of people that they had revamped this affiliate boot camp training with, I was mostly interested in Day 2, mainly because this day fits in a lot with the content and style of marketing that I enjoy. 

Mainly authority building, copywriting and SEO, all of which is covered in this day. 

Kicking off the day is Jim Edwards, the guy behind Copywriting Secrets, and the Funnel Scripts tool that ClickFunnels has. His training session is really well laid out, breaking down is full 100 day plan. He provides actionable steps, ideas and takeways for each part that allow you to start putting these into action. 

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I enjoyed Jim's session, as lot of his points could actually be done for free, you don't need to use every single aspect of his 100 day plan to succeed, you can pick and choose aspects that fit into your style. 

The king of SEO (or cheeky SEO tactics) is next on the list for the affiliate bootcamp training Day 2. Greg Jefferies, the Dream Car 100 winner who as far as I know is still the only guy to get that by just using SEO tactics

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review 8 clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp review

His training session is very him and he breaks down his style and the of course one of the ways he used to build his own 100 users per month. I have used tactics for building up my own 100 subscribers with ClickFunnels and other platforms as well, as the tactics for increasing your authority and overall reach with SEO is super simple to implement and follow. His session is around an hour or so, and if you are interested in SEO or blogging or even YouTube, worth a watch.

A student of Gregs and Spencers is next, a lot of people will recognise him for his own achievements, including earning $1m through ClickFunnels with his own course, the Super Affiliate Accelerator. Jacob actually focuses on Facebook, blogging, but also talks about timing and scheduling. 

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review 9 clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp review

Something many people for some reason forget to do. Jacob was one of the youngest winners of the Dream Car program, and did it while still working some mental job as a consultant. His consultant background shines through with his 15 week plan, especially around coaching, private calls, leveraging content and some of the other ideas he has. 

Finally for Day 2, the guy who came up with the the Dream 100, Dana Derricks. His training session focuses on utilising other people to help build your business, which these days does include a little disclaimer from ClickFunnels to explain that ClickFunnels is a funnel platform, not a business opportunity, especially as Dana did use ClickFunnels to sell ClickFunnels (I believe, at least that's what I got from the session). 

It's worth noting that he did also use ClickFunnels to build his own copywriting business and tripled it it to 300k a year in business, so the man definitely knows what he is talking about when it comes to offers and selling products. 

Day 3 - Joe, Spencer, Marley & JR

Over half way through this 4 day training session, and Day 3 is focused around YouTube and FB and using a method I have used myself to grow my blog and affiliate commissions over the years.

We start off the day with a damn long session from Joe Marfoglio, a large affiliate YouTuber and someone who seems to do very well from understanding how SEO works on the YouTube platform, to his advantage.

As he points out, YouTube is massive, with One Billion unique users per month. That is huge, as well as being a massive forum for Videos, it's also the 2nd largest search engine in the world. 

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review 10 clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp review

His 100 day plan will essentially explain how to build your own YouTube channel, utilising the algothym and how to increase the chances your videos are seen by people actively searching for your keyword topics. 

Another big YouTuber, and possibly one of the biggest ClickFunnels affiliates, Mr ClickFunnels himself Spencer Mecham, the guy behind Affiliate Secrets, and the Buildaprenuer Brand. Spencer covers his own style of attracting leads and using others to help build his empire. 

He is big on using contractors and VAs to help with automating parts of his business he doesn't have time to do, from editing videos to social media outreach to articles and a variety of other tasks. 

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review 11 clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp review

 As well as using tools and platforms to help you ensure that you are constantly on top of having your face everywhere. If you are someone who does want to automate or outsource parts of your business, this video is a must watch and is definitely recommended. 

Following on from this was Marley Baird, who offers advice on YouTube and ensuring your videos have the greatest chance of appearing first in those search results, as well as how to lead people towards your offers. 

Her training and video was really interesting, as it reserve engineers the process, so you ensure your content is going to appear in front of the right people, at the time time. 

And last, but not least, JR Rivas, a guy who used his FB profile and social media to grow his own following and build upon his teaching methods to introduce people into ClickFunnels and other products.

Again a method that I have used in the past to build my own following and promote and sell my own training is of course the Facebook method. His breakdown of what to post, how to post and where to post is brilliant, and I really enjoyed it. 

Social Media Marketing may not be for everyone, and some will be super scared by it, but JR does offer some advice on how to sound confident, even if you may not be. 

Day 4 - Josh, Tyler, Billy, & Peng

The final day within this 4 Day Affiliate Bootcamp Training and it's a big focus on the 100 sign ups in 100 days. 

Josh Rhodes is the first one up, focusing on his approach to getting 100 affiliates in 100 days, which does sound like a pretty big task, but to be fair to Josh, he has broken this down fairly well, though this is one of the shorter videos in this series. 

Some of his ideas are useful for those just starting, especially if you have no real audience to leverage at the moment, or you are startig from scratch. 

The second entrepreneur for the day is Tyler Clark, a guy who some may know as one of the Co-Founder of Adcountants. A really decent in-depth training session, that actually walks through how he picked up his first 100 affiliates, again in 100 days. 

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review 12 clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp review

Some of the ideas given in this can be used with many of the other ideas found across this 4 day affiliate training bootcamp. 

Next up, someone who appears a lot across social media, you will know him from his videos and ad copy, especially if you spend time on Facebook within the marketing realm. It is of course, Billy Gene, who runs Billy Gene Marketing. 

A lot of his video talks about utilising ClickFunnels into your offers and making ClickFunnels part of that marketing effort. His training is more of a interview, but he does offer some really sane and down to earn advice. 

And the final interview and training session for both Day 4 and this ClickFunnels affiliate training bootcamp is from Peng Joon, a guy who managed to bring in 1,000 affiliate leads, without crazy funnels or affiliate funnels to use. 

As with a lot of the other entrepreneurs on this list, he really thinks of the end goal, then finds the people who fit into that bracket. A lot of this training focuses on building up that list of people who are going to be using ClickFunnels for a long time, and are going to enjoy using ClickFunnels for it's main use (psst, building funnels). 

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review 13 clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp review

Again his video is more an interview style session, as apposed to a presentation or step by step training that someone like Spencer offers, but again still worth sitting down with this stuff and listening to what the guy has to say. 

Who Teaches The ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Training?

A wide variety of people, from ClickFunnels super affiliates and Dream Car winners, to multi million dollar business owners who have blown up their own companies utilising the strategies they speak about, all while using ClickFunnels as their way to generate leads and sales. 

That means there are 15 different entrepreneurs, across a wide variety of niches and walks of life all giving their own unique perspective on how to build that Dream 100 list. 

Who Is The Bootcamp For?

The training itself is actually a pre-requisite for anyone who wants to promote ClickFunnels as an affiliate, so worth keeping that in mind. But beyond that, I would say the affiliate bootcamp is useful for any affiliate, or anyone looking at getting into marketing or sales. 

As the information is quite varied and wide in it's reach, I believe anyone can get little nuggets of gold from these interviews and training sessions, without having a clear goal or business idea in their mind to begin with. 

Is The Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Free?

So, yes, the actual affiliate bootcamp itself is free to join, there is zero cost to sit and watch the 4 days of interviews and videos. 

But, as with anything that is ClickFunnels related, you will see the same upsell everywhere, which is of course the One Funnel Away Challenge, that additional training and guide costs $100. 

Of course you could take the One Funnel Away Challenge on it's own, without ever looking at this Bootcamp, but the bootcamp adds an additional, but more importantly, useful bonuses if you do it through this funnel. 

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review 14 clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp review

They actually give you the affiliate bootcamp plans, written by the same people who did the interviews and training, detailing their 100 day plans. 

This can be used alongside the One Funnel Away Challenge to build your own affiliate offer (if that's the approach you are focusing on) and getting that dream car, or it can be used as additional material to build up other aspects of your business instead.

What Did I Enjoy About The Affiliate Bootcamp?

Considering the training is free, I actually enjoyed all of it. I usually find that free content can sometimes be a little lacking, or be quite shallow in it's offering. But this bootcamp does offer what it set out to do. 

Each video is enjoyable to watch, with a mixture of backgrounds and styles to keep things interesting. 

From watching the 30 day interviews and even some of these 100 day plan videos in other formats, it was nice to see them find their natural home inside of this revamped Affiliate Bootcamp

They do provide actionable steps, and you will see a lot of cross over and overlap from these guys, especially around mastering your one traffic source, or understanding that single audience demographic that you want to improve their lives of. 

The days are drip-fed to you via email, but you can always just change the URL to the next day and the day is unlocked (even though they do claim it locks).

What Didn’t I Enjoy About The Bootcamp?

My only one bugbear with this affiliate bootcamp, is the sheer number of times you see the 'Join The Challenge' button, it is everywhere. 

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review 15 clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp review

Being a semi successful marketer myself, I understand that having the CTA for the full product or the upsell is good and telling people about the One Funnel Away Challenge is helpful and the main goal for this funnel, but it gets annoying. 

The videos are brilliant and well worth watching, but the constant 'you will lose access' or 'join the one funnel away challenge' here buttons really start to get in the way after about 5 minutes. The banner is even worse and really is complete crap, because you don't lose access. You can just update the URL to show you whatever day you want. 

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review Conclusion

Seriously, it's a 100% free training session put on by one of the biggest affiliate companies and even online funnel platforms, you can't really go wrong with this. 

If you are an affiliate marketer, who is just starting out, has looked at promoting ClickFunnels in the past, or simply wants to learn ways to promote different products online, then you really cannot go wrong with the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

The $100 upsell to the One Funnel Away Challenge which includes the additional plans I would say is worth it, and the printed 100 day plans are really useful and nice, plus the added extra of planning out your affiliate funnel or your method of promoting whatever it may be has got some added benefits. 

Affiliate Bootcamp




Ease Of Use







  • It's Free To Join
  • A Lot Of Valuable Information From Some True Super Affiliates
  • Really Useful If You Are Keen On Promoting ClickFunnels
  • 15 Different Styles Of Marketing, Or Versions Of Similar Styles


  • It Can Feel Like You Are Constantly Being Sold Too
  • No Downable Content (You Have To Join The OFA For That)
  • A Lot OF Fake Scarcity & Pushes To Buy The OFA