Beginners Guide To Email Marketing

Introduction: Why is email marketing good for affiliate marketers?

What if there was a way you could connect with your audience, personalize the connection, and increase your sales, all at a price that is affordable and it can also be FREE (In some situations) for beginners?

What if this method was up to date, modern, attention-grabbing and easy to learn?

The answer is email marketing, and it is for these reasons this method is critical for affiliate marketers to learn, master, and use as a secret weapon for getting those conversions. Email marketing is a GREAT way to connect with your followers, and in this article, we will show you why.

Just what is email marketing?

This is one of the most highly effective strategies of digital marketing in which you send emails out to various prospects and clients. Great marketing efforts will convert prospective clientele into customers, and make your one-off buyers into longstanding, loyal customers that tell others about their great experience.

This short article is designed to be a primer for you on getting started with email marketing. If you’re not sure why this method matters, or you just need some convincing about why this is a great way to build your business, you are in the right place.

We will cover all the absolute basics of email marketing, such as how to select a good platform, why follow-ups matter, and how money is made with this marketing strategy. Let’s get into it.

How can I find a good email marketing platform?

There are going to be a few big things to consider when you look around for the right email marketing platform. Let’s talk about them now:

Response Handling: Whatever the size of your enterprise- small, large, or GIGANTIC- you need to perfect the art of email response handling. Let’s say you are a smaller guy, sending about 500 list members your monthly newsletter or emails. You won’t need as much technology in terms of response handling and automation, and you can do some of the work on your own.

But if you are handling LOTS of emails, it’s going to be vital to pick a provider that lets you do auto-responses or sort the responses into tickets you can handle by category.

Viewing Options: Nearly half of the folks with email will check those babies on their smartphone! What does this mean? It means you have to be mobile-optimized in order for them to be effective. You must choose a provider that lets you optimize your emails for mobile.

Otherwise, you are going to see extremely high bounce rates if customers cannot open and display your emails properly on their phones.

Integration: Being a digital marketer means you have to have CRM software that's on point (Customer Relationship Management, that is). To update email marketing lists and send them manually is not efficient, so pick a platform that is known to integrate seamlessly with your CRM.

You can manage your customer data and content, plus see the stats of what's going on with your customer base, such as open rates, and see what campaigns are working and which ones need improvement.

If you need some good email marketing platforms, try out Aweber, GetResponse or ActiveCampaign - plenty of marketers have had success with these.

The Follow Up: It’s Where The Money Is

A common mistake among email marketers, new and old, is that they think the initial email they send out is the only thing that makes a difference when making outreach efforts through email.

It does matter, but what if we told you that your second, third, fourth and fifth emails matter too? It’s the truth, and as many as 80% of deals need a minimum of five hits before closure is reached, so take a good long look at your outreach efforts. You should think of it as a conversation that is ongoing between you and your client.

By sending out an email follow-up after your first one, you will be among a select few actually sending follow-up emails. Just by sending a single follow-up, you will set yourself apart from the rest of the pack. This is because many of them don’t do it!

You have a better chance of getting a reply to your second email if no response is given to your initial message.

Beginners Guide To Email Marketing 2 Beginners Guide To Email Marketing

And if you don’t get that reply, just keep sending. You still have a chance you will hear from the recipient. It forces the prospect to glance at you. And, it will let them know you are interested in them and how they will react to what you have to talk about.

And with the right wording, it will feel personal. Your recipients will feel like they’re talking to you directly.

Of course, there are a few things to keep in mind. You want to make sure your followups are timed just right, because you want to sound and be sincere. You also want to personalize and add a human touch to the emails by customizing them and letting your personality show through in a professional way.

You can even add some humor in there via GIFs or emoticons/emojis. Of course, this will come with time- as beginners, we don't want to overload you!

How YOU can make money with email marketing

If you’ve never done such a thing before, you may be wondering: How in the heck does a person make money sending EMAILS? The truth is, you can do a few things. Here are some ideas:

Offer exclusive or premium goods/services: You can upsell using email marketing. For example, let’s say you do online tarot readings. What if, after a reading was complete, you offered your clientele a percentage off the next reading or another service?

You might offer an exclusive webinar, a membership that gets them a bonus service each month, or something else that adds extreme value. Regardless of your niche, you can really upsell some great stuff using email marketing.

Sell other merchants' products: Affiliate marketers know that you get commissions when you work with other businesses to promote and sell their goods and services. Let's say you are a consultant. You offer great advice to customers in your field. But to make those pointers a reality, you offer a supplemental ebook, marketing tool, or other product to help the clients along and take them even further in their business ventures.

Make sure your relationship with your audience is strong and you offer them stuff that makes sense to them. Otherwise, it could come off as insincere, and they might unsubscribe.

Offer a good or service for sale: Don't have something to sell? Time to hop to it. You need to locate a digital or physical good or service you can peddle. Without something worthwhile to push, it is going to be impossible to earn money using email marketing.

Regardless of your niche, there's plenty to offer. eBooks, classes and workshops, private coaching meetings/classes, or even just virtual hangouts are all things you can offer.

And that’s not all. As you get deeper into your email marketing journey, you will see how you can make money with these strategies and put your own spin on it to generate more closures.

Beginners Guide To Email Marketing - The Wrap-Up

We hope this has given you an insight into email marketing and inspired you to get started. Which of these strategies are you most looking forward to trying?

And if you still have questions or even concerns? No problem. Leave them down below. We’d be glad to help!