The Best Affiliate Programs With High Commissions

The holy grail of affiliate marketing is to find affiliate programs with high commissions or recurring commissions that convert really well, with low churn.

For me, a high ticket or high commission programs are just as easy to promote as a low ticket item and can offer much better returns than recurring programs, which usually have a 6 month shelf life resulting in $100 - $300 in total commissions if you are lucky. 

For arguments sake, this article will look at programs that offer at least $500+ commissions. People will declare that it must be $1000+ to be high ticket, and that may be the case, but I like to try and find a variety of products. 

It is worth nothing that some of the following platforms require in-depth affiliate applications, and are not as easy to join as say your typical Warrior+ product or ClickBank program.  If they do, I will add a little about what they ask and how you can try to increase your chances.

It's also worth keeping in mind, a lot of these will fall into the 'make money online' niche, for the time being, though I will start to venture into other programs and areas as this article get's updated. 


If you are after a range of high ticket, recurring or low ticket programs, then the Aversity platform could be right up your alley. 

The Best Affiliate Programs With High Commissions 2 affiliate programs with high commissions

There are 19 different programs, courses or DFY systems that can be chosen from to promote, giving everything from $3 commissions up to $4,000 per customer (if they take a number of programs inside of the platform). 

One of their main products (DFY Business) gives a $1,700 commission, while teaching people how to grow and build their own online business, using Done For You systems.

You will need to apply to become an affiliate, and there is a $9 per month fee to promote their products, but with a single sale potentially earning you $1,700 or so, I would say it's worth the $100 for the year. 

Authority Hacker - The Authority Site Masters

If you enjoy SEO or building out large affiliate websites, then you would have heard of and probably read one of their articles. 

They are one of the go to sites for learning or understanding about new SEO techniques and how to build sites that dominate their chosen niches and become the 'go-to' site. 

They offer a number of courses, including a free step by step 'lite' guide. Designed as a lead magnet towards their actual training courses.

High Commission Programs - Authority Hacker

As well as 3 other courses, 2 of which are priced at $997, and one is 'specially priced' but provides an affiliate commission of $1031 per sale.

The Authority Hacker Pro course is only launched a few times a year, so the ability to promote it for that $1k commission is a little lower than other products, but you can still earn decent commissions from their main product all year round to keep you active. 

Checking through their site, you can see just how good that the content will be, so you can be sure as hell that the conversion rate for this would be amazing! 

The affiliate program for Authority Hacker is quite difficult to get accepted for, or at least one of the more difficult to get started with. They are looking for high traffic sites, with a decent audience. It also helps if you have a solid and interactive email list that is interested in learning more about authority sites. 

Due to how difficult it seems to be to be accepted, and the fact that the true high commissions only happen a few times a year, I currently give this program a 3/5.

Still worth promoting if you get a chance, especially as they have a number of Affiliate Programs With High Commissions.

Super Affiliate Accelerator 

A high ticket mastermind course that is aimed at teaching people to build their own brand and how to succeed with social media. The mastermind is made up of 13 modules, leveraging both free and paid for methods to create and scale a following on sites such as Facebook. 

Many students, myself included have gone on to see success with a number of the other programs found on this list, such as Legendary Marketer or Spencer Meacham's Affiliate Secrets

The Best Affiliate Programs With High Commissions 3 affiliate programs with high commissions

Of course, for those who don't have access to other platforms, or programs, owning Super Affiliate Accelerator also gives you the ability to promote the mastermind itself.

The program is now split into 2 main parts, the Super Affiliate Intensive (a low ticket offering that explains the foundation of MOCA - Resulting in $90 commissions) and the Super Affiliate Accelerator (which actually now contains a number of different payment options and types, resulting in commissions from $750 = $2500 per sale). 

You will need to own the product to be able to promote it, which isn't for everyone, but you are given comprehensive training and a full on mastermind as a result of owning SAA, it means you can promote this, or any other type of high ticket program as a result. Win win really. 

Accessing SAA can require talking to one of the guys who run the program, and might need an application to both join and then promote it. Usually they are looking for people willing to take action and not just sit around on a program doing nothing with it. 

Legendary Marketer - The Blueprints 

A slightly different one, but worthy of a mention anyway, the Legendary Marketer Blueprints are one of the first high ticket products (or set of) found on the Legendary Marketer Platform

The Legendary Marketer funnel guides people through different products and training, and opens up a great opportunity to provide a ton of value to your readers and viewers, as well as earning a huge commission for you. 

You actually get two chances of receiving commissions from these products, the first opportunity is shown to members once they have finished the 15 Day Business Builder challenge. 

Members are given the option of grabbing all 4 of the blueprints for a single price of $2500, resulting in a $1000 commission (IF you have paid for boosted commissions, else it's $250).

Legendary Marketer Blueprints - Affiliate Programs With High Commissions

If they turn down this opportunity, then each blue print is given to them in the back end, but the price rises to $2500 EACH (resulting in $250 - $1000 per sale). Depending on what they want, you could end up with a $4000 commission cheque if they grab all 4. 

Don't expect every single person that goes through the Legendary Marketer platform to jump on these up-sells, a lot of people start with the lower offer products and are not looking to spend loads, so these are nice bonuses if they happen. 

Getting accepted into the Legendary Marketer affiliate program is a bit hit and miss. 

For a while they offered acceptance as part of the $1.99 eBook offer, and this may still be the case, so if you haven't joined yet it's worth trying this method. You will still have to apply, but I believe your chances do rise. 

Be prepared to provide some background and how you plan on promoting legendary marketer, don't just say 'email' or 'blogging', they will want a semi-solid plan. 

Due to the fact you can get into the program with relative ease if you have a solid plan, BUT you do have to pay to become an affiliate.

Taking into account that these are up sells you have less ability to directly link to these products to earn commissions, but you do get multiple opportunities and someone selling on your behalf.

As such I would give this program a 4.5 and would say it's worth adding to your arsenal.

Exitus Elite - G1000

Edit: Unfortunately, the majority of the training within Exitus just ended up being out-dated and old. I wouldn't recommend signing up to their program or platform these days. Especially as you end up paying a yearly admin fee, for no real reason. If you want 100% commission style options go for 'Easy1Life/Easy1up' as it has at least been updated in the last few months.  

A fairly unique product and only one other program this list is the same as Exitus, as it offers 100% commissions per sale. 

This means that you are getting access to a treasure trove of training and having the ability to sell at for $1k, but not giving up those commissions. Though, a new member does have to pay $300 admin fee access to the affiliate side of the business, so you could argue you are getting 70% commissions on a $1.3k product.

The Exitus Elite platform comes in a variety of tiers, starting at 100 and ending at 1000, increasing the amount and type of training as you go up each tier. 

Exitus Elite -  Affiliate Programs With High Commission

The G1000 tier gives members access to everything below it (i.e 100,250,500) and also gives access to a small group of marketers who focus on high ticket sales. One of the huge bonuses that come with this tier, and a great way to sell the product (as well as all the training that comes with it). 

Exitus allows you to choose how you sell and get paid for their product, so if you have problems with certain payment gateways or merchants, you have the ability to choose one that works for you. Including bitcoin. 

Exitus Elite -  Affiliate Programs With High Commission

You are given your own version of the site, with access to their videos and marketing material. They also explain how to build your own landing pages and ways to update the marketing videos to better resonate with your audience. 

Currently the G1000 also gives access to a bonus group, though I believe they are changing this soon and will be charging around $200 a month for access.

Extius is unique, but worth the effort if you are into direct sales or network marketing, the mindset training and affiliate marketing training can provide a ton of value to any audience. 

Accessing the affiliate side of this platform is as easy as just paying for the product you want to promote and paying the admin fee. Which can be done here. You are then ready to go with all the information and materials you could ever need!

You do have to own the product to promote it, which reduces the number of people who have access, but you get given your own copy of the website and materials. 

Again, unfortunately these days, the information and training provided is old, the platform is outdated and the group is pretty much dead, I wouldn't recommend.

ClickFunnels - The Secret Funnels

Most people just see ClickFunnels as just a funnel builder (well duh) or a training course on how to get started with Affiliate Marketing (thanks to the One Funnel Away challenge). 

What most people don't realise is that ClickFunnels has a whole host of products and offers inside of their affiliate area, that can actually pay you up to $980 per sale (or at least total sales). 

The best part about these funnels are that they start at super low prices, and most of them have a really good conversion rate that can also bring you new ClickFunnel Trials

ClickFunnels currently has 2 separate funnels that can end up with high ticket commissions, and 2 others that hit mid tier commissions. 

ClickFunnels DotCom Secrets - Affiliate Programs With High Commission

The first is the Dotcom Secrets Book, which starts out at a Free + Shipping offer, but ends at a huge $1997 offer for Funnel Builder Secrets. 

As you can see the funnel does actually drop a ton of useful tools, bundles and bonuses. The funnel builder secrets does actually provide around $900 worth of savings. Especially considering you get access to ClickFunnels pro (which is $297 a month anyway!). 

ClickFunnels Expert Secrets - Affiliate Programs With High Commission

There is another similar funnel that comes in the form of the Expert Secrets, the major difference is your audience get the expert evolution system, rather than the traffic secrets. This particular funnel is slightly lower, so you end up with a total commission value stack of $927.

Both of these funnels are through the ClickFunnels platform, so you know that once someone is inside they are going to be given so much information and have a great chance of converting to the upsells and offers given to them. 

ClickFunnels affiliate program can be a bit hit an miss. Most people just focus on the monthly commissions or the One funnel Away challenge, but you can earn some brilliant commissions marketing these products. You do sometimes have to prove that you are worthy of being an affiliate, so bare that in mind when applying. 

Commissions for these offers are a little below the $1k mark, and ClickFunnels can be weird about becoming an affiliate, but the offers are solid and the funnels are great at converting, so this gets a solid 4. 

Grant Cardone - 10x Your Commissions

If you have been in sales, business or affiliate marketing for a while, you might have heard of Grant Cardone

Weirdly, I had not heard of him (I know, odd right) until a few months back. Probably because I don't spend a ton of time in the IM or AM space. 

But, if you are one of those who lives and breathes make money online or sales then Grant is someone you probably look up to and there is a good reason for it. 

He is a powerhouse and that can work really well for you, especially if you want to start hitting high ticket commissions. 

On Grant Cardone's website, he currently has 40 high ticket products. Yes, 40.

Grant Cardone - Affiliate Programs With High Commission

These products range from $250k - $1,900 and you could potentially profit from these. The commission structure is a lot lower than traditional platforms, ranging from 5 - 20%. 

But, you could potentially grab yourself a $5k payday if you sold a $100k product. Now, being realistic you are probably going to be hitting the high ticket or mid ticket items, which usually hold a 20% rate, so it's worth understanding the rates and the commissions when you come to market these products. 

The actual commissions paid are only for affiliates to know, so if you are interested it's definitely worth checking out and getting as much information as possible. 

Considering the highest commission here is 20%, you are going to have to be promoting some pretty high ticket items (think $5k+) to see your $1k commission.  But, some of these programs can sell themselves, especially with the funnels and sales team set up inside. 

As such, it gets a 3/5, it's worth adding to the list, and the affiliate program is easy to sign up for, though you may be be prepared to provide more information at a later date.

Easy1up/E1ULife - Vertex Pro & Vertex Live

A lot like Exitus, Easy1Up goes a little further in it's offerings, ranging from the $25 to $2000, which include access to a live event. 

Though I admit the information and the product provided are a bit different, as well as the fee structure. 

Unlike Exitus, Easy1Up starts at a lot lower price, costing just $30 ($25 + $5 admin) to get started. Which actually gives a great platform for those who are just starting out and may not have the $100 + $300 that Exitus requires. 

They provide a decent level of information on the training and information that they provide on their Products page. 

I would actually say, that the $1000 Vertex Pro training is a little more useful than the G1000 training from Exitus, though it does center around building up your empire via blogging and creating authority sites (which is a different than the outreach stuff and mindset that Exitus Elite provides). 

The Best Affiliate Programs With High Commissions 4 affiliate programs with high commissions

As I said before, the Easy1Up platform does actually go 1 tier higher and offers a Vertex Live, which is essentially the opportunity to go to a live event. You also get access to how to create your own products, cpa marketing and some cool niche ways to generate both traffic and of course then money. 

I have to admit, I was at least impressed with the amount of information inside of this site. Some of the training may feel a little dated, but that's the same with a lot of training. 

To get into the affiliate program is pretty simple. You pay for the tier that you want to join, it's worth talking to the sponsor when you do join so that they can help you and then you pay the admin fee. It's that simple. 

The information inside is pretty good, and for the cost I think it's definitely worth it. The amount of information you get for the $1000 tier + all the information below really stacks up. 

For me, this deserves a 4.5 / 5 for this platform and program, especially as they have multiple affiliate programs with high commissions on their platform. 

Gregg Jefferies - SEO Affiliate Domination

A high ticket, SEO focused affiliate marketing course, created by one of ClickFunnels super affiliates and ClickFunnels Dream Car winner (as are a few of the offerings on this list). 

The Best Affiliate Programs With High Commissions 5 affiliate programs with high commissions

The course itself focuses on teaching people how to build a long term online business by harnessing the power of SEO and blogging/websites. Gregg hit the 200+ active ClickFunnels users using only SEO to achieve this. The course itself is split across 8 modules (or 9 including scaling strategies), each module having end of week tasks and step by step guides to ensure you are taking action. 

As with a lot of high ticket products, the affiliate program is only available to those who own the product, meaning the competition to promote it will be lower, and you can use the knowledge you learn within the course to promote this, or any other product or service. 

SEO Affiliate Domination is currently price at $2,000 and results in a $1,000 commission and the course is well worth it if you are interested in learning a useful, long term skill.


I am going to add that this particular articles will be updated as time goes on. As I discover more and delve deeper into this fun world, I will add them too this list and re-share it. 

As you can see from the programs above, there are a load of different styles and platforms available, including selling 250k live events with a walking legend, to marketing a 'free' eBook that can results in a $900+ pay day. 

It's definitely worth having at least one or two affiliate programs with high commissions in your affiliate tool belt.

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