The Legendary Marketer Review

The Legendary Marketer Review 1 legendary marketer review

Legendary Marketer Review Summary; A great platform that has been for a while shrouded in scepticism and people calling it a scam or a pay to play style platform, without much merit. The training and information given within the training and products are all valuable and useful. Some people wont like the funnel aspect of the platform, … Read more

Legendary Marketer 15 Day Challenge Review

Legendary Marketer 15 Day Challenge Review 94 legendary marketer review

The Legendary Marketer 15 Day Challenge Review Summary;PricingIt costs $7, which considering everything you get inside, is a steal. Some people will argue there are optional upsells (but that doesn’t take away from the core price).Ease of USeIt’s easy to navigate around, I knocked .5 a star off, because you are soft locked on day … Read more

Profit Alliance Review

Profit Alliance Review 100 legendary marketer review

Profit Alliance Review Summary;PricingProduct is currently selling for $9.95Ease of USeFairly easy to follow along with, and navigate around the site. Their membership area is a lot better than other sites. ContentThe overall training is, ok. Nothing ground breaking, but you do get DFY templates etc, which is nice. SupportI have to give them credit here. They … Read more

Zero Effort Commissions Review

Zero Effort Commissions Review 105 legendary marketer review

Zero Effort Commissions Review Summary;PiricingYou do get DFY content as part of the price, and the up-sells at least go along with the rest of the training and content. I would probably get the traffic bible/reseller rights to get things goingEase of USeThe steps provided and getting everything set up seems easy enough. You are … Read more

7 Figure Launch System Review

7 Figure Launch System Review 110 legendary marketer review

7 Figure Launch System Review Summary;PricingThe initial product is well priced, though you will see a few upsells (thankfully each one is related to the initial offering + doesn’t stop you from succeeding if you don’t get them)Ease of USeThe steps shown do make it sound quite easy, but I think there should be a … Read more

Affiliate One Review

Affiliate One Review 118 legendary marketer review

Affiliate One Review Summary;PricingAs with most W+ Products, it has a low Front End Cost. For the core product, you get a lot, check below for further details. Ease of USeThe actual process is fairly simple, but it can take a little time to set up. ContentJames knows exactly what he is talking about, and the training … Read more

Breakout Affiliate Mastery Review

Breakout Affiliate Mastery Review 124 legendary marketer review

Breakout Affiliate Marketing Review SummaryPricingWith all the additional content, DFY templates, industry access and information you get, the price is spot on. Ease of USeEverything is easy to follow and hosted on Kajabi, so it’s fairly easy to navigate and implement. ContentVideos are clear, in-depth and you are provided with templates, swipes, content and more.SupportWith weekly Q&As … Read more

Affiliate Secrets Review

Affiliate Secrets Review 131 legendary marketer review

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 Review Summary:Spencer is a multi million $ super affiliate, with a huge proven track record in the world of affiliate marketing. He has put a massive amount of detail and content into this training course and it shows. A packed and brilliant course for anyone wanting to get started with affiliate marketing.  PricingIt’s … Read more

Breakout Reloaded Review

Breakout Reloaded Review 136 legendary marketer review

Breakout Reloaded Review Summary;PricingAcross the whole funnel, you could spend upwards of $400. But to be honest, the initial purchase and the Black Book will be enough to start.Ease of USeThis method is one of the easiest to get set up and started with. It doesn’t take long. Plus he hands you a ton of … Read more

Super Affiliate Accelerator Review

Super Affiliate Accelerator Review

Super Affiliate Accelerator Review Summary;The Super Affiliate Accelerator program teaches you how to actually market and make high ticket sales (it can be used with more than just affiliate marketing) as well as content marketing, networking and a lot more. PRICINGIt’s a high ticket course, but comes with a ton of content and support. This is … Read more