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Sellvia Review Summary:

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Pretty decent to get access to a USA based fulfilment centre and products. 

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Ease of USe

Tales around 10 - 20 mins to get setup. 

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There isn't a ton of tools or functionality, but the core items you need are there. 

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They seem pretty quick. No issues so far. 

  • Quick Shipping Times
  • Potentially Lower Cost Items
  • A Large Variety Of Niches & Products
  • Only Situated In USA
  • Not Every Product Is Cheaper
  • Doesn't Currently Work With Shopify

One thing that emerges, time and again when I talk to DropShippers, or ecom store owners, is the difficulty in sourcing a decent supplier.

A lot of dropshippers will source their products directly from China. This can result in long shipping times, the wrong items being received and poorly packaged products. All of these issues can cause problems with customers, reducing the number of repeat sellers and ultimately slowing your growth. 

Some platforms exist to help you find suppliers closer, though they can be unreliable. Others are simply DropShipping companies with a forwarded warehouse. 

As dropshipping becomes even more popular, and online shopping keeps gaining traction. So does the need for better quality products, shorter shipping times and higher standards of customer service. Amazon can usually get an item, not on prime too you in 3 or 4 days, why should your customer wait 1 - 3 months.

This leads us to Sellvia, a new e-commerce supply platform. They state they are the 'ecommerce supplier you've always dreamed of'. But, do they live up to that bold claim. This Sellvia review will explore their catalogue, app and other areas and tools that they offer. 

What Is Sellvia?

To put it in it's simplest form, they are a supply and fulfilment platform and catalogue. Created by the team behind the popular DropShipping tool AliDropShip. 

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Sellvia is the flip side to the original AliExpress tool and stores. Whereas AlIDropShip focuses on finding Chinese suppliers, this is all about providing DropShippers with a catalogue of high quality products.

These products can be purchased, packaged and shipped to your customers within a matter of days, not weeks, or months. Sellvia is a complete fulfilment service, from standard constant sellers, to new, hot products. 

As well as the catalogue, Sellvia also have a custom store service, allowing you to have a store filled with 200 products ready to go. This is inline with their other custom store service. 

Customers pay a monthly $39 subscription, this gives you access to the catalogue, and the WooCommerce (or Shopify in the future) app. This app allows you to find, import and start selling the products you find on the site. 

Every time you sell a product, the Sellvia app will push this through to the fulfilment centre. They then find the product, package it and then send it to your customer. It's a simple as that. 

What Does Sellvia Include (Tools & Features)

Sellvia is split into 2 main areas, 3 if you include the custom stores. But they also have a ton of features that are worth talking about and highlighting. 

Sellvia Catalogue 

This catalogue can be used by anyone with an ongoing subscription. With a variety of different niches and products available, there is something for pretty much anyone. 

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The catalog can be used standalone, so if you use a site such as BigCommerce, or a custom built website, you can still use Sellvia to manage your products and sales. 

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Each product found within the catalogue, comes with their own descriptions, images and videos. Including images that can be used on social media, but I will come to that in a second. 

The Sellvia Catalog is essentially it's own store, with prices, and potential profits. You can add a product to your cart, add the shipping details and get it sent out. 

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Of course, if you have hundreds of products to purchase and fulfil, you are going to need the Sellvia App. 

Sellvia App

The main 'tool' or maybe the only tool is the Sellvia App. This plugin can be installed onto a WooCommerce website, or a Shopify store in the future. 

This app allows you to both import products to your store, but also purchase and get orders sent to customers, without having to do it manually. 

This is definitely needed if you are serious about dropshipping or running your own store. 

1-Click-Imports (Including Descriptions)

As mentioned, with the app you can instantly import your new products into an existing AliDropShip store or WooCommerce based website. You can basically fill a new website, with a few hundred products fairly quickly. 

Each product will have; 

  • Descriptions
  • Prices
  • Images

Ready To Use Promotional Material

Another big allure of using a tool or platform such as this, is the promotional videos or images. They include full YouTube videos that can be uploaded to Facebook, or Instagram friendly images. 

Of course this means you don't have to pay for additional resources to start increasing your social media reach. 

Super Fast Shipping & Fulfilment

One of the biggest features, and something that sets this apart from AliExpress, is the shipping times. Sellvia allows you to get to USA based buyers, within 1-3 days. 

That is inline with Amazon. This is also about 10x quicker than products coming from China. You will be paying for this quick shipping, but the price is clear, and you can easily include this with your own shipping rates. 

USA Based Centre - USA Fulfilment

As the centre is based in the United States, you can send, and receive items, without waiting days or weeks. If a customer doesn't enjoy their product, or somehow it manages to be the wrong item, you can send them back to a US warehouse, easily. 

AliExpress Comparable Pricing

Another big plus point of Sellvia, is that fact the pricing isn't crazy. Due to the high number of products being sold, and customers using these guys, the pricing is comparable to a lot of the AliExpress middle companies. 

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I would say, not every item is as good as the one they show. I have found a few products that are cheaper on AliExpress. But, most of the items I have found take 20 days or they have bad reviews. 

I would personally prefer to pay $20 for an item I could ship to a customer within a few days, rather than $15 that takes 20 - 30 days. 

Is Sellvia AliDropShip?

Essentially, yes. The Sellvia app, platform and fulfilment centre was created and built by the same people who created and built AliDropShip. 

Sellvia Pricing

Thankfully, Sellvia have a pretty simple pricing option. For a monthly $39 cost, you get access to all of the products, the app and the all of the automation. 

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You can also save a few $'s if you decide to purchase the full year. If you are pretty serious about building your DropShipping website, then the yearly plan is well worth it. 

You do also get a 30 day free trial to test out the products and app. 

Sellvia Custom Stores

If you don't have a a store, or you are struggling to build a decent looking website, then Sellvia have got a solution. Much like the AliDropShip Custom Stores, Sellvia will build you a store, packed with products. 

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At the moment they only have 1 store for sale. The Sellvia Ulltimate Store will set you back $899 (If you have the Sellvia subscription)

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As part of that custom store, you get; 

  • 200 Products Imported - Ready To Sell
  • Unlimited Monthly Orders & Choices Of Products
  • Ability To Take Payment Via PayPal or Credit Cards
  • High Converting Theme
  • Promo Videos & Social Media Tools
  • Social Media Pages Set Up

Of course, this isn't a cheap option, but you could get a head start with a lot of things.

Sellvia Review - Pros

As you can tell, there are a number of advantages to using a tool or platform like SellVia.

Quick Shipping

The biggest downside to DropShipping, is the shipping times. Traditional DropShipping sites can take up to 60 days. In the age of Amazon Prime or other damn quick shipping, waiting 60 days is not worth it. 

With Sellvia you can get items as quick as the next day, or a few days later. Of course, you will always have a few that take the longer period of time, but 5 days is better than 60 days. 

Low Prices

This is not always the case, you can find low quality products, at a damn cheap price. Does that mean the product is worth the price? No. 

You will find that a few products will be cheaper on AliExpress. But the shipping time will be weeks, or months. And the quality will usually be shit.

I looked through as many products as I could, trying to compare them against AliExpress products, or a few Oberlo products. The majority of the products  where cheaper with Sellvia, or the shipping time was simply better. 

Reduced Risk Of Low Quality Products

A huge problem with DrpShipping, or at least China Dropshipping, product quality. I have seen hundreds, probably thousands of Dropshipped products that are awful. 

I always used to get the products sent to me first, before I ever sent them, and I have seen some awful products. These products are going to go through an extra round of review and research. 

Send Items Back Or Get A Proper Refund

If, and it's a big IF, these products are not up to scratch, you have a place to send these back. 

So many AliExpress products can't be returned. They may offer a 60% refund, or they will say it costs $50 to send it back to China. With these guys you can actually send these items back to a real warehouse, and get a proper refund. 

This is what people expect these days. 

Sellvia Review  - Cons

I am going to be honest, there are a few, downsides to Sellvia. Hopefully, some of these will be fixed in the future. 

No Shopify App

Supposedly, this is coming. But currently, there is no app that works with Shopify. Which is a huge part of this market. Currently they are focusing on the WordPress and WooCommerce area. 

No Worldwide Shipping

A huge one for me, they currently only have a centre within the USA. Which means UK, or Europe have to either endure high shipping times, or simply not use SellVia. 

I hope that one day they extend the warehouses, especially as there are other sites that find, or other these kinds of offers., 

Who Is Selvia For?

If you are a big DropShipper, who is fed up of selling low quality products, with long shipping times, then this is for you. 

Sellvia Review - Wrap Up

For those who have been long time dropshippers, or are looking at getting started in DropShipping, Sellvia could help. 

With lower shipping times, potentially cheaper prices and high quality products, this may be a better alternative to Oberlo or AliExpress. If you are new to DropShipping, unsure about how to set your own store up and don't mind using an all-in-one platform, then SellVia is a decent place to start.