How To Win The ClickFunnels Dream Car

For many, the Dream Car competition is a staple of Affiliate Marketing campaigns, a great way to encourage affiliates to promote the brand and build up their teams. But it is simply a distant dream for so many affiliates. Today we take a look at How To Win The ClickFunnels Dream Car competition, or status, using past winners ideas, plans and methods.

As I have mentioned in previous reviews of Dream Car winners courses, ClickFunnels is not the only one to offer boosts in payments, or incentives to reach certain levels, but they are still one of the most famous for doing so. 

Along with their 2 Comma Club (2CC) for those who reach the converted $1m in sales through ClickFunnels, the Dream Car Competition is well known and has help build the brand to where it is these days. 

ClickFunnels #1 Affiliate - Spencer Mecham DreamCar Total

ClickFunnels #1 Affiliates Dream Car Status  - Spencer Mecham

ClickFunnels is more recent times have moved away from outwardly promoting it, as mentioned within the ClickFunnels Affiliate article, they did a large overhaul and instead of showing off their Dream Car winners, they focused more on getting people to promote their products, not the platform. 

But luckily, the Dream Car competition is still running, and open for those who want to aim for 100 active users and of course 200 active users. 

If you haven't already, I would encourage you to sign up to ClickFunnels free affiliate bootcamp. It's ClickFunnels own 4 day training that essentially takes the ideas and methods that their own DreamCar winners have taken to become Super Affiliates and provides it in a simple to digest manner. 

This article will guide you through ways to get to the different levels required to actually start promoting ClickFunnels as an affiliate, and ways in which some of the dream car winners have achieved their status.  It will also provide traffic ideas and angles that can be used when it comes to promoting these products. 

New ClickFunnels Affiliates - Where To Start

Since the beginning on 2020, new affiliates who apply to promote ClickFunnels, only have the ability to promote the wider range of ClickFunnels books and software via your links and don't have the ability to directly link

IF you are a ClickFunnels user (I would always encourage people to understand HOW a platform works before trying to promote it), then you actually get the ability to promote the ClickFunels platform, but only via their badge links. Even if you only take a 14 day trial and get to grips with how everything fits together, that's better than nothing touching it. 

How To Win The ClickFunnels Dream Car 2 how To Win The ClickFunnels Dream Car
How To Win The ClickFunnels Dream Car 3 how To Win The ClickFunnels Dream Car

Anyone taking the ClickFunnels platform subscription either via a badge link OR by deciding to get it after taking one of the other products will earn you a 20% monthly commission on whatever subscription they take. 

I would take some time to look through the near 15 different items that you can promote as a ClickFunnels affiliate (that's before counting the platform itself)

What ClickFunnels Products Are There To Promote?

To unlock the ability to directly promote the ClickFunnels platform, you need to earn at least $1,000 in commission in a single month. That sounds like a lot, but in reality, that is only 10 sales of The One Funnel Away Challenge, or 4 sales of the DotCom Secrets Book (if they get the full package) + 1 One Funnel Away Challenge sale just for good measure.

ClickFunnels now have a range of products, books, software and training programs that fit a variety of different niches and audiences, each offering 40% commission across their entire funnel, because this is ClickFunnels, pretty much every product they promote is inside of a funnel of some kind. 

The 'Secrets Trilogy' books are some of the best places to start, due to the fact they are a low cost offer, that introduces leads to the world of ClickFunnels. 

How To Win The ClickFunnels Dream Car 4 how To Win The ClickFunnels Dream Car

Take for example the Traffic Secrets Book (I highly recommend reading it if you ever struggle at finding your audience).

The offer is 'free + shipping' (so it actually costs $9.95 / $19.95 to get the book). This is then bumped by the audio book version, a 2 day event whereby Russel goes through the book and breaks it down. There is also then the added option of getting The 'Secret Trilogy' which can actually be a great way of getting all the books, plus 2 other possible options inside of that One Time Offer...and then finally an offer to get the Funnelytics software, which also offers them a subscription to ClickFunnels.

That gives you a potential earning of over $250 per book sale, not including the fact they may also join ClickFunnels as a platform after going through all that. 

Of course, you need to understand how the book may offer advice or useful information to your chosen audience, else you are simply reconmending them something that may be completely useless. 

Other options include focusing more on their training, for example the infinitely rebranded 'One Funnel Away' challenge. This particular challenge can be found in pretty much all the funnels that ClickFunnels run, but it can also be promoted in it's own right. 

The One Funnel Away Challenge offers it's participants a 30 day step by step guide on building their first funnel. The mistake most people make, is that they will instantly try and make an affiliate funnel to promote the OFA. That worked brilliantly in the beginning, I know, I had one. BUT as with most things, you need to think a little outside of the box. 

How To Win The ClickFunnels Dream Car 5 how To Win The ClickFunnels Dream Car

The One Funnel Away Challenge is designed to show anyone how to create a funnel for their business, be it Gym owners, Takeaways, big manufacturing companies or small local high-street stores looking to drum up new business. That is the power of this 30 day challenge. 

ClickFunnels have understood that, and they have 're-skinned' this 30 day challenge with a number of other pre-webinars.

For example the 'Free Brick and Mortar Funnels Summit'. This webinar is around 3 days long and takes anyone from within the 2 Comma Club group who has succeeded with brick and mortar businesses, and essentially interviews and talks them through how they did it. 

It is a shortened down or sliced up version of the 30 Day Summit, that takes over 100 of those 2 Comma Club winners and asks them essentially what would they do if they had no money, a phone and ClickFunnels. It is a pretty decent summit be fair, and again well worth the time to sit and watch the interviews. 

For every sale of the One Funnel Away Challenge you make will give you $100, even if you sell it via the Brick and Mortar Summit, The Funnel Challenge Summit or the 30 Days Summit, they will all give you $100 if someone decides to carry on and get the OFA. So you have at least 4 different angles, 5 if you include the soft upsells inside of the funnels. 

The best part is that this is teaching people how to use ClickFunnels, a vast majority will take ClickFunnels, or maybe a competitor (if they know about them) to help them build that first funnel. 

Giving you a boost in your commission for that initial $1000 requirement, offering a boost and a direction on How To Win The ClickFunnels Dream Car competition. 

Thinking Outside The Box - Who To Target?

Understanding what products you can promote is all well and good, but the real 'secret' is understanding who you are going to target and promote these products too. 

As I have hinted before, most ClickFunnel Affiliates wrongly try and target other affiliates. But the vast majority of affiliates won't need or won't use ClickFunnels. 

I for example only use it these days as I have a course that is hosted on there. Before that I simply used Thrive Architect and WordPress to build landing pages or optin pages. 

Also, affiliates are not known as a long term group of people, with many dropping out after a few months, or if you are unlucky, a few weeks. Instead, it's better to find an audience who don't realise they could do with a sales funnel, a person or a business who could benefit from it. 

As I said earlier, ClickFunnels actually made part of this really easy for you, they split the One Funnel Away Challenge into 4 separate challenges. Giving you 4 separate ways of promoting 1 training course. 

For example, the Brick and Mortar webinar, is free to join, you could target local businesses with Brick and Mortar stores within your local area. Dropping off flyers or leaflets with a QR code or link to the webinar. If you dropped off 100 leaflets, you may get 10 people sign up to watch a free webinar, especially if it's focused on what they do and might offer them some ideas on how to increase revenue. 

How To Win The ClickFunnels Dream Car 6 how To Win The ClickFunnels Dream Car

The leaflet could always contain a little more information about you, and how you may be able to assist in the future if they like the webinar and interviews. You can use the resources that ClickFunnels provide you to create something within Canva. 

Other options can be creating content, such as videos or articles that target particular areas, this opens up the fact you don't have to target certain cities or towns, instead you can create content that speaks to those all over the world. 

Hairdressers who want to be able to book more appointments, or hair stylists who might want to get more clients on their books? Creating content around that, and offering the OFA or any of the other products as your offer could allow you to grow a list of highly interested prospects, who after sitting down and potentially building their own funnel could stay on for months or years to come. 

Whatever niche or audience you decide to approach, ensure you understand the problems they face, that way you can tailor your content around those issues, hopefully offering them a solution to that problem. 

Becoming An Approved Affiliate - The Road To 40

Once you have reached your $1,000 commissions in a single month, you are given the chance to apply for 'Approved Affiliate at 30%' commissions. You are required to do the Affiliate Bootcamp before you are accepted, so well worth sitting down and spending a day or two going through it, as it can offer some great ideas on how to start towards that first 40 customers. 

Once accepted, you are boosted up a 10% notch in your monthly subscription payments, and also unlock access to the ClickFunnels direct links. These allow you to promote ClickFunnels as a platform, rather than simply having to promote the products and lets you have access to the 14 day trial. 

Of course this opens up a world of possibilities, from increasing the type of content you can create to increasing the angles you can focus on. 

You can of course keep focusing on promoting the webinars, seminars and offers, or you can shift focus slightly and start to promote the actual platform, this can become more helpful if you have already built a list of interested leads who may need some more information or want to try it out, but never went through the funnels or other products you spoke about. 

The next mini milestone to reach is 40 active members, once you get to that point, you are boosted to 40% monthly commissions, 

Promoting The ClickFunnels Platform

Now that you have direct links, you have the ability to target people who may actually need ClickFunnels as a funnel builder, for example those who have used other funnel builders and want to try something new, or have never even seen a funnel before. 

These might be the same audience that you used in the past, such as the hairdressers who needed more appointments, being able to offer them a 14 day trial that test out this powerful funnel builder means they can get hands on with it. 

How To Win The ClickFunnels Dream Car 7 how To Win The ClickFunnels Dream Car

If you are a ClickFunnels user yourself, you can actually share pre-built funnels with those leads, potentially removing out that initial worry of having to build something from scratch! You can also change your 14 day trial links to focus on different businesses, which can provide them with a pre-built template straight from ClickFunnels, so be sure you check out the different ones available.  

Thinking Outside The Box - Who To Target?

As mentioned before, now 14 day trial access has been provided, creation of content around the platform can be looked into. One of the dream car winners said that they managed to get their 200 active users by creating how to guides and step by step videos on creating certain funnels. 

The funnel would solve a specific problem, for example no way for clients to book visits, and would automate or funnel a user towards that end goal of booking a visit. Someone looking how to boost their visit numbers, or possibly make money off of a lead before they have eve visited would find the tutorial video, find a link to a website whereby they could then build or even import the actual funnel and then be shown how to customise it. 

Finding different problems that ClickFunnels & Funnels in general can solve, and either offering the solution, or a guide and the platform that solve that problem is a great way to promote the platform, as the chance they will stay for a decent length of time increases. Especially if their new funnel makes them more money and brings in more leads than the platform costs to run. 

How To Win The ClickFunnels Dream Car 8 how To Win The ClickFunnels Dream Car

Example of a high converting Gym signup template

A local gym asked in a business group that I am part of a while back, asking if anyone could recommend a tool or platform to help them capture either phone calls or emails. I managed to drop in and mention a number of platforms, including playing around with their current website platform (though we found it was difficult to do what they wanted with that) and of course ClickFunnels.

The best part is that that also meant a number of other businesses got in touch, who where interested in a number of other tools or products such as Shopify and even a Square Space sale.

The Next Steps And The Journey To 100 - 200 Users

With access to all the programs, and of course core links, it's time to focus on pushing past that 40 users ad heading towards that coveted 100 or 200 active users. 

For many of the dream car winners, they focused on the method that go them their first active user and scaled it. Understanding and scaling that method is one of the easiest ways, as it means you are putting your effort towards increasing that number, not trying to bring in customers or users in 100 different ways. 

Focusing And Scaling

If you take time to understand what past dream car winners have done, you will see they all took a particular method and scaled it to help them achieve that status. 

One of the reasons I originally decided How To Win The ClickFunnels Dream Car status article, was that I would see hundreds of affiliates dancing around groups, throwing out hundreds of different ideas and plans on how they would achieve it...but never focusing on one thing. 

Using some of the people I have followed and learnt a lot from over the years, it becomes more apparent how they managed to get this quite rare dream car winner status. 

Greg Jeffries focused on SEO, finding long tail keywords and building large websites that hit hundreds of low search volume keywords, bringing in hundreds if not thousands of views and potential leads. 

Spencer Mecham, and a few of his students  focused on utilising Ads & YouTube videos using a two prong attack to bring in more users into the eco system. 

Others have focused on using share funnels, focusing the initial sales of the Expert Secrets books to help people start to increase sales, then providing them with an actual funnel to build their business. It's worth noting that you can no longer have share funnels that's only aim is to get people to sign up to ClickFunnels to then share the funnel.

That is now a frowned upon style. Funnels either have to have a purpose or are sold and explained correctly, but it did work for a while... so always be sure whatever method you are going to do, is at least allowed. 

Whatever it is you choose to do, whatever style it may be, it's always best to focus and grow that method. After reading through the 30 Days book, listening to the interviews and watching the videos on so many of the dream car winners and 2 comma club winners, it becomes very apparent that these guys and gals stick to a single plan. 

Add Value To Your Audience

It's also worth adding your own 'value' to these potential users, many of the big winners, especially ones who won quickly offered their own value stacks or additional products or services that could be used. 

Something I have noticed is that they have each provided something that worked for their chose audience. Frank Hachett focused on eCom, offering alternatives such as Shopify or targeting those who used Shopify but wanted to create more simple 1 or 2 step funnels that only promoted 1 product. 

He would then provide them with a pre-built funnel that an eCom store owner could use, getting them out of the door quicker, and also increasing the life span of that customer (someone running a successful eCom store will stay around longer if they are getting a return on their investment) 

Final Comments & Further Reading

Hopefully at this point you have decided on a product, an audience and even an angle that you want to focus on. You may even have a traffic source or platform that you want start working with, such as Adwords or YouTube. 

I would recommend everyone to go through the Affiliate Bootcamp (as it's a pre-requisite anyway) to get an idea of how others have succeeded and got their first 40 and of course beyond. 

If the DreamCar winner has created their own training (many have, some even created tons of free content, Spencer & Jacob have), I would recommend investing either time into watching their free content and training and then scaling it their methods, or if you have the money then look at purchasing their more structured courses (if they have it, not all do)

For example, I picked up the Dream Car Profits training from Jacob, as it was a low cost training on his style and I enjoyed his particular methods (blogging and Facebook). I also picked up Greg Jefferies SEO focused courses because I have a blogging and SEO background, which means I can use the methods he teaches to create content that focuses on the audience I have chosen (though it's a higher ticket product, much like Spencers Affiliate Secrets - It has allowed me to start seeing a return on that investment by using those methods). It's worth noting, it's not the end of the world if you don't want to grab the courses, plenty of this information is out there!

How To Win The ClickFunnels Dream Car 9 how To Win The ClickFunnels Dream Car

Finally, there are over 100 dream car winners I think that number is now at 250+), who have come from different backgrounds, so be sure to take the time to seek out and follow or soak up as much information from that particular winner.

I know many enjoy Blake Nubars training, as he talks about building funnels and how to generate commissions via those share funnels, or James Hurst who utilised his software knowledge to build bonuses and automated software to increase the number of active users. 

Others have built up YouTube followings, social media followings or ad agencies to help them scale their 100 - 200+ active users, so there are plenty of paths to follow, and to succeed with. 

Whatever it may be, I hope that this How To Win The ClickFunnels Dream Car status article has provided you with some useful, and meaningful ideas.