bridge page vs landing page

When it comes to online marketing, especially advertisement, it's always important that you are using the correct terminology and pages to help sell or promote a product. 

Using the wrong kind, or the wrong combination of pages can reduce clickthrough rates, sales and even on occasion get your adverts removed by advertisement platforms. 

Today, we are going to look at two popular page designs, to explore a bridge page vs landing page, the differences and why it's important to get the right one.

When you are driving traffic to your website, you want to make sure that you are sending them to the right page. If you are promoting a product or service, you will want to send them to a landing page. If you want to start providing them with additional details, sales content and potentially pre-sell them on a particular product, the bridge page is the right place for you. Keep these differences in mind when choosing which type of page to use, as getting it wrong could lose you a sale. 

What is a landing page and what is its purpose

A landing page, also known as a "lead capture page", is a web page that is designed to be the first page that a user sees when they arrive at your website. It is generally used to promote a product or service and to get the user to take action. This can be anything from;

  • Signing up for a newsletter with their email address
  • Dropping their phone number for a call back, or text
  • Or even adding their address to get something shipped over, or information mailed too them.

Landing pages are usually distinct from the rest of your website and have a unique purpose and focus. 

bridge page vs landing page 2 bridge page vs landing page

Landing pages work really well with paid for traffic, such as solo ads or Pay Per Click traffic from platforms such as Bing And GoogleAds. The reason they work so well, is they can be quite broad in their targeting. With a simple header and some information that entices the would-be-customer to part with their details in exchange for a book, product, additional information or whatever you have promised in exchange for that action. 

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How to design a landing page that sells

Simplicity has to be the key for landing pages, you have a few seconds to grab that email, telephone number or explain whatever it is that you want. 

The biggest problem that marketers face is over complicating their landing pages, trying to cram too much on them, thus loosing the original point.

Firstly, you need to decide what your end goal is for your landing page. If it's to grab an email, or telephone number, then have that input box pride and place for all to see. 

Below are a few examples of the different styles, and why they are effective are getting the results. 

A good example of straight to the point, email capture landing pages are ones that you will find in the make money online niche. Usually found with a hyped header, and a single place to capture the email. 

bridge page vs landing page 3 bridge page vs landing page

These work really well for solo ads or google ad style traffic, whereby the visitor maybe has a few seconds to think about it. They usualy don't know you, or what you are selling. This provides the hype. 

Other examples can include more information, such as a paragraph, or a few lines of text to explain why someone should provide you with their details. 

bridge page vs landing page 4 bridge page vs landing page

Rather than throwing a huge hook in the headline, this style of landing page offers some background, and a hook inside of the copy. This works better with slightly warmer traffic, or adverts that offer the ability to pre-frame and explain more. They are less hyped, and instead use their copy to persuade. 

Finally, possibly one of the most famous and effective landing page styles, has to of course be, the very effective 'giveaway' page. The reason this works is because the visitor is being given something in return for them handing their details to you. Made famous by ClickFunnels, with their book or free course landing pages, these just work. 

bridge page vs landing page 5 bridge page vs landing page

Usually called the 'free + shipping' funnel, they can come in tons of different forms or styles. Be it straight up offering a free PDF or book, to providing access to a full free course. 

bridge page vs landing page 6 bridge page vs landing page

These landing pages typically explain what is inside the free gift. Because, even though it's free...people are still picky about whatever the free thing is! 

Again, as with all good landing pages, the email and name capture are found near the top, right in the eyeline of the potential customer. 

What is a bridge page and what is its purpose

A bridge page, on the other hand, is a page that is used to connect two or more pages together. They are usually found after the aforementioned capture page, and a sales page. They can be used to increase a person authority or standing with a particular customer. 

For example, Brian Brewer has a great example of his bridge pages, and the ones he uses in his 90-minute escape plan. Brian uses his to explain his background, a bit about his courses and of course what he is going to share with you today. 

bridge page vs landing page 7 bridge page vs landing page

By doing so, he is opening up and explaining how he has become one of legendary marketers most successful students. It helps set his authority and provides you with the confidence that he knows what he is talking about. 

The majority of the time, affiliate marketers will use bridge pages to be the stepping stone between that initial capture, and a sales page or checkout. But, it's not just affiliate marketers who use them. 

Bridge pages usually include the following;

  • Product Videos or Explainer Videos
  • Inside photos of the product, or the tool etc
  • Photos or videos of YOU!
  • Additional sales information that helps pre-frame or sell the product you spoke about on the landing page. 

You can of course include a mixture of any of these elements, aimed at providing as much information to your potential customers. 

How To Create A High-Converting Bridge Page

Other examples include pre-selling, or pre-framing products or services that you are promoting. This type of bridge page is used as a way of hyping up or explaining what a tool or product can do. 

If you are running solo ads, or a paid for traffic method whereby the person may not know you, it may be easier to simply talk about the product. Because lets be honest, they don't care about you, they care about the product or the solution to their problem. 

bridge page vs landing page 8 bridge page vs landing page

Of course, you need to match the landing page created before. So if you have promised to show them something that generates $1000+ a day, you need to show them said product/tool or service.

If you have said you will send them a free course, you should tell them how to get that free course. Using Brian's example earlier, you can also deliver the promised product, as well as show an upsell or additional product. 

Bridge Page Vs Landing Page - Conclusion

As you can tell, there are huge differences between landing pages and bridge pages. Plus, there are so many different types of bridge pages and landing pages out there, from hardcore hype hype pages, to simple 'sign up for free shit' pages.

It's of course imperative that you get the pages the right way around, and ensure you don't throw all of your landing page videos and affiliate links before you capture their email. 

As a lot of the time, people will see a video, and then never do anything. By capturing the email, or details you can then of course market to them and show them other products etc. 

What style of landing page or bridge page you choose will depend on the traffic source, audience warmth and what niche you are in. So be sure to pick and choose ones that tick all the right boxes. 

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