The Best Affiliate Marketing Courses For Beginners

Note -This original post was created near the middle of 2018, it's now time for an update

What if I told you that you could make money on a consistent basis, without breaking your back at a 40+ hours per week daily grind of a job? The truth is, most of us would jump at the chance to earn enough passive income to quit our “day jobs” and start enjoying more time out of the day doing what we love.

In years past, passive income opportunities took on many forms including real estate, becoming a popular author, and investing in stocks and bonds. There is one problem with these “traditional” types of passive incomes. Each of these typically requires a large amount of start-up funds to get the ball rolling, as well as a substantial amount of risk.

A More Modern Opportunity

The good news is that there are now more options to start your journey toward a steady stream of income that doesn’t require working day in and day out. With the rise of the digital and online age, these opportunities are more available to the “average joe” than ever before! One of the best ways to achieve this standard of living is a business model and strategy called affiliate marketing. It is a truly accessible career to almost anyone who has the drive and the know-how. Many resources exist to kick start your career as a professional at affiliate marketing.

While it is true that there are many free sources that claim to give you the tools to jump start your business, the truth about getting started is not always as simple as it seems. A few people may be able to take the leap without much guidance and still land on their feet, but the reality is that certain barriers can limit your success. A number of struggles put a halt to a majority of aspiring affiliate marketing start-ups before they can even get off the ground. It is critical to recognise what these barriers are and know how to overcome them on your road to success.

Start-up Struggles

One of the major hurdles facing affiliate marketing beginners is the technical side of the business. At the same time that the internet is the driving force behind success in affiliate marketing, it can also be one of the biggest obstacles.

Even people who in everyday life may be considered “tech savvy” can still struggle to learn and grasp the internet marketing tools that make this line of work possible. It is absolutely crucial to understand and interface with web pages, auto-responders, social media platforms, blogs, and much more. Without help from someone who know the ropes, this can be incredibly overwhelming.

Another aspect of the business that can drag people down is the sales side. While some people have a natural inclination towards selling and persuasion, most of us are lacking the experience needed to just jump into it. It is critical to learn the keys to be a successful sales representative for whatever you are promoting.

This requires knowing both your product and your target audience, inside and out. Lots of people are great at spotting a disingenuous and false sales pitch a mile away, so you must be able to communicate your information in a way that is accurate, passionate, and genuine.

Even if all the other cogs fall into place, your affiliate marketing machine can still fail. The most important part of any success is a good product or service. Without this, no business model can remain both sustainable and profitable over the long run. You must be able to spot the good opportunities and weed out the bad ones. Having a good teacher can also help you stave off the temptation to jump from one new and shiny product to another. This is referred to as “shiny object syndrome” and can cause you to spin your wheels without gaining much ground.

All these reasons make it clear why the best course of action is investing in a reliable source to help you get started. Paying for an experienced and reputable guide is a small price for the support and knowledge gained, giving you an edge on the competition. In this article, we will look at the three of the top resources for beginners in affiliate marketing.

Any of these options will give you the fighting chance you deserve in this up and coming career choice, and the passive income source you desire!

Frank Hatchett’s “Savage Affiliates”

Our number one pick from the available courses for affiliate marketing is Frank Hatchett’s Savage Affiliates.

Featured by Entrepreneur Magazine in recognition of his own successes, Frank Hatchett provides a step by step, comprehensive guide to help you follow in his own footsteps. His guaranteed recipe for success includes access to a private group of other affiliate marketing students, one on one marketing with Frank himself, and more than 60 step by step training videos.

By following this guide, even if you have no prior experience, you’ll learn how to build affiliate websites and landing pages with high conversion levels. You’ll also be taught strategies for attracting large amounts of free traffic and how to land on the first page of google results for a better chance at profitable traffic.

Another thing you’ll have exposure to is how to assemble an email list of both paid and unpaid traffic that will be approaching you for offers! Once you have mastered all the steps, you’ll be on your way toward a powerful presence in the Clickbank and Clickfunnel programs. This in turn will give you a shot at winning numerous affiliate competitions and opening the door to even greater opportunity.

Note - You can get access too a smaller version of the Savage Affiliates course by signing up to Franks 4 Day Training - This provides you access to a ready built plug and play funnel that you can swap out links for and start sending traffic at pretty much instantly. If you do decide to sign up to ClickFunnels then you also get access too the extra training (around 20 videos in total) that are designed to show you how to use ClickFunnels to sell other products etc - Goes hand in hand with Savage Affiliates training. 

In addition to the knowledge, training, and courses, you will receive several other valuable items. First, you’ll have unlimited access to an incredible Facebook group made up of affiliate marketers just like you! Along with this access, you’ll be invited to participate in live Q & A sessions that allow you to gain insight through the expertise of a professional affiliate marketer. All of this is provided with lifetime access that is backed by a 100%, 30-day money back guarantee.

As an added bonus, Frank throws in three of his top-ranking funnel templates to get you started with a proven method of drawing in traffic. For less than $200, you can begin your journey toward financial freedom through passive income under the guidance of an affiliate marketing ninja!

Read The Review | Buy It Now

Wealthy Affiliate

Originally started way back in 2006, this online platform has been designed from the ground up to help new entrepreneurs to learn the ropes of affiliate marketing.

The free members area has around 20 lessons and 40+ tasks for you to go through to get you started on your journey. Using a 'freemium' style model, a user can upgrade to unlock more training once they master the original tactics and have started to earn some kind of income from the training. 

With 1m+ members and a constantly changing and updating training centre, it really is a great place for those who are looking to get into the SEO and blog style method of affiliate marketing. 

The platform comes with 2 free hosting spots, that you can add WordPress sites too, with a fairly easy to use quick install and the ability to see some basic stats on how the site is doing.

Perfect for those who are running on a tight budget until they decide on the path they wan to to lead. 

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ClickBank’s University 2.0

Another on our list is an offshoot of the huge Affiliate Marketing marketplace, ClickBank. Working hand in hand with ClickBank, this affiliate program provides the framework and training to launch your own start up in affiliate marketing.

Touted as an “upgraded” version of the original affiliate program, ClickBank 2.0 is on a new level.

They are working tirelessly to provide you with the latest and greatest information, methods, and up to date knowledge of the affiliate marketing world. In a world that is continually changing at an exponential rate, ClickBank University will keep you in touch with the most current trends. This is an important tool to avoid being left in the dust when the market experiences inevitable changes.

When you join ClickBank University, you have the option of engaging in not just one, but two different training paths. The first is an 8-week affiliate track that focuses on using your tools and skills to promote other people’s products on ClickBank.

Second is a 12-week long training experience that is geared more towards those who are interested in creating and promoting their own products, instead of the products of others.

Both tracks are taught by renowned affiliate marketing gurus, Adam Horowitz and Justin Atlan. With the guidance of these self-made millionaires, either option can be extremely lucrative. By offering both of these training courses, ClickBank University 2.0 puts you in control of your own destiny so that you can choose the path that is best for you.

Included in your purchase is a live weekly training webinar, and a bi-weekly expert classes that bring in real life success stories to provide you with firsthand knowledge and advice. You’ll also have access to periodic special training courses that highlight and focus on a single aspect of marketing, taught by real life industry experts. In addition, you’ll be able to use the ClickBank Toolkit, Traffic Center, and ClickBank Community.

It is a bit more costly, with a close to $600 price tag for the ClickBank Builder software (it is a one off payment for this funnel software, so does save money in the long run), and an extra $47 per month for the regularly released new information. However, if you follow all the steps, it is a clear path to successful affiliate marketing.

As an added security blanket if you decide to make the purchase, ClickBank University 2.0 offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the materials for any reason.

Read The Review | Buy It Now

CB Passive Income License 5.0

Last of our top 3 is the CB Passive Income License 5.0 training system. Heralded as a turnkey system by its creator, Patrick Chan, this offer is just as much a product in and of itself as it is a training. When you purchase CB Passive Income license 5.0, you not only receive training on how to attract traffic, you also receive a “business in a box” package of a proven system.

Using this system allows you to generate a steady stream of passive income from the traffic you can obtain, while letting the system do the heavy lifting. It has a reasonable price tag of $47 monthly, or an annual option of about $500. For a certain period of time, there is a promotional offer for a one-time $500 payment for a lifetime subscription.

In Patrick’s system, he doesn’t tell you to find variety of tools to put together your own system of web pages, email lists, marketing strategies, and more. Instead, he supplies you with a copy of his own system that you can use to begin generating income for yourself using the identical methods that he does, all through the training. 

Essentially, he has done the hard part of creating and developing a system that has stood the test of time and continues to generate passive income, and now he is willing to let you piggyback of his methods while you focus on one specific piece of this marketing approach. That specific piece is the job of finding and driving new traffic to your ready to use system.

With this system, you’ll receive all the necessary infrastructure to put your cloned strategy in place. Then, you’ll also receive valuable training on how to attract traffic to your system using advertising and social media.

On top of the training courses, you’ll be able to access monthly question and answer call sessions with Patrick himself to get you headed in the right direction initially, and keep you learning as you gain more experience along the way.

The best part is that when you get this system, it is for a lifetime of commission.

While you work hard to bring in traffic, Patrick and his team are hard at work improving and upgrading the system for you. As with our other picks, this system is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.

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No matter which option you decide to pursue, each of these is a great way to start your career in affiliate marketing. Not only are they proven systems that have been used by many others to bring in passive income, they are also backed by a money back guarantee so that you have nothing to lose! So, if you have always dreamt of a world in which you could make money while lying in your bed at night without lifting a finger, get started today.

As with anything else, there is a certain amount of time and effort required upfront to get your business off the ground. With the help and training of systems like these, it really is something that anyone can achieve. Take a little hard work and a little bit of training, and you’ll be well on your way to obtaining your financial freedom through passive income in no time!

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