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ClickFunnels Review Summary;

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It really depends on your outlook. A salesfunnel should pay for itself, so paying $97 a month for a hosted funnel is pretty good money. 

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Ease of USe

The majority of ClickFunnels is easy to use, there are the odd quirks on mobile that get annoying, but it's quick and easy to set a funnel up, plus share funnels help!

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You get a lot of functionality to help with your build such as integrations, plugins and items to work with your funnels and pages. 

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I would say their support is lacking. I have never had a decent or useful reply, and it usually take days, I prefer to use the Facebook groups for answers.

Summary: A staple for the funnel building software / platforms these days. ClickFunnels is everywhere, whever you know it or not. A solid funnel builder, you can quickly and easily put together compex and well made sales funnels without a lot of hassle. If you struggle, there is usually a share funnel or one for sale that will do the job for you!

  • Simple and easy to use
  • a number of integrations and tools to help you increase sales
  • share funnels means you can quickly and easily hand over pre built funnels to other people or companies
  • the higher package has a niche market - not for every day users
  • the mobile version is awful
  • clickFunnels does get a bad name on occasion due to it's affiliate program (people abuse the share system)

$97 per month after the 14 Day Trial

Firstly, what is a sales funnel?

Pretty good question, using a good quote from, a Sales funnel can be summarised as;

 At the top of that funnel, some substance is poured in, which filters down towards one finite destination. In sales, something similar occurs. At the top, lots of visitors arrive who may enter your funnel. However, unlike the real-world funnel, not all who enter the sales funnel will reemerge out from the other end.  - R.L Adams

Or you can visualise by looking at this image;

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Using a funnel allows you to keep that potential customer, for life (unless they opt out). Once that visitor enters your funnel, they have signed up to an email list, or to a 'contact in the future' list. 

Basically, a clickfunnel works by converting your website visitors to high-value clients, by taking them through custom-made sales pages.

Once you have captured that email or phone number, you then have the ability to pre-sell content too them,  with a product or a service that you want them to buy. 

Teachers such as Franklin Hatchett recommend building trust with your leads by providing useful content, articles, videos and even building a backstory to help emphasise with your potential customers. 

After a few days, weeks or even months,  you can start to send your leads to your sales pages.  These are pages designed to get these people to buy, buy, buy! These pages include headlines that are eye catching, images or videos that further explain the service or product you are trying to sell and they will include bullet points and paragraphs, full of information!

Finally, the funnel will also include a check out page, that usually contains a One Time Offer (OTO) for example, getting a Free Funnel given too you, without doing any work! You can also include upsells, or downsells to increase the total value of a customer.

ClickFunnels Review

These extra conversions turn a standard customer, into a super customer, by selling more too them than they originally came in for. 

This is usually called the McDonalds trick. Have you ever gone into McDonalds wanting a double cheeseburger for £2 / $3 , and ended up with a double cheese burger, chips and a drink (XL of course..) for £7 / $10. This increase only costs McDonalds a few extra cents but they have doubled the amount they have got from you!

This doesn't always work, and it may be that you only sell the meal deal to 10% of customers, so for every 100 customers you get an extra £5 from and after fees you make £4, you have now netted yourself an extra £40!

This upsell / downsell is unlimited, what happens if you manage to get 30% of your customers purchase the meal deal, and then another 10% purchase a McFlurry for £2 AND 1% of customers to purchase the legendary McDonalds yearly season pass for £200.  You have essentially made yourself an extra  £420.. off of the standard £200 you would have got in the beginning.

Great, so how does ClickFunnels help with all this?

Even if you have an amazing business idea, building an online business is not as easy as it may sound. Now, this is where ClickFunnels come in. They are tools designed to help entrepreneurs make hassle-free sales for their online business, everything from easy to build webinar funnels, to standard email signups. 

You will find ClickFunnels in use popularly with photographers, realtors, insurance agents, restaurant owners, and online store owners (I actually started to use ClickFunnels to focus people on certain online products, without letting potential customers lose focus or getting distracted by standard WordPress themes or Shopify Themes)

They save up so much time because all the technical work gets done for you using WYSIWYG page builders, much like Thrive Architect - More on that below)

Before we get into the breakdown, it's worth noting that within this ClickFunnels Review, I will be looking at ClickFunnel alternatives and showing you both the pro and cons of using Salesfunnels. I will also compare it too other programs like LeadPages, SamCart and even Thrive Themes. 

ClickFunnels Breakdown

ClickFunnels can be broken down into a number of smaller tools to help you build the ultimate funnel.

Marketing Tools and Capabilities

Clickfunnels have very unique tools that set it apart from any other software marketing out there. These special capabilities and tools available to you after signing up include;

  • Website hosting is provided
  • There are numerous themes and websites you can use to personalize your site
  • Training materials are available with 24-hour customer support
  • Emails get responded to automatically
  • A customer who is a previous shopper does not have to input their credit card details
  • A shopping cart for your customers (Including full use of gateways such as Stripe & PayPal)
  • Ease of use when it comes to adding other products. It’s just by the click of a button.
  • There exists a membership site where members can get their own account and login details. These sites are free but there is the option for paid sites which offer more capabilities.
  • Easy to build webinar funnels (Run replays or live webinars, without even needing to be at home..)
  • A fully integrated affiliate system (including sharing your own funnels)

The platform also offers analytical tools that you can use to monitor performance, including reports, graphs and breakdowns of how your funnels are doing at every step. 

Ease of Use 

The sole reason for their existence is for simplicity and ease of use. The menus are quite comprehensive and make navigating through really easy.

Even people little experience can use it without much hassle. Clickfunnels is definitely the way to go because it is way easier than creating your own funnels.

They do also lessen your workload by giving you ready built templates, or the ability to build drag and drop funnels with ease. 

You don't need to have a degree in astrophysics to get these set up and working. 

You do require some experience in online marketing to ensure people are reaching your funnel though, always keep this in mind. 

For a first time user, the whole experience might feel a bit overwhelming.

If the need arises, you can always get help from customer service or head on over to their forum. Within a couple of hours, you will get a hang of it and will have learned so much and should be able to navigate easily by yourself.

Ultimately you will find that some settings require a little more concentration to understand, but it is generally streamlined to make a more user-friendly interface.

As I said before, I find the drag and drop functions easy and quick to use.

On a scale of 1 to 5, I'd give it a solid 4 in regards to ease of use.

Actionetics and Backpack

Actionetics are automated marketing tools that are in some way similar to auto responder emails in that they send out automated responses. The main goal of actionetics is to carry out smart analytics that in turn lead to smart auto-responding via snail mail as well as the usual email.

ClickFunnels Review

Besides just sending automated email, actionetics offer so much more options. For example, you can segment your email list based on customer interests, using tags.

Recently, Actionetics has been upgraded so that now you can earn some money every time your email is clicked or opened. This feature makes it possible for tracking of the email’s profitability.

Backpack was formerly known as Backpack CRM. It is a tool designed to simplify affiliate marketing programs and their management. Through this, you can also track payments.

Backpacks also allow for digital assets to be created and stored for use by affiliates.

General affiliate information such as the total number of affiliates and the sales they made is available on Backpack‘s main dashboard.

It is here that you can also edit your affiliates based on their overall performance.

Cost and Products offered

ClickFunnels have 2 different pricing plans i.e. the StartUp and the Etison Suite. The main difference is access to funnels, pages, and the number of visitors.

Both plans have unlimited members and contacts.

Check out the differences

  • (Startup) - $97 per Month plan 
  • (etison suite) - $297 per month plan
  • 20funnels
  • 100 pages
  • 20,000 visitors
  • A/B Split Tests
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited members
  • Email integrations
  • All advanced funnels
  • Sales Funnels
  • 3 customized domains
  • ClickPops
  • ClickOptin
  • Optin funnels
  • Order pages
  • Upsell pages
  • Downsell pages
  • Membership funnels
  • Auto webinar funnels
  • Hangout funnels
  • Sharing your funnels
  • Initially, there were 3 separate pricing tiers, but this has been culled down to 2. 

    For those who pay annually, they get a 16% discount which translates to 2 months free.

    Despite the fact that they are quite pricey, these packages are a good investment.


    Clickfunnels have a wide range of benefits to the users. Here are some of those benefits in a nutshell:

    • Free training - You can even get access too their Affiliate Boot Camp (I would recommend it)
    • Marketing education and tips
    • It’s very easy to use when building funnels
    • Easy tracking of affiliate conversions
    • A 2 week free trial period - Get Started here
    • Creates attractive funnel pages
    • Integrates with different payment modes
    • Can be linked with major email services

    Page Designs and Funnel Templates

    Even though click funnels come with readymade templates, you can also start from scratch and create your own. Here are some types of funnels you can create:

    • Lead Capture Funnels. These are used to grow your mailing list
    • Sales Page Funnels. Used to sell the available products and services offered
    • Product Launch Funnels. For launching new product lines
    • Webinar Funnels. To promote your webinars
    • Membership Sites. Used to create membership sites thereby generating a recurring source of income
    • Online courses. For hosting your online courses within clickfunnels
    • Video funnels for pre loading your potential buyers with a sales videos
    • Testimonial funnels - A new one that's recently been added allows you to show testimonials from clients or leads and provide you with social proof to increase conversions!
    ClickFunnels Review

    Third-party Integrated System

    Clickfunnels offer integrations with a number of third-party systems. The integrations are either for payment gateways or better emailing. Clickfunnels have several partners that they’ve integrated with.

    Here is a complete list of the integrations:

    Payment Gateways:

    • Paypal
    • Clickbank
    • Stripe
    • Infusionsoft
    • Warriorplus
    • Ontraport
    • Easy Pay Direct
    • Taxamo
    • Recurly
    • ShipStation
    • SalesForce
    • Sendlane
    • Blue Snap
    • Shopify
    • JVZoo
    • NMI

    Email Integrations:

    • MailChimp
    • GetResponse
    • aWeber
    • Infusionsoft
    • MadMimi
    • ActiveCampaign
    • Interspire
    • Maropost
    • CoverKit
    • Drip
    • Hubspot
    • GoToWebnar Form
    • Constant Contact API
    • Office AutoPilot Tagging
    • HTML Form Integration
    • GVO PureLeverage
    • Webinar Jam Studio
    • YouZign
    • Twilio

    Managing these third-party interactions is quite straightforward. What matters is that you correctly set up with the tool you intend to integrate with.

    Can You Get ClickFunnels For Free?

    One of the good things about ClickFunnels is that you can actually make ClickFunnels pay you, for using their service. 

    Sounds a bit crazy. 

    ClickFunnels runs an affiliate program, for every person who signs up from your recommendation, can go on to earn you around $35 a month, for the time that they are active. 

    That means, you could pay for your own ClickFunnels account, by reconmending ClickFunnels to them.

    Now, obviously you should only recommend it, if you use it and believe it's a good product. 

    For example, the 4 day training, and the funnel that we give away, are both held on ClickFunnels.

    This means, that by giving people a valuable and money making funnel, they are able to bring in people to then pay for their funnel. 

    Pros and Cons of ClickFunnels

    While writing this ClickFunnels review, I was a little worried it would become quite lengthy. 

    As such, I wanted to give you a quick Pro / Cons of Clickfunnels to help you decide if it's for you!

    ClickFunnels Pros:

    • Creates marketing and sales funnels quickly and easily
    • Use other peoples Funnels - Find ones that work for you (You can grab a free one here)
    • Saves you a lot of time
    • It can make you more money, by allowing you to build profitable funnels via testing and proven strategies) 
    • A larger interconnected network full of advice and helpful tips
    • It is beginner friendly and also suitable for experienced users
    • Has a template for every type of funnel
    • Software offer room for upgrades
    • So many options for different customization
    • Drag and drop feature
    • Numerous options for templates
    • Webinars and videos for training purposes
    • Despite them being easy to use, they are also flexible
    • Offers A/B testing to improve results
    • Has a WordPress website Plugin
    • Great selection of integrations: for payments and emails

    ClickFunnels Cons:

    • There are ALOT of templates
    • It can be pricey, people get turned off by the monthly cost - So it's one of those who are sure they NEED to build funnels
    • Too simplified
    • There is so much to be learned at a go
    • Number of pages, visitors and funnels are limited to the StartUp plan
    • Split or A/B testing can be tedious and limited, you don't always get the stats you require
    • You will encounter 'Software' bugs, though they are quickly dealt with
    • One is required to keep subscribing in order to use the funnels, if you stop subscribing, your funnels are no longer accessible.

    ClickFunnel Alternatives?

    It wouldn't be a balanced review, if I didn't at least mention a few of the other products or services that offer the same tools (or at least, some of the same tools)

    The available alternatives for ClickFunnels have similar capabilities. Examples are LeadPages, SamCart and Thrive Landing Pages

    1. ClickFunnels vs LeadPages

    LeadPages are very popular and have been in use for the longest time, in marketing. You will notice that somehow, LeadPages are limited compared to Clickfunnels, in terms of scope and total coverage. Their function is to create a landing page.

    Both platforms have the drag and drop feature that makes it easy to work with in creating the designs you like. Also, both offer the option to integrate with other email service providers.

    LeadPages are better than ClickFunnels at creating target lead magnets. This strategy is very efficient for growing your email list. The target lead magnets will help with opt-in conversion rates that are far much higher than those for your standard pop-up.

    If your focus is to sell products and services, then ClickFunnels is what you should opt for. This tool will really help you to boost your sales. Seelin on LeadPages is not as easy as it is with ClickFunnels.

    If your focus is lead generation, LeadPages are the way to go.

    • ClickFunnels vs SamCart

    SamCart has a lot more in common with ClickFunnels in the way that it creates beautiful and high converting checkout pages. SamCart has more flexible terms in comparison with clickfunnels.

    On matters of integration, SamCart is in partnership with both Stripe and Paypal.

    SamCart allows you to add order buttons, upsells and downsells just like the case in ClickFunnels. You can also create coupons which come in really handy for increasing conversions for your site.

    SamCart comes with 17 customizable templates. There are very minimal customizations that can be done to these pre-designed templates.

    In general, ClickFunnels are viewed to be more powerful. This is because you can design as many checkout pages as you can imagine.

    Both tools are available at the $97 per month.

    • ClickFunnels vs Thrive Landing Pages

    For me, this is a difficult one, a lot of people have sent me messages comparing ClickFunnels with Thrive Landing Pages, and I feel its like comparing apples with eggs.

    Thrive Landing Pages are also referred to as Thrive Content Builder is more focused on building pretty amazing content pages, i.e this page. 

    If you want the ability to grab leads, or build out funnels, then you require more manual work. 

    Thrive Architect does provide you with some lead generation tools, or quite pretty landing pages (I would recommend reading the review if you want to build awesome websites

    For this, they don't really compare. 


    Do you want to generate more views for your business? Then ClickFunnels are definitely the way to go if you are willing to invest in your business. Use them to add a lifelong value to your customers.

    Online entrepreneurs are now using ClickFunnels to drastically increase their online sales. This is also possible for those who do now have a personal website. All one is required to do is create sales pages and direct traffic to them.

    However, it is highly recommended for you to have a website in order to build organic traffic. A website gives you authority because you can publish new content regularly so more people visit your site.

    The good thing is that there is a 14 day free trial period just in case you don’t like the software. So you have nothing to lose in trying it out to see if you can use it to grow your business.

    You do not need to be a programmer to be able to use this set of tools. The program is very easy to use. All you need is knowledge in internet marketing.

    I hope this review was helpful in making a sound decision on whether ClickFunnels are right for you.

    Click Funnels

    $97 per month



    Ease of use




    Number of Themes





    • Tons of pre built segements
    • High quality landing pages & funnels
    • 14 Free Trial
    • Free funnels from other members
    • Free upgrades and hosting


    • Can be costly
    • Funnels are hosted by them

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      I have recently just moved from leadpages as I wasn’t really getting on with it!

      I was a little put off by the higher price, but the numbe r of tools and templates for this really makes this worthwhile in my eyes.. I signed up to the 14 day free trial, so I am about 8 days into that and really loving it.

      Can you share the free funnel link? It won’t load for me and I am keen to get another funnel added to my own

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