Legendary Marketer vs Wealthy Affiliate

If you are new to the Affiliate Marketing world, or even just looking to build a business online, you have probably heard of Wealthy Affiliate, or Legendary Marketer.  Today we compare Legendary Marketer vs Wealthy Affiliate to find the winner.

They both offer training and guides to those starting out, but which one of these is the best course to look at when you just start?

We will look at the information they provide, the pricing, what else you get access too and also who they are aimed at. 

It's worth noting, there are a lot of these comparisons out there, I mean hundreds. Most will fall on the side of the people they are affiliated too, no real surprise, so I will try and keep this as balanced as I can.

I would also add that comparing these is a little like comparing apples to pears, as they do offer slightly different products and training. 

If you want to read more in-depth reviews of either of the platforms you can find more information at the end of each section. 

Legendary Marketer

  • Large Number Of Different Training To Suit Different Needs
  • High Quality Training
  • Training/eBooks Start From $1
  • High Ticket Affiliate Program - Does Allow You To Earn Some Decent Commissions (And Learn How To Sell Them)

Wealthy Affiliate

  • Can Get Started For Free
  • Easy Way To Start Learning SEO
  • Large Community Spirit

Legendary Marketer

Let's start out with Legendary Marketer, or LM for short, because I can't be bothered to keep writing out their full name for this battle of the platforms. 

What Is Legendary Marketer?

LM is a platform that focused on building up online businesses through a variety of ways, from ads & funnels, to webinars, consultancy and even 'normal' affiliate marketing tactics. 

Access too the platform itself is limited by someone taking a business challenge, or eBook offer, providing a low cost entry into the world of Affiliate Marketing. 

The platform and training has been put together by a fairly legendary man called David Sharpe. He gets some flack due to leaving a very well known MLM platform after falling out with the owners. 

He went on to build out his own platform imparting his own knowledge to others. 

What Does Legendary Marketer Offer?

This is where Legendary Marketer is going to different from Wealthy Affiliate, because LM offers a number of different products, at a variety of different price points, as apposed to Wealthy Affiliates single product.

Business Builder Challenge

The fist two products that LM offer are the Business Builder Challenge and the Affiliate Domination eBook. 

Both of these are low cost options, that provide you with the basics to Affiliate Marketing, designed to teach you how affiliate marketing works, how to choose niches, understand funnels and email responders and also the basics of selling and promotion. 

It's quite a lot to put into 15 days, but the videos are well laid out and the fact you get access too a business guru (I admit they are a little salesy) it can be great to have someone to talk too at least.

Marketers Club

The Marketers Club is what I would class as being the closest to Wealthy Affiliate, and it's the easy one to do a like for like comparison on. 

Though I feel that they are sold on different reasons. The monthly price from Legendary Marketer is to keep access too new training, live training from well known Affiliate Marketers and also the community, whereas for WA it's more focusing on training from other members and their 'community'. 

Legendary Marketer vs Wealthy Affiliate -  Marketer Club

Inside the Marketer Club it is split into training and interviews by different people, as apposed to focusing on say 'Facebook ads' they do a training session with someone like Mark Harbert or someone similar. 

The cost of the marketers club is actually cheaper than Wealthy Affiliate, coming in at $30 a month, compared to the WA $49 a month, but some will see it as having less 'add-ons'.

Omni Branding Formyoula

Keeping with the theme of products inside of Legendary Marketer, the Omni branding product was one that came out at the end of 2019. 

It's essentially a guide on how to be omnipresent, allowing marketers to spend less time trying to create tons of content for different platforms. 

Traffic Rolodex

If you are struggling on ways to get more traffic to blogs or YouTube channels, then Traffic Rolodex could be useful. 

It's comprised of 8 mini guides on the main platforms and how you can generate traffic, step by step, from using social media to finding traffic on YouTube.

The Blueprints

One of the biggest draws for Legendary Marketer, and the reason most people get into this platform. 

There are 4 different Blueprints to choose from, ranging from helping you start your own consultancy business, how to launch products, events and webinars and then also Affiliate Marketing. 

These products are one of the reasons people instantly dismiss LM, as each Blueprint comes in at $2500, but the value you get from that price tag far outweighs it. 

Legendary Marketer Blueprints - Affiliate Programs With High Commissions

 These blueprints are full on guides, with Facebook lives and even 1-1 sessions to help you get the most from what you are trying to achieve. 

How Much Is Legendary Marketer?

As you can see, the core products from Legendary Marketer will cost you $7 as a one off cost, and then $30 a month for their Marketer Club, which is the one that is most like Wealthy Affiliate. 

If you decide to jump on in and pay for all the value up front, then it will cost you $2500, but at least there is no reason to keep paying each month as you will have all the information you would need. 

Pros Of Legendary Marker

The barrier to entry is low, it costs $7 to get started and you could have a funnel set up and running with ads going towards it

Their $30 a month Marketer Club provides you with fresh new content each month, justifying the cost. It means you are getting new training, with up to date ideas and tactics that work as part of that $30 a month. 

Their affiliate program can pay really well, with commissions up to around $15k, depending on what products a customers take. 

The program itself is packed full of value, so you know if you do promote it or purchase the products you know you are going to get bucket loads of information.  

Cons of Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer is a funnel, there is no way of beating around that bush. You start at a low ticket product and they slowly up sell or show you other products that provide greater value, at a higher price. 

People don't always like that and prefer to have 1 or 2 products and that's it. 

The training and the guides are also aimed at one single form of traffic, at least the starting training guides are. They really focus on ads and landing pages, just because you can see profits and commissions quite quickly, but this may not be the best route for everyone. 

Edit: They have started to diversify this, as of 2022. You will start to see more organic traffic with TikTok or Instagram, so it's no longer just 'ads or nothing'.

It's not until you get into the higher ticket products or higher priced training where you start to learn about other traffic sources. 

Full Legendary Market Review

For those who want to dive down the rabbit hole and read a more in-depth review on the platform, be sure to check out the Legendary Marketer Review

Wealthy Affiliate

I think everyone who has ever delved into Affiliate Marketing has heard about Wealthy Affiliate, be it from reading peoples reviews on it, or seeing it compared to basically any other product in the market (usually in a favourable view). 

As with the Legendary Marketer half of this Legendary Marketer vs Wealthy Affiliate article, I will link back to the full review at the end of this section. 

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

In a nutshell, Wealthy Affiliate, or WA as I will now refer too it, is an online community and platform for those who want to learn the secret art of websites and blogging. 

It comes in a two tier, or fremium model when it comes to it's platform. Allowing users to sign up for their free training & membership, with the ability to upgrade to their paid for membership at anytime. 

What Does Wealthy Affiliate Offer?

At the core of it, they offer two different options. 

Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership

The free membership is WA's way of getting potential customers onto the platform and is a great way for new entrepreneurs to get started, but possibly not for the reason you are thinking. 

Wealthy Affiliate offer you the ability to host 2 WordPress websites, for free. Allowing you to get around $8 worth of hosting for the price of 100% of nothing.

You also get access to 10 training videos, that explain the basics of affiliate marketing, how to set up a website and even how to pick a niche (basically pick something you enjoy).

One thing I noticed is that they provide training done by others within this free membership, but they don't seem to actively tell you (they seem to say you need to upgrade to access them).

Wealthy Affiliate Paid Membership

At the heart of Wealthy Affiliate is their paid membership, it's how they pay the bills and allow people to host 2 websites for free!

The paid membership opens up the number of websites a member can host from 2, to 10 (it may be unlimited these days, but I am not sure) as well as giving them access to more videos, the community training and of course the community themselves. 

Wealthy Affiliate Training - Legendary Marketer vs Wealthy Affiliate

Now the majority of Wealthy Affiliates content is focused on building building blogs and websites to generate commissions, from Amazon niche sites to MMO authority sites and basically everything in between. 

Some of the user training from the community do delve into other areas such as Adwords or Youtube, but for the most part it's going to be SEO tactics and how to craft articles. 

I would also add that you get access to Jaaxy, Wealthy Affiliates 'keyword research tool', though only a certain number of searches and uses per day.

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

It's a pretty easy one to talk about, as Wealthy Affiliate only has two products that they sell. 

Wealthy Affiliate paid for membership comes in at $49 per month, with the optional extra of paying another $49 per month to get full access to their keyword research tool.

That $49 per month extra for the keyword research tool is not worth it in my opinion. You are better off using KeySearch, which is a fraction of the price.

Pros Of Wealthy Affiliate

I will admit you get a lot of content for your price per month. 

With the ability to get a number of websites hosted for you, plus the ability to get training as well can really help those just starting out with Affiliate Marketing. 

The training is decent, some of it is a little dated, but it's boosted by new information dropped by the community. Access to the community can really make someone who has just started feel welcome, and feel part of something much bigger. 

Free members also get access to the Affiliate Program, so you can really get started with potentially earning commissions as you learn. You may only earn $11 per month, rather than the $23 per month a paying member will, but hey, it's a start. 

Cons of Wealthy Affiliate

For me, one of the biggest weaknesses of Wealthy Affiliate was the inability to downgrade. If you are a paying member, but don't want access too everything, and maybe only want access too the hosting or you only want access too the affiliate program, there is no way of doing so.

You only have the option of cancelling your account or keep paying $49 per month for the privilege of the affiliate program. 

The other thing that really bugs me about Wealthy Affiliate, is the constant push towards 'negative marketing'. Essentially slating every single product, training or platform out there, ranking for as many keywords to brig people onto the Wealthy Affiliate platform. 

I feel that it's an awful way of teaching people how to find traffic and really de-values the information inside of WA. 

Finally, the cult like feeling that you get form the community can be off putting, I have said the same about ClickFunnels, as well as BuilderAll, if you say anything bad about the platforms or show any form of criticism, you are instantly dismissed and banished to the land down under. 

Full Wealthy Affiliate Review

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Well, there you have it, I admit doing a Legendary Marketer vs Wealthy Affiliate battle is quite difficult because they really do have two different target markets and go about teaching and implementing the core mechanics of affiliate marketing very differently, but it's still worth understanding what they offer.

I wouldn't say that either of these platforms 'wins', but if I had to pick a platform and a training method that works for me, it would have to be Legendary Marketer, due to the diversity of the products on offer and the fact they do offer a more guided approach if you are willing to pay for the expertise. 

From an affiliate marketer point of view, I feel that the low barrier to entry with Wealthy Affiliate is great, getting those 10 videos and 2 free hosting slots, but the $7 business builder challenge with all the ads copy, emails and templates given as a bonus can really help you learn how to use ads and begin making commissions a lot quicker than blogging and SEO.

If you had to choose, which of these two platforms would you get started on? 

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    At least this bloody post is not biased and you looked at this rationality. So many people don’t even bloody bother!

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