15 Second Free Leads Course Review

15 Second Free Leads Course Review Summary;

15 Second Free Leads Course Review 2 15 second free leads course review


It's $1.

I'm not sure you can say much else, that's a fantastic price.

15 Second Free Leads Course Review 3 15 second free leads course review

Ease of USe

As with all Legendary Marketer content, the videos and training are hosted on their site. Easy to navigate and follow.

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The information within the 15 Second Leads course is decent, and in-depth. Around an hours worth of information and advice. Plus the bonus training.

15 Second Free Leads Course Review 5 15 second free leads course review


Their email support and even the Facebook group are responsive and helpful. 

With the guys who actually run the training answering questions and adding more advice. 


  • It costs $1 to get access
  • The information is solid and useful. With lots of advice and actions that can be taken to start seeing success
  • You get access to around 2 hours worth of content, advice and information. well worth that $1 access. 

It costs $1... everyone has $1.

The last of the mini course reviews from the Legendary Marketer Platform, 15 Second Leads mini course is the 3rd and the latest in their updated and pretty decent releases of books and courses.

As I have said for the others, these mini course are a great way of understanding the style of training that Legendary Marketer create and even offer a sneaky low cost way of getting their 15 Day Business Builder Challenge. 

Today, we will dive into the 15 Seconds Free Leads course, probably the shortest of the 3 mini courses, at only 4 parts / lessons, with a cheeky bonus  (1 hour) video.

What Is The 15 Second Free Leads Course

The 15 Second Free Leads Course is a 4 part mini course on how to utilise one of the biggest, and fastest growing social media platforms at the moment, TikTok. Otherwise known as the Legendary Marketer TikTok course, though I do prefer its actual name!

Seriously, TikTok is huge, with millions of daily users, the chances to generate leads and even commissions from this platform has never been greater. 

15 Second Free Leads Course Review 6 15 second free leads course review

Looking at the start of 2020, 315m people had downloaded TikTok (Check out more TikTok stats), I am sure with the joys of lockdown and everything else that has happened in 2020 that this is now out of date and this has risen even higher. 

15 Second Free Leads Course Review 7 15 second free leads course review

The course focuses on how to use this growing platform, to create targeted, and hopefully viral videos to generate commissions for whatever niche or product you wat to promote. 

It covers everything from;

  • How to come up with endless amounts of TikTok video topics, 
  • How to set up and use your TikTok profile
  • How to get Tiktok to promote and eve share your videos to more people
  • Tips and tricks to create posts people actually want to watch or follow

There are also a few extras and additional resources that you can get to increase your knowledge, such as what hashtags to use, how to find viral topics ad some additional personal tips (but I will cover that in a bit)

Each section is taught by different coaches, so you will have potentially 2 or 3 different teachers for each section, and then at the end of the video there is a 6 way call that was recorded between the staple teachers such as Mat and Dave, as well as others such as Dom who I have spoken about before and Jake Thornhill who both have done amazingly well at using TikTok to generate leads and commissions.

What Is Inside The 15 Second Free Leads Course

As previously mentioned, this course is split it 4 main areas, so let's dive into them now.

Part 1 - Endless 15 Second Video Topics

The first of the 4 videos focuses on the actual planning and how to come up with the ideas that you can start to create. As I have said before, these videos kick of with a group discussion around TiKTok and of course the different methods these guys use to come up with their content. 

Jake Thornhill heads up this particular module. With input from Matt, one of Legendary Marketers main training guys.

Jake takes you through the 5 or 6 steps he uses to create around 100 or so content ideas, and I have to admit, he comes up with A LOT of ideas, a whole page of different headers and sub headings that he can create potential videos around. 

With so many different angles and ideas, these headers and sub headings could be used for articles and even ads, this doesn't just have to be used for TikTok. 

15 Second Free Leads Course Review 8 15 second free leads course review

Now that image is just a tiny part of the big list that Jake comes up with, but he also explains how you can create your own list of ideas. 

The guys also jump into other tips, such as checking out current content (have you ever sat and looked at Instagram search or TikTok trending?). There is so much content out there, that these social media platforms are telling you is popular, but people usually ignore that fact. 

When running DropShipping stores we used to look at the trending pages, to give an idea on what products might be good to sell, but I have never sat down and looked TikTok videos giving out hints and tips, or recipe ideas etc. 

This nearly 20 minute video is really well put together, and personally I would say that this alone is worth the $1 entry fee.

Part 2 - The Perfect TikTok Profile

Next up we have the Perfect TikTok profile! Because there is no point in creating awesome looking content that goes viral if you don't have a well optimised profile. 

The same kind of content is taught within the SAA Mastermind, but of course focuses on TikTok, rather than Facebook. 

As with the last module/lesson this is taught kind of tag team by Matt Steinman and Dom, two people who have crushed it with TikTok Marketing. Matt bringing in close to 35k followers and generating 185k+ likes on videos. That's a lot of views..

15 Second Free Leads Course Review 9 15 second free leads course review
15 Second Free Leads Course Review 10 15 second free leads course review

As you can see the styles are very similar, focusing on have a clear call to action, with a possible link (for TikTok you need to be invited to have a clickable link). It's also useful to have a short, but easy to read bio as well. 

This style is obviously working really well for Matt, with over 850,000 video views in 28 days, he is getting 2000 profile views every single week. 2,000 people are looking at his profile, so having a well optimised and clear profile means he can start to convert those viewers into leads and potentially buyers. 

Dom has done really well with this method, again having a well optimised profile, he has been able to bring people into the Legendary Marketer eco system, with nearly $10,000 earned from the site, he has done remarkedly well (I am glad I introduced him to Legendary!).

 Again, as with the first lesson, the whole lesson is around 17 or 18 minutes long, it's easy to follow and is packed with value. There is a 6 man catch up at the end, with the guys discussing ideas and ways to optimise profiles. 

Part 3 - Get TikTok To Share Your Videos

Going Viral is any marketers dream. If you can get a piece of content in front of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, then you can potentially hit the jackpot. 

It's how YouTube channels explode or TiKTok accounts become big, because they are picked up by the 'algorithms' (you have to say that 3 times backwards in a mirror and it will happen to you). 

Now, this is partly luck, but there are ways of increasing the chances, such as more content, using certain and relevant hashtags and of course, creating content that people enjoy. 

You can create 100's of TikTok videos, but if they are not optimised, or relevant to the market you are trying to target, then you simply are not going to achieve viral sensations.

Jonathan takes the lead on this particular video, and provides some amazing tips and ideas on how to increase that success rate. Showing some great examples of people who have had videos reach the 100,000's of likes, 20,000+ shares and 1,000,000's of views. 

I really enjoyed this video, because even though some of it is obvious, like 'use hashtags' or 'create content your audience will enjoy' it also has some ideas that you might not think about. Sorry, you will need to invest $1 to get those ideas. It's worth it.

Part 4 - Post Exactly What People Want

The final part of this 4 part series, the main man Dom is back again to show you how to start posting and throwing up content people will love.

He has done a lot of trial and error, working out what starts to get views and what doesn't. He started with some videos getting a few views, to others reaching the 000's. 

As I said before, Dom has seen some amazing success, getting lots of people into the Legendary Marketer eco space, testing and finding out the type of content that works, testing his CTA's and profile set ups. 

15 Second Free Leads Course Review 11 15 second free leads course review

As I mentioned in the how to generate free leads via social media article, TikTok seems to strip the links out when you see it in a browser, but you can see how Dom has set his profile up and started to create posts that can relate and focus on a certain market. 

Since this training went live, Dom has grown the account to 22,000 followers, and 51,000+ likes and regularly gets thousands of views, including videos that have hit 25,000 views!

This last training video is one of the longest, hitting nearly 40 minutes, with all 6 of the guys discussing the types of content people interact with and enjoy. Again, for $1 you have everything you need to grow a successful TikTok account. 

If I am being honest, these tips and ideas found within this 15 second free leads course,  can be put onto any platform, especially Instagram or Snapchat and could work just as well.

15 Second Free Leads Course Bonuses

This is Legendary Marketer, there will be hidden bonuses, and extras added to pretty much anything they sell, so let's dive into some Legendary Marketer bonuses!

TikTok For Technophobes

Inside the course is a bonus video, just shy of an hour long, called the Dirty Guide To TikTok

From what I can tell, this is an undisclosed bonus, though it is mentioned on the sales page. Essentially Matt Heltzel walks you through everything about TikTok, from getting the app, how the app works, how to post videos and everything else in between. 

As I said, it's just shy of 60 minutes long, explaining in a super user friendly way how to use and leverage TikTok, even those who have zero clue how to use TikTok can get some value from this great guide. 

15 Day Business Builder Challenge

I don't think I could have finished off this trio of mini courses and eBooks without saying that of course, this particular $1 course also comes with access to the Legendary 15 Day Business Builder Challenge (and the respective bonuses included).

This officially makes this the cheapest way to access the 15 day business builder challenge, and considering it's already cheap at $7, this just makes this stupidly cheap. 

If you don't know what the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge is, it's Legendary Marketers original course or product designed to help you build a profitable funnel in just 15 days. Teaching you what funnels are, how email follow ups work and essentially how to run FB ads. 

15 Second Free Leads Course Review 12 15 second free leads course review

It usually sells for $7, but you can grab it for $1 if you decide to get the 15 Seconds Free Leads Course. 

The 15 Day Business Builder Challenge also comes with it's own bonuses, which for me, are worth a ton more, providing you with Facebook Ad templates, email templates, video scripts and even phone scripts, for $1.

Who Teaches Legendary Marketer Tiktok Course

So the whole course is taught between 6 different guys, with each video topped and tailed with a discussion between them all, on the topic of the video.

Each jumping in across the videos and offering their advice or opinion and experience with the different topics. 

I personally like this approach, as you get a different point of view, especially when it comes to trying to understand social media algorithms or how they pick and choose videos to promote. Having experience from 3 or 4 different marketers and what clicked for them is really useful. 

Who Is The 15 Seconds Leads Course For?

Any one who is looking to branch out, or wants to add an extra string to their bow, this little $1 course could be really useful. 

How Much Does The 15 Second Leads Course Cost

It's $1, and you get access too around 2 hours worth of training and advice. 

There is an additional extra cheat sheet, that costs $15, but provides some additional content that can be used, such as hashtags, content creation tools, money making websites, and different ideas on viral topics. 

I'm not sure if the $15 upsell is fully worth it, but if you want a few extra ideas, then $16 for everything is still a steal considering everything you get access too. 

What I Enjoyed?

Honestly, all of it. 

I think the videos are really well done, they are insightful and provide some great advice on getting started with TikTok. 

I enjoyed the fact different guys will jump on the calls and add their advice, such as Matt talking about his account and how he grew it, then Dom explaining what he is currently doing. This means you have more than 1 persons opinion and experience on each area. You are not relying on a single source.  

What I Didn’t Enjoy As Much

If you have grabbed other courses or programs, then you might get annoyed the fact you could get the 15 day business builder for only $1, rather than $7 or $5 with the other courses.

But considering you are getting lots of content and information, each focusing on different topics, you can pick all 3 courses up for under $20, I think it's worth a little 'annoyance'

15 Second Free Leads Review Conclusion

A really well put together group collaboration training course that focuses on helping others start and then grow their TiKTok accounts (and potentially other social media accounts). The guys know what they are doing and are living proof of that fact, each growing their own accounts and seeing success. 

The course is cheap, but still packed with useable and actionable information and I would say well worth the $1 it is sold for. If you feel that $1 is too much to spend on the legendary marketer TikTok course, then this probably isn't for you.

15 Second Free Leads Course






Ease Of Use



  • It Costs $1
  • Solid Information
  • 2 Hours Worth Of Content And Advice, For $1