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ClickBank University Review Summary;

The ClickBank University Review 2 ClickBank University review


ClickBank University 2.0 is going to cost $47 a month, and this is to keep access too the live training and forums etc. I would argue that you can pay for a month or two, work your way through the training and then cancel. So for that, it's worth it. But I would not keep up the $47 a month after that.

The ClickBank University Review 4 ClickBank University review

Ease of USe

The site and membership area is really easy to navigate around, with all the videos and resources easily accessible. One of the nicer membership sites I have come across.

The ClickBank University Review 6 ClickBank University review


The ClickBank University course, is packed. You get a lot of information inside this training. It's also nice that they offer both vendor and affiliate training.

The ClickBank University Review 8 ClickBank University review


A little slow, it took them a few days to cancel the monthly subscription, and the forum etc was a little dead.

Summary: The material and the teachers are both brilliant, with obviously knowledgeable people presenting the information to you. The upsell to the CB Builder is quite a lot, and the fact they charge monthly just to get access to live training or forums seems quite steep. 

  • High quality videos
  • useful information from top quality teachers
  • a lot of information and materials
  • the monthly price is quite steep
  • most people who take the course are marketers, not vendors, so a higher focus should be on that
  • the cBU builder is expensive, especially for what it is

$47 per month (though you can cancel after the first month and access the training)

For this ClickBank University review, I will also take a quick look at the marketplace behind the training.

ClickBank is arguably one of the biggest affiliate market places for both Vendors and Affiliates. 

When affiliate marketers sell courses, or tell you about how to become an affiliate marketer, a lot of the time they will tell you or teach you about ClickBank or even CB for short. 

A little while ago ClickBank decided to open their own University and surprisingly called it ClickBank University (who knew).

Fast forward a few years and several hundred tweaks later ClickBank University 2.0 has been born and it's been updated for 2018. 

This post will cover the core aspect of CBU, as well as providing some more in depth reviews to help you see exactly what it's all about and see if it's the training that you are after!

How do you I know about this course? I paid for it and followed the steps myself. I am constantly learning and I like to stay up-to-date with the latest affiliate marketing training and this is one of those that I felt could increase my knowledge. So here goes the CBU Review.

What is ClickBank University 2.0?

ClickBank University has been put together by with the help of two internet markets (your coaches) Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan (I would ignore the vests..)

ClickBank University 2.0 is a step by step training course (mainly videos, but more on that later) on how to build your own profitable online affiliate business or become a profitable internet vendor, using ClickBank marketplace to help achieve that. 

Inside it is broken down into a number of different areas. 

Now, before you run off and try to do all the videos in one go, you are restricted to watching each week, in real time. That means you may get through week one in a day or two, but you haven't really taken it in or followed their steps.

You can request that every week is given too you in one huge chunk (I admit I did this..but I wish I hadn't).  You really want to take your time, do the actions given too you and chill!

Right, lets grab and beer and get into the heart of the ClickBank University 2.0 review and overview!

The ClickBank University Review 10 ClickBank University review


The first half of the the training is aimed at those who want to become vendors on affiliate market places. 

Want to learn about the Affiliates training? Scroll down.

This training is aimed at someone who wants to start selling digital products, for example, an e-book, a course or software as a service. 

The ClickBank University Review 12 ClickBank University review

As you can see, you get 12 weeks worth of videos and content. That's a hella'lot of content! 

Weeks 1 - 3 - Essentially, planning your success!

As you can tell from the titles, the first 3 weeks are all about getting you in the correct mindset. You are shown tips and tricks on getting into the right zone and takeaways to help you lay the foundation of your new venture!

They will also teach you about finding niches and areas that YOU enjoy. No point in trying to create or sell a product you have no clue about and finally how to get set up with domain names, and all about your eventual marketing!

Weeks 4 - 8 - How to build, market and get more from your new venture

Your next few weeks are going to be filled with how to actually build, write or create your product.

You will be given downloadable blue prints, ideas on the best pricing strategies for your product (hint it will probably contain 97 in it..) and also templates to get you on the road

It also teaches you video creation techniques (even how to create power points)

Finally, ClickBank University introduce their first upsell. ClickBank Builder - This builder is a lot like ClickFunnels in which it allows you to create funnels and flows to squeeze your potential customers down the correct route. 

Because if you just throw someone at a page and tell them to buy something, likelihood they will tell you to jog on. 

You don't have to go with their product, you can go with others like lead pages or ClickFunnels, it's just a product that they obviously recommend as they own it.  The cost of their builder is around $600 total and it split into 2  payments (or you can do the monthly..which personally for me is better). 

Considering ClickFunnels starts at $97 a month and you need to keep paying to reap the benefits, a one time cost of $600 (or the monthly payments) is a beauty..

Weeks 9 - 10 - How to get set up on ClickBank and managing partners

Now this is where you get into the very ClickBank(y) side of things, as it's their training, they are obviously going to want to get you onto their marketplace. 

It makes sense. They are one of the biggest out there. 

But they do also provide you with information on how to deal with affiliates and partners and that valuable information can be used everywhere!

Weeks 11 - 12 - It's all about growing and testing!

Into the final weeks here and it's time to grow your business. You will find valuable information on how to test your landing pages, setting up video pages rather than text or how to scale your business and start becoming a star!

Week 13 - A sneaky little bonus!

You have done it, so it's time for a bonus week. This video can be transferable across both vendors and affiliates. 

You can learn how many of the top markets sell BIG ticket products via webinars and how in reality, you can run one webinar and put it on rinse and repeat as long as you like. 

Shock, live webinars are very rarely live. 

Vendor roundup

That is all 13 weeks of the vendor training, which is only 1/2 of the full ClickBank University package and it's honestly packed with a ton of information. 

I myself am not a vendor, I don't have products too sell, it's not my cup of tea, but I learnt skills from these videos, because I had access too them! It gave me insight into how the creators of the products I review or promote are thinking.


The second half of this training is for those who are focused on becoming an affiliate. 

This course is designed for people who want to start earning money from promoting other peoples products, courses or services!

As with the Vendor training, this course is broken down into a different weeks, each week containing videos aimed at the overall topic. 

The ClickBank University Review 14 ClickBank University review

The Affiliate training is shorter in the number of weeks, but that doesn't mean it's any less packed with content. You have 8 weeks worth of courses, with an added bonus week to top it on.

Weeks 1 - 2 - It's all about Affiliate Marketing! 

Here you are going to learn the basics of affiliate marketing, these weeks are put together to teach someone who has zero clue about what affiliate marketing is, and how it can be used to make you money!

Week 3 - You could argue it should sit with 1 & 2..

You will never be able to sell a product if you don't have a passion for it. If you try to review courses or products and have never purchased them or know anything about the background, you are going to struggle friend. 

This week is about finding what makes you tick! For me it was e-commerce, making money online and I even created blogs around health and fitness because I am a keen powerlifter (betcha didn't know that). 

Stick to what you know, it makes life easier!

Weeks 4 - 7 - It's about about the funnel and the emails!

I am glad they covered this in their affiliate course training, because it gets over looked. 

To make money from blogs, review sites or even just cold traffic, you need good landing pages, well thought out blog structures and lead captures!

This part of the training also covers how to create email swipes (the content of your email) to persuade people to open the emails or click your links.

A little tip, many of the ClickBank products actually provide you with swipes that have worked for them, but you need to adapt them too fit your market!

Week 8 - It's time to expand

The final week expands on the knowledge you have learnt and explains how you can grow or scale and introduces you too the Traffic part of the training. 

It also provides you with the knowledge to leveraging your newly acquired audience and growing email lists to market your own product (if that's something you are interested in). 

Bonus week

Much like the vendor training, the guys at CBU have given you an extra bonus about how to manage hard or soft sells with affiliate products and how you promote them. 

Some products can be sold with a hard sell, for example telling your list you are about to close your training! (This may be true, but it might also mean that your course is opening in a couple of weeks)

Other products work better with the soft sell, telling people in advance when the product will launch, giving them value and helping them before hitting them with the sales letter!

Affiliate Round Up

As you can see, you do get a lot of videos and information from these guys, though there are a few criticisms. 

I like that fact that they provide some in-depth videos, and you are being taught by someone who obviously knows what they are doing. 

I also like that they tried to give you downloadable content, and give you what I would class as home work in an effort to make sure you keep moving on throughout the training. 

The downside is, is that some of the videos are old, and has been pointed out before by other people who have gone through the training. 

They do mention platforms that are now out of date or have been merged with others, so this makes it feel like ClickBank University is an old training that hasn't seen a lick of paint for a while. Which is surprising as it's meant to be a reboot and a new improved ClickBank University 2.0.

I definitely think this part of the training is great if you are new to affiliate marketing, but if you are looking to take your affiliate marketing to the next level, then you are probably better at looking at other courses, such as something free like MOS or even Savage Affiliates.

All in all, I wouldn't class ClickBank University as a scam, but I wouldn't say it's the best training out there.  It would probably get you to 'Super Affiliate' status, but it would require extra training on top. 

What Does each week look like?

So, I have gone over what each week contains, but what do the weeks actually look like. 

The ClickBank University Review 16 ClickBank University review

Each week is split into a number of videos, this can range from just a few to 5 or 6.  It depends on the topic. 

You are then also provided with download materials for each section, this could be a script of what they said with some added content or it can be blue prints or cheat sheets. 

The videos themselves vary in length, with some just a few minutes long, with others 15 - 20minutes in legnth. 

The videos are about the right length to keep people interested and focused, and the downloadable content provides you with some extra food to chew on while you wait for the next week to unlock. 

If you are new to the game and want to learn how to create your own product, market it and then open the flood gates too affiliates, then you are going to learn a lot here. 

The same goes for affiliates, if you have never dabbled or only know the basics, then this course will provide you with the transferable skills and knowledge to start promoting products, focusing a lot on the core money maker that is email lists. 

You can also leave comments under videos if you have found them helpful, or you need answers to questions. Though, I wouldn't say the comments section is lively, so I would head over to the ClickBank University Forum for that instead. 

What else do you get?

If the 20+ weeks worth of training just wasn't enough for you Adam and Justin also give you access too an additional 3 quite helpful areas. 


Here you will find video interviews of known marketers, affiliate promoters or social media gurus who give you an insight into their lives as well as sharing their experiences.  

The videos again range in length from 15 or so minutes with a few topping over 30! A tasty little bonus. 


At the end of the day, you may have great content, or a sexy looking landing page, but if you don't have the traffic to go with it, then you are a bit stuffed. 

Adam and Justin break down two of the most popular ways of generating traffic and how you can leverage them too grow your email lists, get more followers or blog readers etc. 

Again, as with other parts of the training, it's limited. You only really get 2 different traffic sources, but it is nice they at least include it./ 


This section is packed and is a bit like my own tools section

This could be a whole training package on its own and comes with 13 videos and guides on how to set up email lists and automation with Aweber or how to set up your hosting and domains (they use GoDaddy, but for me it has to be NameCheap and SiteGround..sorry guys!)

Though they don't go into one of the best places too get banner ads created or ways of creating good ad copy (Hint, it's Fiverr)

This section could be used by both affiliates and vendors, so is definitely a huge added bonus. 

CBU Forum

As with a lot of training courses, you usually get the added bonus of the CBU Forum, the downside too this is that you will need an active membership (i.e once you have finished the course and you decide you no longer need to pay money you lose access too some of the features). 

The forum does have lots of people asking questions, getting answers etc, but for me, a Facebook group such as The Affiliate Marketing Ninja group by Warren Wheeler is also pretty good and doesn't require a monthly fee. 

Live Q/A

Much like the ClickBank University Forum, the live Q & A's will require an active monthly payment. 

They are quite useful and you can find past ones that have been done, but again, I don't think they add a lot of value too this course. 

ClickBank Builder

As I alluded too within the Vendor training, this is one of the upsells that you are presented with. 

IF you are only ever going to sell or promote clickbank products, then this is not actually a bad price. It provides you with the tools to make decent and easy to create funnels.

ClickBank University Review

The downside is that you can only really use it for ClickBank, no where else.

Where as products such as ClickFunnels do actually let you use them for whatever you want (though at a higher price tag). 

Verdict - Is it worth it?

As you have seen, the ClickBank University 2.0 training package, does fit quite a lot of information into it's 20+ week and they do offer a variety of bonuses on top of the original training, so is it worth the $47 a month?

Simple answer, definitely

For me, I believe it is, for at least the months that you are going through the training and learning. 

If you are just doing the affiliate training sessions, then you will get the through the training for under $100, which for the content is a cracking deal! 

They do also offer their standard 30 day money back guarantee, so if you get through the first couple of weeks and decide that it's just not for you, then drop them an email and you get get your investment back!

Is it worth paying the monthly fee after you have done the base training, for the live Q/A and the forums? I would say not, as the sessions are not always going to be useful too you, unless you are 100% green to this particular world and have never really followed any training or you have lots of questions.

So there you go, my own personal ClickBank University Review. I wish you all the best in the world of affiliate marketing! 

Still undecided?

 I recommend checking out this free training and then deciding if CBU 2.0 is for you!

ClickBank University 2.0

$47 per month



Ease Of Use







  • Solid Content
  • 20+ weeks worth of information
  • Well thought out videos
  • Downloadable content


  • On going monthly price is high
  • Upsells are a little annoying

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