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One Funnel Away Challenge Review Summary

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It is only $100 to do it, and you do get some physical items as part of the course/challenge so I would say worth the cost.

ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Challenge Review 3 one funnel away challenge review

Ease of USe

It's hosted on ClickFunnels, so videos and content is all on their site. For me, I personally don't like navigating and accessing it, but others love it. 

The Online Student - Content


I took this challenge when it first came out, and you used to lose access once complete. I believe that's not the case now. Training is ok, useful, the book is pretty nice. 

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It's ClickFunnels, when have their support ever been good?

Summary: The One Funnel Away Challenge is essentially 30 days of training on how to come up with an idea, how to do some research and then how to build a funnel around that idea. Expect the last few days as a way of up selling you into taking more ClickFunnel products. 

  • They do try to teach you how to understand and research your chosen 'issue' or Product
  • Funnel ideas and examples are decent, and give you an idea on what you can build
  • The physical work sheets and the '30 days book' is a nice addition and is something to read over and over
  • The last few days feel like a pitch
  • A lot of people took the OFA challenge, to sell the OFA challenge. It got messy
  • People believe it's an affiliate marketing course - it's not

I think these days that pretty much every single person on the internet has heard of or can recognise a ClickFunnels advert, with a prospector, Russel Brunson or some random person promoting or ramming the OFA challenge / ClickFunnels down your social media throat. 

One thing I noticed with the One Funnel Away Challenge, is that most people didn't understand what it did, or just didn't get what the purpose of the challenge was, with a lot of people promoting it as a course or a gateway to something that it quite frankly wasn't designed for. 

So this One Funnel Away Challenge review has been written to both explain what is inside the challenge, explain who it is focused towards and how it may or may not help you. 

What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge?

I guess this is a good place to start, going into what the challenge is actually about, and what it contains. As well as explaining what it doesn't contain or isn't for. 

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30 day, funnel building course/challenge designed and co-hosted by ClickFunnels founded Russel Brunson, along side Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoain. 

The challenge was first created back in 2018 (I actually jumped on it when they first announced it). It was designed and sold as a 30 day business builder course, allowing someone to go from no business, to having something you could resemble as a funnel and a way of monetising that idea. I'm not sure I would go as far as saying you have a business, but you at least have some of your ducks in a row and could probably at least start marketing that funnel and driving traffic towards it.

They now run pretty much every month from what I can tell, starting on the 1st of each month, and then running for 30 days (not sure what happens if there are only 29 days in the month, maybe they send you back your $3.).

One Funnel Away Challenge Review

As you can see, from the time of writing this One Funnel Away Challenge review, the next start date is the 1st of June 2020, so they have been running this course for well over 18 months now. 

What Is Included in The One Funnel Away Challenge? 

Most people believe all you get is the 30 days of coaching and videos, or you just get the 'What if you lost everything' book, but you actually get quite a lot of 'stuff' included as part of the $100 price tag. 

ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Review - Stack

The Core Offering 

Digital Copy Of The Challenge Work Book & One Challenge Away Customised Kit

This will be your work friend for the next 30 days, this is going to have all the tasks, checklists and different notes and tips to ensure you get the most from this 30 day challenge. 

ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Review - Spiral Book

This is of course a picture of the physical copy, which you can get for only $20 more, but hey I couldn't find much else to show. 

Aside from some computer files. 


You will get sent the digital copy as soon as you sign up, which means you can ready yourself for the days ahead, maybe sharpen that e-pencil or get all your 'docs' in a row! I have known people to print the digital copy off, for some reason, maybe they enjoyed killing trees? 

Whatever you decide, this book is going to be the life blood of your challenge, once the 30 days are over, your notes, details and plans are going to be in it, so guard it with your life. 

You also get your customised 30 day play, designed to go hand in hand with the book, training and course. 

30 Days Of Missions From Russel Himself

So the man himself will be part of this challenge, giving a new video everyday, his contribution to this challenge is the 30 days of challenge videos, setting out what you will be focusing on and the reasoning behind that days challenge. 

One Funnel Away Challenge - Russell

It's worth noting that Russell isn't really going to be the one coaching you through building the whole thing, that comes from the other two trainers. He is going to of course give you the foundations, the building blocks of the challenge, and well worth listening to what the guy has to say each day. 

30 Days Of Coaching & Lives

This is going to be the bulk of your 30 day challenge, presented by Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian (one day I will get her name right, I am so sorry!). You are going to get your lives, your videos and your training from this section of the course. 

It's always going to tie in with the worksheets or workbook that you get. Either the physical copy or the digital downloads, I recommend getting the physical copy personally. 

Julie is going to be there to show you how to do a lot of the things that Russel has said needs to be done, or should be done. She will be there to guide you from Day 1 to Day 30 taking your idea to reality. 

ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Review - Julie Stoian

I personally see Julie as the brains behind this operation, the one who actually knows how to take someone from A-Z and provide you with the information and tips to get you there. For me, this is the real gem in this trio. The others can zip up..

The other part of the 30 day challenge is your accountability partner, basically the guy who will jump on daily lives and answer questions such as 'what is a funnel', 'how do I open the video' and 'what is Facebook' is obviously Mr Larson. 

ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Review - Stephen Larsen

To be fair to the man, Stephens lives are useful, they are a great place to ask questions anywhere a long the quest challenge. He is also pretty good at pushing people and motivating them to get over that random hurdle that has appeared. 

He is also there are the guy to get you through your tasks, got stuck? Ask a question and Mr Motivator will get you unstuck! It's worth noting, this guy knows a thing or two about funnels, with well over 500 different funnels under his belt. 

One Funnel Away Challenge Bonuses

On top of the 30 day zero to hero challenge, you also get a number of bonuses, because of course you do, it's a Russell Brunson product, if it doesn't come with 2 kidneys then it's not a ClickFunnels product. 

These bonuses are sold as 'part of the challenge', but there are now two versions of these bonus stacks. 

The digital copies, which have no additional cost, and the physical copy, that will cost you an extra of $20 or $30 depending on if you live in America, or Antarctica. 

One Funnel Away Challenge Kit (Physical)

The challenge kit is made up of 5 different products that are given to you as a physical copy, again as I have stated above, if you want to oly spend the $100 then don't get the physical copies. 

The “30 Days” Page Hardcover Book

I actually love this book, it's a pretty decent book, though as with a lot of things online, I wouldn't say that it's worth $97, it's worth $30. Yes, it might have a few diamonds in there, but then again so do many books, doesn't mean you can state it's worth $97. 

Anyway, it's a good book. 

ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Review - 30 Days Book

It's made up of a large number of different plans that some of ClickFunnels top affiliates would do if they suddenly lost all their money, and all they had access too was ClickFunnels and the internet. 

It can provide some useful ideas about potential business ideas or possible funnels. I actually used one of the ideas to make one of my first funnels, because it resonated with something I had decided to do around the same time. 

The plans that some of the guys and gals in this book come up with are just short of amazing, including crafty ideas and clever ways of getting products and items for free that can be resold or given as prizes to help grow a following and an audience. 

I really love this book, and I rarely say that about business books. Refreshing. 

Physical Spiral Bound Copy Of The One Funnel Away Challenge Workbook

This part was already hinted at at the start of this ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Challenge Review, but yes, you can get a physical work book sent to you.

It contains;

  • The daily training video links
  • A checklist of tasks, including any reminders or stuff that needs to be done for the day
  • A list of additional resources that you may need to help complete tasks (for example getting ClickFunnels)
  • Additional spaces for you to jot your own ideas, plans and notes throughout the challenge
ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Review - Spiral

It's worth nothing that you don't need this physical copy to be able to do the challenge, you will get digital copies for you to crack on with the tasks. 

I can't really say much about this book, it's useful to have, it's nice to be able to see your notes, go back to the challenges in-front of you and also see the hints and tips without having to get square eyes.

MP3 Player With The Live Recordings Of The FIRST One Funnel Away Challenge (The one I took!)

Yay! An MP3 Player...What the F...

I feel that ClickFunnels have got caught up in 2007..and forgot that 99.999991% of the population are glued to the tiny devices that we like to call, SMART PHONES that come with amazing speakers, headphone ports and the ability to take it whever they go.

Such as;

  • A Car
  • A Gym
  • At Work

Who the hell carries an MP3 player + a phone, unless you have a Nokia 3310. 

Just a waste of $20 or whatever it costs to create them these days (probably more than people realise BECAUSE NO ONE USES THEM)

Rant over. 

Just download the interviews, lives and training audio and throw the MP3 player in the bin..or recycle it. 

Access To The 30 Days Interviews

I'm not sure why this was added as a bonus, they are kinda of pointless on their own, and once again CF have added their own random value. They are interviews, awesome, doesn't instantly mean it's worth $200. 

Plus they are digital, it's not like they have to print them off and give you a forest worth of paper to read them..they are digital. 

Two Comma Club Interviews

Again, as with the 30 days interviews, they are cool, they are nice interviews. 

But I can also jump on YouTube or Spotify and listen to Two Comma Club Interviews for free. 

If you want to listen to some awesome interviews, then check out Affiliate Journey on Spotify. See, that's free and I haven't charged you $200 for them. 

Don't get me wrong, I like them, but I find the last two 'bonuses' as just filler designed to make the course look more valuable, when it's not needed. 

The One Funnel Away Guarantee 

I don't get why they don't add this to their bonus stack, possibly because they don't want people becoming obsessed with it, or taking advantage of it.

But yes, there is a guarantee attached too this challenge. 

If you get to the end of the challenge, or possibly part way through and decide it's not for you, then you can send your challenge kit back and get your $100 (obviously you have to pay shipping, so you will still be out $50 or so if you are having to ship it to the US). 

That's quite a nice bonus, not many courses or challenges give you refund policies for 30 days, most will do it for 7-14 days, so refreshing. 

The Bonus Verdict

I think ClickFunnels gets caught up in their own 'bonus stack' mentality sometime and it really can hurt their offerings. 

The 30 day challenge is the core of this offering, it's the reason people jump on the challenge, because they want to take a rough idea, get it reviewed and looked at, build a business out of it, with a defined audience and a funnel that can be used to sell their idea.

The 30 Days bonus book works well, it can give people ideas, it's a physical thing people can go back too, re-read and enjoy. It's a $30 book that looks nice and reads well. Throwing a random 'value' too it is annoying, you don't need Amazon selling books for '$10, but worth $400!', no they sell them for the RRP, $10. Value is all in the eye of the beer holder, or something like that. 

The same with the interviews, they are well done interviews, they may give someone an idea or two, or it might just be nice to listen to someone who has sold a lot of products through ClickFunnels (most people don't even know what the 2CC is, unless they are an Uber CF Fan), but they are not 'worth' $400. No one would pay $400 for them. 

Stop adding fake 'value' to things ClickFunnels, just put a price and say what people will pay. Which would be about $50. 

The One Funnel Away Challenge Verdict

The core challenge, is great, it's more than worth the $100 they charge for it, as you really could get something useful at the end of that 30 days of working. 

There are very few courses, or challenges that will help you take your idea from basically a rough idea on a napkin, to a fully fleshed business / funnel. Legendary Marketer do something similar with their 15 Day Challenge, but they really show you how to promote legendary marketer with that, where as the One Funnel Away Challenge is set up for anyone to promote whatever business they come up with. 

The training videos are decent, with enough information in them for someone to watch along with their workbook and then crack on with the tasks at hand. 

One Funnel Away Challenge Review

The workbook (either digital or physical) again is great, it means you can wake up on day 5, or 10, open the book, see what videos or lives you need to watch, what tasks you need to complete and then write up your notes to come back to at a later date. 

I did also like the fact that each of the trainers knew their area. 

Russell understands the core mechanics of sales, funnels and also 'value', with Julie really smashing out the actual 'how to get shit done' part. She knows her stuff and she knows how to take your idea, mould it into something that actually looks and feels like a real business. 

Finally, I found the lives useful, though personally I didn't use them at the time, but a lot of people seemed to be getting a lot of use out of them. Again, Stephen knows what he is on about, providing useful answers to peoples questions. 

One thing I will mention, and I did say before, the bonus war that seems to happen with this challenge. People go crazy about trying to get as many people through this challenge as possible, because a large majority of them will take the 14 day trial to build their funnel, and they hope they will stay on (thus giving them some recurring revenue). 

I will go through this in the next section, but it does have an affect on people and their view of the one funnel away challenge, because they just get thrown all these bonus stacks or 'value bombs' designed to give you literally zero help, just a random bunch of PLR crap and stuff that doesn't help the buyer. 

Want my bonus?

I have 3 years of online marketing and 6 years of business consultancy experience. I will happily share some of that experience with you, if you want it. 

Or you can grab 50 random books, 4 fish, 9 bits of software for estate agents, and a kidney. 

Who Is The One Funnel Away For?

Good question, even if I do say so myself. 

The One Funnel Away Challenge is really for anyone wanting to create a business, it could be a dentist, a builder, lead generator or even a local takeaway. Yes, I said takeaway! My local could do with a sexy funnel designed to upsell me another pizza, on top oif the chicken kebab I have already bought. 

It can be for just about anyone who wants to utilise funnels and ClickFunnels to help build their online presence. Oddly, I would say it's not geared towards affiliate marketers, because what they are going to do is to build a funnel, to sell a funnel. Which is 100% against the ToS we all sign when we come an affiliate of ClickFunnels. 

Don't get me wrong, any ClickFunnels affiliate SHOULD take this course/challenge because it means we, as affiliates understand what the product is, and can promote it properly. 

Crazy, actually understanding a product that we promote..Mind blown.

ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Challenge Review 5 one funnel away challenge review

The One Funnel Away Final Words - Should You Buy It?

Putting it simply, yes. The $100 (or $130ish if you get the digital copy sent to Serbia) you spend on this 30 Day Challenge is defintelty worth it. 

You get 30 days of high quality videos, an awesome book filled with a whole host of ideas for businesses, your workbook,the potential to have a working funnel at the end of a 30 day challenge and a shitty MP3 player.

Personally I would get it for the MP3 player anyway.

But seriously, grab it, build your first funnel, learn how to take your floaty business idea from high level 'thing' to a physical funnel in 30 days and enjoy the ride!

Do you agree? Let me know below!

One Funnel Away Challenge








Ease Of Use



  • Worth The Price
  • Decent Training
  • Nice Workbooks
  • Decent 30 Days Book


  • The Bonus War
  • What's The Point In An MP3 Player

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