SEO Affiliate Domination Review

SEO Affiliate Domination Review Summary;

A well put together and in-depth course that focused on some really 'different' styles of SEO and marketing, from someone who really does know what he is talking about and has the trophies, awards and accolades to prove it. 

SEO Affiliate Domination Review 2 SEO Affiliate Domination Review


It comes with a money back guarantee, not something I have seen before. 

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Ease of USe

Kajabi is not the easiest website or membership area to navigate around, I find it's layout pretty ropy. 

The Online Student - Content


The content is easy to follow, and on occasion pretty simple to put into practise.

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I have always found Gregg to be fairly decent at replying to both email and messenger so can't complain. 

  • Gregg Knows His Stuff
  • The Course Is In-depth, Focused And Interesting
  • It Has an Earn Your Money Back Guarantee 
  • Some Really Great Ideas and Tactics, That Even Someone With Experience Will Learn From
  • The Method Isn't Going To Be For Everyone
  • There Are Some More 'Blackhat' Methods Beyond The More Normal Tactics Shown
  • I Wasn't A Fan of Every Method Or Option

I am no stranger to using SEO techniques to make money, especially with Affiliate Marketing, using these techniques to earn commissions from programs such as ClickFunnels, MOS and even platforms such as Shopify and SiteGround. SEO is a brilliant, if not sometimes challenging, allowing someone to create a website, usually focused around a particular interest, add content and build it up to start ranking in sites such as Google, or Bing. 

Greeg Jeffries, is someone who has taken that SEO model, switched it around, gone against convention and used some interesting techniques to win awards such as the ClickFunnels Dream Car competition, using nothing but SEO content, as well as other platforms such as Legendary Marketer and obscure programs such as Bitcoin, Bank Accounts and Clothes. 

Having picked up his CF Affiliate Domination course a while ago, I thought it was time to dive into the OG course, that for many has been a ticket to a more passive outcome on life, giving a deep dive into the content, methods being taught, my experience and my thoughts on the whole program.

It's finally time to do an SEO Affiliate Domination Review. 

Who Is Greg Jeffries?

There are people out there, who have zero clue who the guy is, and to be honest, I didn't until I dropped into the SEO world and I of course started promoting or talking about ClickFunnels a few years back. 

I found out about him, and his style of SEO and blogging from the ClickFunnels Dream Car winners page, when that used to be a thing. I actually joined his Facebook group and started to learn more about his techniques and again his methodology of SEO from within there. I have been on his email list for probably as long as I have been writing this blog, so a good 4 years. 

SEO Affiliate Domination Review

I actually jumped on board his ClickFunnels training course about 18 - 24months ago, and although short in overall length, I found the content pretty good, and an interesting take on what most people would see as a normal SEO style of marketing. 

Having been through other SEO courses, or even other affiliate marketing courses over the last few years, I have seen a lot of variations or takes on how SEO works, and the 'best practises', in an area of marketing that for someone reason keeps changing. Mainly due to changes in how search engines work, but oddly, Gregg and his methods seem to stay relatively the same. 

As far as I am aware, he is still one of the few who have kept their ClickFunnels Dreamcar Status, even though they don't public advertise it, so he must be doing something right to still have those 200+ monthly members without dipping below it. 

What Is SEO Affiliate Domination

SEO Affiliate Domination is a very large, very in-depth 15 module training courses, solely focused around Greggs methods and style of Search Engine Optimisation. 

From the basics of SEO, how it works and why Gregg chose this style, to explaining the finer points of both on page and off page SEO, finding affiliate products, strategies for both scaling and diving into other areas or ways to compliment the tactics you are refining, there is a lot of ground that has been covered within this course. 

SEO Affiliate Domination Review - SEO

The core of SEO Affiliate Domination, is teaching you how to build, grow and then ultimately scale a small empire of money making websites. Be it in the MLM niche, sports, playing around with launch jacking or enjoying Seasonal Events and celebrations. The methods that Gregg is teaching and explaining can have a variety of uses. 

The main tactics Gregg uses, at least for the everyday user is around finding, targeting and utilising long tail keywords to build your content around, helping you find hundreds or thousands of keywords that people rarely bother focusing on. 

Even though I have never jumped into Greggs more interesting methods, a lot of his techniques, research tactics and recommendations are used daily when it comes to growing this blog.

Something I spoke about when I reviewed and looked into his more broad CF Affiliate Domination training, is that his ideas and the methods can be used and paired with more 'normal' styles such as BlogFocused

Finally, there are multiple sections and modules that revolve around case studies, looking at different students styles and how they have used Greggs SEO Affiliate Domination course and style to grow their business. One notable person is probably Jacob Caris, who has gone on to have a lot of success in the affiliate marketing world. 

This course is also the only course that I know of, that will give you your investment back, so if you make back the same amount as the course cost using Greggs methods, he will give you your money back. Pretty unique, and does show that he seems to care more about showing people the method and helping people than actually making money from the course. Though I am sure it's a pretty good marketing tactic, or a clever incentive to take action. 

I will let you decide. 

What Is Inside The SEO Affiliate Domination Course?

Once you have signed up and you are inside of the course, you will find roughly 15 modules, which includes a quick start section, 8 actual modules and then 6 or so case studies, scaling strategies and additional modules that look into resources and interviews. 

Each module has a number of videos, but more importantly, come with actual action steps that you need to do for the week, now of course, you can do this course much quicker than a week, but it's a brilliant way to recap on what has been said, what items you need to tick off your checklist and what your outcome should be. 

SEO Affiliate Domination Review - Module 1

Module 1 - Intro

This is always a good place to start, this is going to be the first module that you want to focus on, Gregg is going to take you through SEO, how it works and why it can be really powerful. 

If you are completely new to websites, marketing and SEO, Gregg does a great job of actually explaining both his method, but also just the basics of Search Engine Optimisation. 

SEO Affiliate Domination Review - Module 1

He also walks you through finding a domain, hosting and getting that first domain registration set up. 

Module 2 - Site Set Up

Once you have found your niche, domain name and overall area, you need to be thinking about hosting, now for me I usually pick up my hosting from SiteGround or WPX, depending on the style of site, and it's good to see Gregg enjoying the hosting from SiteGround as well within his SEO Affiliate Domination Training. 

Of course the kind of hosting can massively depend on budget, and he does talk about a number of different options. 

Gregg also covers the overall WordPress set up, which is no massive surprise that he recommends WordPress, it is a pretty big thing, with around 40% of the worlds websites using it. Pretty much every single host offers free set up and install, so it's a pretty simple one to grab. 

SEO Affiliate Domination Review - Module 2 Thrive

As with my own training, I also recommend plugins, themes and one of my favourite tools Thrive Architect to make your website feel unique. Now Thrive is great for this style of website, though I wouldn't say it's worth it for the other styles that Gregg goes into with his later, scalable options. 

Each video is concise, too the point and easy to follow, there is very little fluff in Greggs training (something I personally really like). 

There are one or two plugins that I personally wouldn't want to use, one of them is a plugin that essential sends people to an affiliate link when they decide they no-longer want to read what's on your site, I kind of see it as cookie stuffing, so for me, I stayed away from that type of plugin.

Again, you are provided with your action items, including a number of super easy, quick items for you to do to round off Week 2, and module 2. 

Module 3 - Keywords and Planning

For me, this is where it starts to get interesting, when I ran through the course, I already had pretty decent knowledge around the whole website set up, plugins, themes etc, as I have been creating and setting up websites for quite a while now. 

Module 3 is all about researching keywords, introduction to keywords and the first of Greggs styles of building our blogs and websites. 

Greggs style, the tools he uses and the overall 'long tail research' is the areas that I really enjoy when it comes to this particular course, as most SEO courses will focus on the large volume, but possibly harder to rank for content. 

SEO Affiliate Domination Review - Module 3

This is encouraging you to focus on potentially low volume, but low competition words and phrases, again a technique that I enjoy doing with this site, as I find it more fun and to be honest, the sandpit is smaller and less crowded. 

His methodology for choosing the keywords and areas to focus on again work really well, with no fluff, filler or jumping around the point. It's just straight to the point, 'here is an example of a keyword, here are some long tail keywords, I would do X Y Z'. 

Module 4 & Module 5 - SEO

I linked both of these modules together, as they are both very much focused on SEO, with module 4 talking about on page SEO and module 5 moving towards off page SEO. 

I think a lot of people struggle with these parts, the overall 'writing content' or keyword research I think is quite easy, it takes practise and a bit of time, but it is fairly easy. I look at a lot of my content from years ago and cringe, but it wasn't the best, but I had understood the basics of SEO to help them rank.

Within SEO Affiliate Domination, you are given article structures and ideas on how to build out your articles. I will admit with the style of articles that Gregg talk about is quite similar to the articles I do for say an Amazon site. Whereby the content isn't huge or the overall layout is quite similar, but for a site that has a lot of different styles of articles, this single approach probably wouldn't work. 

For example I have around 4 or 5 templates that I will follow depending on the style of article, but this comes with practise and time. 

The flip side to the on page article structure and ensuring you use the keywords you are focusing on inside of your article, get your descriptions etc set up, is of course off page SEO.

SEO Affiliate Domination Review - Module 5

This is an area I think people fall flat on, because a lot of the SEO industry changes it's mind almost daily on what is considered 'Good Practise'. Refreshingly Gregg doesn't seem to care what others think, and simply offers advice on what has worked over the years, and why people worry too much. 

I don't remember many courses, where the creator actually tells you to use software or encourages you to buy or find guest posts from sites such as FatJoe or similar.

Again most will shy away from these practises because of the potential harm that can be done by using them, especially linking software or Private Blog Networks. But, Gregg seems fairly happy with explaining how they work and how you can utilise their power.  

I personally steer clear of PBNs, as they scare me, but hundreds swear by them and the power that they can offer. 

Of course you can also use the power of expired or dead domains to re-direct and boost your own domain to bring up the authority, this type of method can work wonders for some of the scalability tactics that are spoken about later in the course, and if you are fine with creating a website that may last a few weeks or months, but also earn a fair amount, then you can definitely use these methods. 

Are these more grey hat areas of SEO for everyone, no, let's be honest, do I believe that you can keep and grow a site for a long time using these more greyish areas, probably if you are sensible, though you increase the risk by doing so. 

Module 6 - Tracking

Having a website set up, articles being written and backlinks procured (whatever methods you decide) is all well and good, but if you have zero clue where any of the articles are within search results, what's the point. 

Tracking in both an analytical sense, and a ranking form is one of the biggest keys to success with SEO, as you can understand how well your efforts are paying off. 

SEO Affiliate Domination Review - Module 6

The main analytics tool you want to be using is of course, Google Analytics, which can be installed onto your website with relative ease. As with other parts, he is straight to the point, showing you why it's useful and how you can analyse the data. 

 I, and many others also then utilise other platforms to help analyse competitor data, and keyword ranking data. Google does provide you with some of this information, but I prefer having a variety of data sources to determine my ranking factors. 

For me, it is a toss up between KeySearch or SERanking, both of them work quite well, and are similar in price. These tools can be used to track certain keywords, for example ' How To Rank In Google' and be used to find out where your website ranks, what the competition is looking like, how difficult it might be to rank and other factors. 

Quite a short module, but that's because you only need to set up 2 pieces of software/platforms to get going, and it's relatively easy once you follow Gregg Jeffries steps. 

Module 7 - Affiliate Opportunities 

I found the placement of this module odd, as I would have felt understanding your affiliate networks or knowing the products you are going to be promoting or aiming for as being somewhat important, but I can see why Gregg put this here. 

Module 7 is about finding affiliate opportunities, how to search sites such as ClickBank or ShareASale to find products to promote. Nothing amazing in here, but Gregg does talk about one of his more unique set ups and plugins that he uses, called Wp ZeroBounce. 

As I previously mentioned, the plugin can be used alongside affiliate links to direct people who are leaving your site to an affiliate opportunity. The reasoning is that most people are already in the right mind frame to purchase, they simply haven't found the link or need more information, so why not send them to the product. 

As with a few things within SEO Affiliate Domination, I don't like to use that kind of plugin, I prefer to capture an email and offer something more to the reader. It is down to personal preference, and there is no doubt at all that this technique works, I believe it has been one of the reasons he has been so successful and it can really increase your 'hit rate' with commissions and sales. 

Module 8 - Scaling & Emails

You have your foundation down, you have articles on your website and you know how to track and understand the ranking. This is the last of the 'core' modules before Gregg goes into other methods and strategies. 

Module 8 dives into methods to start scaling your website, how to keep finding those useful and somewhat forgotten keywords, and ways in which you can utilise this knowledge. 

When going through this, Module 8 is the one that hit home for me, as this is where I am in my own journey, I am at the part where I am scaling, writing new content and finding those evergreen keywords and ideas.

SEO Affiliate Domination Review - Module 8

I really enjoyed this module, parts of it sound simple, like 'look at competitors' or 'analyse keywords' but part of this comes down to structuring and focusing on the right area. 

Siloing and creating content around particular high level keywords or areas is not a new concept, I even talk about it in my own training, Gregg just does a decent job of drawing the structure out and showing you ideas and methods to use. 

The biggest problem people face when they come into SEO or blogging, is the fact they try and target 400 different products at once, instead of focusing on 1 product, with the 5,000 keyword combinations, exhausting that list and then moving onto the next one. That really can be the key too success with this stuff.  

Module 8 is also about using a 'Test and Scale' strategy that goes into building out more niche sites, or sites focused on certain products. It can be used alongside Greggs methods of building what he calls mass page sites, or you can simply use the tactics to build and scale your own single niche focused website. 

For me, I used the techniques to build my own authority site, and I did use it to re-focus the Amazon Affiliate Niche sites before they where removed, I also used a few of his recommended tools to help identify some of the keywords that I hadn't thought about, or thought would be silly to try and target. 

If you are someone just starting, then this particular module can probably be ignored or pushed back a little bit until you are confident with the other modules.  

Bonus 1 - Scaling Strategies 

Inside this little bonus module, are 18 or so additional strategies for taking what you are shown with SOEAD and basically putting it towards different niches, business modules and even SEO styles. 

One of his more famous methods is of course the mass page site, utilising all those keywords, and creating pages that focus on those thousands of keyword variations. 

Most of the time utilising article spinners, or tools that autogenerate AI content that can be loaded onto your site within a few minutes. I actually started a case study on one of these methods to see if it was a sensible, or possibly long term strategy, or if it was something that could work well for a few weeks or months, then be torn down and re-started with a new site. Excited to see the end results with that. 

You will of course see a little more grey/black hat SEO ideas, including a bit more around cookie stuffing and back button hijacking, for me, not my style. 

There are some good ideas and methods, I cannot fault them, they work, and work well, so it depends on what style or methods you want to use. 

Bonus 2 - Action Plans

The Action Plan module is yet more angles and ideas on how to use SEOAD tactics, though there are some subtle differences in this section. 

Two of the videos within this section are really interesting, as they explain how to rank your websites, in a fairly predictable way, which I believe is pretty useful for anyone who looking at building a website, and wanting to rank their website, either a little quicker, or maybe a little easier. 

The other option that Gregg talks about are the Done For You affiliate websites, again not something I am a big fan of, but more because I feel that people learn so much better when they make a few mistakes or screw up.

Bonus 3 -5  - Case Studies, Resources , Interviews & Lives

And finally, the last section, I have decided to bundle them together, as they are all quite similar. Gregg has added 3 additional modules that all focuses on some getting ideas from past students, interviews with SEO experts and affiliate marketers, plus case studies of websites that he has managed to do himself. 

I really liked the case studies and student conversations, as it provides you with a different point of view. I will say this until I am blue in the face, understanding different methods, twists and ideas that you can take and start putting into action. 

This type of additional resources are usually something that get thrown into a group and forgotten about, Gregg has done the opposite, he has taken his FB lives and put them into his training. 

Who Is SEO Affiliate Domination For?

A question I always find hard to answer, as this could depend on so many things, but I could probably say SEOAD really could be for anyone. 

Gregg does a good job of explaining everything from the start, without filling it with fluff and crap, so if you are new, have zero clue about SEO or even starting a website, you are going to be in pretty good hands. 

I obviously picked this course up after learning SEO from other places, so I have a few years of experience with growing websites and building them, but I still managed to learn some new ideas, and got to see different ways to help grow my own websites. 

The course is packed with a ton of content and valuable information, so even if you are a complete SEO newbie, or you have experience, you should find something that will tickle your pickle.

SEO Affiliate Dominating Pricing

This is one of the more expensive courses I have looked into, though it is also one of the most focused. Most courses that are 'high ticket' products look to focus and master on one particular method, for example Jacobs SAA course, or Spencers Affiliate Secrets course. 

SEO Affiliate Domination Review - Money Back Guarantee

SEO Affiliate Domination is either a one time payment of $2,000 or 12 monthly payments of $200. It may seem expensive, but worth keeping in mind, you can get your money back with the unique 'earn your money back' guarantee. 

So in theory, if you are willing to take action, you are given your $2k or $2.4k back, in exchange for a testimonial. 

Is This Course Right For You?

If you are someone who wants to utilise SEO and SEO methods to build a passive income, a way of building something once, and then being able to take a little step back while the site ranks and starts to earn money, then this could be the program for you. 

SEO Affiliate Domination Review Conclusion

I have to admit I was a little worried about how good or in-depth this course would be, as I did feel that the CF Affiliate Domination was a little short, or a little light on detail at times, but I have to admit the OG course is packed to the gills with use some really great content. 

There are multiple ways to build and grow a website, focusing on pretty normal 'white hat' methods, along side from interesting grey and even a few black hat methods, so depending on what you want to do with the knowledge you are taught. 

A well put together, in depth SEO based course that really does show how he managed to succeed with SEO and build his 6-figure empire. A long with a money back guarantee, SEO Affiliate Domination is definitely a course I would recommend picking up if you want to focus on affiliate marketing with SEO.

SEO Affiliate Domination

$2,000 or 12* $200





Ease of Use





  • Easy To Follow
  • Concise And Too The Point
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Interesting Ideas, For Both Beginners and More Advanced SEO Persons


  • Not A Fan of Some Of The Plugins
  • Some Methods Are More Black Hat Than I Would Personally Do
  • Some Of The Content Feels Dated (Some Older Videos). Though SEO And What Is Being Shown Is Up To Date