Savage Affiliates 2.0 Review

Savage Affiliates 2.0 Review Summary;

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It's well worth the price for the amount of content provided. 

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Ease of USe

A much better training platform than the original Savage Affiliates. 

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This affiliate marketing course is jam packed with information, valuable content and basically, everything you need to succeed!

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He has improved on this from 18+ months ago. The support is much quicker and easier to get on with!

Summary: Franklin has smashed it out the park with the Savage Affiliates 2.0 release, more videos, more content, more value and the same great price + an up front and honest additional version with extra modules. Hands down one of the best affiliate marketing courses for beginners and those wanting to learn even more. 

  • Up to 11 packed modules covering lots of different areas
  • updated advice and new videos for 2019
  • a lot clearer, and more precise than the original savage affiliates
  • still a great price
  • still one or two videos that go on a little more than need be
  • if you have purchased or got hold of some of the smaller training guides you may have seen a few of the videos (Such as the older ClickFunnels funnel)

One Time Payment - $197 - $297

It has been 18 months since I originally purchased Savage Affiliates, and it was one of the reasons I decided to get back into affiliate marketing. Savage Affiliates 1.0 was a great course, full of masses of information and it gave me basically everything I needed to do to get off my arse and create the blog you see before you today. Fast forward to today and Savage Affiliates 2.0 had landed, so that calls for a Savage Affiliates 2.0 Review!

Some may ask, 'James, why don't you update your original review?'.

For the same reason I think a few others who have reviewed the updated version, the original one drives a ton of traffic to the site and I wanted to keep it as a momentum to see how much my reviews have changed since that original one! 

Anyway, enough about my reminiscing, let's get on with this review for this updated version of one of the best affiliate marketing courses for beginners

What Is Savage Affiliates 2.0?

It's the long awaited, and I mean loooong awaited update to the original Savage Affiliates, which in my eyes was one of the best affiliate marketing courses for both new comers to affiliate marketing and for those you wanted to increase their own understanding of the affiliate marketing world. 

It is produced by a guy called Franklin Hachett, who was also responsible for eCom Turbo and eCom Elites, a Shopify theme and dropshipping course respectively. 

He is also a ClickFunnels super affiliate (he was one of the fastest affiliates to get to the dream car prize and has also won the 2 comma club (Make $1m using ClickFunnels). 

So you man knows a thing or two about the world of Affiliate Marketing. 

You could call him a Guru, but he will probably shout at you and make a sarcastic advertising video!

What Is New In Savage Affiliates 2.0 From The Original?

Having a look through the training, it seems that a lot has changed, so I will break them down into little headings to fully understand all the changes and how much has changed. 

Updated Platform

Probably one of the things that I was most exicited about when I realised, was the fact that the new version of Savage Affiliates is hosted on a new, better to navigate platform. 

Thank god!

Savage Affiliate 1.0 Content
Savage Affiliate 2.0 Content

As you can see, the layout is much cleaner, a lot bigger and so much nicer!

The other change, is the fact that videos and how they played is much cleaner and so much easier to follow. 

Savage Affiliate Video
Savage Affiliate 2.0 Review New Video

Again, as you can see from the pictures, the new platform allows you to quickly and easily see every video within the module and allows you to mark each individual video off so that you can see where you are. 

Savage Affiliates 2.0 Video Update

New Videos

There are a lot of new videos, the total amount has actually doubled, and that's not just more random videos, there are over 70 new videos. 

The old version had about 75 videos in total, with a few extras if you count the free funnel videos you could get or the lite version of Savage Affiliates you could get access to, but if you look at the core, it was around 75 videos. 

The brand new spanking platform now has over 200 videos. 

This includes cases studies, breakdown of different strategies, how to use particular traffic methods to help achieve certain results, different affiliate marketing offer types, traffic tips, how to create ads...the list goes on. 

Updated Videos

From the looks of going through the videos, and no I haven't been through every single one, there are over 200, it seems that Franklin has decided to re-shoot or at least re-do some of them. 

I think so far I have found 3 or 4 that look to have been re-shot, or at least had a bit more information added too them. 

Updated Modules

The whole structure of the modules has had a bit of a makeover, which I think is a great idea. 

As you can see from the images a little further up, the original version gave 9 core modules, with a bonus module to do with funnels and then an intro. 

The new Savage Affiliates now has a longer, extended version of the intro, so essentially combing the old intro and module one. Which I think makes sense.

The original module two, that covered niches and what products to look at or promote has now gone, and has merged into the brand new module one. 


Don't worry I will go into the modules below!

Other big changes include the ClickBank module (Module 4) nearly doubling in size, it was always a big module, but it has got a lot bigger, with new case studies, product examples and a whole load more. 

The most noticeable change, I think people who had seen the old version will see, is that there are now sections about ClickFunnels

In the past Franklin was quite critical of them and that fact the website was slow and funnels just didn't work. I think after ClickFunnels did some rejigging and updating, the platform has become a lot better and Franklin has been giving them a new try. You are treated with 2 new modules, that cover his shares funnels, case studies and how to use and even promote ClickFunnels as an affiliate.

New Pricing, Bonuses & Modules

So, along with all the new platforms, new videos and the whole host of other things, there is also a new tier. 

The original Savage Affiliates was just 1 tier, usually priced around $197 (though I did see it rise on occasion but rarely ever drop!). 

Savage Affiliates 2.0 has introduced 2 tiers, which are quite helpfully called Standard & Super

Is The Super Upgrade Worth It?

Personally, yes. 

The cost to upgrade is $100, so you will pay $297 (at the current price) for access to 4 bonuses and a whole new module, so you will get;

  • Full Step By Step ClickFunnels Affiliate Academy!
  • Franks Secret Done For You Affiliate Marketing Funnel!
  • Multiple ClickFunnels Pre Made Funnels!
  • Launch Jacking Affiliate Method Blueprint
  • Web Hosting Affiliate Method Blueprint

The launch jacking and web hosting module alone is worth the extra $100, considering I know a few people who flog 5 video courses on launch jacking or 1 - 3 short video courses on how to utilise web hosting companies for $47 - $197 a pop. 

But what do any of those bonuses actually entail or mean? 

Super Bonus 1 - ClickFunnels Academy 

The step by step affiliate academy was a mini course that Franklin used to sell, and as far as I know, he may still sell it. You are essentially given Franklin knowledge about how to use and succeed with the ClickFunnels Affiliate program (it is possibly Module 5 part B)

Super Bonus 2 - Done For You Affiliate Marketing Funnels

One of the beauties of ClickFunnels, is that you can share successful funnels. 

Frank is giving away his core Affiliate Marketing Training funnel. 

He is giving you access, and then training you and explaining to you how this funnel works, including follow up sequences etc. 

Super Bonus 3 - More Funnels!

Following hot on the heels of that Affiliate Marketing funnel, Frank also gives you access too specific funnels to help sell products. 

You can use the funnels as you wish, to promote different types of products, from health & beauty to make money online, swap out videos and change wording and boom you are done. 

Super Bonus 4 - Extra Module - Launch Jacking

As part of the bonuses, you are given exclusive access too a full extra module, which really should be split into two separate modules. 

The first is a number of videos about how to succeed with a cool affiliate marketing term called launch jacking (promoting products before they are even live and winning competitions!)

Launch jacking can be a great way of earning your first affiliate commissions, without having to spend hours writing reviews, or spending tons of times looking into the products. 

Super Bonus 5 - Extra Module - Web Hosting Method

Promoting web hosts can be a gold mine. 

Seriously, you can make a lot of money from these higher end offers, with some web hosts throwing $$$'s at you. 

Franklin provides you with a number of great ways of promoting these offers, without going for the really difficult keywords. Yes, affiliate marketing surrounding hosting is very competitive, for a reason, it pays well. 

The Savage Affiliate 2.0 Review (Full Breakdown)

As with the original Savage Affiliate review, I broke down each module and went through the types of videos you find, the quality and also how useful they where, so I thought hey, why not do the same again. 

I have already mentioned that the original version was set up of 9 core modules with 2 extra modules (welcome & bonus), this has now been replaced and updated with 10 core modules, the Launch Hacking & Web Hosting bonus module (with the super Savage Affiliate tier), another bonus module that contains a number of free gifts and of course the welcome module. 

Savage Affiliates 2.0 Modules
Savage Affiliates 2.0 Modules 2

Welcome Module

The welcome module pretty much does what it says on the tin, Franklin provides you with all the information you need to know about Affiliate Marketing. 

The whole module is made up of 6 separate videos, designed to give you a high level overview and introduce you to the rest of the training. It's worth starting here if you are brand new.

This used to be part of module 1, so I am glad it has now been given it's own module. 

Module 1 - Affiliates Products To Promote

Time to start getting into the meat of this course, module 1 is going to start giving you ideas about what you want to promote, the different niches and the different types of products that there are out there in the big wide world. 

Franklin explains some of the popular platforms out there, that pay either high percentage commissions to start with, or offer ongoing reoccurring commissions, month in, month out. 

This module again is designed to provide the foundations to the other modules, for example learning how the Amazon affiliate scheme works, or how ClickFunnels works, will allow you to find the module later on that you want to watch and learn from. 

For those who are unsure about Affiliate Marketing, the Amazon Affiliate scheme may be a good place to start! 

Module 2 - Building Your Website Asset

The majority of the time, you are going to want a website, or a domain to target people towards.

Very rarely does direct linking work with affiliate marketing, unless you are going down the route of pure PPC, but it can be expensive and should usually be done when someone understands a bit more about how Affiliate Marketing works. 

As such, Franklin dives into a step by step section all about building your most valuable asset, your website. 

You are going to be shown the exact steps you need to follow to get your site up and running, from choosing the correct domain names, choosing the right hosts all the way up to finding themes and plugins that help you get the most from your website. 

Savage Affiliates 2.0 Module 2

Helpfully, Franklin also reminds you and shows you how to create the legal pages such as Disclaimers, 'contact me' pages and even the About Me pages, which can actually drive you to affiliate offers if done correctly. 

I love the fact Franklin explains core plugins and themes that can help, such as Thrive Themes, Yoast and WordFence, all of which can make your website run faster, more secure and make navigating a lot easier. 

If you are a complete beginner, you are going to find this section incredibly useful and I recommend watching the whole thing a few times to get to grips. 

Module 3 - Email Marketing & Funnels (The money is in the list!)

The next module is one that I have actually always struggled with, I can honestly say, I have never been great at utilising the email list that I have, and I have a huge list! 

I am great at providing value to people, giving away free stuff, providing review, articles and even videos, but when it comes to selling to lists, my downfall. 

Hence why I was so glad that Franklin made a whole module about how to build your list, how to utilise email platforms such as Aweber or GetResponse to help automate your responses and emails, as well as how to properly start to collect leads. 

You are going to get a breakdown of the core areas, such as creating simple newsletters, creating automation and even the right way to separate your lists out. When I say breakdown, I really do mean it, this particular section is worth so much, 

The second part of this large module is all around funnels, particularly ClickFunnels, as it goes hand in hand with capturing leads and then 'funneling' through to offers. 

Savage Affiliates 2.0 Module 3

Frank is going to explain AND show you how to use ClickFunnels to start capturing emails, how to send them through to landing pages (as well as explaining the different types - i.e are you going to just say 'Thanks!' and move on, or are you going to do some pre-selling before the emails hit their inbox. 

If you decided to get the Super version of Savage Affiliates, then you are in luck, you can actually grab a version of the 2 step funnel as a bonus. The actual funnel itself doesn't take long to build, and you can get other versions dotted around the internet, but if you are going to use ClickFunnels, you might as well get the upgrade, learn more about funnels and get a ton of free ones given to you. They are worth the upgrade on their own. 

Module 4 - ClickBank Affiliate Marketing

It's time to get onto the meat and potatoes, as I said in my original review of Savage Affiliates, ClickBank affiliate marketing, is like the Granddad of Affiliate Marketing. 


Because everyone and their dog has heard about ClickBank, it used to be huge, but has slowly dropped off the radar as JVZoo or Warrior+ have started to emerge. Now, ClickBank still has much better products, usually at a higher purchase price (most of Warrior+ offers are just 10 step funnels with a tiny cost up front, followed by $4,000 upsell later on...yawn).

ClickBank actually caters for a variety of areas, from woodworking, self help, weight loss, strength training, dog training, to make money online and advertising. It's one of the reasons why people still flock to this site to grab their affiliate marketing tools, offers and products. 

A while ago I actually reviewed ClickBank own University course, though it didn't score that highly (well against Wealthy Affiliate & Savage got torn apart). But let's ignore that part.

Savage Affiliates 2.0 Module 4

As with the other modules, Frank is going to walk you through this platform, explain the metrics, how it works and how to find high converting offers. 

Just to note, there are 31 different videos within this module, that's more than most people put in their whole course. With videos that help cover the advertising part of affiliate marketing, i.e how to use Adwords & Social media ads to promote products. 

Again, Frank is going to show you how to use ClickFunnels to create landing pages (critical for this), as well as showing you free traffic methods, such as SEO and blogging to promote your chosen products. SEO was one of the main drivers and still is the main source of most of my traffic for this blog. Many articles on this site promote products that I think are good, or not so good (people still buy them even if you tell them they suck..who knows why).

The information you learn about setting up your blog posts, articles and reviews will be boosted by module 7, so don't worry, you are not going to have to try and do this on your own. 

If you purchased the Super Savage Affiliates bundle, then you are in for a treat. You can grab one of Franks ready made ClickFunnel funnels, as one of your bonuses. You can then copy, update or simply use that funnel to drive traffic for easy offers (I would personally update it though).

Module 5  - ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing (Both Parts)

We are just over half way through, or just under if you got the bonus super duper Tier 2 bundle. This section is for those who purchased the upgrade, so if you are looking at the standard tier, sorry to say, you won't get this!

Module 5 is basically the size of a small town, and is split across 2 separate sections. There are 29 videos in the first section, and then an additional 19 in the second (including a few ground rules). Now some of you may recognise a few of the videos, as they are ones that Franklin made for his ClickFunnels share funnel a while ago, as it was originally a stand alone product that was sold for the price of being Franks Affiliate (essentially $49 a month). 

Savage Affiliates 2.0 Module 5

This little section actually got me into ClickFunnels and managed to make me more than enough to pay for this whole of Savage Affiliates 2.0 a few times over, so this section is super useful. 

Section one is going to go fairly in-depth into what ClickFunnels is, how their affiliate program works, what sticky funnels are, as well as explaining how you can use them for your own affiliate marketing ideas. You are going to want to go over this section a few times. It's worth noting that many people claim you have to have deep pockets to promote things via funnels (most people use paid ads) but thankfully Franklin actually walks you through a few secret methods for generating commissions, using free methods. One of those methods is actually my favourite way of bringing in the cash. 

Part two of this mega module (this looks to be one of the Super Tier bonuses) will introduce a number of case studies, 4 to be exact, all showing how students from his ClickFunnel share funnel training and Savage Affiliates 1.0 training have succeeded with their businesses. I am sad I didn't get an invite, though I don't use ClickFunnels that much these days (more down to the fact I don't like the community...personal opinion and all that).

Savage Affiliate 2.0 Module 5.2

You are also going to be treated to some of the more advanced ways of promoting offers, Facebook Ads and YouTube both make an appearance. Seriously, it's difficult to get these right. People like Spencer Mecham have $900 courses that teach this stuff, but thankfully Frank has added it into his Savage Affiliates 2.0 course.  

Personally, I love watching the case studies, they give you tons of ideas and make you really think about what you are doing yourself as an Affiliate Marketer. 

Module 6 - Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Next on the list is Amazon Affiliate Marketing, another on of those things that have been going for years, though not quite as profitable as they used to be. 

I wish that I knew Franklin or that he had a course out 6 or 7 years ago, I needed it then! I was one of those guys who would purchase a ready made Amazon Affiliate site (well, a store really) and think that I could make my millions with it, well that didn't happen. 

Why? Because they lacked traffic and the websites where not set up for SEO or even paid traffic, they just sucked. But I learn a valuable lesson, $49 for a copy paste store, is not worth it. 

Amazon is a huge entity these days, with so many people buying products from them, getting people to make a purchase isn't difficult, but you need to understand how it works. As always, this module will give you the foundations to what Amazon Affiliates is, how the program works, and the different types of websites you can use to utilise it. One of these ways I actually do myself, as they are great sites to practice your article writing on!

Savage Affiliates 2.0 Module 6

There are 15 videos in this section, with 3 videos that actually give you product ideas, which is of course super helpful, with a umber of videos devoted to finding the right products. If you find ones that are too expensive, people are less likely to want to get them on Amazon, but if they are too cheap, you are not going to get a commission worth your time. Amazon only pays around 5-10% commissions, so promoting a product for 30c is just not worth the effort. 

For those who are going to start out in Affiliate Marketing, I personally believe this is one of the best sections to watch, take notes, and re-watch. Amazon Affiliate websites , whichever route you take to do it, can be highly profitable, a great way of learning SEO, a great way of learning product research and a brilliant way to understand how websites hang together. 

Plus, they can be a bit of a laugh if you decide to pick an odd niche. I have one that I laugh every single time I update the site, because I can't believe people even buy this thing!

Module 7 - SEO & Google Traffic Training

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO as it's shortened too these days is the daddy of free traffic. If you can get this right, then websites will rank like gold mines. 

But it can be difficult, and it requires skills and patience to get right. I still suck at doing it after 18 months of solid grafting (like I forget to add tags to my images..seriously go look at half this site).

If you are going to go down the blogging route, or even Vloggin, then you are going to want to watch this a hundred times over, because if you get it right, get the right pages ranking and the correct keywords, then hundreds, if not thousands of hungry buyers are going to swarm over your site like ants wanting to read about whatever you are selling. 

Savage Affiliate 2.0 Module 7

Module 7 is made up of 19 videos in total, that explain everything from what the hell SEO is, how Google works, tips on tracking keywords with tools such as KeySearch (seriously, a great tool for those who want to do keyword research on a budget), all the way up to the import stuff like on page SEO and how to bring more juice back to your own site. Again, Franklin uses one of my favourite ways to do this, don't worry, it's not widely known and it doesn't even matter if it was, it's an awesome way of doing it!

The latter part of this module will also go onto explain about backlinking and how you can get high powered links to your site, for me, I have never really used them, as I have always seen them as slightly spammy and a bit fake, so unless a page doesn't want to move from like search page 5, even if it's the best written article known to man, I really don't touch them. Possibly a major floor for me and my downfall, who knows. 

Module 8 - Free Traffic Training

Who doesn't love the word FREE! I do, I mean, why spend money on traffic when you can get it for free. 

When I first saw this, I thought this would just be a re-hash of the SEO work, because that really is free traffic, or it would just have a few videos on how to create your own Facebook group. Yeah, no it's not of that. 

Good old Franklin has created a full module on a number of different free traffic methods, that really anyone can implement and use. 

Savage Affiliates 2.0 Module 8

The most common one, and this is one that he uses himself, so no huge surprise he has done a huge section on it. YouTube. 

You don't need money to get started on YouTube. You don't even have to appear in them if you don't want. 

There are a number of clever ways to create vides, from using tools like ContentSamurai to finding videos that other people have allowed people to share (or even the product owners have given to you to use). You are going to get all of these methods handed too you. For me, YouTube is still one of those areas I have not touched. Mainly because I don't like the camera, but also because I rarely have much time to upload videos. Seriously, my YouTube channel sucks though the Content Samurai stuff looks pretty awesome, and did manage to get me a sale! 

I will also say that there are a number of extra videos at the end of the module, that cover a few other tips, these have been covered in the SEO sections, but this puts a bit of a different spin on them, as it gives you ideas on how to send traffic to offers, rather than your own site.

With 18 videos inside, you are not going to be short on knowledge, especially if you are keen on creating your own YouTube channel. As I have said before, other people will try and sell these videos alone for $49 - $89, so to get them included, really is amazing value for money. 

Module 9 -Paid Traffic Training

The final module for those who are interest in the Standard Tier for Savage Affiliates, this section is for those who might have a few hundred $'s spare. If you do, grab the upgrade, it's worth it. 

Within this module, you are going to learn the two main methods by which people promote Affiliate Marketing products, one of these methods you would have briefly touched on in the ClickFunnels part 2 section, but now you can learn about how to use Facebook Ads for a variety of offers, and then the other is of course Google Ads. Actually one of my favourite ways of promoting one particular offer. 

As with all the other modules, this is not some fly by night quick 5 minute training section, you have 19 packed lessons, devoted to PPC advertising. 

Savage Affiliates 2.0 Module 9

Again, you will see some of these videos dotted across other areas, especially if you have the bonus, because part of that course was created from Savage Affiliate videos, but I really don't see this as an issue, because you are being shown so much information, in such a decent structured format. 

The second half will go onto explain how Google Ads work, how to optimise, reach the data and even learn to scale them. If you become particually good at this, then this type of affiliate marketing method can quite literally make you a lot of cash, but it can also burn through a lot of cash, so make sure you have enough lying around before venturing down this path. 

Module 10 - Launch Jacking & Web Hosting (Only available with Super Purchase)

It's finally time to look at the second of the Bonus modules, which again should probably be split into two sections here. 

Bonus Round, FIGHT!

If you do decide to grab the Super Tier, then this module becomes open to you, boy is it good. 

The first half is about Affiliate Marketing with Web Hosts, and Christ on a Bike are these great ways to make bucket loads of cash. Web Hosts & even registrars will quite happily give you 100 - 500% commissions on their offers, because most of the time they don't really make much money on the hosting or the names, they make their money elsewhere (i.e add on services, like pointless SEO or back up services).

Some Affiliate Marketers make $$$'s just from promoting web hosts or registrars, with one case study even showing how they make 20k - 50k a month from doing just this. It's nuts. 

Thankfully you are going to get some decent methods on ways to promote this very challenging and slightly crowded space. Franklin explains how you need to be a bit clever to be in for a chance. 

Savage Affiliates 2.0 Module 10

The next part of Module 10 is all about launch jacking. A method that I have had some success with, but have never really pursued, because I don't enjoy many of the new products that come to market! Though I have seen a huge increase in some decent ones appearing, and I have an awesome launch lined up in a few months that I am getting on board with. 

Anyway, I digress. Launch Jacking is the art of finding offers that are about to happen in the next few days or weeks and getting yourself ranked or found online before others (while lots of people are hearing about it and searching for more information). Take for example when Savage Affiliates 2.0 go released, or at least Franklin said it was about to be released, the search traffic for the original Savage Affiliates spiked, that would have been a great opportunity to put a holding page up for Savage Affiliates 2.0 grabbing the people who wanted to get the original one and be locked in before the price rise, but sadly, I forgot. 

This method is brilliant for those who like to do videos, or constantly want material and content to create. Popular sites such as MunchEye will give you up and coming launches, so you can decide if it's one you want to jump on. You can also win epic prizes such as Teslas, Porches, TV's, Cameras and even holidays. The one time I did do this method I got myself a new phone - though I got the money instead as they where in the US, but hey!

There are 13 extra videos in this section, and if you put just one of these ideas into practice, your extra $100 is paid for. 

Bonus Module - Free Gifts!

Ok, well this is not really a module, it's more of a nice gift that Franklin has found and decided to add into Savage Affiliates. 

This extra little add on, is 14 different videos that cover a range of topics, from blog training, to how to succeed with emails. Now these are not made by Franklin, they have been purchased, or found elsewhere and then added on, so just a little bit of extra content. 

It does contain a place holder for his funnels, if you are lucky enough to get them all, and also has some download links for some social media guides. The social media guide I believe I have seen before, selling for around $30 - $40 so it's a nice addition at the end of this, and gives you some nice light reading. 

And that concludes all the modules that you will get within Savage Affiliates 2.0 (including the bonus ones if you decide to get the Super Tier)

What I Like About Savage Affiliates 2.0

Franklin really has outdone himself on this course, I picked Savage Affiliates 1.0 apart a little bit in the past due to the fact some of the videos where unstructured and the actual platform itself was awful, but thankfully no more. 

I think Savage Affiliates has improved massively and I love the fact;

  • There are now over 200 videos
  • The platform has been updated, so much easier to navigate around
  • Franklin has re-shot some of the older videos and added plenty of new ones
  • You get access to this funnels and even some other videos and downloadable guides
  • He doesn't just cover one area of affiliate marketing - You get the lot
  • He has a ton of knowledge, and he walks the walk..daily!
  • The price, seriously people charge x2 - x4 this cost for 1/3 of the content or value!

Franklin really has done a fantastic job with this affiliate marketing course, and is a huge improvement on the original. He has taken the criticism and done what any good person should do, come out fighting!

What I Dislike About Savage Affiliates 2.0

There are also going to be one or two things people don't like about products or services, and this is no exeption, but my list is pretty small. 

  • Some videos do go on for a little longer than need be
  • If you manged to get access to the share funnel course a while back, some of these videos will seem familiar, as will the funnels
  • Overall group support has started to vanish, not a lot of interaction.

Yeah, I do have a few issues with the course, though they are pretty small issues, videos do get repeated across training and courses, it happens. 

Franklin style does mean that he can waffle on a bit, and he ends up talking longer than required, but I have realised these days that I have done it with my own training courses. 

Having spoken to other marketers who have gone through the course, and from looking at a few articles, one residing issues that appears is the fact the marketing doesn't talk about tools you may need and the fact that you will find negative or unhappy reviews. Which I can't really argue with, you will always find negative reviews, or unhappy people and that's perfectly fair!  


So that's pretty much the whole Savage Affiliates 2.0 review complete, this thing has taken me days to write, because I kept re-writing and removing whole sections to ensure it gave as much detail as I could, without just handing you the course notes. 

If you are someone who is looking for an affiliate marketing course for beginners, then Savage Affiliates is going to be right up your street. It's not a massively expensive course, it cover a huge variety of tactics and ways in which you can do affiliate marketing and you are going to get more than your moneys worth from it. 

For those who class themselves as intermediate affiliate marketers or those who hold the title of advanced affiliate marketer, who may be looking for advanced affiliate marketing courses, then again Savage Affiliates will provide you with a ton of value. With 200+ videos, if you can't find something to help with your knowledge cravings, then I feel you will struggle finding much elsewhere. 

I honestly believe that Franklin Hachett has outdone himself with this release, because this affiliate marketing course smashes a lot of the others out of the water. If you are new to marketing and you are unsure where to go with it, then I personally believe the course itself is decent and provides a broad range of information. 

It's not for everyone, which is fair enough, and I have found other courses that focus on certain areas such as SEO or Ads (though they do cost 3x as much), so this is still a decent mass market product. 

Where To Buy Savage Affiliates 2.0?

The only place you can legitimately purchase Savage Affiliates, is using this link and getting it straight from Franklin himself. 

Other websites that say they have discounted versions, or they can get you access for a small monthly price, are not legitimate or the latest version. 

Are There Any Discounts?

Other than the ones that Franklin offers on the site, or on occasion on his Facebook group, no there are no other legitimate or real discount codes. 

If anyone offers to sell you a discount code or says they can get it cheaper than the price it states on the website is more than likely lying. 

Be sure to check out the only true correct price of Savage Affiliates 2.0 here

Savage Affiliates 2.0

$197 - $297



Ease Of Use







  • 200 + Valuable Videos
  • Easy To Follow Step By Step Guides
  • So Much Value!
  • Cheaper Than Other Courses, And A Lot More Content
  • Access To A Host Of Bonuses And Extra Modules With The Super Tier


  • Still Goes Off Track On Occasion
  • You May Have Seen Some Videos In The Past With Other Smaller Courses / Training