Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program

Legendary Marketer have been around for a while now, and is a very popular platform, with 100,000 members taking the famous 15 Day Business Builder Challenge in the last 12 months alone. 

They are known for providing training to newbie affiliate marketers, or those wanting to start an online business. As part of that platform, they do have their own Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program. Allowing you to earn commissions on low ticket and high-ticket products, potentially allowing you to earn and learn.

Edit: As of July 2022, the Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program has had a bit of an overhaul, with changes to tiers, pricing, funnels and products. If you have looked at the affiliate program in the past, but didn't like the sound of it, read below, this may change your mind.

What Is Legendary Marketer?

First things first, we need to look at the original platform and program first, to understand what it is that they offer and why they even have an affiliate program. 

As mentioned earlier, they are most known for one of maybe three things? 

  • 15 Day Business Builder Challenge
  • TikTok Marketing (15 Second Leads)
  • Decade In A Day / Masterminds

Depending on where you saw people talking about Legendary Marketer will probably determine what you know about them, or the products that they have on offer. 

Owned and built by a well known marketer David Sharpe, he has helped push Legendary Marketer to the level it is today. Bringing in new ideas on how to marketer in 2022, they have exploded in the last 12 months due to their great training on using TikTok for marketing. 

But, Legendary Marketer is really an education platform. They focus on helping people build their own online business, helping them become affiliate marketers, consultants or business owners. 

For example their Blueprint's actually cover; 

So there is a lot more to them than simply teaching people how to promote affiliate products or growing an affiliate business. 

What Legendary Marketer Products Can You Promote?

The cool part about the legendary marketer affiliate program is that you can at least earn commissions on any of their products. And they have quite a few products on offer. 


15 Second Leads Playbook

This low ticket offer provides marketers with the latest ideas and plans to build a brand and long term traffic generating social media account. Using TikTok (Or Instagram/Facebook) as the near endless supply of leads.

15 Day Business Builder Challenge

Possibly their most well known offer, this low-ticket course takes place across 15 days. Costing just $7 to get started, they help you go from nothing, to having an affiliate business up and running. They include access to step-by-step video training, calls with a business advisor, take home assignments and DFY content daily. By the end of your 15 days, you will have funnels set up, domains, emails, call scripts (if you want them) and a ton of other things to help you on your way. 

The Legendary Marketer Blueprints

Another well known product, the blueprints are high ticket courses, aimed at offering a complete guide to a variety of different areas.  

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program 2 Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program

As mentioned above, the Legendary Marketer Blueprints are broken into

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint - At $2,500, this blueprint is probably the one most people will grab. Aimed primarily at how to promote Legendary Marketer products, the affiliate marketing training can of course be used to promote any product. Some past students include Jacob Carris & Brian Brewer, who have both gone onto earn $$$$'s with Legendary Marketer and their own products. 

Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint - Coaching and consultancy is an in demand skill, and doesn't just have to be aimed at the online world. This course is aimed at those who want to spread their own knowledge, and be paid well for it. 

Digital Products Blueprint - Ever fancied creating your own content? This blueprint will show you how to put your knowledge to pen, or possibly video. Taking you from creating the curriculum, coming up with content, how to deliver it, and of course getting that first customer. 

Events & Masterminds Business Blueprint - People still want to do events and masterminds. Even in a digital age, seeing someone speak live on a subject can be awe-inspiring. 

Business Blueprints Start Package - Again, for a one time cost of $2,500 this actually gives you access to all 4 of the blueprints above (though the 'core' versions). This means you can build a brand/empire with affiliate marketing, move onto understanding how to build your own product, move into coaching and finally create an online event or mastermind.  

Legendary Marketers Club

A monthly training program, this provides a nice recurring commissions for each month customers are live for. Giving access to live virtual training workshops, and new content provided by a relevant expert. The Legendary Marketers Club is great way to grow if you are someone who wants to take it 1 step at a time.  

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to promoting Legendary Marketer, is that you are only given direct sales links for the following products.  

As part of the revamp, Legendary Marketer do offer custom funnels (via ClickFunnels), emails, ads and more to help promote each of the low ticket products. 

Who Can Join The Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program?

The Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program is foremost, a members only affiliate program. Which means you have to actually own one of the products to even be eligible.

As part of the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge, you are given access to the affiliate program to apply for. 

Something I do agree with a lot of the time, as it means you are at least familiar with the product and the training (as well as the style of training) that Dave Sharpe and the others teach within Legendary Marketer. 

I would encourage people to actually purchase a number of the products if you are keen on promoting LM, that way you have first hand experience of the products and what you are promoting. Check below to see a few products that are worth grabbing if you want to get into the LM eco system. 

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program - Application Only

Other than being a member of Legendary Marketer, there is also a country limit. Mainly due to the fact the payment/wallet provider they use doesn't support certain countries. 

You can find the list of blocked countries here - Legendary Marketer Blocked Countries

Legendary Marketer is not the first to introduce country limits, or IP limits, other platforms such as ClickBank do similar. You can always reach out to chat to their support team to see if you are able to join (if you are unable to purchase one of the products). Though I am not sure on the success rate. 

How To Become A Legendary Marketer Affiliate?

As mentioned earlier in this legendary marketer affiliate program review, to become a legendary marketer affiliate, you need to at least own one of the low tier products, that give you access to the legendary marketer platform. 

You may have purchased the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge, or the 15 Second Free Leads. Or any of the other books and mini courses they offer, any of these will provide you with an area whereby you can apply to become a legendary marketer affiliate. 

During the challenge, you will be given access to the application process. This application is not always guaranteed, and you will have to explain, or talk about your experience and promotion methods. 

Joining the Business Blueprints / Masterminds ($2,500 / $4,500+) do give you access as part of their bonuses (Application isn't required). So if you don't fancy applying, and you want to be given their own exact steps to making money with legendary marketer, this could be a great way to go. 

How Much Does It Cost To Join The Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program?

As of July 2022, the Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program, is 100% free. Everyone will now receive the same commission, without needing to pay extra for the privilege. 

Most people don't realise that there are 2 tiers to the Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program, there is the 'Basic Affiliate' , and the 'Pro Affiliate' account. 

Basic Affiliate Status

The free affiliate account gives commissions ranging from 10% - 30% on the products that are promoted and sold, meaning if you sold say a Business Blueprint, costing $2,500, then a basic affiliate would earn $250, or if someone decided to grab the Legendary Marketers Club for $30 per month, then you would earn $9 per month as a basic or free affiliate. 

Pro Affiliate Status

If you are someone who wants to regularly promote Legendary Marketer, then the Pro Affiliate account may make more sense, the pro costs $29.95 per month to join and provides access to 30% - 60% commissions across the product range, as well as access to what they called 'pro earner training' and the ability to earn on more streams of income, such as ClickFunnels or GetResponse.

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program 3 Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program

Using the same example as above, this additional commission %'s mean that if you sold a Business Blueprint for $2,500, you would earn $1,000, or if someone grabbed the Legendary Marketers Club for $30 per month, then you would earn $18 per month. 

As you can see, there is a significant difference, and you can upgrade or cancel the pro account whenever you like, so if you know you are not going to be promoting it for a while (maybe you are looking at other high ticket programs) then you could cancel and earn the lower rate, if anyone happened to purchase, then go pro again later. 

The additional training is nice, though I wouldn't say it's a huge selling point for me, it really is just that additional bump in commissions.

Unfortunately, as part of that update, they do look like they have removed the Top Earner Training, though I assume this may have been merged into a different product, and I haven't found it yet. 

What Commissions Does The Legendary Affiliate Program Offer?

You are now able to earn between 30 - 60% commissions across all of the Legendary Marketing products on offer. With access to their funnels, swipes, ads and more, without paying a monthly fee. 

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program 4 Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program

If you where to promote say the Business Blueprints for $2,500 you will receive $1,000 in commission. If you sold the Business Blueprints + Coaching (Which provides someone with a year of live group coaching with Dave Sharpe), you would be looking at a $2,850 in commissions.

You could also just keep promoting the low ticket offers, resulting in commissions between $3 - $19 per sale, or the recurring offers at $18 per month for the lifetime of the customer. 

For those who purchase one of the Business Blueprints, there is also an incentive to earn your initial purchase cost of $2,500 back, if you generate 10 blueprint sales within 2 years. 

Something a lot of people manage to do with the knowledge and content taught. 

How To Make Money With Legendary Marketer And the affiliate program?

Making money with any program, tool, course or platform does require you to essentially follow the steps and put in the work. If you apply the knowledge and training that legendary marketer give within their products, such as the Blueprints or the monthly course, you should start seeing results.

You are given a lot of tools and content to help you make money with both legendary marketer and their affiliate program. Such as live calls, webinars, mentors, masterminds, coaches, email swipes, ad ideas and even challenges. 

Plus, once someone is part of the Legendary Marketer platform, either as a lead, or customer, they will also be 'cookied' too you. So if they come back years later, using the same email and purchase someone, you get a commission. 

How you go about promoting legendary marketer is of course, up to you. 

Personally for me, I found that Blogging & Email worked really well for me. With articles such as Legendary Marketer vs Wealthy Affiliate or the Legendary Marketer Review providing consistent streams of leads and commissions. 

Is The Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program Worth It?

With the recent changes, and updates that Legendary Marketer has offered, I would say the affiliate program is worth it. You can now generate high ticket commissions ($2,000+) without having to pay a monthly fee to access those commissions. 

You can get started with their program for a relatively low cost, such as a few $'s for the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge, and it gives you access to the exact steps you need to promote products (including theirs). 

If you want to look at maximising your efforts, and solely focusing on succeeding with the Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program, then grabbing the Business Blueprint Bundle, or the Affiliate Business Blueprint makes sense, as you are being taught everything you need to succeed with their program, as well as others.