Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program

Legendary Marketer have been around for a while now, with a number of different training courses and programs for you to purchase and choose from.

Most famously is there 15 Day Business Builder Challenge, that teaches people how to build and grow an online side hustle using Google Ads, or Facebook Ads, Funnels and email marketing. 

Now of course they do use their own products within this to promote, most notably, the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge, which of course means you need to be part of the Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program to be able to promote, which not everyone is part of. 

What Is Legendary Marketer?

First things first, we need to look at the original platform and program first, to understand what it is that they offer and why they even have an affiliate program. 

As mentioned earlier, they are most known for one of maybe three things? 

  • 15 Day Business Builder Challenge
  • TikTok Marketing (15 Second Leads)
  • Decade In A Day / Masterminds

Depending on where you saw people talking about Legendary Marketer will probably determine what you know about them, or the products that they have on offer. 

They have grown a lot over the last 12 months due to their great training on using TikTok for marketing, as well as more people joining and learning how to promote the different products online. 

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program 2 Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program

But, Legendary Marketer is really an education platform, focused on showing people different ways to market their products, themselves and even their business. 

For example their Blueprint's actually cover; 

So there is a lot more to them than simply teaching people how to promote affiliate products or growing an affiliate business. 

How Do You Join The Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program?

First and foremost, you need to have actually gone through the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge, as in reality it is a members only affiliate program. 

Something I do agree with a lot of the time, as it means you are at least familiar with the product and the training (as well as the style of training) that Dave Sharpe and the others teach within Legendary Marketer. 

I would encourage people to actually purchase a number of the products if you are keen on promoting LM, that way you have first hand experience of the products and what you are promoting. 

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program - Application Only

Secondly, you have to apply to join the affiliate program, again something I think is important, as it means they are reviewing and looking at each applicant who is looking at promoting them and understand their current skill levels, how they want to promote and what they know of the product. 

In my own Legendary Marketer Review, I did note that if you purchased the Insiders eBook you did actually get access to the affiliate program, but I believe they have now removed that as one of the bonuses. They do tweak and change the offers and bonuses, so that may come back in the future.

What Can You Promote?

You can actually promote any of the Legendary Marketer products, though you are only given the option of directly promoting;

You are provided links and funnels to promote those, either using share funnels from ClickFunnels, or using the inhouse funnels that Legendary Marketer Provide. 

Of course, each lead or customer is shown different products or have the ability to purchase the other products once they have gone through the business builder training. 

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

Most people don't realise that there are 2 tiers to the Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program, there is the 'Basic Affiliate' , and the 'Pro Affiliate' account. 

Basic Affiliate Status

The free affiliate account gives commissions ranging from 10% - 30% on the products that are promoted and sold, meaning if you sold say a Business Blueprint, costing $2,500, then a basic affiliate would earn $250, or if someone decided to grab the Legendary Marketers Club for $30 per month, then you would earn $9 per month as a basic or free affiliate. 

Pro Affiliate Status

If you are someone who wants to regularly promote Legendary Marketer, then the Pro Affiliate account may make more sense, the pro costs $29.95 per month to join and provides access to 30% - 60% commissions across the product range, as well as access to what they called 'pro earner training' and the ability to earn on more streams of income, such as ClickFunnels or GetResponse

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program 3 Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program

Using the same example as above, this additional commission %'s mean that if you sold a Business Blueprint for $2,500, you would earn $1,000, or if someone grabbed the Legendary Marketers Club for $30 per month, then you would earn $18 per month. 

As you can see, there is a significant difference, and you can upgrade or cancel the pro account whenever you like, so if you know you are not going to be promoting it for a while (maybe you are looking at other high ticket programs) then you could cancel and earn the lower rate, if anyone happened to purchase, then go pro again later. 

The additional training is nice, though I wouldn't say it's a huge selling point for me, it really is just that additional bump in commissions. 

Who Can Join The Affiliate Program?

Anyone who has gone through the 15 Day Business Builder challenge can apply for the affiliate program, but that doesn't mean everything will be accepted, the applications are reviewed by their team, so there is a chance someone could be rejected. 

One thing that may stop someone from being eligible for joining the plan, is the fact they may not be able to purchase the products in the first place. 

Legendary Marketer is not the first to introduce country limits, or IP limits, other platforms such as ClickBank do similar. The actual list of countries has changed over the years, which can be difficult to keep track of, though it does seem to be countries with high refund rates such as Africa, India and I believe China may also be on there. 

You can always reach out to chat to their support team to see if you are able to join (if you are unable to purchase one of the products)

Is The Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program Worth It?

If you are someone who enjoys the Legendary Marketer training and advice, you like the programs or the information that they provide, then I would say that yes, the Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program is worth joining. 

Considering you can in theory grab say the $1 insiders guide (well worth it), run through the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge and then apply, that's a pretty low barrier to entry. Of course you need to apply and put your good foot forward so to speak, but still, that's lower than other platforms. 

For those who want to maximise their earning potentials, then the Pro Account is available, and again a fairly low amount, roughly the same as what you would pay for a monthly account with Wealthy Affiliate, but with a much higher earning potential. 

If you are interesting in join the Legendary Marketer program, then grab the insiders guide book, take a read through and then start on the business builder challenge to ensure you are familiar with their products and training.