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Well, the core offer is free. You can't argue with that. Though I am unsure abut the second upsell value. 

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Ease of USe

Credit where credit is due, it's easy to navigate around the site and between videos and modules.

The Online Student - Content


You get a good 8 - 10 hours worth of content inside of here, possibly more (spread across 42 steps)

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I have reached out to support, though I am not sure the email is still working. But I have't heard back in nearly a week..

Summary: MyOnlineStartup is a 'free' training course, designed to give those new to affiliate marketing a core understand ofthe different styles. It kind of falls into the trap of having an affiliate program that requires payment to join, with many promoting it, just for that reason and not for the content. 

  • Videos are varied and well researched
  • there are DFY campaigns, landing pages etc you can take advatnage of if you are in that niche
  • the core offering is FREE and can be consumed and put towards other niches for free
  • you do have the ability to earn commissions on tools and resources found within the training
  • if you are in the MMO niche and like building affiliate teams, there is the potential to earn a lot more based on their efforts.
  • there are a number of videos that push you towards the upsell
  • the secondary upsell seems quite high (with no extra training and just the promise of more commissions)
  • videos can be long, and should be broken up
  • there is a constant social proof banner that pops up telling you how much commission others make. it's annoying as hell.

Free to join, but there are up sells (especially if you want to promote it).

For the last few weeks, I have been seeing ads, posts and viral images promoting a new course and product called MyOnlineStartup (Or MOS for short). I was intrigued what MOs was, why it was going viral and what it actually contained. So I decided to go find it, sign up and write this MyOnlineStartup Review so that you can understand what is inside.

If I had not seen the ads and viral posts for this, I wouldn't have known this course exists (even though they are ranking well within ClickBank), so something must be working and it's safe to say that they have nailed the promotion side of this product, but are people simply signing up to this program, to be able to promote this program. Which can be an issue that a lot of successful products face. 

ClickFunnels & BuilderAll both had to change their affiliate agreements in the past to stop people signing up to simply promote the product to then get more signups. 

What Is My Online Startup?

At the core of MOS is a training course, created by a guy named Chuck Nyguyen. 

If I am honest, I had never heard about Chuck until I grabbed this course, but that's not that odd in this world, as there are tons of people out there being really successful with Affiliate Marketing. 

 Having a little scout around, Chuck seems to have been putting out decent content for around 5 or so years now, with a YouTube channel full of reviews, make money online ideas and some good tutorials for making your own online business.

But, back to the course in hand. 

So MyOnlieStartup is primarily a training course, set across 8 modules (which I will cover later), but it's also an affiliate platform and opportunity for those who may want to take Chuck up on that. 

My Online Startup Review

This partnership and affiliate side of the business is one of the reasons this has become viral, because they are open about the fact you can sign up for free, or you can pay money to promote the product yourself. 

A lot of courses will hide their affiliate program at the bottom of pages, or only let you get to them via Affiliate networks such as ClickBank. A fairly well known course and content creator actually teaches people in a different course, how to promote his current course. 

So he sells you the information about how to sign up to his course and sell his course. At least with MOS you know that people are being paid to promote it, there is no question about it. 

What Is Inside My Online Startup?

As I said, the core of this offer is a training course.

The training is split into 8 core Modules, that cover everything from what the point of the course is, to different ways of generating traffic. 

My Online Startup Review

As you can see, I suck at taking training and I have only marked off 2 of the 47 different lessons, or steps as completed. I am notoriously bad at remembering to mark lessons as 'done' or completed, with some of the past training I have owned for years still telling me I have only done 2/3 of the course. 

Every module is then further split up into individual videos, this can range from a single 35 minute video, to 6 or 7 15 - 35 minute videos. 

The videos also have a note section, and a Tools & Resources list, basically ideas and things you may need to succeed with whatever method the video is talking about. Keep this in mind, because this part is relevant later.

MyOnlineStartup Review

The notes section can be opened and completed for every single video,  allowing you to come back and check your notes as you go through them. Personally, I think that's a great idea, and I am amazed more courses haven't come up with a similar concept, considering how simple it is. 

Finally, there is also a comment section below whereby you can see what others think about the lesson (kind of pointless if I am honest).

MyOnlineStartup Modules

It's worth at least giving a break down of the modules, though this won't be super in depth, because if I am honest, it's a free course and you can probably check out what the videos are like for yourself much better than simply reading what I say!

I will also say, even though the training is free, not all the methods are. Some of these do require you to purchase tools, products or software to go forward with some of the methods.

Module 1  Game plan

Put it simply, this is your game plan, this explains exactly what you are going to be learning, what affiliate marketing, the strategy and also subtly hints at the fact that this training course be given away for free, to build up leads and earn commissions. 

My Online Startup Review

Ok, it's not that subtle, but Chuck does at least mention and explain that building up leads can actually result in you having a list of people who are interested in a particular niche and you may find down the road that a different offer you promote resonates with them. 

Module 2 - Mindset

Mindset is the keyword of 2020 (that or dumpster fire, depending on your outlook and when you read this..). 

Module 2 is all around ensuring that you are setting yourself up every day to become a better person. How to be more productive, knowing your goals and even how to build up your own self image.

Empowering stuff.

The extra resources is mainly a number of self help books, or books on how to become better at public speaking and even sales. I have to admit some of the books are pretty good, such as  'How To Win Friends And Influence People' (either the original or umpty million new ones). 

Module 3 - Affiliate Marketing

This module is going to be teaching you the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, as well as how to find products, what niches are deemed profitable and of course, why you having gone through the MOS training have a secret unfair advantage. 

I bet you can't guess what it might be. 

Yeah, sharing the MOS free course, by buying into the partner program you can earn commissions on basically all the tools and resources found within each module and you get the commission if people take the partner up sell (like you did).

My Online Startup Review

Of course someone may actually use the training as a way of simply building an authority blog in Health or Relationships or something, so you might earn a commission on some getting Wealthy Affiliate, or a different person decides to try out ClickFunnels, then you will get credited for it. 

Essentially allowing you to swap out every link within the training as your own. Useful if you are into the Make Money Online niche, but if you are not, then promoting this course isn't going to work for you. 

So training in Module 3 isn't bad, it's got some good ideas on how to pick a product or products, how to find or understand what a profitable niche is and why focusing on one product may help and someone can use the training and go forth and start their business in a different niche. 

It could have been fleshed out a little more, and the obvious up sell could have been made less obvious, but hey, again they are being up front and honest about it. 

I would also say that they are focusing training on the Make Money Online niche, and pushing MOS as the product you want to promote and sell. 

Module 4 - Lead Generation

It's time to start learning about the different ways of capturing and the nurturing leads. 

With 6 different videos within this module, you can learn how to find and generate lead magnets (such as the course), with some really good ideas about how to create these yourself. 

I am a big fan of creating eBooks, I now use a tool called Sqribble to help make these eBooks, and from the looks of it, it's the same tool that Chuck recommends. 

Good old chuck also explains the basics of lead capture pages, thank you pages, landing pages and bridge pages, basically any type of page you will need to create, Chuck explains quite nicely how they work and what they are used for. 

You will also be given training about how to run follow up campaigns (using GetResponse mainly) and of course how to track your links to see which campaigns or offers are profitable, and which campaign they come from.

One thing I liked about this, Chuck doesn't force you to use ClickFunnels, they also talk about BuilderAll and ThriveLeads/ThriveArchitect. Which is refreshing, as most people just push ClickFunnels down your throat. 

Even though the training is free, you will be required to buy these products if you want to go down this route, it's worth keeping that in mind.

Module 5 - Authority Platform

My favourite part of this course, how to build yourself an authority site. 

This module is split across 7 videos, from why having a blog can be a huge advantage (it's a massive asset that can be leveraged in all sorts of ways), building your blog, the different styles and types of articles you will want to write, as well as extra tips and tricks. 

Now, this is NOT an in depth SEO or blogging course like Savage, this is around 1 - 2 hours of video on how to set up and start building a website asset. 

Chuck does also explain a few of the tools such as SEO Yoast, Grammarly, Thrive Architect and of course he does recommend SiteGround (so he gets a few plus points for that!).

For those who don't have money for hosting, he does mention Wealthy Affiliate, and I think most people will take My Online Startup as a jumping off point and then move onto sites such as Wealthy Affiliate if they decide to go down the blogging route. 

Personally you are better off getting Savage, as it's a one off cost, rather than paying monthly, and the training is 100% better, but that's for a different article.

I enjoyed the fact you are given a quick checklist, to ensure you have everything you need to get started with Blogging and SEO.

Module 6 - YouTube Marketing

A platform I can honestly say, I have very little experience with, beyond using programs like Vidnami (or ContentSamurai as it used to be called). As with the other modules, 6 videos are presented too you, to help you understand YouTube, resources you should look into, the different types of videos you can make, and of course how to rank these videos. 

I will admit, some pretty decent information within this and part of the training I will probably come back to at a later date, as I have always been interested in starting my own channel.

MyOnlineStartup Review

It's well laid out and I enjoyed these videos. As I said at the start, Chuck is no stranger to YouTube and shooting videos, plus he recommends the webcam that I use for my Facebook lives!

As with the other modules, you have resources and tools that you can invest in, such as plugins to help you understand rankings, free screen recording software and of course webcams and microphones to ensure your videos are clear. 

Module 7 - Forum Marketing

A short module, comprising of 1 video. 

Module 7 is all about explaining how you can join forums or online platforms, and basically..add your link. Nothing that amazing in this particular module. 


Module 8 - Solo Ads

We have finally reached the end of the core training, it's time to look at 'Targeted Solo Ads', or simply 'Solo Ads' to us commoners.

For those who don't know about Solo Ads, you can read more about them here, but the basic premise is that someone promotes your link & landing page to their own email list. Decent solo vendors will usually swap out their own landing pages within their PPC campaigns for your link, and run it until a certain number of people have signed up, others will literally just blast X number of their email list until it reaches a specific number of views. 

Solo Ads require money, and testing to find the right vendors that work with your offer. This is not a cheap way of getting traffic.

It's no surprise that Udimi gets mentioned, it's one of the biggest marketplaces for finding Solos (not always the best, but one of the biggest). Udimi can be difficult and a pain to find a decent vendor on, and does require testing. 

My Online Startup Review

Chuck also recommends Traffic4Me, zero clue why, because frankly their traffic is awful, and possibly one of the worst ever. Second to only 10DollarSolos.

Finally, the module also goes over Wayne Crows traffic, which to be fair, isn't bad. But singing up to it usually means you get bombarded with emails and offers, which eventually put me off going near it. 

Of course, if you happen to be an affiliate, you could always purchase a few solos to get people to sign up to the free course (but to make your money back these people either need to be active and going through the training, buying tools or products, or they need to sign up to become affiliates themselves).

My Online Startup Affiliate Program

So that was the core training, but if you decided to become a 'Founding Partner' or Legendary, then you get access to some extra training. 

Additional Partner Upgrade Training

So the main upsell within this training, is of course, to become a Found Partner, for $197 you get the option of being able to promote the product, and of course access to adding your own ID into a number of the resources and tools. 

Plus they give you access to some cool new training lessons!

Ok, I admit these are not all training lessons, but you get 14 videos inside of the Founder Training section, which cover a number of extra training methods, as well as some ideas on how to bring in commissions.

There is also a 90 day challenge, that gives you a plan of action to start earning your commissions, and of course also a video on how you earn commissions. The 45 minute video about this challenge is actually useful to be fair. Explaining that Affiliate Marketing wont make you an overnight millionaire and that this can take time, and effort.

Which suggests most people signing up might be new to Affiliate Marketing.

Inside of the training area, there are also 3 modules, from success mindset, to understanding Facebook traffic. This explains WHY there has been so much Facebook traffic about MOS and of course why a lot of the posts look very similar. 

Chuck also pushes the whole how to share testimonials, and results to increase social proof. Which can of course increase your own results again and again.

My Online Startup Review

Lastly, you can pick up your own Done For Your System, which is essentially a capture page, which then pushes leads off to the MOS sign up page. 

The DFYS also has 150+ follow up emails (a bit like 12 minute affiliate). These emails contain emails with your affiliate links across the marketplace, so you have the option of potentially earning commissions from these other programs. Each email seems to be linked to your MOS ID, and an MOS affiliate ID, so you are paid by MOS after a commissions is made. 

Personally, I would add my own ID's into that, because there is NO way I am trusting someone else to say if a commissions has been made on my behalf. 

Additional Legendary Partner Upgrade Training

The second upsell (at least direct upsell) is to join the $997 Legendary Partner Training. 

You don't directly get access to training on the platform, but you do seem to get access to a Facebook group or some kind of inner circle group, which I suspect contains extra training, lives and a few other entrepreneurs doing the same thing.

The biggest draw to this level has to be the commission structure, because it starts to open up other opportunities. 

For a start, if you a legendary partner, you are paid directly for anyone who signs up to also become a Legendary Partner. This opens up the opportunity for high ticket commissions. 

The second income stream is quite similar to other 'pass up systems', whereby if someone below you (no matter how many levels deep) signs up to become a Legendary, as long as no one else within that line has Legendary Partner Status, then you get paid. 

My Online Startup Review

On top of those 2 income streams, MOS also includes bonuses, which essentially mean if one of your affiliates bring in a Legendary Partner, and they are a legendary Partner, you get given $100. The pass up mentioned above also is included in this, so again if one of your Legendary Partner affiliates get a pass up, you still earn $100. 

 Then finally, if any of your direct affiliates sign up any Found Partners, they get their $100, you are given $20. So you get kind of get 4 separate levels of what I see as passive income. As long as you have built up a decent team below you, you could earn some commissions on autopilot.

 According to the video I watched, there are also other income opportunities coming later, with talk of JV's with high ticket products etc. But that was meant to happen after June 1st, it's now June 18th. 

Who Is My Online Startup For?

Honestly, there are a number of different people this platform and the training can appeal to. 

For a start, the free part of the course is going to appeal to those who are just starting with Affiliate Marketing, or may want to branch out a little from what they might be doing. It may also appeal to those who have some knowledge, but also want to add a string to their bow in terms of products to product. Getting $100 a sale from a seemingly free course, and also being able to add additional ID's in one place is quite a lucrative idea.

Secondly, intermediate or experienced marketers, or those who have good traffic or decent lists. They will be the ones to sign up straight away for Founding Partner. 

They will either promote the free course to their followers, or even send-traffic to the capture pages and sign up pages, and then potentially work with them to start pushing people towards the upsell. 

These guys may pick up the Legendary Partner up-sell to help them earn additional commissions from any of their teams sales. 

I don't believe the secondary group will really may much attention to the training, and are basically joining because it's the only way to make commissions and of course to leverage the different income streams inside. 

If you have a good audience, and you want to provide them with a free course, that actually allows you to control pretty much every possible path with affiliate Marketing, all with your IDs, it's like having your own training course.

How Much Does MyOnlineStartup Cost?

The core of it, is free

Chuck reckons the training is worth $1997, though I think he might be a bit delusional. For example Savage Affiliates, even at it's most expensive (and without my discount) costs $697, and that course is nearly 2 or 3x the size of this, with a lot more in-depth videos and training. 

So if the course was being sold, it would probably be worth around $100.

To get the opportunity to sell and promote the course, it will cost you $197, this gives you access to $100 commissions for anyone else who signs up as a Founding Partner, and oif course gives you the ability to go plaster your Affiliate link throughout the course. 

You also get access to a few more videos, and some sexy looking banners. 

Finally, is the high ticket offer, which used to be $497, but is now $997

Legendary Partner, which gives you access to the pass ups, income streams and whatever else they may come up with in the future. This works, IF you know your audience, you know you will have a team of affiliates below you pushing the course and getting sign ups, because after you have 10 people signed up, you can basically sit back and relax. 

What I Liked About My Online Startup

Honestly, I think the free training is decent. 

It covers a number of different angles when it comes to affiliate marketing, which is more than most $7 courses cover, and even trumps as few $97 - $197 courses I have seen in the past. 

Some of the videos are a little long, or could have been split into smaller chunks, because sitting through a 40 minute video to understand blogging or why blogging is important is a bit of a slog. 

It's obvious that Chuck knows his stuff, he is knowledgeable and he comes across as quite smart in the videos. It's not just some random bloke with no experience doing this training, this guy does know a thing or two. 

The checklists, homework and resources given make it feel like you are constantly learning or you can go off and find a book or something to further help you, lots of training courses don't do that. They want you in their bubble, and that's it. This seems quite open.

You can use the information provided in different niches, and it's nice that Chuck does show some of these niches. 

I do like the offer, I think it's a bit crap that you need to pay to promote it, I think they should have stuck with their $20 bounty for free members, so that way people who are 100% new get a chance to make some money before being bumped up to the $100 commissions, but i can also see their reasoning. 

Lastly, the DFY campaign and lead capture page set up is quite good, with the 150+ days of emails being sent out. Lots of people will sign up or add their email to a capture page and then just forget why they did it. With a follow up campaign in force, you have a greater chance of increasing that rate. I have a feeling more experienced marketers will use their own though. 

What I Didn’t Like About My Online Startup?

I have already said that some of the videos are quite long, I feel like they could have been split up into smaller sections within the modules. It makes them more bit-size and you have the opportunity to really get your point across in a 5 minute video, as apposed to a 30 minute video that can seem quite ramble. 

Some of the promotional methods explained, or shown are spammy, using social media to just throw lots of income claims (many of which are not caveated with the fact they are not the promoters own income) and a lot of people using some of the same tactics. Now the images etc work, but you do need to throw your own spin on it on occasion. 

There is also an obvious push throughout the training to get you towards that upsell, with lots of mentions of DFY campaigns, done for you lead magnets, a ready made course that can be used to build a list etc.

I know they want people to grab the upsell because that's how they make money, people sign up they then want to make money so go advertise. But a little less pushing would have been nice. 

MyOnlineStartup Review Conclusion

For something that is touted as a free course, there is some obvious upselling and a push to get people there. 

The videos, content and training is decent, and someone who is new to affiliate marketing would find this useful, especially considering it's free. 

The Legendary Partner upsell seems quite steep, considering it's own purpose is to increase commissions or increase bonuses and commission amounts, with the possiblity of some extra training (though I can't find much of a mention). 

All in all, I would say if you are starting out and want something to learn for free, then grab it. You can use the information found within to branch out to other niches, and never have to touch the upsells, especially if you are not in the make money online niche. 

 If you have a few months under your belt, and you are in the make money online niche, or work from home niche, then the upsell and the ability to add a free course (with the possibility of earning commissions) to your toolbelt is worth it. Especially with the additional streams inside from industry giants such as GetResponse and ClickFunnels.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this (much longer than I expected) MyOnlineStartup review, and you found some use out of it. 

My Online Startup

From $0





Ease Of Use





  • It's Free To Start
  • DFY Campaigns and email follow
  • Can earn 50+ commissions across the plartform
  • Possiblity of building an affiliate team and earning passively from them


  • There is An Obvious Push For The Upsells
  • The Second Upsell is Expensive, With No Obvious Benefit Other Than Possibly Higher Commissions
  • Videos Can Be Quite Long 30+ Minutes At Times