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Salehoo Review Summary;

A cost effective and well rounded platform. Salehoo Directory provides you with a ton of information and make it as easy as possible to get in contact with thousands of potential suppliers. A useful and important tool if you are getting into the wholesale business or starting up a DropShipping site. 

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Still one of the cheapest wholesale lists on the market, with both an annual fee and a lifetime fee available. 

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Ease of USe

Really easy to navigate around, with clearly signposted areas and tools. 

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An ever increasing number of tools and training resources. The information and tools that you are provided are great. A lot more functionality than other platforms.

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I've never had an issue with contacting customer support, though some users have noted issues, so the rating reflects other users experience. 

  • Easy To Use And Navigate
  • 8,000 + Verified Suppliers, 1,000+ DropShippers & 1m+ Products Available
  • access to the salehoo research labs, to help you start finding trends or potential hot products
  • Ever Increasing Invent Of Products And Trends
  • a whole section now dedicated to learning and growing (free resources) for both private labelling and dropshipping.
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • the data sets can sometimes be limiting (some coming from eBay Or Amazon
  • You can't easily import or get products onto store as you can with other platforms

$67 Per Year or $127 Lifetime Access

Running an eCommerce business comes with a variety of issues, one of them being finding decent suppliers and products is probably one of the main ones. I would spend hours, or sometimes days trying to a supplier who would be decent, or who could actually sell the items that I was after. It was harder than you’d think.

When I moved towards DropShipping, I had to find more consistent suppliers, rather than relying on eBay sellers who were flogging their stuff off.

One of the main aches for eCommerce entrepreneurs who DropShip or sell on Amazon and eBay, is trying to find that wholesaler or supplier who isn't going to dupe you out of your inventory, send you fake products or simply can't be reliable. 

These days, most DropShippers will try and source their items from AliExpress, Wish or even CjShipping, but they do come with their own problems. Those running eCommerce stores, perhaps looking for inventory will use Alibaba or agents to help find sellers or manufacturers, but at the time, I didn't have the money or capacity to hire my own agents. 

I eventually found a host of wholesale directories that could provide me with potential suppliers, including the one we are reviewing today, Salehoo, or as it's now called Salehoo Directory. 

This Salehoo Review will focus mainly on the Directory part, as this is still the main area that people understand and identify as 'Salehoo'.

What Is Salehoo?

I think the easiest way to describe Salehoo these days would be a wholesale list provider and education platform. They have grown beyond the original 'wholesale list directory' that I first wrote about back in 2017 and have expanded their reach and influence into other areas. 

When Salehoo first launched back in 2005, they were primarily focused on providing it's customers with a list of wholesalers, growing this list in 2018 to 2.5 million products and 8,000+ manufacturers, DropShippers, liquidators and wholesalers.

The 8,000+ suppliers list is made of companies from around the world, with many of them being found in; USA, UK, parts of Europe, Australia, obviously China and their home country New Zealand. That’s a pretty diverse set of countries, and means you can essentially find a UK Dropshipper using the UK Salehoo list.

As mentioned, these days, Salehoo has expanded beyond that list, and they have split it into 3 main product areas. 

Salehoo Directory

The Salehoo Directory part of the platform is made up of the directory lists (both wholesale and Dropshippers) and a product they called Salehoo Labs, which has been designed to allow you to find hot or up and coming products (essentially allowing you to potentially get ahead of the curve). 

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Salehoo also added their own training and unlimited support network into Salehoo Directory, essentially allowing you to get unlimited 1-1 support, or the ability to go through around 50 or so videos and guides that they have written and filmed over the years. 

This part also includes access to the forum, which I will talk about a bit more below when we dive into each area bit more. 

Salehoo Droship

A product, or part of the platform that really came into it's own in around 2019/2020 the Salehoo drop shipping tool is designed to help you find and then even add hot or trending products onto a Shopify store in a few minutes. 

It works like platforms such as eCom Hunt or DropShip Spy, whereby you get access to AliExpress data, telling you about products that are starting to become popular (lots of sales) or are potentially quite lucrative (nice profit margin). 

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Salehoo DropShip works much the same as the other, they hand pick the products for you, and then add it to their database (a bit like their dropshipping lists), which you can then import into your store. What makes this a little different is that these products and suppliers have been vetted. 

Salehoo Educate

The newest part of the Salehoo platform, Educate, was created to provide a step by step course on creating an eCommerce store. 

It is split into two distinct courses, Drop Shipping and Private Labelling, giving you the choice of which path you would want to take. Each course has been created with a different multiple seven figure store owner, with roughly 6.5 hours of content in each section. 

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The courses are sold separately, so you would have to choose which course you would want to investigate, or purchase both I guess. 

How Does Salehoo Directory Work & Salehoo Features

The directory part of Salehoo is focused on the supplier lists, and also offering some training and support. The directory can be split into a number of different areas, I will try to explain each one in a bit more detail as well, to give you an idea of how it might help you.  

Salehoo Directory is split up into the following;

  • The Salehoo Supplier List
  • The Research Lab
  • Salehoo Stores
  • Salehoo Training & Resources
  • Salehoo Dashboard

For the other areas, I will provide separate reviews, especially Salehoo DropShip and Salehoo Educate, because they contain a huge amount of information, plus Salehoo Directories is still the main thing that comes to mind when people think of 'Salehoo'.

Salehoo Supplier Lists

This is obviously Salehoo’s biggest draw, their 8,000+ listing of suppliers & 1,000 trusted DropShip Suppliers

One of the big frustrations when it comes to sourcing products, either DropShip or e-commerce is finding that reputable supplier. Be that from your country, or another country.

Either finding one that provides you with decent products, or one that doesn't try to rip you off and not send you the ordered product (yes, that has happened to me). For me, the supplier list provided exactly what I needed for more than one of the side-lines.

In the most recent Salehoo update, they split their suppliers list into 2 distinct areas, DropShip suppliers and Wholesale Suppliers. 

Salehoo for DropShippers (DropShip Suppliers)

For those not familiar with DropShipping, it’s a type of fulfilment service, whereby someone else handles the product, including shipping, packaging and in some cases returns.

Salehoo Review - DropShipping Model

For this, you can use the Salehoo Suppliers list to find yourself a DropShip supplier, who then provide you with a  product, you then decide on a price that you want to sell that product for.

  • You list that item on your chosen platform of choice, popular choices include Salehoo, AliDropShip or even sites such as Amazon & eBay.
  • Once the item has been sold (for say $10), you log in to Salehoo, find the supplier you have chosen and purchase the item from them.
  • The supplier will then charge you $2.50 and ship it straight to your customer.
  • After fees, you make a profit of $5.

One of the good things about the Salehoo Supplier list is that it allows you to find suppliers, not only that may be cheaper, but also might be in the same country. One of the problems faced by DropShippers is the long wait times from China, typically you face 20+ days for an item to appear from China. This is because customers live in the world of next day delivery, so even if the price is 30 - 70% cheaper, they still expect it fast.

So Salehoo actually giving you the details of companies in the US or Europe who can ship products straight away is a huge bonus. Using Salehoo you could get an item shipped out of the UK and onto a doormat within 5 days or so.

Their pricing can little higher, around 5 - 10% than their counterparts in China, but I could get items sent to customers in a matter of days, maybe a week at most. Again, a huge bonus when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Salehoo-Review-Salehoo Products

The Salehoo Drop Shipping Suppliers list has around 1,000 hand picked companies who you can work with, all of whom have been vetted and reviewed to ensure they are of a high quality. 

The list is of course split into different key categories, allowing you to focus on say 'Sporting Goods' or 'Home & Garden' without having to trawl through the pages and pages of AliExpress listings (many of them listed multiple times to get your attention).

As mentioned before, Salehoo do also list both domestic and international suppliers, so if you are trying to find someone in the UK or USA then you can start to filter these down. You can also focus on a single market, rather than growing to be international when you start out. 

Salehoo for eBay, Amazon or local selling pages (Wholesale Suppliers)

The second, but possibly oldest part of Salehoo (or now Salehoo Directory) is the 8,000+ wholesale suppliers list. Designed for those looking for genuine wholesale suppliers of a wide range of products. 

The list is made up of not just wholesalers or manufacturers, but also liquidators or companies who deal with bankrupt or potential discontinued items. This allows you to pick up stock from closing down sales, or bankruptcy proceeding, dropping it lower than wholesale might have been. 

Salehoo allows you to contact and connect with suppliers who may or may not have a large online presence, or who simply prefer to focus on building and creating whatever it is they create. This can sometimes mean you get special pricing or Minimal Orders on these items, which can be useful when you are just starting. 

No Fakes, Full Guarantee

Something that is relevat to both suppliers list, but possibly more focused on the wholesale list, is the guarantee you are getting real, branded products and genuine prices. 

Not knockoffs, fakes or poor quality imitations, the real deal. This is great for those who like to run general stores, or run limited time offer stores, whereby your customers can get a great deal, for a limited time.

If you tried to do the same with unbranded, or even fake products you would start to face all kinds of trouble, including possible takedowns from legitimate brands who don't want knock-offs or fakes being sold online.

Contact & Negotiate Pricing

Again, this is relevant to both of the suppliers lists, the ability to speak and put in offers to these suppliers. 

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All of this can be done from within the dashboard, which I will touch on later within this review. 

Salehoo Suppliers Conclusion 

There is a lot to unpack within this seemingly small section, the Salehoo Suppliers lists are huge and comer with a lot of similar features and tools. 

The lists are extensive, with a lot of information and years worth of data and relationships there. You can pick up pretty much any category or niche you want too and find suppliers who can fulfil what you are after, be it a Drop shipper, manufacturer, wholesaler or liquidator. 

The filtering across the suppliers and products then allows you to start coming up with a game plan, deciding if you want to try and conquer the world, of simply see success in your home country, picking up real branded products, without worrying if you are about to be ripped off. 

I like the Salehoo Suppliers lists, I think they are still the core offering and it's main offering that people expect when they hear the name Salehoo. 

The Market Research Lab

Salehoo Labs, or the Market Research section of Salehoo Directory used to be a separate product, which was eventually bought into the suppliers list area a little while ago.

The Research Lab is similar to what other sites or platforms like to call 'Hot Products' and can be seen as a competitor to stand-alone services such as Drop Ship Spy or Ecom Hunt. Though it's worth noting the Market Research part of Salehoo is designed solely for finding new suppliers and products, it's not a curated list of products that someone else thinks you should sell, that can be found in the new 'Salehoo DropShip' product, which is a direct competitor. 

The Market Research area of Salehoo Directory is great for those who love to scope out or find trends and products before others, giving them a little edge on the competition. Allowing you to track sales data and trends, such as seasonal or market trends (even seeing when they drop off or stop being popular) allowing you to plan your year out in advance. 

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You have the ability to pick different products or niches, then delve into them. Finding out the costs, how many people are currently listing these products, average prices and even if it's currently just having a trendy moment or if it's a real long term viable product. 

Market Research Conclusion

Anyone looking at getting into DropShipping or eCommerce, be it an online store or offline, should have this information available to read and study. 

Considering it's given to you are part of the membership price for Salehoo Directories, I think it's well worth having and there is no 'downside' to having this data provided to you. 

It's in-depth, useful and could potentially save you from buying a ton of stock on an item that may only be 'Hot' for 3 months of the year. 

The Salehoo Training & Customer Support

Another part of the Salehoo Directory space that has slowly become a single area (especially since I originally wrote this review), the Salehoo Training and Support module, designed to give you everything you may need to better equip yourself with starting or running your stores. 

Salehoo 1-1 Support

I believe a recent addition, you can now get unlimited One-On-One customer support. You can ring them, tweet them, email them or speak to them on live chat and Facebook, giving you a huge range of support options. 

The 1-1 support looks to be a way of helping those who are possibly struggling with nearly any part of the process, be it just starting out and building a Shopify store, to possibly the best software to track sales and tax. It seems to be a fairly open support avenue and invaluable if you are just getting started. 

Salehoo Training

One of the best updates recently, is the move of the Salehoo Training library, into a single, accessible place. Now they do have a resources tab, with a bunch of free guides, including How To Get Started, of course they also have 'Salehoo Educate' which is their own DropShipping and Amazon Private Label courses (but they are separate and paid for)

Currently there are 50 guides and videos for you to choose from, again including guides on getting started, selling on amazon, finding suppliers and creating that first online store.

Salehoo Review - Training And Resources

They also provide you with a really useful webinar on how to scale and build an Amazon private label store, that I would recommend checking out - Watch it here.


With around 135,000 members, and 60,000 posts inside of it, I would say the Salehoo forum is still worthy of visiting and browsing. Most forums are dead these days, long forgotten or simply not cared about, with many moving into paid membership sites, Facebook groups and even group chats (somehow). 

The Salehoo forum still seems to have some activity and fairly up-to-date posts, but they also have a huge archive of past questions, so you can do some searches through them and see what others asked, and see if it answers the questions you might have asked.

You should still be able to get some kind of customer support from either a fellow drop shipper or a member of the support staff. 

Support Conclusion

The unlimited support, access to around 50 free additional resources and the ability to ask questions inside of a forum that includes seasoned professionals I feel is a great additional bonus. 

Not everyone will use the support or the documentation, or they may feel they need more (such as Educate) but I think it's a great place to grow and learn, especially at no extra cost. 

Salehoo Stores

Salehoo stores are no longer available, and instead look to have been replaced by Salehoo DropShipping that plugs straight into Shopify.

The latest edition to their arsenal is the new Salehoo Stores feature.

This is Salehoo's own way of trying to fight the big boys such as Shopify, WooCommerce or even BigCommerce.

The Salehoo stores currently come in 15 different flavours and require zero coding or technical skills, which can be a relief for a lot of online store owners.

Especially those who don't have the time or the skills to do this.

Each store comes with its own professional logo, and an AdWords voucher, as well as being Search Engine optimized to get you off to a flying start, massively useful for when you are trying to rank for product keywords.

They can also be set up in just a few minutes and if you are currently an eBay turbo lister, than you can actually import the eBay listings.

At the moment, the stores are currently lacking the many tools and features that other platforms offer.

I'd stick to the core features of Salehoo for now!

How Much Does Salehoo Cost?

 When compared to other wholesale list providers or competitors, I would say Salehoo comes in at one of the cheaper options. Some of these other services nearly cost $67 a month!

With all the information that you get access too, including the tools, up and coming products, trends and even the training, it's worth more than the $67 they charge for this service. 

You can also get a 60-day money back guarantee, that means if you try it for 2 months and don't get on with it, they will refund you your payment. That means they are that confident you will love Salehoo they are willing to wait 2 months to prove it. 

Salehoo have recently updated their pricing, they now offer lifetime access for just $127. Other platforms charge 2 - 4 x that price for 'lifetime' access 

Are There Any Salehoo Discounts Or Salehoo Trials?

Currently, there are no known discounts or trials on offer.

Salehoo Review Conclusion

With over 2.5 million products and 8,000 suppliers, I would definitely say using Salehoo is worth it if you are really serious about finding high quality and valuable products.

With all the data and information that they provide, as well as access to all those suppliers, you would be pretty unlucky not to find a great product to add to your store.

The Good (Salehoo Pros)

  • A nicely laid out and easy to read directory with an ever growing list of products, currently topping out at over 1.6 million.
  • Products have also been verified to ensure they are not fake, or of a low quality!
  • 8000+ suppliers, that's a lot of suppliers and they are not all put into one little box or area of interest
  • Each of these suppliers have been vetted and had verification checks
  • The Salehoo Research Lab is great and is getting better and better as time goes on
  • Salehoo have started to really increase their number of resources and guides to better support their customers
  • Active and helpful community and forum & a helpful and friendly support team
  • One of the cheaper on the market for this type of service
  • You can find suppliers in your own back yard!

The Bad (Salehoo Cons)

There will always be cons to any business or platform, I struggle to find any that don't have at least one or two. 

  • They limited data points to show trending or hot products, it would be good to be able to expand this data, possibly to actual stores etc.
  • You can find products cheaper elsewhere, especially if you find Europe or US specific suppliers
  • You could spend the time finding these suppliers via Google, or even searching on Tabo, AliExpress, Alibaba or a few other sites
  • You still run the risk of being scammed or getting lower quality products - Though you do lower this risk

Is Salehoo Worth It?

The simple answer is Yes, if you are in the market for finding new products or want to find higher quality ones.

Salehoo is great for those who might be starting out in the world of Drop Shipping or eCommerce, or for those who want to find new lines or products, without having to go down more traditional routes.

If you fall into one of these categories, then I would consider looking into Salehoo;

  • You are new too the scene and want to find your first product to sell online
  • You are not accustomed to finding suppliers or products and do not know where to find them
  • You are finding it difficult to find a new item to sell, and may be struggling to find a 'best seller'
  • You want to get into DropShipping without the hassle of being scammed or getting low quality product
  • You want to buy genuine products from genuine suppliers

It's worth noting, you will need to have a level of knowledge on how to do market research and product research to get the full experience from this platform.

Now that DropShipping has become the number one fun thing to try and do in 2018 / 2019 many of the markets are becoming a bit saturated, or flooded with poor quality or fake items. Salehoo reduces and at points eliminates this risk by offering you new trending products, vetted suppliers and genuine products for you to sell.

If you are someone who falls into the below categories, then this may not be for you;

  • You have a successful business with contacts and suppliers already
  • You want to sell more niche products, that only specialist sellers may stock
  • You are not comfortable doing market research
  • You are not comfortable running an eCommerce store

If you are someone who already has contacts in China, or have already gone through the process of setting up a wholesale business, then something like Salehoo may not be for you, though for such a low price a year, it could always open up new opportunities and relationships. With a 60 day money back guarantee, it may be worth exploring to see if Salehoo can expand or help your business.

Are There Any Salehoo Alternatives?

Yes, there are a number of alternatives on the market today, offering similar services.

One of the most popular is one called WorldWide Brands, and has quite a cult following these days, due to just how long it's been around and the other is Doba.

Salehoo VS WorldWideBrands

This is actually a difficult one to determine, as they cater for slightly different crowds.

But for the people I deal with and talk too, usually startups or young entrepreneurs looking to dip their toes in the water, Salehoo still wins this round and here's why;

Affordable Membership

The $299 upfront cost is a huge hit for someone who is trying to find a niche they can work with, or who are finding the products that they can start to supply.

$67 a year is much more entrepreneur friendly and you can easily find your feet or niche with such a low price. If you haven't paid back that $67 in a year, then Drop Shipping might not be for you!

Tools / Extras

WorldWideBrands really only provides you with a VERY large list of suppliers, they don't provide you with extras such as Hot Products, up and coming trends, eBay Top Sellers or anything in that realm. They do offer training and ways to stop yourself from being scammed online, but Salehoo also provides free articles or training on similar issues.

Ready Built Stores

Again, you are given the option of just purchasing a store, filled with products within your niche.

Salehoo VS Doba

If I am honest, the fight between Salehoo VS Doba is pretty one-sided. Here are some of the reasons why I believe Salehoo is just the better out of the two;

Competitive Pricing

The base cost for Doba is $29 a month, Salehoo offers you a number of tools, a huge database of products and all at essentially $6 a month!

You also don't have to pay per transaction, as you aren't really doing transactions here.

Similar Tools / Offerings

Both Doba and Salehoo both offer the same tools when it comes to offering Drop Shipping 'Hot Products', 'Seller Ratings' and even the ability to see trends. With the number of 'high quality' on items on Doba, but no guarantee other than a seller rating that they will be legitimate, makes me a little worried about Doba and it's offerings.

Doba does offer you the ability to export to other platforms, but if you are using DropShipping fulfilment tools such as Oberlo or AliDropShip then you don't need to export, as you can import from the store situated on AliExpress already.

Number of products/database side

For this, it's a bit of a tiebreaker. Doba has a really impressive list of products available, with over 2 million product listings and growing, compared with Salehoo’s 2.5 million products, so really there is not much in it!

For this, I would suggest reading the full comparison. Salehoo vs WorldWide Brands Vs Doba - The true Mexican standoff!

Final Thoughts

One question that gets asked a lot when it comes to selling online, or even just when it comes to finding helpful apps, is how to really get the best from Salehoo. 

If you are already a professional seller or a established Drop shipper, and just want to use Salehoo too find new products or suppliers, then these tips can pretty much be ignored!

A Few Quick Tips

 For those who want a more in-depth look at how to make money with Salehoo, I would recommend checking out this article

And that's it, I hope you enjoyed this quite long Review, there will be a few others looking at the Drop Ship product and the Educate courses to get an idea of what they contain at a later date, watch this space.


$67 per year OR $127 Lifetime Access



Ease of use




Product Avaiable





  • Easy to use online tools
  • 8000 Verified Suppliers & 1m+ Products
  • Hot / Trending Product Tool
  • Active and useful forum
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Only uses eBay data for hot products

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