How To Make Money With Salehoo

After reviewing Salehoo a little while ago, a few reader sent me a message, asking if it was actually possible to make money with Salehoo. So I am here to answer that question for you!

Firstly, What Is Salehoo?

Salehoo is an online wholesale list provider who also provide their members with a number of useful tools.

The site can be used by a variety of users, from DropShippers looking for the next top selling product or eBay superstars trying to find the current trending items. 

You can see a full run down of the tools by reading the Salehoo Review.

The Salehoo tools are made up of;

Supplier List

The main reason a lot of people sign up too Salehoo is for the Supplier List. 

The list is comprised of over 8,000 vetted suppliers, so you can guarantee that the products you are buying are at least authentic and a bit higher quality.  

The list will show you the product, a number of suppliers who will provide you with the product and then also the current selling price on eBay, as well as the wholesale price from these suppliers. 

Research Lab

The Salehoo research lab is one of the tools that you are provided with as part of your membership. 

The lab keeps track of sales and best sellers on eBay and then provides you with that data. 

They provide you with number of listings, total sales competition, average sales prices and how many they believe a day. 

You are also given a ton of suppliers, with their price and minimum order quantities (do I even need to tell you how to make money from this?)


You rarely see forums these days that actually have people in, or at least people who have a clue what they are on about. 

The Salehoo forum is a little hotbed of activity, I admit a lot of it is questions about suppliers, or products, but that's what you want! 


If you are becoming a little overwhelmed with the world of eCommerce or DropShipping, Salehoo do offer some fairly well put together training. 

Now, they are really well made, and provide you with a ton of information, but they are geared towards what Salehoo are good at, and that's eBay (and DropShipping from eBay or on eBay).

Salehoo stores

A bit like Shopify, Salehoo have recently launched their own Salehoo Stores. 

These are SEO optimised stores, allowing you too set up a professional looking store without having to pay high fees. 

The stores are more designed for people who currently sell on eBay or Amazon, and they do come with access too the rest of Salehoo if you take the standard and premium options. 

You can read more on Salehoo stores within the Salehoo review.

So How Do You Make Money With Salehoo?

Using the different tools above, you can actually easily make or save money by using Salehoo. 

Using the Supplier List

The most obvious one is by using the Salehoo Wholesale List or Supplier list. The list could save you a lot of time and hassle, by giving you suppliers who have been vetted and don't just provide low quality items.

The number of suppliers who you can find on sites like AliExpress or Alibaba that are low quality is shocking. 

The Salehoo Supplier list also provides you with thousands of products that are being sold online and provide you with the pricing and suppliers without having to spend hours searching. 

Using the Salehoo Labs

The Salehoo labs can provide you with all the data you need on products that are selling well on eBay. 

The Labs can either give you either ideas on products that you may want to start selling on your store (or DropShip) or actually selling those products.

Using the Training Guides

 The training guides that you can access as part of the Salehoo membership may not provide you with cash in your pocket instantly, but it will provide you with knowledge and tips on how to increase your sales, marketing and product sourcing.

How To Make Money With Salehoo - Salehoo Guides

With 9 different sections (or 11 with premium access) and on average 6 videos inside each one, you have 50+ videos and articles to really push you too the next level with your online store. 

Using The Salehoo Store To Make Money

For those who have finally got fed up of using Shopify, or the high fees from Amazon and eBay, or just don't want to create websites using WordPress, using the Salehoo could provide you with what you need!

So basic store costs the same as Shopify (starting at $29 a month), but you don't get charged fees on top of the standard fee. 

You are also given advertising credit, you get a free logo (always nice) and the sites come SEO optimised, so at least search engines can find you. 

If you are a DAB hand with WordPress, then using WooCommerce and WordPress is probably the better idea, but for those who want a decent and refreshing type of online store, this might be the newest option. 

You Have To Step Up!

At the end of the day, it's down to you to actually using the tools and data made available to you, to really start making money with Salehoo. 

Some online users will always claim that websites like Salehoo are scams, or that they are not worth their money, but if you read the Mexican Standoff between the Big 3 Wholesale list providers, you will see that again using these websites correctly, could actually help you make money using Salehoo.

Have you had success with services like Salehoo? Or have you been left out in the cold? Let me know below!

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