SaleHoo DropShip Review

SaleHoo DropShip Review

SaleHoo DropShip Review 2 SaleHoo DropShip Review


If you have multiple stores, or use lots of apps, this could save you a little bit of 

SaleHoo DropShip Review 3 SaleHoo DropShip Review

Ease of USe

It's not the easiest to navigate, though you can filter or sort the list. 

SaleHoo DropShip Review 4 SaleHoo DropShip Review


You can import and edit the products, and automate running your store, which is the main aim of the tool (though it is a bit clunky)

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I have not had to chat to their support using this particular part of Salehoo, though they do have a chat inside of the platform and their email support has always been quite decent. 

Summary: An interesting alternative to some of the 'hot product' or niche product finding tools, that offers some automation quite similar to Oberlo. 

  • Products Are Vetted And Checked Before Being Listed
  • Pretty Much Every Category You May Need
  • You Can Import And Automate Your Store (Removing The Need For Multiple Tools or Apps)
  • Searching The List Can Be A Nightmare (No Real Search Functionality) 
  • Does Only Work For Shopify

When entrepreneurs get started with DropShipping, one major issue I have noticed people have is finding decent products, especially ones that can become profitable, or a long term solution. 

I have covered the Salehoo directory (Or simply Salehoo) in the past, and how it can be used to find products and suppliers from all over the world, finding the best potential long term suppliers for items you have researched and found. I have also covered the Salehoo Labs when they where all part of the same platform, again a way of finding products, but this time utilising sites such as eBay and Amazon to spot trends. 

Well, Salehoo have now released Salehoo DropShip, a platform designed to compete with 'Hot Product' tools such as DropShip Spy or eCom Hunt, and today we thought we would give it a spin, check out what it actually has to offer, pricing for it, how it compares and ultimately, write an awesome Salehoo DropShip Review for you to enjoy. 

What Is Salehoo?

First off, it makes sense to do a quick overview of the platform and company as a whole, as I mentioned above, I have spoken about and reviewed the Salehoo platform as a whole, so definitely check that out if you are interested in looking at everything they now offer. 

Salehoo is a fairly established eCommerce focused platform, it started as a wholesale and manufactures list provider, giving entrepreneurs access to large lists of vetted suppliers that they could use to find decent products. 

They expanded that and created what is now called the Salehoo directory, full of products that can then be sourced and found across the world, with different suppliers and as much info as you would need. 

They have also expanded into other areas, such as education and advice, such as Salehoo Educate, for those who want to learn about eCommerce, including Amazon, Shopify and more. 

What Is Salehoo DropShip

Ultimately, Salehoo DropShip is a cloudbased tool, on the Salehoo platform that allows eCommerce owners to find 'hand picked' or trending products then sell. 

Whereby you are shown products, that have been chosen by a team of 'experts' based on supplier information, profit margins and how popular they are. These items are then available to update, and then import into your Shopify store, in a few minutes. 

Salehoo DropShip Review - Product List

It is focused on Shopify and of course, AliExpress, as are a lot of DropShipping tools these days, and it basically list you every item on AliExpress (or at least it feels that way - Though they do stress these are hand picked), they can be sorted by a number of different options, such as relevance, pricing etc. 

Each item that you find provides you with a range of data points to allow you to make some informed decisions on if it's an item you may or may not want to import into your store or not. 

SaleHoo DropShip Review 6 SaleHoo DropShip Review

You are given;

  • Stock Levels
  • Shipping details
  • Current number of orders, 
  • How many people have put it on their wishlist (essentially people who are watching)
  • Current price.
  • The best matched store (i.e the one that is giving the best price or offer)

There is also the option to add to your import list, which we will cover in a bit. 

What Tools Or Features Do They Offer?

Of course, being provided with a large list of 'hand picked' or even 'trending products' on AliExpress isn't that ground breaking on it's own. You could go to AliExpress itself and get this information, so there has to be some tools or features that makes Salehoo DropShip useful platform to invest in.  

There are a number of features that do help with the sorting and filtering of this data, as well as some additional import tools that could rival other platforms or services. 

Product Filtering & Sorting

Salehoo DropShip does also allow you to sort and filter what you are searching for, so you can reduce the huge amount of products into a more manageable list, or a more focused search. 

SaleHoo DropShip Review 7 SaleHoo DropShip Review

Once you have filtered down the price, or the particular category, you can also do search sorting. They allow sorting via

  • Delivery Estimate
  • Relevant (to the category)
  • Highest Price
  • Lowest Price
  • Number of Reviews
  • Sales

Again, useful if you want to find the best selling item in say the Beauty & Health Category, or the most rated item in Tools. This will mean that these items are probably hotly contended though, so you need to play around with a combination of filter and sorting.

Product Importing 

This is where Salehoo DropShip becomes very similar to AliDropShip, or Oberlo in terms of functionality. This new tool from the guys at Salehoo allows you to import products directly onto your Shopify store, but they also allow you to change information before doing so.

You find a product you think could be a potential winner, and simply select 'add to import list'.  

Salehoo DropShip Import Screen And Variations

You are provided with 4 tabs, whereby you can update, amend or decide not to import certain details. 

For example, you may want to add a better title, taking the image above, 'Women Oversize Pearl Hoop Earrings' is hardly a catchy title, and any store owner would want that to be eye catching. You would also want to add descriptions, say what collections they belong too (it pulls your Shopify collections) and type. 

Product Variations Screen

The same can be said for pricing and variation, you can choose to update or even remove variants or pricing. The image above has 25 different variations, most of which don't belong under this single product (they would become their own product listing). So you can edit and play around with these details before you import. 

Finally, you can remove images. AliExpress listings are stuffed with images, most are pointless and it can be a pain tidying them up, the Salehoo DropShip tool looks like it allows for deletion, or the addition of images (if you happen to take your own). 

Once you are happy, you can import them into your Shopify store, as well as keep track of them inside of Salehoo. 

Imported Products From Salehoo DropShip

The items are also checked, even when they are on your site, so if they do happen to 'drop below the standards' as Salehoo state, you can easily see this and decide if you want to remove them. 

Salehoo Warning Notifcation

It does let you find out more, but there are currently no details, just the item specifics, imported variations and shipping options. I am guessing there will be additional details about why they have been removed in the future. 

There is also a remove product from list button, but that doesn't say if that's removing it from Shopify, or simply from the Salehoo DropShip view/platform. 

Who Is Salehoo DropShip For?

If you are a store owner, who has also found success with a few items, and you are looking to expand the number of listings (maybe add cart bumps) and you are having a hard time finding decent additions to your store, then being given a few hundred handpicked products could be really helpful. 

The same goes for new Shopify store owners, who may be struggling to actually find the first products to add to your Shopify store, you don't know what sells well, or possibly just want a few products to get you going, knowing that they are trendy, or from trusted suppliers, then again this could be really useful. 

Are There Any Salehoo DropShip Alternatives?

Yes, as this tool falls into two categories, there are a number of platforms that could be seen as alternatives to Salehoo DropShip. I will of course go into more detail in their own articles at a later date. 

Salehoo DropShip vs Oberlo

I would say this is one of the obvious ones, it's a staple of most Shopify stores, especially DropShippers. The tool is now owned and is native to Shopify, and lets users browser both Oberlo's 'curated' list of suppliers and products, as well as browsing the wider AliExpress site. 

Plus you can easily import, and of course run the rest of the DropShipping service through it. 

The part that Salehoo DropShip wins, at least in my eyes, is that they actually filter and review the products before adding them to the list of items you can import or use. Oberlo doesn't do this (other than the smaller list of products). 

Salehoo DropShip can deal with notifying your suppliers, taking the need out of Oberlo. 

Salehoo DropShip vs AliDropShip

AliDropShip is an all in one plugin, designed to turn WordPress sites into powerful DropShipping stores. It comes with an import tool that functions very similar to Salehoo Dropship, allowing you to scour AliExpress and import them into your AliDropShip store. 

Once again, the big difference is that these are not cherry picked lists, they are simply giving you everything within categories or niches on AliExpress. 

The import tools are very much the same, and they work really well. 

Salehoo DropShip vs eCom Hunt

Possibly one of the closest competitors, eCom Hunt is a platform that focuses on 'hot products' or trending products, much like the curated list that Salehoo Dropship offer you. 

These can be imported into Shopify straight from the same eCom Hunt platform. The items are more focused, they are curated, but they are not vetted, they are simply found based on how well they are selling, the pricing and the current trends. 

Salehoo DropShip vs DropShip Spy

A lot like eCom Hunt, DropShip Spy has been designed to find and give store owners products that can be sold at high profits, or they are selling really well. 

DropShip Spy doesn't allow for quick and easy importing, especially not for updates or changes before you import. 

What Makes Salehoo DropShip Different?

The big difference between say, Salehoo Dropship and the other tools that are out there, is mainly the fact that the lists and products you are shown, have people actually auditing and reviewing the products that are being recommended. 

They are auditing and providing products that meet some level of requirements and the stores are again being audited and checked. This is more than the other platforms. 

Salehoo DropShip Pricing

The Salehoo DropShip platform is split into two pricing tiers, giving access to more sub accounts, automation options and imports. 

Salehoo Dropship Basic

Starting at $22.5 per month, if you purchase the yearly pass, or $27 per month if you pay monthly. The basic tier provides you access to a single sub account (so 2 people can access it). You can import up to 500 products from AliExpress, including one click importing. 

Salehoo DropShip Premium

If you happen to own a number of stores, and have a team of people who help run them, then Premium might be the one for you. At $970 per year, or $97 per month if you pay monthly, you are given 3 sub accounts (giving you 4 in total). Premium also allows for 3 Shopify stores to be connected, with unlimited product imports.

Should You Grab The Salehoo DropShip Tool?

If you are fed up of using Oberlo, or having to bundle a variety of other tools and platforms to try and find products or automate parts of your dropshipping, then the new Salehoo DropShip program could be something worth looking into. 

The sales page or the information page is a little confusing, and it took me a lot of reading, playing around with the tool and research to realise that it can be automated and would allow me to remove Oberlo from a store, but if you are trying to pay less per month or you want more 'focused' products being found and recommended, then again worth getting. 

Salehoo DropShip Review Verdict - A Must Have?

I would say it's definitely worth trialling, or giving it a go for a bit to fully understand what it does and how it works, plus if it can find you products that fit within your niche or your particular style of store (There are hundreds of products, but if you are selling something really niche, it may not fit). 

Have you tried Salehoo DropShip yet, what has been your experience? Drop your comments below, or check it out here