DropShip Spy vs Ecom Hunt

DropShipping, and e-commerce as a whole, is becoming a lot more difficult these days. As more people around the world realise that it has a low cost to market, and can be done from virtually anywhere with a decent internet connection, it is becoming crowded. 

As this space becomes crowded, it is also getting more difficult to find 'hot products' or products or items that can become 'best sellers'. We decided to put two of the most popular monthly platforms to the test, with a DropShip Spy vs Ecom Hunt article.

Now, someone running a DropShipping store doesn't always need to have a hot product, but many sellers rely on viral, or must have gadgets and tools to make their money. 

And this is an issue. 

How do you know what is currently trending on Facebook, or is a hit seller on Instagram? Unless you spend hours trawling through these platforms, you will never properly find out. 

So, in steps the growing trend of 'Product Finder' platforms. These platforms will do that research for you, and present you with the data that you can use to then start selling the products. 

Again, the two most popular sites for this certain type of service, are DropShip Spy & Ecom Hunt. And this article is going to compare the two and see which one (if any) takes the lead! If you haven't already, I recommend reading the two reviews about each platform as well. 

If you are looking for other tools to help with DropShipping, I would highly recommend checking out the other couple of Apps I talk about to help you on your journey!

For this little battle, we will look at;

  • Tools or Services Offered
  • Pricing & Membership Options
  • Extras that they offer
  • Overall Ease Of Use

Round 1 - Tools & Services Offered

Firstly, lets look at the core services these two platforms offer in the first round of DropShip Spy vs Ecom Hunt. 

Hot Products

Both DropShip Spy & Ecom Hunt, provide their users with trending, or hot products. 

These products, are provided to the member with lots of information to help you decide if it's the one for you. 

From the below table, you can see the types of information that they both provide when giving you ideas on the next top product. 

They both offer, similar if not the same information.

  • DropShip spy
  • ecomhunt
  • Product Description
  • Supplier Information (where to get it from, cost, shipping costs
  • Facebook advert examples
  • Facebook Information - Number of views on videos, number of likes on posts including that product
  • Access to Copy Ideas & Product Videos
  • Amazon & Ebay Selling Reports 

For me, it's quite a close call. Both EcomHunt & DropShipSpy offer pretty similiar information, and give you the core analytics you need to see if a product is one that you want to have in your store. 

Round 1 Result - Draw

Round 2 - Pricing & Membership

Well, after that exciting round 1, it's time for both opponents to step back into this metaphorical ring that I have just made up. 

Next, we are going to look at the membership options offered by both platforms, and the current running costs. 

EcomHunt Pricing

Currently, EcomHunt keep it quite simple. They offer two separate membership options. 

Free (or sometimes referred too as Basic Membership), which gives you access to 2 products per day, but with a very limited set of data for those two products... basically you don't get a lot other than the description and images!

To get the full flavour of EcomHunt you are going to have to upgrade to the full fat 'Pro Plan'. 

The Pro Plan gives you access to all the data and tools, including the links, analytics, advert advice and the other tools that they have (more on that later). 

The upgraded pro Plan will currently cost you $29 per month, but you can get a discounted price of just $20 a month (discount will appear after you register - the offer is limited).

DropShip Spy Pricing

The DropShipSpy pricing structure, is a little more...complicated than EcomHunt. 

To fully understand their pricing, it's easier to look at the comparison table below. 

DropShip Spy Pricing

As you can see, they do provide a free membership (though I believe this is actually being phased out soon).

To really get access too the tools and extras, you are going to want to aim for their premium or professional plans. 

So to get the full use of DropShip Spy, you will be dishing out between $27 - $35 a month. Which is a little more expensive than Ecom Hunt. 

To get more information about the plans, read the full DropShip Spy Review here.

Round 2 Result - I have to hand it to EcomHunt for pure pricing, especially as it's less confusing!

Round 3 - Extras & What Else Do You Get For Your Money?

Just being given the 'Hot Product' info is great, but to really get value you out of your membership, you want to be given more. 

As such, both ecomHunt and DropShip Spy offer a few additional extras as part of your membership. So let's take a look at what else you can expect to recieve in terms of support, training or just additonal tools.

First up, let's look at EcomHunt

EcomHunt Extras

At the time of writing, EcomHunt provide at least 4 additional extras, or tools on top of the core product information that they provide. 

Ad Hunter

The ad hunter chrome extension allows you to find and analyse competitor Facebook adverts, now this has become a little less useful recently as Facebook now allows you to find out what other pages are people are advertising, but Ecom Hunt has actually provided you with how long the ad has been running, countries being targeted and some extra useful info. 

DropShip Spy vs Ecom Hunt 2 dropship spy vs ecom hunt

Training &  Ecom Hunt University 

As part of your membership (you will need Pro to access the majority of it) EcomHunt provide you with a collection of videos and tutorials to help you with finding products, Facebook ads and tips and tricks to increase conversions.

These videos provide you with additional information to help you succeed with your journey. 

EcomHunt also have their EcomHunt University, which is a training course designed to help you 'Retire in 90 days' using DropShipping. Quite a good concept, and it;s running on ClickFunnels so expect to be given funnels and other info designed to get you to that sweet spot!

The webinars, and training is helpful, so I can't fault them on that. But it does feel a little disjointed with their University training being free, but their webinars and other training behind the membership paywall. But, if you are already a pro member, then it's a great additional tool. 

Must Have Shopify Apps

As I said in the EcomHunt Review, it would seem the guy running it is a bit of a techy and enjoys getting his hands dirty. 

There is a small section that shows you some of the must have apps to help with Shopify and conversions. If you own the ecomTurbo theme, then there is little need, but you might find one or two interesting apps, so worth a check!

DropShip Spy Extras

The additional extras that DropShip spy, is limited outside of the vast amount of core information they provide, but they do have a few extra tools. 

Instagram Influencers

One of the biggest marketing ideas for 2018 and 2019 is the use of influencers. People who have a large following within a certain niche, usually found on Instagram (though you can also find it on Facebook or Twitter).

These people or accounts can be brilliant ways of getting items or products infront of your chosen audience. 

This tool will allow you to research and find influencers, including seeing what their engagement rate is (how many likes / comments vs number of followings) giving you a fairly good idea on the number of fake or unegaged followers they may have.

For example, an account with 100k followers, but only say 1k comments or likes, would suggest that the account has grown through dark arts, rather than providing useful content.  You want to go for people with 10% at least engagement, and I would argue 20 / 30+ should be your base line. 

Their tool also allows you to get in contact with influencers and use their services. So a bit like a social influencer marketplace!

And that's your lot from DropShip Spy, they are a lot more focused on giving you lots of data about the products, and providing trends etc, that they don't go into training or apps etc.

Round 3 Result - It's a difficult one, EcomHunt provides extra tools, but DropShip Spy keep to their core data sets..So technically EcomHunt wins! But in reality they are both winners here.

DropShip Spy Vs Ecom Hunt - Final Verdict

So there you have it, a bit of a side by side view of both services. 

If you go by round by round, then EcomHunt does look to win above DropShip Spy, but as I have said in both their reviews, these are aimed at slightly different audiences.

My opinion is that DropShip Spy is better suited for those with a bit more knowledge, and are trying to just push themselves to the next level, where as EcomHunt is great for those who are just starting out.

I recommend giving them both a view, and see which works for you, drop a comment below and let me know how you got on!

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