5 Ways To Improve Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to DropShipping stores, trying to keep customers happy can be a full time job itself. 

Because the such a large majority of DropShipping websites these days (we have all seen them, advertising on Facebook with their 'viral' products) a lot of these stores don't try to build a business.

They try to get a quick buck and as such, they end up with a lot of negative feedback, close the store down and then reopen a few months later with a new store.

That is not a feasible business model and takes time.

Why not build a store, and a brand and reap the rewards for years to come. 

So here you go, 5 ways to improve customer satisfaction with your DropShipping store. 

Quicker Shipping

One of the biggest annoyances for customers, especially with DropShipping is the long wait time for their products. 

People want to be able to get their item within a few days, not a few weeks! 

So how do you go about reducing these long wait times?

You can either;

Use a shipping method, such as ePacket to get your items to your customers quicker. ePacket is a special shipping method that China and a number of countries have in place that allow small items to arrive in countries within a week or two, rather than a month or two. 

You will need to check with suppliers that they offer ePacket delivery, but a growing number of them will. 


Find suppliers who have warehouses base closer too your destination country. 

Many suppliers these days have smaller warehouses set up to help distribute their products around the world. As such when you are finding products to sell, it's worth checking to see if they offer alternative shipping arrangements from smaller warehouses (may have a longer wait time, but the shipping time will be a few days, not years..)

Easy To Navigate Store

A huge frustration of buyers is that it's difficult to really purchase a product! 

People using Shopify or WordPress don't always know what they are doing and can sometimes make product pages look messy and confusing. 

Using themes such as ecom Turbo or AliDropShip provide you with clean out of the box pages without the need to tinker or change how they look. 

Other issues customers face, product to checkout process. Don't make it too long or complicated. 

Use a simple 2 or 3 step checkout process, 4 if you are being really brave!

5 Ways To Improve Customer Satisfaction 2 improve customer satisfaction

A Unique Offering

Customers, or potential customers, get bored of seeing the same offer over and over. 

Try to find something that is up and coming, unique a soon to be hot product! 

Use companies such as DropShip Spy or eCom Hunt if you want to find viral adverts, or use companies such as Salehoo if you want to find products that are starting to sell on eBay or Amazon!

If you are going to sell products that other people are, try to make them unique or different to your audience.

Look at bundling it with other products to increase the perceived value to your customers. Mixing a phone case & a charger cable looks better than just a phone case or a charger on there own. 

Higher Quality Products

There is nothing worse than getting a sub standard, or poor quality product. 

Customers will become vocal fairly quickly if they find that the product they order is faded, doesn't work as expected, a completely different size or is missing functionality! 

Always be sure to test the products you get before you try to sell it to others. 

If you find the item is lacking in production quality, move on. 

Use a company that can offer you guarantees on the quality of the product you are buying, or who can provide you with assurances that the company you are buying from has been vetted and checked. 

Better Pricing

Better pricing doesn't always come down to having the cheapest product for sale.

You can increase the price of a product, and increase its perceived value by one of two ways

- Bundle the product with another product, or with a number of items and sell them as a 'bundle'. You often see shops sell '10 Car Cleaning Essentials'  for £40 or instead of 'each item costing £8!" In reality it costs them just a few £'s to create them. But your mind see it as a great deal, so you might buy it even if you didn't need it. 


- Creating a better listing, better photos and an overall much better sales pitch for a product than your competitor. Most of the time sellers are lazy, they will knock up a lisitng in a few seconds, take the stock photo and badly spelt wording and be done with it. Why not create your own images and add some creative flare to your listings!


I have spoken a little about perceived value and how your buyer thinks they are getting a better deal if they see multiple items in one listing. 

But it can also work for discounting. 

Would you rather purchase an item for £11.99 with no discount, or for £23.99 and it's been discounted from £40? You would think £11.99 because it's cheaper, but your brain see that discount as something sweet and magical, and will love that £23.99 product! 

And that's a few decent ways for you to look at increasing your customer satisfaction levels!

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