Top Tips For eBay Auction Times

When it comes to eBay, a number of different reasons can help, or hinder your ability to sell. One of the many reasons is the time you should list your eBay auctions. I will provide a few tips on creating your listings, as well as explaining why it's so important to list your auction at the best time. I will show you a few of the tools I use to improve these listings. 

How to figure out the best time to list your eBay auction

One way of doing this, is the manual way. Doing so requires you to find products similar, or the same as the product you are trying to list. 

Once you have found the product, you will need to review the listing to see when the product is ending. 

All eBay listings (except for 'never ending') have time left countdown timer. On this timer it will show you both the date and the time.  

Top Tips For eBay Auction Times 2 eBay auction times

By looking at the time, it allows you to understand what time the seller set for the listing to start & end. 

The other way of doing this, is to use a tool such as SaleHoo (you can read a review here). 

If you had read the review, then you will know that SaleHoo is a directory of suppliers (also useful if you are trying to find products to sell on eBay). As part of the purchase of Salehoo, you get access to a tool called Market Research Lab. 

Market Research Lab provides you with categorised and easy to find product listings, with easy to read information. 

Each product listing provides you with a recommend start and end date, as well as other useful information such as estimated number sold, current demand for the item and what the current supply of that product is.  Having a tool like this can provide you with valuable information for picking eBay auction times, as well as other 

Top Tips For eBay Auction Times 3 eBay auction times

Why timing is key

One of the main reasons to ensuring that your auction timing is due to the buying habits of your potential buyers. 

Many people create auctions late at night, i.e when they get home from work or after having food at night. This then in turn creates your end time late at night. 

If your potential target market are senior generations, then the likelihood that a lot of them will be awake later at night is quite slim, essentially losing out on potential profit or panic bidding. 

As said before, different niches have different target markets. If you are listing the latest designer trainers, you are more likely to sell to a young crown who will be awake at night, whereas selling executive or high-end pens will be better placed to end just after lunch time so that bankers or consultants are more likely see the listing. 

The good thing about using Salehoo is that it takes that whole puzzle or guessing game out of the equation and provides you with the straight up facts.

How to increase success rates

If you haven't already, I would recommend reading my 5 ways to make money with eBay, as it provides some great insights into products such as CrazyLister! Or read the Ultimate guide to eBay!

Some of the best ways to increase the potential success rates include;

  • Include a mixture of your own images, as well as stock photos. This allows your potential customers to see what the current condition of your item is. Stock images can help customers see clearer images of your product (unless you are a pro photographer!)
  • Write clear and precise descriptions. There is nothing worse than reading descriptions that offer no extra information. Provide in-depth information, such as sizes, colours, uses and more. The more details you can add, the happier people will be to bid.
  • Include extra details, for example if you accept refunds or how you intend to ship the item(s) once the bidding has ended. 
  • If you using eBay auction listings, or even general sale listings as a way of supplementing income, then it is worth investing in products such as CrazyLister. These products allow you to create awesome looking templates.

Anything else?

As you can see, ensuring that your auction ends at the right time can be the difference between having a full on bidding war, or having 2 people bidding on your item. 

If you don't ensure that your eBay auction times are correct, then you may lose out. 

Losing out on this profit doesn't have to happen any more, and you can easily find these lucrative end times and the perfect items by using services such as SaleHoo.

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