How To DropShip Via eBay

It is no wonder that more and more online sellers are moving towards dropshipping for making a an income online. 

It is considered as a resourceful way for them not just to save money on inventory but, it also earns them money in the meantime. If you are considering how to make money via dropshipping then, eBay is the best way to get started with it.

When a seller chooses to sell on an online platform, it provides the buyer with a list to choose from the inventory. However, with the help of dropshipping—a seller is no longer required to keep inventory for the products.  

You are simply representing and selling the products on behalf of the wholesaler or a manufacturer. When a customer confirms its order with you—it is forwarded to the wholesaler who then, dispatches it to the customer.

Why Use eBay To DropShip?

eBay has become  common platform for dropshipping due to it's huge presence in online markets. 

Sellers do not require hosting, urls or even software to get their items quickly and easily online. 

Someone with little, or no experience with selling online, or web design could get started with this method quite quickly and easily. 

eBay, much like Amazon is one of the biggest online platforms, full of people wanting to buy products! It is the perfect place to sell your items!

How To Get Started With A DropShipping Store On eBay

Firstly, if you are new to eBay then I would recommend reading the Ultimate Guide to eBay. This will give you an in-depth view into getting started and set up with eBay.  

Selecting A Niche

As with any eCommerce business, you will want to select a niche for your store. This could be something that you enjoy, or that you know a lot about. 

Popular niches include fitness, kitchen goods or outdoor items! 

Finding Products

Once you have decided upon a niche, you will need to start finding, or thinking of products that you want to sell. 

One way to do is, is to manually find products, or you can use a service such as Salehoo to help you find products, and their suppliers. 

Salehoo has become a popular platform for eBay sellers to find suppliers, and even product ideas. Salehoo have a number of useful tools, including the Research lab, that helps potential sellers to find items that are selling well on the eBay platform. 

You can always use their supplier list, or product list to find popular items, or items that are of interest within your chosen niche. 

With over 2.5million listings and 8,000 verified suppliers, you won't be short of ideas or people to contact!

Creating Your Listing

Once you have chosen your products and created an eBay account, you will want to create your listing.  

The listings should discuss the features and description which would appeal to most buyers.

It should exhibit main selling points of the product for winning the attention of a buyer. 

Ideally, you also want to look at creating your own photographs of your chosen product, rather than just using the standard images shown on the product website. 

Having your own photos help increase credibility, and also gives you the ability to test out and try the products yourself to ensure that they are worthy of selling! 

I would recommend looking at light boxes, or similar. Amazon offer a Portable Photo Studio, which is great for people looking at creating professional listings. For those looking to spend a little less, you can also get a simpler set up

Alternatively, you can look at services such as CrazyLister who offer you the ability to create awesome looking listings, as well as templates and mass updates. 

You also need to be honest with the shipping times of your items, if you can find suppliers within your chosen country (they have lots on Salehoo as well) then it's definitively worth it to reduce shipping times. 

Fulfilling DropShipping Orders Via eBay

Once someone has order your chosen item, you will need to actually get the item ordered and sent to the buyer. 

One way of doing this, is to fulfil your orders at the end of the day, you can download your orders from eBay and save them as a CSV or Excel spreadsheet. 

At the end of the day, you can pass your CSV to your chosen supplier and order them all together. 

If you use the Salehoo platform, you can purchase the items from there, rather than having to contact suppliers. 

Maintaining Your Listing

You should be consistent with updating the availability or unavailability of the product in your stock.

You should be regular with addressing the queries of your clients, and you should prepare a product description which would cover the frequently asked questions by customers.

Want To Learn More About DropShipping Via eBay?

Check out this free guide to learn how you could succeed in the world of DropShipping and eBay!

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