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Easy1Up Review Summary;

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The training given and the amount of information is pretty much worth the price paid. 

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Ease of USe

Both the ability to access the platform / training and setting up the affiliate side is fairly quick and easy.

The Online Student - Content


Depending on the level you purchase will determine how much training you get. Each level provides everything at it's level and below.

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Support is two fold. There is a central support, but you can also reach out to your sponsor for support (more on that later)

Summary: Depending on how you market, or sell Easy1Up, it's either seen as a brilliant way to get started with affiliate marketing, or it's seen as a weird MLM style platform because people sell the business in a box. 

  • The Training & Videos Are High Quality
  • There Are A Variety Of Tiers To Purchase
  • You Can Earn & Learn
  •  Access To Extra Funnels & Traffic Sources & Income Opportunities 
  • Some People Don't Like The Model
  • As With Any Training Or Platform, A Few People Advertise The Platform, Not The Information

Prices Start From $30

Edit: Easy1Up has been rebranded and re-named E1ULife. As such, I will be reviewing the whole new platform in a separate article that will be added here once completed. All links in this article now go to the new platform (it works the same as before)

Today I am going to be going through a platform, that causes a fair amount of controversy around how it's marketed, used and even sold. With many calling Easy1Up a scam, or an MLM/Pyramid Scheme...etc etc. Today I am going to run through this Easy1Up review and provide my honest opinion about all of it. 

It's worth remembering that most training platforms or courses etc are called scams when people don't succeed, or don't like the look of it. 

Easy1Up Background & Overview

In the affiliate marketing, make money online or work from home niche there are hundreds, if not thousands of platforms, training courses or guides on how to get started and succeed. 

Some, teach you how to promote their own platform or product, others teach you how to build your own empire via blogging or ads, and some basically teach you both. 

That last one is where Easy1Up kind of falls into, a digital product, full of advice and knowledge. 

It's a platform, that has training, that can be marketed and sold or can be used to learn how to market and sell other products and services. It doesn't just focus on selling itself and does try to provide valuable information. 

The site itself has been around for about 4 years, and run by a guy called Peter Wolfing (who has in the past run MLM opportunities, hence the reason this shares that image).

As before, it's made up of 6 different tiers these days, ranging from the beginners guide to Affiliate Marketing, rising up to how to leverage Facebook Ads, Snapchat, Instagram and a variety of different training resources. 

Reverse PassUp System Or The Easy Passup

The other key difference with Easy1Up and how it gets it's name is that it uses a system called the 1Up affiliate, and THIS is the part that people who don't like it get annoyed about.

The 1Up or ReversePassUp compensation plan is an affiliate technique, whereby your second commission goes to the person who referred you, they are also given the affiliate. 

That's it.

So your first commission payment goes to you, the second goes to the person who referred you and then everything else going forward is yours. 

It is a bit like two tier systems that platforms use, whereby you might earn a commission on your affiliates affiliate. But instead they just send you the commission and the affiliate.

It only happens once so if you decide to market Easy1Up and refer 10 people, you will get 9 commissions. If you are still wondering how it works, then you can grab more information here.

Easy1Up Pricing And Tiers

Eas1Up is broken into 6 compensation plan tiers, ranging from $25 up to $2,000. Each tier also comes with an Admin fee, which starts at $5 and ends at $500, I will explain the admin fee for each tier below. Every tier also provides 100% commission (in theory), so you keep 100% of the sale, minus the admin fee. 

Every tier is a one time payment, and you unlock everything below if you purchase a higher one. For example if you purchase Vertex for $250 + $25 admin, you get Elevation & Elevation Elite with it (saving you $140 total).

Again, I feel they could reduce the pricing if you own one of the lower tiers, but, they don't. 

Elevation - $25

Starting off this Easy1Up Review is the Elevation level, this is the most basic level you can get for Easy1Up and it's essentially your introduction to Affiliate Marketing.

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There are around 24 videos, ranging from just over an hour long,to just a few minutes, depending on what they are teaching you. 

They cover topics such autoresponders, mindset, how to find companies to promote, how to build bonuses and offering and other aspects of both network marketing and Affiliate Marketing. 

Considering it's $30 ($25 + $5 Admin Fee) it's a great introduction and place to start if someone is new to this game.

Elevation Elite $100

The next tier up starts to open up the doors to marketing and traffic. 

Again giving access to around 20 videos in varying lengths, it focuses on sources such as SoloAds, Facebook (networking), YouTube and even how to utilise sites such as Forums or even UDEMY to grow your email list and traffic. 

Some of these videos, such as the training on ads run for about 3hours, and can feel like a bit of a slog, but the value in them is still there.

It's also worth noting that the videos on GooglePlus are pretty much pointless these days, as GooglePlus is just not a thing

Vertex $250

We are about halfway through the Easy1Up Tiers, and moving onto the Vertex group.

For me, Vertex is the first point in which you really start to get into the real depths of Affiliate Marketing and explaining how a mindset shift is needed away from the standard 'affiliate marketing is get rich quick' and more towards building a life time business. 

Easy1Up Review 9 Easy1Up Review

Vertex also starts to explain how to craft and build your own offer, much like Russel Brunson teaches in ClickFunnels, it's all about crafting other offers around your main offer to increase the value. 

You actually get access to 28 new videos in the Vertex Tier, which so far takes the total amount of training up to around 60 videos and probably around 30 - 40 hours. 

Access to grab this tier is $250 + $25 admin fee.

Vertex Elite $500

Now we begin the climb into the higher ticker products, and the areas in which most marketers probably do promote Easy1Up for. 

But for me, this level is the one that is a bit odd, at least according to the website as it suggests there is nothing on this particular tier. But in reality, it's packed with useful information.

Vertex Elite is all about authority and building out sales funnels and a following to start leveraging profits and commissions from. 

It also explains how to craft your own products, leverage other peoples, use lives, webinars and video to start getting engagement, and a ton of other things that courses that cost 10x this will explain. Again, these videos are not short, with them ranging from 20 mins to a few hours. 

You may have guessed, access to this level is $500 + $50 Admin.

Vertex Pro 'Connect' $1000

The Pro 'connect' version of Vertex, takes everything you learnt before, and moves it up a notch. 

A lot of the videos you would have seen a version already, but these videos go into more detail and give you hints and tips to push it further.

Easy1Up Review 10 Easy1Up Review

There are also videos on blogging, SEO and a host of training around businesses in a box, with Webinars, Snapchat, Emails and WhatsApp etc. 

The videos are well made, though they are a bit confusing at times, especially the order. You will get access to 42 videos in total within this tier, with 3 business in a box videos, 6 authority training videos and the rest explaining a variety of different, more expansive methods. 

I would say that the information within them are useful, understanding how to master Facebook Ads, or use ClickFunnels correctly is something any Affiliate Marketer would want to know, as well as learning how to utilise social media, or closing sales on messenger and WhatsApp can push your commissions to the next level if you start to understand and use them.

Access to this level is $1000 + $100 Admin Fee.

Vertex Live - $2000

Finally, the 'Live' version of Vertex is again, another level of information and training. 

They introduce their blueprints at this level, which provide you with step by step guides, rather than being high level (such as the $100 or $250 level).

The other major change is that you get access to their live events, though I currently don't have any extra information about the live events, because I have never gone past the $1k level at this moment in time. 

Access to this level is $2000 + $500 admin fee (no clue why this jumps so high)

Easy1Up Affiliate Program Explained

I have already explained how their affiliate program works, but it can sometimes take a few goes at explaining it. 

Unlike other platforms whereby you get a percentage commission or a bounty, with Easy1Up you essentially get paid 100% commission of the tier fee, but you don't get the admin fee. Some do see it as not quite getting 100%, but you are splitting hairs at that point. 

The other big difference is that they have their ReverseUp system, whereby your second sale is passed to your refer, and they become part of their affiliates, not yours. Some people hate that, as they feel they have worked to sell the product, but it does only happen once, so for me in the grand scheme of things I feel this isn't a huge issue, and the same does happen for you (you will get your affiliates second sale and bring that affiliate under you).

This structure style does of course then open the MLM debate, as you can build a team of affiliates below you, all of your affiliates will pass a sale to you, who will of course make a sale and pass another affiliate to you. 

So you could sell 10 products, get 9 affiliates and then suddenly have 18 affiliates beneath you.

Easy1Up Review 11 Easy1Up Review

Finally, a model that is being bought in by more companies, and one I can get behind, is the fact you can't promote or sell a product you don't own. I have tried and used every product I have reviewed (even if I hated it) to ensure I know what I am talking about. Yes, I have requested refunds after if the products are not what they say they are, but I have purchased and tested it. 

If you do sell a product tier that you don't own, then that sale will go to the next person above you who does. So if I sold a $2,000 Vertex Pro Live, I won't get that commission, it will go to whoever referred me.

Which is one of the reasons people do jump on the high ticket to ensure they don't miss out.

Easy1Up Bonuses & Extras

The second half to Easy1Up is that it also allows you to integrate their system with others. For example ProfitPassport is an all in one funnel that promotes a number of different MMO style products, you can add your Easy1Up ID into the funnel and drive traffic towards it. 

More recently the guys over at Amplified Profits released one of their new funnels, that actually incorporate landing pages, email follow ups and automation into their system to help promote Easy1Up as part of a business in a box style funnel. 

Again it means you can send leads and potential Easy1Up customers who want access to a bit more through these funnels, let them close the sale for you and generate a commission. 

What I Liked About Easy1Up

From a personal point of view, I like the actual content and the training. I feel that the videos you get are in-depth and do provide you with value. 

It has a number of different tiers depending on where someone is in their affiliate or networking journey and every level will provide something useful to someone. Which means you can market all the different levels depending on your audience.

You can also get over one of the greatest obstacles when you start out with Affiliate Marketing, actually having a product to promote while you learn. 

Many will purchase courses but have to find other products to promote or spend months waiting for sites to rank etc, with this if others ask what you are doing and how you are doing it, then you have the ability to promote it. 

Navigating around the platform and being able to watch the videos is simple enough, each tier is in it's own separate section, so it's easy to open that tier and get started with the training, though I do have some issues with this, check that below.

I also don't mind the whole PassUp / ReverseUp whatever you call it system, it's not the first system to utilise it to sell their product and it won't be the last.

Yes it does feel a bit MLM, but as long as you believe in the content as apposed to the fact you can just sell it for the purpose of selling it, then I feel it works well. 

What I Didn’t Like About Easy1up

The biggest 'pain' I have with Easy1Up is actually some of the videos themselves. A few of the videos seem to have been updated but their tags have not been. 

So you may find a video titled Snapchat mastery, and it's actually a video about twitter. It's not a huge number, but I feel that if you are paying $1000 you should be shown the correct videos. 

I do also find the fact the videos are not bunched together annoying. For example you just get a 'semi in order' list of videos at each level, and they don't always follow up. So everything to do with social media may not be together, instead you get 2 on social media, one on email marketing and then a random video about DropShipping.

A bit of tidying up in the back office would be brilliant and would make things a lot clearer.

Easy1Up Review 12 Easy1Up Review

As you can see, the header for the product takes up more space than the actual video section itself!

Some of the marketing techniques that some affiliates use are a bit questionable, as they don't promote the training or the advice, they just promote the fact the platform exists, which I feel is a missed opportunity. 


After purchasing and looking through all the videos, reading other reviews, checking out the funnels and even joining in the community a bit, I feel that Easy1Up has something over it's rivals such as 25D1Up (such a confusing name) as the information found within the platform IS useful and can be sold as a legitimate product package. 

The training varies in quality, but the the majority of it, it is in-depth and valuable and once they sort out some of the videos and maybe the navigation then this platform could do really well (though it seems they do have thousands of users already).

If you are just starting out with Affiliate Marketing and want the ability to earn and learn, then this might be right up your street. If you are an established marketer, but want to take things to the next level, or want to pick up a new platform to promote with high commissions and decent value, then again, this is right up your alley. 

Did I miss anything, let me know in the comments below.


From $30










  • A Lot Of Content
  • Well Put Together Videos
  • Multiple Tiers Depending On Your Budget
  • The Ability To Earn & Learn Straight Away


  • It Can Be A Pain To Navigate
  • Not All The Videos Match To Their Titles