The Best Recurring Affiliate Programs To Join

There are a number of different types of affiliate programs, and a variety of ways you can earn commissions, for this article I am going to look at some of the best recurring affiliate programs to join.

Now, if you are an affiliate marketer, you have probably heard that recurring commissions are the golden ticket, this may not be 100% true, you can still earn a nice monthly income some of these programs, including earnings of around $100 per month for the lifetime of the customer. 

This article will focus on the software/make money / affiliate marketing niche, but categories such as training can be found in pretty much any niche, including health and fitness. 

Types of affiliate programs 

There are lots of different types of programs out there that offer recurring commissions, usually falling into a number of different areas.

  • All in one platforms
  • Hosting
  • Email responders
  • Courses / Training
  • SAS Platforms / Software

It is worth noting that recurring isn’t always the best type of commission, especially if the commission per month is low, or if the overall number of months that someone stays it quite low or if the price or commission is low. If you prefer to look at programs that offer higher commissions, then check this article out

All In One Platforms

So for these, I usually class anything that offers you a number of different tools on a single platform.


BuilderAll is one of the most well known these days, they offer a ton of different products, from funnel builders, social proof tools and even the ability to build Websites using their web builder.

The commissions are 100% - 30% across tiers ranging from 29.99 - 69.99 per month. You get 100% commission on the first month, and then 30% every month after.

Recurring Affiliate Programs To Join - BuilderAll Affiliate Commissions

One of the main draws of BuilderAll is that it does provide a two tier system. 

The beauty of this is that you actually end up earning another 30% from those below you after the second month. Allowing you to build a team of affiliate marketers, and then sitting back, relaxing and taking a sip from your freshly made cocktail. 

Be sure to check out the full review of BuilderAll, as well as checking out the affiliate page


A new one for me, I have never played around with it much, just because I find it super expensive and I already have all the products it sells, without needing to invest. 

Kartra is another all in one platform (though I feel it’s missing stuff). They include landing page builders, ecom platform style checkouts, funnels and also auto-responders.

The pricing is a lot higher than BuilderAll, starting at $99 per month going up to $499 per month, so if you have the audience for it, you can make a fairly decent chunk of change per month.

The commissions per month is 40%. The odd thing about Karta, is that they are an affiliate markter place as well, so you can actually go find other products to promote. 


Not every host actually offers recurring commissions, most will offer you a signup bonus (i.e X times the product that they have taken, usually called a bounty). But there are a few that do offer a monthly commission for the lifetime of their contract.


Currently the most well known one is Kinsta, though the commissions are not that high, at least for the recurring %.

You get 150% of the plan / product that the person takes, but then you also get a boost of 10% per month of their plan.

Unfortunately, I have not played around with this a lot, so my knowledge is limited about them!

Email Responders / email clients

If you don’t have access to the all in one platforms then you might need to have an email auto responder, designed to send out emails to email lists via automation, such as triggers or on subscription etc.

There are loads out there, so here are a few of the ones that people enjoy promoting.


Aweber is one of the big 5 or so email responders that people use when automating their email delivery. I have used it for quite a few months, and usually jump between this and GetResponse depending on my mood! 

They offer a decent level of automation, flagging, tagging and basic campaign services. They are brilliant if you have a straight forward aim, ie you just want someone to sign up and then get a sequence of emails, with no fancy automation based on where they got etc. 

They offer those who join the referral program 30% for every month the customer is active and paying. Prices start from $19 a month, so you get around $7.50 per user per month. 

Get Response

One of the alternatives to Aweber is GetResponse and a program that I have hopped between on multiple occasions.

GetResponse has some great automation and the ability to build visual flows, so you can have multiple entry and exit points for your email sequences. 

They have two separate options when you sign up, you can either take a lump sum of $100 per account given, or you can take the 33% a month recurring commission.

Which one you sign up to really depends on what you feel is better value for you.

If you know you are going to get some big hitters singing up taking an enterprise option at $99 a month, and you are confident they will stay for at least 5 months, you have earned $150. If they stay for 30 months then you have earned $300.

As with most email responders, people will stay for quite a while, so I believe it's worth taking the 33% monthly from it. 

Active Campaign

Another one of the big email responders, they offer something similar to Get Response, but they are a lot stricter with Affiliate Marketers (odd as they offer the ability to earn off of them).

You are rewarded with 30% recurring commissions every single month the customer is active.

I haven't played around a lot with Active campaign due to already hacing access to GetResponse and Aweber, but a lot of users swear by it and say it has much better features than it's counterparts. 

Courses / Training

There are lots of different types of training and courses out there that offer this type of commission, and it can fall across multiple niches from health, well being, sport/fitness or make money & learning affiliate marketing.

For this, as always I will focus on the ones that provide Affiliate Marketing training. 

ClickBank University

A well known one in the MMO / Affiliate Marketing space, the CBU 2.0 course offers two different ways to earn with them.

They have a single one off commission, offering you 50% on the first payment (this gives someone access to all the CBU Training).

The second is the ability to then earn commissions on CBU's monthly membership program. 

The Best Recurring Affiliate Programs To Join 2 best recurring affiliate programs

The issue you may face is that people rarely need to keep going with the program beyond a month or two as you are given access to the core documentation and training as soon as you pay your admission cost. The ongoing payment is less per month, but only really gives you access to some live videos, a forum and some discussion. 

If you want to check out the full review, be sure to read this page.

Legendary Marketer - Marketing Club

The Marketing Club is the second product available to those who have purchased the 15 Day Challenge from Legendary and offers those who really want to get into how affiliate marketing works.

A customer gets access to new training and lives every month to provide new ways to do things like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO etc etc. So the value provided is huge and increases the likelihood of someone staying.

An affiliate will get 50% commissions every month someone stays with the Marketers Clubs as long as you are a 'premium affiliate', else you get about 20%. 

The Best Recurring Affiliate Programs To Join 3 best recurring affiliate programs

One thing to keep in mind, you need to be a member and also be approved to promote their products and if you want that sweet high commission you need to pay $30 a month. Which in my opinion is worth it.  

One of the easiest ways looks to be going through the Affiliate Domination Book. One of the bonuses looks to give you access to the Affiliate Group and also gets you accepted (but you will still need to put in an application..)

Read the full Legendary Marketer Review. 

Wealthy Affiliate

One of the most known recurring training platforms for Affiliate Marketing is Wealthy Affiliate.

WA is a platform that offers training and a community of affiliate marketers for $47 per month.

You receive 40% per month of the users who are signed up, supposedly providing you with an average overall value of around 140$ per user.

You do need to be a member of WA to actually get the full commission + get access to $2 leads (but the likelihood of you ever getting those lead commissions is so low you may as well forget that as it’s tied to the number of people who convert..which you have very little)

If you quit or stop your membership, you lose your commissions as well, and you have zero way of going back to be a free member.. So say goodbye to any commissions!

You can read the original Wealthy Affiliate Review here.

12 Minute Affiliate

I am not sure I would class this as a training or a course, but it does come with some training on how to use solo ads and using emails etc, so I guess it fits. Kinda.

12 Min Affiliate is essentially a done for you style email + funnel/landing page system that has some training as well.

The Best Recurring Affiliate Programs To Join 4 best recurring affiliate programs

It is self promoting style platform, so if you are signed up as a member your affiliate ID will be auto added into the emails and the landing pages, meaning you can send traffic towards the funnels, get people into your auto-responder and it will send emails to them for the next year with different products and services all with your ID in them (including the one to promote 12min affiliate).

The downside to this style is that you will need to constantly send traffic via solo ads or paid ads for it to be effective, unless you have a well ranking lead gen page or something that generates decent supply of free traffic.

It is a two tier business model, with the $49 per month tier allowing people to get funnels for 1 niche, and then the 2nd tier option giving access to 3 different niches and then basically the same funnels. 

You will get 50% of the price per month, for as long as the user is active. From experience, it's quite a high churn rate with most people staying for around 2 months before they realise they need to keep paying for traffic.

Read the original review.

SAS Platforms / Software

I have basically just found a bunch of tools and things that didn’t really fit into the other categories, so a bit of a mix here.

Content Samurai 

For those who really like to create YouTube videos, but not show their face, or like to create word + image style videos, then Content Samurai maybe for you!

This SAS style tool will convert any text into a video. The videos then contain short videos or image slides with text boxes across. Allowing your viewers or readers to see some cool stuff, without needing to actually make a video themselves.

One of the great reasons to add this to your promotion tool-belt is that people usually stay active for quite a while, because the value they get from this product can be huge. Plus the cost of the tool is only $49 a month, which is pretty decent considering what it can do for you. 

You get rewarded with 50% each month, or you can get a one off payment if the person grabs the 'life' deal. 


Massively useful for those who are into affiliate marketing and need to keep track of links etc across the internet, or within funnels.

ClickMagik allows you to put an affiliate link within the platform and it will convert it into a shorter link that can then be tracked. 

I find that having a tool that I can use to both cloak and make a little prettier is massively important, and every affiliate marketer should use something similar. 

ClickMagick allows you to track links all the way from first click to purchase, with the ability to track users through funnels and beyond, which can be massively useful for vendors as well. 

Pricing is $29 - $99 per month and you get 35% per month per user, so will generate you roughly $10 - $35 per month, per user. The great thing is, is that most people will stay for a decent chunk of time, so the average lifetime value of a customer can reach $100 - $300+. 


As you can see, from this one niche there are loads of programs, tools and courses that could provide you with a monthly income from a client or customer. Many niches have similar courses or training programs that offer the same kind of commission, allowing you to keep on earning, while they keep on learning!

Have you got any others that I may have forgotten?

Drop them below!