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Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing Review 2 insiders guide to affiliate marketing review


Another low ticket offer from Legendary Marketer, at only $1.99 you get a lot of decent information inside of the eBook and you get access to the business builder challenge that usually goes for $7.

Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing Review 3 insiders guide to affiliate marketing review

Ease of USe

Sign up, purchase the eBook, download the eBook and start reading, can't really get much simpler. You can also access the bonuses in the back end. 

The Online Student - Content


There are 90+ pages of information and content inside of this eBook. If you have been successful with affiliate marketing, or been in the realm for a while, this may not be for you, but for those new it will give them some decent advice and knowledge. 

Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing Review 4 insiders guide to affiliate marketing review


I have always found Legendary Marketers support to be pretty decent, I know that some people find the advisers annoying, or pushy, but that's down to personal taste.

Summary: A well written and structured book from Dave Sharpe, with the additional bonus of the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge thrown in. If you are new to affiliate marketing, then this is a great place to start. 

  • 90+ pages of decent information
  • the cost is rock bottom and the value provided by dave is really good
  • if you are new, then this is a great foundation to start and to read through - it's clear and concise with some great additional tips from dave
  • some have argued it should just be a free ebook - i can see their point, but this is 90 pages of Relevant and useful information. $1.99 is hardly bank breaking

For the eye watering price of $1.99 (That's pretty damn cheap!)

Over the last few months, Legendary Marketer, the fairly well known training and education platform, have been creating and releasing mini courses, eBooks and training videos on different aspects of Affiliate Marketing. The Insiders Guide was one of the first ones that David announced and then released, I am guessing as a nice way to introduce people to affiliate marketing, and Dave's way of promotion and marketing. 

Since it was released they have also dropped the 15 Second Leads course and the Copywriters Playbook, aimed at increasing people knowledge of some of the basics of marketing.

Today I will dive into this 90+ page eBook (and audio book if you so choose to grab it) and unpick some of the information you are going to get.  

What Is The Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing?

The Insiders Guide is a 3 part, 90ish page eBook, aimed pretty much just at affiliate marketers. There is a forward from Dave, kind of explaining why he wrote the book, something similar appears in other books and of course gives you access to one of the first bonuses you get, the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge. I would definitely read this book before, and then during that 15 day challenge.  

It starts off in Module 1 delving into why Affiliate Marketing is worth learning about, how the model works and of course how to find products and niches to sell in. 

Module 2 is what Dave likes to call the Affiliate Domination Formula, explaining how to get sales, where to get leads from and more importantly how to scale and track your progress. For many, this will be the area people want to focus on. 

Lastly, Module 3 dives into the mindset and ideas of growing and ensuring that your business is around longer than a nats breath. A lot of people who get into this industry try and do something for 5 minutes, decide it doesn't work or they don't like it and give up. If you did that at a job, you would have burned through every job in your city or town within a week. Patience is key here. 

What Is The Inside Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing?

As previously mentioned, it's split into 3 main areas, each targeting and then building upon the last. 

Module 1 - The Foundation To Success

The first few pages really just explain why Dave got into Affiliate Marketing, it sets the foundation for the rest of the eBook. It explains a bit of Dave's background, what other ventures he has done and why he chose to stick with Affiliate Marketing. 

It won't be much of a surprise that this book does a little pre-shadowing on prepping you to join LM as an affiliate, they have low ticket and high ticket products to promote, so it does make sense there will be a little hint at joining up to help sell their products. 

But, Dave does only briefly mention LM, like a side note, he then goes off to discuss one of the biggest niches, Fitness, and how to find both products and the audience who may want to buy that product. 

This module does jump around a bit, and I believe could have been split up a bit better, it reads a bit like an article that has been converted or moved into an eBook. With lots of single word sentences or stops and pauses. Or whole topic jumps from who your audience is, to what the different types of product such as low, medium and high. 

I accept the module is good, there is information here, but it does feel a bit jumbled. 

Module 2 - Affiliate Domination Formula

Now this module actually gets into different ideas on generating leads and potentially commissions, again Dave ties it with the 15 day business builder challenge, but that's always going to be one way of finding leads, and a pretty quick way, considering it teaches people to use ads and funnels. 

Dave explains the use of bridge pages and funnels to help siphon leads from YouTube videos, articles, Adwords, Facebook Ads and other places. A bridge page is something that is really required when doing paid for advertisement due to the fact you have no way of capturing emails and re-targeting without it, plus it removes the affiliate link away from the ad platform and keeps them happy. 

Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing Review

If you have done the 15 day business builder than some of this will seem familiar, if you are going through it at the same time as this book, then again it's going to be feel very familiar!

Dave carries on explaining how emotions and pain can start to help transfer these leads into commissions and customers, for many they don't realise that they need a product or a service. They don't understand they might be losing money or possibly missing out on leads because of X or Y. If you have read the Copywriters Playbook then Chapter 7 is going to resonate with you a lot. 

I really liked this tie in, because Dave actually puts the pain points and emotional triggers onto optin pages

Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing Review

As with other parts of this book, Dave relates it to the 15 Day Business Builder challenge, I really see this as the explanation and workbook behind why the challenge exists. It explains why they say to set up pages as they do, and how these optin pages work. As apposed to simply saying 'set this page up and put your picture on it'. 

Further on through this book you will be given scripts and even ideas on what phrases to use in your own thank you page videos, with Dave putting this into a really good example. 

I loved the BBQ sauce story, it really shows why sales funnels and product funnels can work, Dave does say that websites are useless (they have their uses, for example explaining what this book contains, would be difficult in a funnel), but hey Dave is a funnels guy and that's cool. I'm not against them, I use one to help teach people the art of blogging

Anyway, moving on. The BBQ sauce analogy works well, explaining how companies can funnel customers from a single purchase, to upsells or cross sells to increase their cart values 

These chapters really explain a lot about why funnels are useful, including going into detail about value ladders (how a simple low cost product can turn into high value, but high commission products later down the line as a customer moves through the process).

Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing Review

The last few chapters go into what most will call the 'launch' mentality, whereby you can build up a fever pitch of noise about a product, hype it, push it, add a time limit to increase its's scarcity then close it. Your aim is to make your commissions and money on that hyped launch, capture emails and leads, and then look at pushing more products or services to those who didn't buy into that particular one later.

I really liked this chapter, I feel like the different case studies and examples really help people understand why you need to build a funnel to promote that product, or how emotive language and a personal story can help increase sales, or improve the length of time that people stay loyal. 

This is the chapter you want to go over a number of times as you go through the 15 day challenge, it can really help set your funnel apart from others promoting similar products.

Module 3 - The Foundation Of Longevity  

As Dave says himself, this is hardly a fun or exciting module, but it's something you need to learn and understand if you want to keep doing affiliate marketing for a decent length of time. 

As I said earlier, you want to stand out from the crowd, be different, set yourself apart. When people hype their businesses, they usually do so in some pretty underhanded ways, showing different products or launches to try and boost credibility.

It's all about being honest, and explaining to people exactly what they are getting or buying into. Showing appropriate disclaimers, and being upfront that if someone simply buys a product or services and then never does anything with it, they will more than likely, make zero sales. 

Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing Review

Again, Dave provides some slides and disclaimers that can be used or have ideas taken from. But it's always best to craft your own style disclaimers (we actually provide our own legal bundle inside of the 5 day training to help bloggers start). 

Lastly, the Insider Guide focuses on the different stages of becoming an affiliate, or possibly becoming an entrepreneur. A lot of people when they start, get stuck. They sit in the 'beginners' stage, never really stepping out of that zone.

I did it for years, treating this as just a bit of fun, I did the same with eCommerce. I never thought of it as a real business, just something on the side. As soon as you move away from that mindset, things really start to open up and become a lot clearer. 

This last module may not be the most fun, but it could stop you from getting into trouble, and also help break any mental barriers that you have put up around you. 

Worth reading, multiple times, especially the last chapter.

Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing Bonuses

If you have read the legendary marketer review then you probably know that Dave and his team are big on 'over delivery' and usually include a number of additional extras or bonuses. 

The insiders guide to affiliate marketing eBook bonuses is no exception. 

  • You will get access to Legendary Marketers 15 day online business builder challenge, designed to show you step by step how to succeed with ads and funnels.  
  • This includes a 1-1 business plan consultation, with one of the Legendary Marketer advisers
  • Dave's Affiliate Domination email templates, ad copy templates and video and phone scripts
  • Access into the Legendary Marketer Facebook Group, which has over 18,000 other marketers and students. 

For a $1.99 eBook, getting access to the business builder challenge saves you about $5 anyway, so it's already a cheaper alternative and gives you access to additional content.

Who Is The Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing For?

These days, considering the price, I would say the Legendary Marketers Insider's Guide To Affiliate Marketing eBook is for anyone who has either just started, and possibly not 100% sure on how affiliate marketing works, or for those who have had some success, but want to increase their knowledge for a relatively low cost. 

The book isn't going to blow a seasoned marketers mind, but it was never designed to do so, it was designed to give those who where starting out a decent head start and to provide them with some solid foundational advice, which it does. 

How Much Does The Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing Cost?

For everything including the additional bonuses (the 15 day business builder, business plan, ad copy etc) the grand total that you will pay is $1.99. 

As I said above, this is a cheaper or different approach to getting the business builder challenge, with the ability to get some extra reading material. I personally grabbed the books after I had done the Business Builder Challenge, because they didn't exist when I did it, and I was keen to understand what they included and if they could help you guys. 

What I Enjoyed?

Honestly, all of it really, for me the mindset module near the end is super helpful, and even though I am not a huge fan of 'mindset' (I personally believe just getting on with stuff works more than sitting in a super car and wishing it was yours), I do believe that understanding you are trying to build a business can be super helpful. 

Even though I have been doing this for some time, I still found nuggets of information within this book and enjoyed reading and listening to the audio book. 

What I Didn’t Like As Much

Nothing, the information inside was useful and well laid out, considering the price I thought it was pretty good.

The Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing Review Conclusion

For a $1.99 eBook, that covers a lot of the basics of what affiliate marketing is, how to find products and of course introducing mindset and the whole concept of stop thinking this is a side hustle,I feel it's pretty decent. 

The different modules split it up nicely, and you can focus your efforts or reading on a single module if you want to get the hang of finding high ticket products, or want to understand how focus on your new business, then you can. 

The added bonuses that Legendary Marketer add to their low ticket products really help those who are just starting and give you the ability to follow the books and the step by step training to start building your own online business.

Let me know your thoughts about The Insiders Guide and if you decided to grab it. 

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