How To Make Money With ClickBank For Free

For many, trying to make money online is difficult, there is no way around it. Either they lack the money to succeed, or they don't know of other methods. So today I am going to explore how to make money with ClickBank for free. 

And yes, when I say free, I actually mean for free. 

As a bonus round I will add in a method that requires around $100 a year to do, and will provide better results. 

It's worth noting that these methods will require some effort, and it won't be simply sit back and relax watching the dollars roll in. 

What Is ClickBank? 

I guess it's only right to get this answer out of the way first. 

ClickBank is a marketplace, it provides affiliates access to a variety of different products in a huge number of niches, from wood working to classified ads training, and everything in between. 

Seriously, it covers;

  • Arts?
  • Business
  • Careers (and progression)
  • Dating
  • Education
  • Fitness (And health)
  • Parenting & New Born advice
  • Sports
  • Wealth

As you can see, there are a large number of categories to choose from, which is one of the reasons ClickBank is popular. 

How To Make Money With ClickBank For Free

Each of those categories, then have their own sub categories, for example; 

How To Make Money With ClickBank For Free

For a lot of the products I review, I usually focus on education, business, computers and on occasion self help. 

It can be a bit of a mishmash of products, with some being quite solid, such as Salehoo, some being a bit hit & miss such as 12Min Affiliate or ClickBank University, and a few completely crap such as 10DollarSolos

It's all about doing your research and seeing if the product is worth reviewing. 

How To Get Started With ClickBank

I guess the next step is to work out how to actually get set up with ClickBank, thankfully, it's pretty easy!

Sign Up To ClickBank

Head on over and follow the step by step guide. 

Be careful, ClickBank doesn't allow some countries to sign up, if that's the case, check out one of these alternatives. But don't worry the tactic and tips found within this article, can be used on other websites and it's not exclusively about how to make money with ClickBank for free, other platforms will work. 

Your nickname, will become your ID, so try to make it either memorable, or something that works with the nice and area that you are going to be promoting. ClickBank may also give you the option of having a super user, which means you can have multiple affiliate ID's below you (great if you run more than one website and want to sell the ID along with the website).

Choose Your New Niche

Probably quite important here, as I said earlier, there are loads to choose from.

I usually recommend to go a niche, or category that you are passionate about, or know something about. This will make life a lot easier down the line, because you will be creating content for something you have at least some interest in. As apposed to creating content for dog grooming, when you are clearly a cat person. 

It will also be easier to find products, you will be able to solve problems quicker and come across as more knowledgeable (it's all about that authority guys!).

When time goes by, you will probably branch out into other niches, some people start with hobbies and then slowly transition into one of the big three, such as Wealth, Health or Relationships. 

Grab Your ID's

The final thing we need to grab is your affiliate link, this is crucial for what we are going to be doing later. 

ClickBank likes to call these links, HopLinks. It's quite quick and simple getting these hoplinks. 

First, we will need to head to the marketplace, found at the top of the page. You will be shown the following page. 

How To Make Money With ClickBank For Free

Either use the categories on the side, or use the find product box to search for products with certain keywords. I decided to try finding products with the search term Cat. 

I then like to find ones that have at least SOME gravity. This is a metric used to show if people are actively promoting it, thus semi proving that it's a product people are searching for and might be a good fit. 

It's worth noting that if you do sort by Gravity, you will get a few random ones appearing. Such as the Feel Good Knees (I have zero clue why this appears)

How To Make Money With ClickBank For Free

Once you find a product you like the sound of, you can check out the affiliate page (not all of them have an affiliate page, but some do). Most of these pages will contain useful resources, tools and advice on how to promote the product.

For now, I am just going to use the promote button. This will allow us to generate your hoplink.

How To Make Money With ClickBank For Free

Your ID will autofill into the top box, and then you can click Generate Hoplink, some vendors will show you 3 or 4 different links (If they have other landing pages or checkouts they want you to use).

Different Ways To Start Promoting ClickBank Offers For Free

Let's get into the good stuff, as let's be honest, that's why you decided to read this article. 

The following ideas and places can all be set up and done without being out of pocket. They WILL require access to a laptop, or at least a phone, but shouldn't need you to spend money on tools or anything else. 


This platform is essentially a blogging and article hosting site, that can be used as your own personal blogging platform. They can be funny with what they allow, and they get ban happy, but as long as you are careful then it is a great place to start.

This method is especially good, if you enjoy writing, because Medium has two things everyone needs and wants. Authority and Traffic. 

You can sign up easily at, you can sign up with Twitter, Facebook, an email or even just with a Google account. They offer two types of membership. Free or $5 per month, with the latter offering you the ability to read as many articles as you like. 

I would just get the free version.

As I said before, Medium can be a bit ban happy, so when you start out with medium, it's all about providing good, solid articles. Don't just create articles for the sole purpose of selling a product. Create articles that help answer peoples potential problems. 

So create articles around 'How To' or 'Best Way To' and if you can add a link to a product, then do so (I would use Bitly or similar, so that you are not throwing raw affiliate links onto Medium).

Lastly, Medium is a good place to start to practise your blogging and your copywriting skills. A blog, with a domain does only cost around £60/$80 per year with an offer like SiteGround but if you are really strapped for cash, then this is a great start.

Quora (Plus other similar sites)

As with Medium, you want to be careful with this site, you can fall on the wrong side of moderators, so always start off slow.

Quora is a Q&A site, whereby people ask questions and you can provide answers. This makes it a great place to find people looking for the product you are potentially promoting.

Signing up to Quora is quick and painless, head on over to and click 'sign-up'. You can create yourself a profile, that explains a little bit about who you are, what you do and any websites (if you have one).

I would always look to set yourself up as someone of expertise within the area you have chosen to promote. People listen to those who they believe have knowledge in their chosen areas and are more likely to read your answers.

Finding answers, or places for you to add your links is actually quite easy. For this platform, you will be the one providing answers to peoples problems. 

Going back to the Cat products we looked at earlier on ClickBank, one of them was for stopping cats spraying. 

Searching through Quora for the term cat spraying, you are shown the following questions. 

How To Make Money With ClickBank For Free

In total there was a never ending number of these question, all of which have been created by people who are having serious issues. 

Read the questions at the top, checking if they are asking something you can answer, also, don't try and squeeze your link into every single answer. Go for the 80/20 rule, whereby 80% of your answers are just that, answers. Your other 20% can include 1 or 2 links to products that could help solve their problem. 

Any more than that and you will start appearing on the moderator target list. 

Also be sure to take it easy when you first start, don't go mental with answers, answer around 4 or 5 a day, maybe push it to 10 after a week or so. 

As with medium, you want to use something like Bitly to add your links, it means you can track clicks as well. 

Blogger / Wealthy Affiliate Blog

Firstly, I would again recommend just grabbing your own hosting, it makes life a lot easier and you don't run the risk of having accounts shut down and all your work lost. If you can't afford hosting, then two free versions include creating a blogger account or Wealthy Affiliate account. They both give you free hosting. 

Both of them will give you subdomains for free, so your new blog will either be Something.wealthyaffiliate or something.blogger, but hey when you just start out, it's better than nothing and you can always move them from these free options once you get a commission or two. 

Again, both of these websites give you the ability to start writing your own articles, meaning you can actually share these articles across the big wide web. One reason to start using these, is that these articles will slowly rank in Google (they won't rank amazingly because of the subdomain, but they should at least rank somewhere).

This again means you can switch over to a proper domain name once you have the funds and keep reaping the benefits. 

With Wealthy Affiliate, all you actually need is around $10 for a domain name, they will host your site for free, so if you can find $10 down the back of the sofa, then jump on Name Cheap and find yourself a domain.

Social Media

A brilliant way of generating leads and potentially commissions by simply sharing content. I have said in the past social media can be a brilliant way of generating income, with platforms such as TikTok or Instagram being goldmines if you are willing to put the content. 

If you want a cheat sheet for TikTok, I recommend grabbing this, it explains how to start getting leads, and it only costs $1, so you really can't go wrong with it.

Instagram is also a good way of potential leads, or commissions, by sharing relevant or useful images. Have a think back about the number of accounts you follow that post photos of amazing travel photos or pictures of pets. If you then check these profiles you will see links off to offers and affiliate products (or shops). 

How To Make Money Without A Website - Instagram

I wrote a small eBook on how to start generating leads for less than $20 while building an asset. So if you have a spare $20 you can spend it on content that can be shared daily to start building your following. 

For those who like their social media platforms old school, then Facebook still has 2billion active users who are constantly looking for answers to their problems. Join relevant groups, or pages that fit in with your potential offer. 

Start by sharing useful content, things that answer problems or give them some amazing looking articles and posts that can give them ideas that they might not have thought of before. 

Maybe you created your own cat tree out of pipes and concrete and think others would love it. Tell the world. 

If you want to succeed with using Social Media, especially Facebook, I would recommend this blueprint it provides a 3 step guide on selling via Social Media, plus gives access to a case study that can be replicated, with some great ideas.

It's one of the main ways many have sold products such as SAA or Easy1Up (including myself).


I should have probably put this in with the other social media platforms, but YouTube takes a slightly different mindset to succeed. 

You can get started with either a laptop, or a phone (as long as you can put your phone on a ledge or something to stop it from moving) or via screen capture software (yes, you can grab things like Camtasia for free). 

There are a number of different options when it comes to YouTube. As with the other methods, you can create informative and useful videos (with or without your face). You can also do product reviews (again with or without your face) of different products found on ClickBank. 

- YouTube How To Make Money Without A Website

Again, as with the other methods, people are constantly searching for products to help solve their issues, including trying to find reviews and in depth analysis of products they have found online.

ClickBank vendors are usually happy to send review copies to reviewers, as it's a cheap way of them getting more views and sales. So be sure to reach out and ask them. You can also use sites such as Canva to help create thumbnails for your videos. 


So there you have it, 5 different ways to make money with ClickBank for free. As I said at the start, these methods do require you to create content, or find content to share. They also require you to put in some effort, with ones like TikTok or Facebook requiring you to be a little more out there. 

It's always worth remembering, these free, or sometimes called organic methods can take time. They are not an overnight success scenario. 

Some people hit it lucky with TikTok or Instagram, but the majority of people take a little time to build up their following, but once you have a decent number following you should start to see clicks, leads and hopefully sales.

Most importantly, don't just give up after a few days because you don't have $1m in your pocket. Be realistic with time frames and how success happens. 

Remember, ClickBank is free to join, and so are many of the methods above, once you have started to see commissions and leads, I would recommend looking at some more long term strategies, such as blogging or even paid traffic.

If you want to start capturing leads from these links, I would look at building Bridge Pages, these can be supplemented instead of your offer links. People can add their email to find out about the awesome product you want to tell them about.

If they decide not buy that product, you now have an email address from someone who is within your niche, and can send targeted emails with other offers, or even just simply send them some awesome value.

I would also suggest investing in an affiliate marketing course, Savage Affiliates, or finding yourself a solid course on high ticket affiliate marketing + social media authority, such as this. These will help you really start picking up the pace and branching out into other areas and options. Including what I enjoy doing, which is both. 

As it allows you to leverage what you learn, and earn in both markets. 

If you can think of others ways to make money with ClickBank for free, be sure to drop your ideas below!