The Copywriters Playbook Review

The Copywriter's Playbook Review Summary;

The Copywriters Playbook Review 2 The Copywriter's Playbook Review


It's $1, you really can't go wrong for $1, considering it's 45 pages of valuable information and it comes with downloadable content and videos.  

The Copywriters Playbook Review 3 The Copywriter's Playbook Review

Ease of USe

Pretty easy to sign up for, and the platform is easy enough to navigate around. Each lesson has it's own section with downloadable content to make it easier to follow.

The Online Student - Content


As someone who is constantly looking at improving his story telling and articles, this book/mini course really does help you understand what you should be achieving in both your writing, and your overall branding and content. 

The Copywriters Playbook Review 4 The Copywriter's Playbook Review


I would say the overall support from Legendary Marketer is pretty good, they are fairly quick to reply to emails and you do get an adviser as part of the bonus stack  

Summary: A well put together mini course / PDF combination. For many copywriting and understanding how to write gripping or interesting articles or content is difficult. The Copywriter Playbook helps to increase that knowledge and tap into your inner emotions and stories. 

  • A well put together course
  • 46 page activity book + 16 videos for $1 is pretty good
  • a great introduction into what legendary marketer teach and their style
  • Access to a number of bonuses, including templates and Additional notes from Dave's own workbook
  • it's $1. if that's too much for 3 hours+ of good content, then something has gone wrong with your mindset and view of the world. 
  • one of the bonuses does give you access to the 15 day Challenge, some may feel annoyed if they paid $7 just for the challenge..but it's hardly a ton of money.

It costs $1, seriously. $1. And comes with it's own bonuses included

Legendary Marketer is a fairly well known platform these days, with a variety of courses, masterminds and live training events that focus on helping you build that online business. They are possibly most famous for their 15 day business builder challenge, a $7 low ticket offer that gives you the exact steps required to set up your own funnel, connect an auto-responder too it and find traffic to drive too it. 

But, what people may not know, is that Legendary Marketer also has a number of other low cost products that can be just as useful, especially when studied and applied too different scenarios. 

One of those products, is the Copywriters Playbook, a 46 page eBook & 16 video long 'mini' training course on how to become a better copywriter. Today I am going to go through the course and the PDF workbook to see if it's worth the price, it's time to dive into this Copywriter's Playbook Review.

What Is The Copywriters Playbook?

The Copywriters Playbook is one of the later offerings from Legendary Marketer, written in part by Dave Sharpe, alongside others within the LM team. It focuses on how marketers can use the power of stories, emotions and even your own life to increase the value and reach of content, from ads to long form sales letters. 

It is designed to show you how to leverage all these different angles, to essentially make you both a better writer, more competent story teller, but most importantly, a better sales person. Because, at the end of the day, that is the goal, to sell something. 

As David says in the introduction, people rarely realise that crafting copy around you, is one of the best, if not the only way to get new customers and to keep them coming back. The copywriter playbook is going to be teaching you the important of building that brand, that brand being you.

The Copywriters Playbook Review 5 The Copywriter's Playbook Review

The course is split into 11 sections and a 46 page accompanying workbook, which I will go into in a bit, with a number of additional bonuses, that as with many of the LM products can be used alongside this particular mini course, or used and implemented elsewhere. 

What is Inside The Copywriters Playbook?

As I mentioned above, the course is split into 11 sections (8 modules), as well as the accompanying activity book.

It's worth noting, that most, if not all of the pages inside of the activity book are actually found below the videos, and should be used alongside the videos when you go through the course. 

Welcome & Introduction

The welcome video is around 15 minutes long, and gives you a great insight into Dave's life and I guess his own struggles. It also touches on what you are going to be learning within this course and sets the stage for what you will be doing. 

The introduction video then expands on Daves original welcome video, going onto explain who else will be teaching the course (Matt Heltzel) and of course setting up what they like to call the 6 keys to crafting your story. Something I had never really come across before, though I guess I had been subconsciously doing, which is writing my content based upon me, the problems I have faced in the past, why products had helped, how they had given me a plan or guide, how I put them into use and then how they have worked for me. 

copywriters playbook review 2

One of the best examples of that would be either Savage Affiliates or Super Affiliate Accelerator. Both courses appeared or came onto my radar at particular points in my life, Savage when I was first trying to understand SEO and affiliate marketing, and then SAA 4 years later when I started to become interested in branding and increasing my own selling skills. Both of those courses have allowed me to craft stories and content around them using my own pain points to identify with others. 

This is exactly what Dave and Matt are talking about within this Copywriters Playbook. 

Module 1

Time to get into the meat and potatoes of this course (pretty sure that's the 4th time I have said that on this website, I need new material). This whole module focuses around understanding your offer, understanding how they offer helped you and why it helped you. 

Inside of the activity book, Matt has written a number of questions to sit and ask yourself, something that can really help bring some clarity to what you are doing. 

  • How is this different from everything else I've seen
  • What's holding me back
  • Why now?
  • How does it work?

And a number of other questions, designed again to try and help you understand what you are trying to sell, and why you are promoting or selling it. If you don't understand the reason you purchased a product, or how it helped you, then it's really difficult to explain to others how it will help them. 

copywriters playbook review 3

I also enjoyed the fact that they have used Matts's story, he has broken down those story steps, the pain points and the calls to action to really help you understand what you should be aiming towards. 

The story really wraps up module one, and it's a great visualisation tool getting to see Matt's story and how he crafts it into a call to action to learn more about X or Y products. Something that I don't think I have mentioned is that each module also has it's own assignments, linked back to the work you just did inside of the module. 

copywriters playbook review 4

Now I know this isn't revolutionary, a lot of courses do it, but for people like me, who like to have a bit of homework or possibly a framework to try and put their own content into, I like this as an additional touch. Again, this course is $1. They have put a lot of thought into this.

Module 2

It's time to talk about Module 2, this is all about 'buyer frenzy', a phrase I never really thought I would write on this blog. 

As with Module 1, this is broken into simple steps, with the near 20 minute video explaining what these 4 steps are, and the activity book giving you room to start writing your own information down. 

Something I have subconsciously done, but also been shown by SAA to do is how to structure the content you create to try and hit these 4 steps, or at least some of them. For me, I write a lot about myself and how I have put information into use, I like to use social proof, including my own to help boost the credibility, but I also like to include something called a value waterfall (I never knew it was called that).

The Copywriters Playbook Review 6 The Copywriter's Playbook Review

Matt really explains the steps and the triggers, again giving good examples. If someone grabs X product, will it save them time (not just money), or letting people understand the amount of effort you have put into creating something, hence why it's priced at $'s. 

An argument I hear a lot these days is around BuilderAll being cheaper and having all of their products in one place. But something I have learnt and understood, is that the time it takes to get to grips with the their tools and apps is quite long, especially the ones that are less than user friendly. 

For me to create a funnel in something such as Simvoly, DropFunnels or ClickFunnels, and then attach ActiveCampaign too it, is pretty quick. Yes it may cost me $100 per month to have those 2 platforms, but it takes me around 1/2 of the time to actually get something set up. I value my time a lot more than a $50 saving per month. 

Module 3

The end of module 2 starts to explain the beginning of Module 3, which is something I still feel I fall into, even after writing and crafting content for 4 years, which are the pitfalls that people hit. 

One of these pitfalls, is that I still worry or care what others think about my content. I worry that people won't enjoy the stories and be turned off by it. I actually once wrote a post about joining the Illuminati, I worried for 3 days people would hate it, or not get it. 

 It was a long post (check it out if you fancy), but people read it, and loved it, with a little added criticism and some good points, it actually turned out brilliantly. 

The Copywriters Playbook Review 7 The Copywriter's Playbook Review
The Copywriters Playbook Review 8 The Copywriter's Playbook Review
The Copywriters Playbook Review 9 The Copywriter's Playbook Review
The Copywriters Playbook Review 10 The Copywriter's Playbook Review

This module really does hit the pain points that people just starting out with copy-writing or producing content may face. Really enjoyed this section.

Module 4

It's time to start bringing your life and style into your posts, because at the end of the day, people enjoy and react to stories and content from people they can relate too or trust. 

This is a 45+ minute video that explains how to craft your stories around you, this section is really useful and a ton of fun to go back over. Again, looking at the post I wrote before, and for many of the posts I have written on social media over the last few months have been made by me having fun. 

The Copywriters Playbook Review 11 The Copywriter's Playbook Review

Again, as with the other modules, the video is useful, goes into a decent level of detail and of course explains and then shows how Matt incorporates the KLT factor into his own work. 

Module 5

Over half way through this mini course, with around 2hours worth of content, not including the homework, again for $1, I'm not sure why I am even trying to convince people to grab this... it's not even an argument. 

Module 5 is about understanding peoples pain or issues, pushing a little bit, helping people understand it's not always their fault, and then starting to show them a solution. Now this method doesn't always work, especially if your audience simply don't take action. 

The method does work, but from experience, if people's pains or issues is that they simply don't follow training or don't put their work into action then trying to push that button usually ends up with them getting angry and flustered, especially when you point it out. Plus it doesn't matter how much you suggest stuff too them, they will still end up in the same place. Again, from experience you usually have to offer hand holding as you go through the offer etc, which can quickly remove any value of the commissions you get (you end up paying for your time).  

Module 6

Module 6 is delving into utilising peoples emotions and how they interact with offers and copy based on emotional triggers. It's been a few months since I picked up this Copywriters Playbook and I had actually skipped through this module, so it was refreshing to go back to this video and watch Matts examples and ideas on how to frame your content with emotions. 

The Copywriters Playbook Review 12 The Copywriter's Playbook Review

In my more recent content I have looked at trying to use features and explaining how certain products (I write a lot of product reviews as well) are made with certain materials or types of plastics. I used to just say it was 'X Metal' or 'Type of Plastic', but I really try to explain how an Alloy increases the value and the length of time that the product will last. 

If there is one module to really focus on, I would say this is high on the list to go back over a few times. 

Module 7

Nearing the end of the modules and the core training, Module 7 is going to build upon basically everything up until now. It introduces some new triggers though, including understanding your audiences ego, being aware that time is actually worth money, saving someone a few hours each month can really offset a higher cost. 

The Copywriters Playbook Review 13 The Copywriter's Playbook Review

As with Module 6, I had forgotten some of this module, especially the part where Matt explains how explaining to people how training or products have helped increase your knowledge or expertise within a certain subject can be a great trigger for people.

'I took this course and it really push my knowledge of SEO to a whole new level, allowing me to hold my own when talking to others within the industry' really can make people feel amazing, because they can start to see themselves doing the same. 

The second part of Module 7, yes this is split into 2 parts, are the 18 reasons people purchase. It sounds a bit like a click-bait title, but some of these are true. 

I have always noticed that a lot of people buy from me to further their own education, move away from pain or to become an authority within their chosen area. Obviously different products help people in different ways, for example The Copywriters Playbook will further someones education within copywriting, where as SAA will help someone become an authority, but also further their education within sales and promotion. 

Module 8

Well, we are finally at the end of the the core modules, module 8. 

Another really useful technique is 'sowing seeds', something I have written about a few times on my own profile. People don't always buy from you the first time they see your content or speak to you. 

It can take a few interactions or 3 or 4 different views of your posts and articles to then take that leap.

For example you may write some content that hits one emotional trigger, but doesn't hit the one that pushes them to purchase, but plants the seed in their mind that you have something that may help. A few days later you add some social proof from someone who did buy the product, this is combined with that original post, and starts to remove doubt from their mind and grow that confidence.

Matt also goes into how to combine a number of different platforms to help get your messages and 'seeds' out there, allowing you to say have a video on one platform that pushes people towards an article that can then be used to add more value, or push more pain points. 

I try to use this with my social media accounts by having funny images or interesting stories, I can then direct them towards this blog to gain social proof, or possibly start a conversation with them to start understanding those real pain points and issues. 

Finally, be consistent. This should really just be written everywhere, because people will simply stop trying and give up if they don't see anything after 2 articles, or 1 video etc.  

Bonus Videos

Because this is Legendary Marketer, there was always going to be a bonus section. It just happens. 

The bonus videos module is actually only 1/2 of the bonuses that are included, but I will explain more of that in a second. 

You are treated to 5 case studies, all of whom have used this type of writing and style to increase sales and outreach. The videos are various lengths, with one of them hitting the 30 minute mark. 

The Copywriters Playbook Review 14 The Copywriter's Playbook Review

Definitely worth watching these if you want some real life examples of people putting this to use!

Copywriters Playbook Bonuses - The Extras

 If you hadn't already thought that you had got a bargain for $1, then let Legendary Marketer add a few extras to sweeten the deal. 

See, this Copywriter playbook training also comes with the following bonuses. 

The Copywriters Playbook Review 15 The Copywriter's Playbook Review
  • David Sharpes cliffnotes from the '16 word sales letter' 
  • The 20 Minute Client Formula 
  • 250 Email Headlines Swipe File - You can literally grab some of these headlines and add your own wording
  • The $250m swipe file, full of emails, pages and content that David used to promote his own products. You can't just copy this stuff line for line, but it gives some awesome ideas on writing email sequences

And, you get access to the Legendary Marketer 15 Day Business Builder Course. Yep, the thing they sell on it's own for $7, you get as part of the bundle for $1. 

The Copywriters Playbook Review 16 The Copywriter's Playbook Review

You get a lot for your $1. 

Who Is The Copywriters Playbook For?

Honestly, I would say it's for any marketer trying to improve their copy-writing or content. Be it YouTube videos, ads, long form sales letters, social media posts or basically anything whereby you might be selling or promoting something. 

The information found within this is 8 module course will really benefit just about anyone. You can't really go wrong, and I am going to be hardpressed to find someone who doesn't get at least a nugget of information from this playbook. 

How Much Does The Copywriters Playbook Cost?

Well, I am going to let you in on a secret here, the total cost should be $10k (supposedly..though lets be honest, that's an inflated price) so let's say the price should be around $200 for everything, which is more than fair. 

You, get it for $1. 

Yes, 1 whole dollar. 

What I Enjoyed?

All of it, I haven't really found a part of this course that I didn't like. Matt has created some brilliant videos, the activity/homework book really helps those who want to start writing down their own pain points or ideas on how to help people. 

The case studies really help solidify the fact that this style and course material does work. 

What I Didn’t Like As Much

The price, I would have paid more for it, at least $7 to cover the cost of the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge. 

The Copywriters Playbook Review Conclusion

The copywriters playbook is a packed little mini course that can really help you start writing useful and laser focused content aimed at increasing your sales. Even just implementing a few of the points that Matt and David cover could help. 

I personally loved this course and the content, I think it's worth a lot more than they sell it for and if you are someone who is struggling to create content that relates to your audience, people are simply ignoring what you put out there, or you can't make sales..then seriously..It's a $1. 

The Copywriters Playbook


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