How To Increase Your Facebook Reach And Engagement

Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites on the internet. With over 2 billion monthly active users, it's easy to see why Facebook has become a household name.

As it has grown, so has the opportunity for using Facebook as a platform and tool for growing an online business. The issue with using social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram or Facebook, is that you are at the mercy of the 'algorithm'.

As such, you have to keep that constantly changing algorithm happy and ensuring you meet the criteria on what it finds 'interesting'.

Today we are going to look at a number of different ways on How To Increase Your Facebook Reach And Engagement. Some of these are pretty obvious, but people forget to do them.

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1. Ensure Headline Is Captivating 

When people scroll through Facebook, they are usually in a bot like mode, whereby they simply don't notice stuff. As such, you want to stand out, and capture someone's attention. 

Using different fonts, bold font's or interesting headlines allows you to instantly stand out, and make people stop. It increases the chance that someone is going to read, or interact with your post. 

How To Increase Your Facebook Reach And Engagement 2 How To Increase Your Facebook Reach And Engagement

Obviously the more people who stop, and read, the more Facebook will realise people like interacting with your stuff. Of course, coming up with different heart stopping headlines can sometimes be a little difficult. 

2. Create Interesting Posts

I know, this is such a stupidly obvious point, but it's worth stating. Following on from those attention grabbing headlines, you should keep them on tenterhooks with interesting and fun posts. 

If people want to read what you have to say then they'll interact with the post on Facebook and get others interested as well! 

You should look at your current audience, tailoring each post to relate to your Facebook audience. 

For example, if you're a beauty blogger you could post a list of your favourite beauty products. If you're an amateur photographer, then talk about the best camera for beginners and what to do with it!

Keep in mind that no one likes reading boring content so be sure to keep things interesting at all times. It also doesn't have to be long form, you can mix and match with short quirky questions or statements. 

3. Use Of Images In Facebook Posts

Did you know that using images on your Facebook posts can boost the reach by up to three times? It's true and it seems like people are more likely to engage with an image than they are a post without one.

How To Increase Your Facebook Reach And Engagement 3 How To Increase Your Facebook Reach And Engagement

With their introduction of 'Effects', Facebook really push for people to use photos within their posts. You can turn standard photos into 3d versions, once again helping your posts stand out from the crowd. 

An eye catching, or interesting image can be just as good as a funny headline. 

4. Engage With Your Audience (But..Correctly)

Yes, you have to actually give back to our glorious master Zukky. 

Interacting and enjoying other peoples posts, can help push your own content higher, as it shows you are active. BUT, you actually need to take your time, offer a decent reply or provide an actual comment. 

How To Increase Your Facebook Reach And Engagement 4 How To Increase Your Facebook Reach And Engagement

Stay away from trying to use bots, or tools to autocomment on other peoples post, it will just end up annoying everything single person known to man. A few lines or exactly the same comment across 100's of posts could potentially limit your future posts.

5. Use The Facebook Live Feature

A super secret hack that people simply don't bother with, Live is a brilliant way of getting you in front of the whole of your audience, Facebook will push notifications to all your friends, telling them you have gone live. 

For those who haven't seen a post in days or weeks, will instantly be told you are still alive! 

6. Keep Engaging Your Audience

Don't just hit publish and expect engagement- Facebook likes are not always enough. You have to actually come back and comment or engage with your own posts.

A cheeky way to get people to come back to a post, or to increase the number of comments etc, is to interact with those who simply 'like' a post. 

Facebook offers you the ability to tag those who have 'liked' or even 'emojied' your posts. Dropping a comment or a reply back to them can get people to actually comment and share their opinions or thoughts. 

7. Use Facebook Stories to Reach More People

Facebook stories are another one of the little sneaky tools and tricks that Facebook wants people to use and enjoy. 

As before with Facebook Lives, Facebook stories are pushed out to all people within your Facebook friends list. You can add polls, links and 'stickers' to stories, improving the interaction rate, and helping you see active users. 

Each reaction is sent directly to you via messenger, giving you a list of friends who have seen your stories (and who are active). 

8. Don’t Share Links

Facebook's algorithm hates it when people do this. Instead, create a post that introduces the link (or offer), using ideas above. 

You can then add the link to the website, or video inside of a comment. 

This can stop Facebook reducing your overall reach, it also increases the number of comments on your post, and provides a place for people to click towards.

Extra - What Makes A Post Engaging?

There are many different factors that can increase engagement on Facebook posts. The most important factor is that people are able to see your posts, like them and share them.

You'll also find the best engagement on photos or videos with a relatable subject matter, captivating visual content and high quality content will have higher social currency as well as increased shares.

After 50+ weeks of testing out different images, posts and style, I usually find that content that relates to the core belief of your audience do much better.

People say Facebook's algorithm has made it difficult to get engagement on posts. This is only true for certain types of content and brands, but not all of them. For those who simply spam, throw out links or constantly post the same stuff, they will probably suffer.

The algorithm helps people find the most relevant information that matches their interests, so it's important you know your audience well enough in order to stay afloat with Facebooks changes.

How To Increase Your Facebook Reach And Engagement - Final Thoughts

What type of content might be more successful?

  • Posts that have a call to action (link or video) do better.
  • The more  you play around with images and videos, the better it will be received by your audience.

As Facebook continues to change their algorithm, I'll continue to test what's working for my audience. The most important thing to remember is that there is no one-size-fits all solution.

You will need to test and iterate on different styles, tools, posts, images etc in order to find what works for you.

Keep these things in mind as we explore ways of increasing your Facebook engagement and boosting the number of Likes or shares your content receives from fans. What have you found to be the best way so far?