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Phoenix Review Summary;

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As with most Warrior+ products this front end cost is low, with additional up-sells inside of it. As with their last launch, the upsells are reasonable and are not stupidly priced. The price is great for the content. 

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Ease of USe

Each video is easy to follow, the training is split into 3 main areas and they are clear and concise. As with their last training, there is no fluff and straight forward. 

The Online Student - Content


The main content is decent, with around 11 core videos, explaining exactly how James & Mark make money with funnels and ads, with Marks spin on increasing the number of offers shown to people.

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I reached out to James as I did with their last product to get a few things cleared up, easy to speak too and friendly enough!

Summary: The second training course from these guys, this training focuses on something they are passionate and knowledgeable about. Mark is the main guy in this training, with easy to follow videos going into detail about his way of increasing the sales across his funnels. 

  • the core training is decent and detailed 
  • mark is honest, straight forward and transparent with his methods and tools he uses
  • easy to follow steps, plenty of ideas and advice about each section and can get started with this method for under $100
  • You can see success with the offer, without needing to take the upsells (this is why i like these guys)
  • if you are new to affiliate marketing, or paid traffic, then this will give you a brilliant jumping off point
  • if you have some experience with marketing, then this may be beyond you (though I learnt something and I have 4 years into this market)
  • out of the 2 courses, I would say Breakout Code goes into a bit more Detail (but that course is packed with info)
  • There are some parts that feel duplicated from the last training they provided - they could have created a new page for some of the traffic information.

Who would have thought it, 4 Warrior+ product reviews in a year, maybe I have turned over a new leaf, maybe I am a convert, or possible just found a few sellers who actually provide some decent training without taking the piss. 

I'll keep you updated on that...Anyway, let's get on with the Phoenix Review!

What Is Phoenix?

Phoenix is the second training course launched by James & Mark in the last few months, again as with The Breakout Code (definitely worth checking this out for the case study and mentality training) it focuses on an area that they are both very knowledgeable about. 

Phoenix is similar, to Breakout Code, but this time is taught by Mark, instead of James. It focuses on Marks version of how he runs builds his lists and constantly tests and tweaks his offers to increase his front end and back end sales. 

The course is more built around the testing and using rotators to allow you to test offers, and there is less emphasise on the traffic side of this, this is much more about how to take the time to build your optin page, your rotator and how to scale what you are doing. 

Mark runs you through his own accounts, and takes you step by step from finding the products, creating your rotator, building the optin page, getting your auto-responder set up and of course plugging your follow up emails in. 

In Mark's own words, 'This is nothing new, but it's tried and tested', and he is right, what he is teaching isn't rocket science, it's not difficult, but it does require people to take action, test and constantly push forward. 

What Is Inside Phoenix?

The course or training is split into 5 areas, not including the welcome section, each covering a slightly different part. With the main bulk of the training found within 'Getting Setup With Phoenix'. 

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The overview, is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin, it's an overview of what you are being taught and the methods that Mark uses. 

Getting Set up With Phoenix

This is going to be the core training, you will spend around 30mins being shown each step of Marks 'none rocket science' method of earning money and his style of affiliate marketing. 

As with a lot of Warrior+ products and training, you will be finding and using Warrior+ products, but for a change, Mark actually delves into ClickBank as well, which is rare for this type of training!

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Kicking off this module, is of course how to find products, something I think most people struggle with. As I mentioned above, Mark does use W+ for the majority of products, but he does explain how to find products on sites such as ClickBank. 

Thankfully he does also explain how to get approved for these, many affiliates when starting fall over at this step, because they simply don't have the sales or the data to back up being accepted to promote offers. With Marks advice you increase that chance. Though at the end of the day it's all about being honest. I have said in the past, even with plenty of sales on other platforms, you will still get turned down, but don't despair, find a new other and carry on! 

Mark then dives into both Rotator set up, the core of how he tests and finds the offers that convert the best for him, he does of course use ClickMagick to build the rotators. If you are not familiar with ClickMagick, don't worry because he does explain what it is, how to use it and scale with it. 

Next up is probably something that is massively important, but so stupidly simple. The optin pages, Phoenix focuses on email marketing and build your lists. So you need an optin page and of course an auto-responder plugged into it to start adding these people to your list.

Now of course you can build the optin pages however you like, you can even get a few DFY optins as an upsell (if you want a few tried and tested pages then possibly worth it, but you can create them quite quickly). 

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Mark again steps you through it, showing you what he creates and uses, so you can replicate what he likes to use. 

Below is an example of a more in-depth optin page that we created for the 5 Day Blog Training course, so it acts as a sales page, as well as an optin page. Now you don't have to go as crazy, but it's a great example!

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For the auto-responders, I have always found GetResponse to work well with funnels and affiliate offers (it's what I used when I did the BreakOut Code testing). Not my favourite auto-responder these days, they are affiliate friendly and do work. 

Lastly it's all about getting the follow ups sorted, as with the rest of the training, you will be shown some examples, and even given some tips on where to find different follow up emails. I would have liked a few downloadable examples that I could grab and throw in for say a few days, just to get me set up and going, but I can see the examples in the training so I won't hold it again him. 

And really that's the core of this business done. Again, this training isn't difficult, it's not crazy complicated, but you can see from Mark's own account it's obviously working well for him, with about $60k commissions showing in his W+ account. 

Phoenix Traffic

The second part of this training and method is of course actually getting traffic. 

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It won't be any surprise that Mark uses a lot of solo traffic to run visitors towards his optin pages, it's a staple of this type of marketing, and again seems to work well.

Again, they utilise Udimi a lot for finding sellers, the part about this did annoy me a little, as they have used a document found within the Breakout Code to show where they get traffic from, especially as the document they scroll through was an upsell in their other training.

Not a huge issue, and it's not as bad as other course creators simply taking their old videos and putting them into new training courses (one of my biggest gripes with W+). 

Monitor & Scale

The final part to this training is of course how to scale your new funnel and email follow up. I feel that this is something a lot of people struggle with, especially when it comes to emails and follow ups, because everyone gets scared about being pitchy. 

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For me, just to hear Marks advice, and seeing him firing of emails broadcasts and seeing sales come in does boost that confidence, as I personally don't like hammering a list with offers, but he has a sound argument. 

Again, personally his advice on how to scale it in the first couple of weeks, or even months helps as well. Most people will see maybe 4 or 5 sales, but be scared because they might have lost $10 or $50 on the traffic, and forget that not everyone will buy an offer instantly, they need to be following up, re-investing and of course slowly build up the traffic. 

It's a short section, but it's encouraging and it's pretty cool to see someone send out a 10k email blast and start seeing people open and start to take action within a few minutes. 


Finally, the conclusion to this training is really just a thank you message from Mark, running back over what he has shown you and explaining it can take time and patience. Again, his brutal honesty is nice and refreshing, something I said about their last training.  

Who Teaches Phoenix Training?

This time the training is carried out by Mark Barret, 1/2 of the Mark & Jame partnership that these guys looked to have created when they built the Breakout Code training. Mark seems knowledgeable and has plenty of evidence showing that he does actually know what he is on about!

Who Is Phoenix For?

As with a lot of W+ products, they suit those who are new to affiliate marketing, or wanting to learn a new style from the ground up. If you have experience with affiliate marketing, then this probably won't blow your socks off. 

Though I admit I did learn a few new things going through this and it built upon everything I learnt in their first course. 

If you have zero clue about affiliate marketing, you hate writing content or trying to figure out things like Facebook ads or Google ads, then this method really could be the answer for you. With a relatively low start up cost (you are going to need around $100 - $200 to get traffic)

How Much Does Phoenix Cost?

To gain access to the core product and training, the current launch price is just under $13. So a relatively low price to learn how to do this method of marketing. Obviously you can grab additional extras and upsells and that's always the way with W+ products. 

The total cost, if you grabbed everything would be; around $480, so a long way from that original $13!

Are There Upsells?

Yes, to put it simply, but again I'm not offended by these, and as with the last training they did, they do fit in with what they are offering. I would also explain that you can come back and buy the upgrades later, you don't have to get them in the funnel (prices may rise). There are also downsells, i.e you may ignore an offer and they offer it too you for 20% or something, so worth remembering if you are interested in an offer. 

Upgrade 1 Phoenix Profit Automaters - $37

This package essentially allows you to grab their emails, so you can copy these or import them into your auto-responders, giving you templates you can add your links into the emails. 

For me, it's worth grabbing, as you know the emails work and the headers or subjects get open rates. 

Upgrade 2 - Phoenix DFY Package - $197

You are purchasing James & Mark's funnels, with lead magnets and I think follow ups as well, meaning you can just throw your links in, send traffic and increase your chances of success. 

I am usually a little wary about using DFY funnels or optin pages, as it can mean they get saturated, so I am on the fence about it, but, on the other hand it could mean you are getting decent optin rates, you can warm your lists up with freebies and you are essentially using what works for these guys. 

Your choice on this one!

Upgrade 3 - Phoenix 10x Profit Box $47 

Upgrade 3 is giving you access to their bonuses, these can be the difference between someone buying a product from you, or from someone else. 

A lot of W+ buyers tend to buy products based on the crazy bonus stacks people offer, so again as with the DFY package being able to grab some bonuses for $47 that you can send to potential buyers to change their mind. 

If you haven't got access to bonuses or extras, then this could help. 

Upgrade 4 - Phoenix Unlimited Traffic $197

The unlimited traffic package, something that a lot of vendors offer, you can get access to pixel data and potentially traffic from old and new offers and landing pages. 

Being able to re-target people who have landed on pages, with your own offer can mean really cheap buyer traffic that is already partially warmed up to offers. 

It's an expensive upgrade, one that may be worth it once you have some results and you potentially want to push your traffic abilities further and you understand how it works. 

Upgrade 5 - Phoenix License Rights $67

Finally, as with basically any product on W+ you can get access to the resell rights for the Phoenix training. 

This upgrade gives you an offer that you can promote and sell straight away, keeping 100% of the profits across the funnel. Potentially giving you $500 sales per buyer. 

Are There Phoenix Bonuses?

There are always bonuses! 

Phoenix is no different, James & Mark give you access to something they did sell inside of Breakout Code, which is the little black book offer, that showed you where they get their buyers and who they use for their buyers. Essentially giving you a list of names and websites that they have tested and found converts really well for them. 

I actually recently tried one of the vendors they mentioned and did actually get some front end sales and some decent leads (Yep, James is venturing into solo ads and paid traffic!).

The second bonus you get is a list of vendors and offers that again they have personally had success with. It means you don't have to trawl through big lists trying to work out if something is going to work for you. 

Simply open the document, then either grab your link or apply for your link. This bonus is a bit like the recurring affiliate document that I offer with the blog training, because honestly is nice to be able to promote products that others find useful. 

Is Phoenix Right For You?

If you have made it this far, then there is a good chance that Phoenix will provide you with the information you are seeking in terms of starting your journey. 

Phoenix is designed to teach people how to run solos to optin pages, and follow up with emails and how to test to find the best products and offers. If you are not wanting to spend money on solos or ads (at least to begin with, before you start spending your commission money) then this is probably not for you. 


A decent training program, though I feel it's not quite as jam packed as their 1st course that they produced, but maybe they where being extra nice with that offer and smashing the value out of the park!

Mark is knowledgeable in what he does and he definitely knows and loves his style of affiliate marketing. He is honest and blunt and pretty down to earth in his training videos, without a lot of fluff or the usual rambling that happens in some courses. It's straight to the point. 

The upgrades or upsells are targeted and will be useful for those just starting, but as always there is that hidden price that could mean you go from paying $13 for training to well over $400 if you go all in. 

This is worth getting if you are new to affiliate marketing and want to get started with this style.