The BreakOut Code Review

The BreakOut Code Review Summary;

The BreakOut Code Review 2 The BreakOut Code Review


The main course is cheap, and will give you enough information to get going. The upsells are not outrageous and are a fair price if you want that extra bump. 

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Ease of USe

The videos are easy enough to follow and the concept behind the training is quite straight forward.

The Online Student - Content


The content focuses on one traffic source and one style of affiliate marketing. The information is solid and for the price gives you a good foundation to get started

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Both guys answered some of the questions I had when running through the training, so can't fault it. 

Summary: The BreakOut Code is a great introduction to Funnel + Email marketing, especially good for those who are new to this style and want to start understanding how it all works. The core course is decent and the upsells are fairly priced for what you get. 

  • Clear Videos & Content
  • James Knows His Market & Understands How This Method Works
  • It Can Be Started With A Lowish Budget (Free Trials + Around $100 Would Get You Going)
  • The Upgrades/UpSells fit with the core product and compliment it (save time or save testing)
  • this style isn't for everyone
  • you will have to test or trial different sellers to find that 'A grade' seller
  • you will need some additional cash to start sending traffic (unless you utilise the free methods to begin with)

The BreakOut Code Starts From $12.95 (currently) with additonal optional upgrades inside.

It's been a hot minute since I last did a Warrior+ course review, and I still stand by my usual point that a lot of the stuff sold is PLR or re-used material. I don't simply mean someone is telling you how to do something that someone else has also taught, because that happens all the time, I mean using the same video in multiple courses and launches.

But, once again someone I know and have seen grown over the last 10 months reached out to me to ask me to review and critque his new training. I did tell him off for doing it on Warrior+, but hey beggers can't be choosers when you are just starting out. 

So, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and decided to check out his new training and write, The BreakOut Code Review.

You will also find my face on the sales page, which again is rare for me, so you can probably take it from here on in, I did like what is being taught, enough to warrant offering my face and my opinion on his work. 

What Is The BreakOut Code?

The BreakOut Code is training that focuses on email marketing, a mystical style of affiliate marketing I have always sucked at. James, the creator of this course has written and created this course based on his own success over the last 8 or 9 months, whereby he has managed to pull in around $150k in commissions. Now, of course this is not all profit, as you will find out, but even with an ROI of 2, that would still be a pretty hefty chunk of change and a huge email list. 

The course is about focusing on 1 or 2 traffic sources (both paid and free) with the addition of funnels, or landing pages to capture peoples interests. Once their interest has been captured, you then send them towards products, courses or services that provide a solution to whatever issue they orginally wanted to be solved. 

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Most of the time its for people looking to make money online, or ways to start businesses (because it's a huge market), but the process can be used for different niches as well, as long as their is a problem, and a product that solve that problem. 

There are a number of add-ons, or upsells that go along with the training, designed to help you, usually in the form of ready made products (funnels, emails), but there is also the option to watch James practise what he preaches live. I will talk more about that stuff later. 

What Is Inside The BreakOut Code?

The training is split into 5 seperate sections, each covering a different part of the process. 

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Case Study

To start with, you get the case study, essentially how James used what he is going to show you to go from 0 - 150k in around 3 months. The case study is only around 6 or 7 minutes long, but it's more designed as a way of showing the fact you can become succesful doing this, and of course it can take a bit of trial and error!

Affiliate Breakout

Next up is the section all around where to find the products that James has had most success with, it won't be a surprise that a lot of the front end products and success comes from promoting products on Warrior+ or JvZoo, as they are low cost products (some are $1 - $9) that do convert quite well. 

The BreakOut Code Review 7 The BreakOut Code Review

James will also talk about finding the right products, something I never really did when I first tried doing this years ago. I would just pick random ones without really thinking about what I was promoting. 

Finally there is a video on ways to get approved for these products, something you will find is that some vendors don't like giving access to people they don't know. Seriously, they want to know that the traffic or people they work with will actually work and they know what they are talking about. 

Even with my ClickBank sales and sales from other affiliate networks reaching into the $$$$'s I have been refused Warrior+ products in the past. But there does seem to be a knack to doing it and getting approved. 

There is also the option of grabbing resell rights to the BreakOut Code itself, so this would give you the ability to take 100% of the commissions and white label the course.

Personally, this is one of the things I don't fully like about Warrior+ because people will strip content and put them into other's or jack the price up. But that's my opinion, for many they love the fact they can do it and it helps them make commissions.

Breakout Funnels

It's no real secret that you are going to need something to capture emails with, so a landing page is always going to be needed. James obviously likes to use ClickFunnels, it's one of the most popular funnel builders out there, and his course is hosted on them. 

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James will show you how to build the optin and thank you pages, designed to increase conversions on the front end, as well as start to build the trust on the back end. 

If you know how to build funnels etc, or have had experience with this before, this probably won't become as a huge surprise, but if you are brand new it's quite nice having someone talk you through each step. 

Something I never really did in the past was build a good thank you page, I would either just say 'Thanks' and a button to go off to a product or simply not bother and send them straight away to an offer. As such I would never get many sign ups or commissions, and one of the reasons I sucked at email marketing. I am actually glad James goes over this and explains why. 

You will also learn how to sort the autoresponders out (plus what an autoresponder is). A nice added touch is that you can actually grab the funnel that James builds, so you essentially get a free funnel that has been proven to work, as part of that $13 cost.  

There is around 25 - 30 mins of valuble content within this section, and for me I feel this is the big 1/2 of the puzzle and the part people don't get right. 

Email Cash Breakout

It's time for the meat and potatoes! This is where the money starts being made, because we all remember...the money is in the list! Or the follow up, depending on who you speak too. 

As the name suggests, this section is all about the follow up, and the first few crucial emails (something again I sucked at), as well as covering how to do single email blasts. 

The BreakOut Code Review 9 The BreakOut Code Review

There is a quick intro explaining why you need emails, and basically explaining the power of the email. But you also get each section explained to you twice, one for Aweber, one for GetResponse. 

In the past when I followed some other training they only provided one way of doing emails, and I didn't have acces to the platform at the time, so I had to work it out for myself. 

As with funnels, if you have some knowledge around emails, then this isn't going to blow your mind, they are pretty easy to set up, but if again you are brand new, then this is really helpful and I appreciate James has taken the time to do it twice. 

You can again pick up his email swipes, both the free 3 day follow up, which is awesome, or the paid for $37 swipe files which provide you with more emails to load into your email responder. 

The last two sections cover email blast, essentially how to send out on demand emails aimed at promoting a product, or a few products, out of sequence, and of course segmentation. 

Segmentation was something I never bothered with in the past, I would just keep everyone, even if they didn't open, I would keep them. So I would hit my list limits quickly, filling up with 300 people who didn't open or didn't seem that interested (because I sucked at building that first bit of trust). Cleaning the list and segmenting them off means you are ensuring you are keeping the ones who react and want to really know more. 

You get around 30mins (or 50mins if you count the fact he has done some videos twice) of content within this, and of course the option to grab his swipe files. An upsell I believe is actually worth investing in.

Breakout Traffic

Finally, where you are going to be getting these leads from. If you have read the sales page, then you will have seen that James doesn't play around with Facebook Ads, Google/Bing Ads or anything like that. 

He also doesn't do videos, write blog posts (like me!) or do things like traffic exchanges. He focuses on using an ad style called Solo Ads (and also some free methods). 

Solo ads are either utilising someone elses email list (people really do have very big lists), whereby they send emails to a small segment of their list with a link to your landing page. Or they run their own ads via ad networks and use your landing page as part of that ad (some will run link rotattors that swap out landing pages). 

The BreakOut Code Review 10 The BreakOut Code Review

Finding which type of person you are dealing with, and seeing which of these people are worth your time is something that requires either a ton of cash and testing, or someone elses money and testing to tell you. 

A lot of James's leads and buyers come from places such as Udimi, a platform I have reviewed in the past. It can be hit and miss on there, so it's always worth testing out each seller. James does explain some ways to start small with these sellers, how to spot good ones and how to utilise coupons to get you started. You get $5 discount for simply signing up with him, so you can get around 150 leads for $65ish depending on who you pick. 

I did like how James also explained some free methods, espicially methods I have used a lot, social media. This gives people some extra ways of capturing additional leads while they are waiting for people to go through their email sequences etc. 

Something I have said before, the source of the traffic can be hit and miss, so it's refreshing James is transparent about it and does explain how to test and try different vendors. There is an upsell to purchase James's own personal traffic sources ($67 to get that little black book). If you are struggling to find decent suppliers, then for the cost of 1 bad run, you can find the sellers he is using and get a head start. 

Who Teaches This Course?

The whole course, the case study and the person behind it is a guy called James Fawcett, someone who used to run this style of traffic in the past, but couldn't bring himself to scale it, even after getting a return on his investment each time. 

After going through SAA (that's how I know him and why I said I would do the BreakOut Code Review) and re-thinking what he wanted and how succesful he had been he decided to start to scale and really push his efforts. Putting back in the profits he would get from each email run and promotion to the point he hit $150k in commissions. 

I would say the guy was pretty much qualified to tell others how to do it. 

Who Is The BreakOut Code For?

As with the Collector review, I had to think about who would really benefit from this course. 

For me, I would say the people who will really benefit from this, as those who haven't quite found their calling with Affiliate Marketing, they haven't understood which path works for them, but don't have the funds to buy a more 'generalised' course such as Savage Affiliates. The cost to learn this method is only $13 (currently) and someone could get set up with free trials and around $50-$100 for a solo to start seeing if this method works for them. 

It's also useful for those who may have some experience with Funnels + emails, but may not know the ins-and-outs of it all. They may have heard or possibly dipped their toe in, a bit like me in the past, but never really jumped in to learn it properly. 

Lastly, I would also say it's for those who have had success, but are looking to push it a bit further, the upsells within this course could really help with that. Having some proven emails or some tested capture/thank you pages could be the difference someone is looking for. 

The BreakOut Code Price

The core product cost for this training is $13 (currently),that gives you access to the all the modules I spoke about above, as well as some free bonuses such as 

  • 3 Day Email Swipes
  • 1 Proven to work funnel
  • Surefire list building strategy 
  • 1k Pay Days Casestudy 

For me, the funnel and the emails are worth the price, especially if they increase the sign up rate, the initial trust and then the sales within those first few days. 

What Upsells Or Additional Purchases Are There?

It's no surprise there are upsells, it's on Warrior+ and most products on there focus on offering low cost products with a funnel on the back end that increase the price. This is no different, though as with the Collector, the up-sells are not stupidly priced and you are not paying $1500 to watch someone do it live - yeah, that exists. 

The first upsell is for the email swipes, you essentially get his email swipe file for $37. 

The second upsell that you will find in this funnel is for the DFY funnels, you get 5 funnels that James has used/uses and has shown to be profitable. The cost for that is $197. 

The third upsell is for the traffic secrets, or the Little Black Book, essetially the sellers and places James uses himself. Basically means you don't have to spend money trying to find the right sellers on Udimi, for $47 this is worth it, especially as you could spend x4 or x5 that testing different sellers. 

Appearig next is the Live Masterclass and Case Study. This got my interest, because most sellers, be it on Warrior+ or Jvzoo or ClickBank rarely do this. James is running a live call to show those who purchase the upsell the ins and outs, as wel las answering questions and guding peple through his process. Essentially giving you the ability to sit and watch him go from start to finish. 

It's not cheap, at $147, but the last time I saw something similar it was around $500 and that was for a recording.

Would I grab this? For me, probably not, I think the training would be more than enough, but for some they may have tons of questions and feel that the live call and guided walkthrough to give them that final piece to the puzzle. 

Finally, offer number 5, is the resell rights. You basically get the ability to sell the BreakOut Code as your own. Keeping 100 of the commissions across the funnel. 

If you decided to grab everything, all the funnels, swipes, resell rights, and classes etc then the total cost would be just over $500. But that is only if you took absolutely every possible upsell. 

Is The BreakOut Code For You?

If you are someone who hasn't found their traffic source, or their calling with Affiliate Marketing, you are fed up dancing around or watching YouTube videos trying to get solo ads or funnels to work, then I would say yes!


The BreakOut Code is a well put together training course explaining how Solo Ads + Funnels + Email sequences can really work and become scalable. 

The up-sells/upgrades within this actually fit with the training (unlike other funnels I have seen) and have been added to either speed the process up, stop you spending time or money testing or there to offer some additional help. 

The final price of over $500 is quite far away from that initial $13 cost, but at least you don't need to purchase the upgrades to get started and get results from this method and they are there as optional upgrades.