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For many marketers, ClickBank is the golden marketplace to find affiliate offers and high converting products, but not everyone can join it. They have a number of restrictions in place, such as not allowing certain countries to sign up, so to succeed with Affiliate marketing it's worth looking for ClickBank Alternatives to ensure you have a number of marketplaces to promote. 

It's always worth noting, that ClickBank does have a high number of products, but many are no longer supported, and as such there are a few niches that have less products that you may expect. 

I will look at some of the best alternatives that you can look at joining, including giving some information about the niches they deal with and how you can apply.

If you are ever on the lookout for alternatives, or even just products to promote, it's worth keep an eye out on Muncheye they collate different launches that are happening over the next few months and provide them in an easy to read list view. It may also provide you with a few ideas on different networks to join and promote. 


If you are in the make money online niche, or the work from home sector, you will no doubt of heard of JVZoo. 

They specialise in software and work from home style products or services, usually starting at quite a low price point, utilising funnels and upsells. 

The niche that JVZoo deal with do range from Entrepreneurship, Writing and Business to Spiritual, Health and Family products, though again the majority of the new ones are self development or business related. 

A lot of Publishers or Vendors on JVZoo will also be found on sites such has WarriorPlus and ClickBank. 

I would say that a lot of the products on here, are focused on the initial big hype launches. With vendors going for the 'Launch Jacking' ( Check out the Savage Affiliates Course if you are interested in this) style launch to build up hype and scarcity, aiming to bring in a lot of money in a very short period of time. I have found a few products on here that are worth promoting, such as KeySearch & the Affiliate Bots Empire.

ClickBank alternatives  - JVZoo marketplace

Applying for JVZoo is fairly straight forward, you will need to provide some standard answers about how you plan on promoting products, but you will also need to apply for each product you want to promote.

If you buy certain products, then usually they will auto approve you to promote others that they own, but not always. 

You will need to provide a short explanation of how you are going to promote their products, it helps if you provide email lists sizes and any social media accounts or websites you will be using. You are not guaranteed to be accepted all the time, but the majority should accept someone who has provided a decent explanation.

You will more than likely be put on delayed payouts (30 - 60 days) until you have a proven track record. 

Join JVZoo Affiliate Network


This particular network is very much the same as JVZoo, though personally I find the products on here pretty rubbish and rarely worth promoting. 

They adopt the same model as JVZoo of doing big launches that build hype, bring in a lot of front end cash, but they usually die off after a few weeks or months, until the vendor comes up with a new 'amazing product' to promote. 

You will on occasion find some decent products to promote, with the majority of them focusing around the Make Money Online, Software and Work From Home style niches. 

Again if you are into the Launch Jacking and enjoy doing bit hype promotions every few days, then this network might be for you!

Join Warrior+ Network

Kartra Marketplace

It's an odd one this, as Kartra is also a marketing platform, with a funnel builder, email autoresponder and a variety of other things all under one roof. 

But they also provide access to other products on their Marketplace, with many companies partnering with them to house their affiliates. 

They provide a large number of niches for you to potentially promote from Internet Marketing & eCom, to Sports, Parenting and Self Help. They also do Finance, Business and even Religious Products, so there really is something for everyone. 

One way to get started is to sign up to the Kartra Affiliate Program itself, and then look at what other products that are out there for you to promote. 

They do require you to submit an application, and can take a number of days to be approved, or rejected. Be sure to explain how you plan on promoting them and provide social links and email numbers if you have them.

Join Kartra Affiliate Network


I actually joined AWIN long before I knew about ClickBank, because the product I was promoting used them as their network. 

With 16,500 advertisers and 147 million sales generated in 2019, it's surprising not more people know about these guys. 

The types of products or services available via AWIN, are more lead gen or physical products. They have partened with retailers such as ASOS, Dorothy Perkin, and then service provides such as British Gas and AVIVA. 

A lot of the new coupon extensions such as Honey or Pouch utilise this particular network due to the types of brands found on here. 

ClickBank Alternatives

If you are into your deals or coupon style websites, then this might be the right affiliate network for you!

When I originally joined it took 48 hours for the account to be approved, and then 24 - 48 hours to have individual vendor programs approved.

Join AWIN Affiliate Network


An interesting Alternative to Clickbank, Pepperjam has some pretty big advertisers under it's roster. Including the likes of Puma, Nordstorm and MSC. This network is designed for those promoting more physical products than others on this list. 

As with some of the similar sites on this list, if you run a coupon or discount style website, then PepperJam should be on your list of networks to join. 

You can join PepperJam here, there is an application process, but it's pretty standard. Each individual retailer will also have to accept you, so be ready to apply a few times. 

Commission Junciton (CJ)

Carrying on with the physical product theme, another big player in the Affiliate Marketplace is ComissionJunction, or CJ for short.

As with PepperJam, they specialise in promoting and gaining sales for very large established companies, through coupons, discounts and direct sale programs. 

Clickbank Alternatives 2 Clickbank alternatives

They have partnered with some pretty big retailers, such as J Crew, Barnes & Noble and GoPro.

You may find that the commission percentages are not as high as other networks, but the trust and authority with the retailers means that it's easier to convert those customers once they land on their site. 

If you are looking at more physical product sales or partnering with big name products, then you should add CJ to your toolbelt.


One of a number of 'physical' product vendors on this list, ShareASale are a cross between sites such as AWIN/CJ/PepperJam and ClickBank. 

They specialise (if that is the right term) in physical product stores. Again a bit like AWIN partnering with clothing retailers or pet food sellers, they aimt to partner smaller eCom stores with influencers or websites that might like to promote lesser known stores. 

Clickbank Alternatives 3 Clickbank alternatives

As these are physical items and eCom stores, the commissions are usualy lower, though they do also work with lead gen companies or companies who sell quite expensive products that can result in $500 commission payouts, and even $100 per lead payouts. 

You will find some online products from hosting providers, website builders and even domain registrars on here, so it really is an odd mix!

I would definitely say ShareASale are worth checking out if you are looking for Clickbank alternatives. 


If you are looking for something in a slightly different niche than some of the others on this Top pick of ClickBank alternatives, then MarketHealth might be right up your street. 

Focusing on the health, well being and weight loss niches, Markethealth is designed for physical products, such as creams, supplements, teas and the like. 

They are really good if you own an image based social media account, or you have a website focused on talking about the different types of health products. Due to the physical nature, you really want to show these off, and hold them etc as it can help with the promotion. 

I would note that a lot of these products don't allow PPC or paid adverts, and do require websites or social media accounts to promote. 

Sign up is fairly straight forward, though again you will need to apply for each offer. Be sure to talk about social media accounts and how you plan on promoting. Try to reach their rules around promotion options as well. 

Join MarketHealth affiliate program. 


A new one for me in 2020, I don't think I had ever heard of it, before one of the products I have signed up to promote moved their entire line over to this site. 

As the name suggests, they focus on digital products, again as with other networks on this list, focusing on courses, training or books within the business or make money online niche, with some of the biggest ranking products being in the MMO niche. 

As this network does specalise in books and ebooks, the range of niches also includes 'games', 'food and drink', 'social media', 'photography' and many more. 

Oddly, they do also offer seminar and even specific products under it's own category, where as others usually bundle this type of product in with the 'digital' products, but I assume it's because you can go to these events live, rather than as a webinar. 

One reason I do enjoy DigiStore is that the marketplace is plain and simple to view, with commissions as high as 90% for some of the products available. 

If you want to join DigitStore24 then sign up here. The application process is quite straight forward and seems to take around 24hous to be approved. 

BuilderAll Marketplace

This marketplace is not something that BuilderAll push as much these days, and possibly for a reason, but I still feel it should exist on this list. 

The Marketplace was designed for BuilderAll members, who wanted to be able to find products to promote in their funnels. It allowed you to quickly and easily start promoting them, with potential funnel sharing and details about the product being promoted. 

You need to have an active membership to access and promote these products, you can't do it if you have a free trial or you are just an affiliate. 


A self contained Affiliate Network of sorts, they promote and sell their own platform and training. 

The training that they have on offer range in both price point and commissions, from ($30 for $25 commission to $2500 for $2000 commission). The training, videos and content is pretty much all affiliate marketing focused, with information on advertisement, how to get traffic, affiliate marketing styles and even training on sales and mindset.

Clickbank Alternatives 4 Clickbank alternatives

There is also some training on other make money online methods such as cyrpto and Dropshipping, but it wouldn't make a lot of sense to market those higher tier products as the sole reason to buy that tier. I.e you wouldn't pay $1100 to access just the DropShipping module, you would sell the $1000 tier for everything within that tier and below as a whole package. 

This affiliate network or platform is direct commission, so you essentially own the rights to sell the training and platform where and when you like, as long as you own it. 

It's easy enough to apply to join, as all you need to do is find a link and pay the amount for whatever tier you want to promote. No questions asked really. 

Join Easy1Up Network

eBay Affiliate

A type of Affiliate Marketing that many people steer away from, usually because the commissions are quite low. 

Many big retail stores and websites have their own Affiliate Programs, though strictly not an affiliate network, the website and it's variations are big enough with enough niches to keep most people happy. 

eBay will allow you to link to pretty much any product or search within the eBay network, giving you a large range of niches to choose from. 

The commission from this are lower, averaging around 5%, but the trust and authority of eBay means that people are more likely to buy. If you have a decent amount of traffic, then generating commissions should be quite easy. 

You will need an eBay account to sign up, and they recently revamped everything to be a bit more flash. As with others, you are going to need to have a way of promoting eBay.

Amazon Affiliate Program (Associates)

The final one on this list of ClickBank Alternatives, is Amazon. 

The behemoth of eCommerce, and one of the affiliate networks that I recommend checking out or reviewing when starting your own affiliate blog

Amazon is huge, it's in multiple countries, spans a ton of different niches and is both high in trust value as well as potential checkout value. 

The commissions for joining may be low, capping out at around 12%, but Amazon is brilliant at upselling and promoting a multitude of products to increase the overall basket of a customer.

This means you may send a potential customer to pick up a $50 golf club or chair, and they end up with a $500 basket because they remembered they wanted other things. You have gone from a $5 commission, to a $50 commission with zero extra work. 

If you run social accounts, YouTube accounts or even a niche style website focused on helping people to solve problems, Amazon really is a great additional, or sole network for you to include. 

ClickBank Alternatives - Conclusion 

There you have it, it doesn't really matter what niche or market you are in, from digital products to eCom, you should be able to find a number of different networks and ClickBank Alternatives fairly easily. 

Have you got others that you have tried in the past or found useful? 

Drop them below!

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