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Breakout Affiliate Marketing Review Summary

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With all the additional content, DFY templates, industry access and information you get, the price is spot on. 

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Ease of USe

Everything is easy to follow and hosted on Kajabi, so it's fairly easy to navigate and implement. 

The Online Student - Content


Videos are clear, in-depth and you are provided with templates, swipes, content and more.

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With weekly Q&As and a support group to ask questions in between, support is pretty fast. Quicker than email or other styles of support. 

Summary: BAM is a 6 week step by step training program, with a group based support mastermind. Showing the exact steps the number 2 Warrior+ affiliate took to earn his $1m+ in commissions in 2 years.  

  • A Really Easy To Follow And Implement Content
  • DFY Templates, Emails And A Ton Of Additional Bonuses And Information
  • New Releases, Trends And Even Support Are All Released Easily Via The Group - No More Being Left Behind
  • You Do Need Additional Captial (Though Jame Explains How He Managed With Around $50)
  • I Personally Feel A Small Element Of Luck Is Involved (But Mainly If You Want Super Fast Results)

The world of email building and solo ads is a difficult one to get into, there is a lot of hit and miss, trial and error and overall testing. It is usually sold as 'the easiest way to build a business', which, in a way it can be. If you know what you are doing. 

A man who seems to have mastered this particular tricky method of marketing, is James Fawcett. A no BS $1m+ commission super affiliate. Having scaled and built his business since around 2019 & 2020, in this world he is a relative newbie, but it doesn't feel like it. 

James recently opened up a more intense version of his Breakout Code training, called Breakout Affiliate Mastery, or BAM for short. 

Today, we are going to see if BAM can actually turn you into a affiliate marketing genius, or should you simply stick to the standard Breakout Reloaded and save a little bit of cash. 

This Breakout Affiliate Mastery Review will dive into every aspect of the training, including the support, templates and more. 

What Is Breakout Affiliate Mastery

BAM is a relatively new addition to James Fawcett's training catalogue, First appearing inside of the End Game release, as an optional upgrade.

BAM is a 6 week training program, focused on the exact method that James went from zero success, to over $1m in affiliate commissions in a few short years. With the added benefit of group support calls, Q&As sessions and DFY templates and materials. 

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Split across a 6 week period, each week provides you with a new set of activities and actions to push you towards the magical "$10k per month' goal that a lot of people strive for these days. 

What Is Inside Of BAM?

James has taken the time to actually split his exact steps into a number of weeks, though they can in theory all be set up in a few days (if you have prior experience with some of the methods used).

Each week covers a different topic that is built upon the week before, with DFY templates, slides, access to products and even bonuses to use as you work your way through.


This module is meant as an explainer, outlining what you will be doing over the next few weeks (or days). 

James covers the objectives and the key points a person should be hitting each week, as well as explaining some of the key areas that someone should focus on when they just get started. 

One of the big problems with this style is cash flow, and thankfully James does spend pretty much a whole video explaining this within the Mindset lesson. 


  • Welcome to the Bootcamp
  • Outline and Objectives
  • Mindset
  • No More Shiny Objects

Week 1

It's time to get into the real heart of this training. Week 1 is going to cover the core basics of the BAM method, which of course is funnels. 

Funnels, landing pages and bridge pages are going to be a fairly big part of this method, so getting this set up correctly is crucial. 

Breakout Affiliate Mastery Review 6 Breakout Affiliate Mastery Review

Now anyone who has investigated affiliate marketing in the past, or perhaps have picked up Breakout Reloaded or End Game will know or understand the basics of this type of funnel. 

James walks you through every step that you need to do to get a high converting (email wise) capture page and high converting (sales wise) bridge page

For this, James uses ClickFunnels, though if you are trying to save cash you can always look at using SystemeDropFunnels or even GrooveFunnels. The downside of course is that you won't be able to use the DFY templates and funnels that BAM does provide. 

If you are looking for ClickFunnels alternatives to get you started, then check this full article out.

 The second half of this week focuses on tools that can help increase conversions, as well as help with tracking. One of those tools is ClickMagick, something I had touched on in the past, but never used a ton because of PrettyLinks, but ClickMagick does offer a ton of useful tools. Link tracking is a must for this method, else you are simply throwing money away. 

By the end of Week 1 you will have a complete funnel set up and ready to start receiving traffic, with an autoresponder set up with emails, and your link tracking all sorted. That's a lot of core work, but vital for this to work. 


  • Intro to Week 1
  • How to Approach Week 1
  • How the Funnel Works
  • Building Your Optin/Squeeze Page
  • Building Your Bridge / Thankyou Page
  • Connecting and Integrations with Email Marketing Systems
  • Building Your Follow Up Email Sequences
  • Setting Up Your Tracking for Traffic
  • Setting Up Typo Detector and Google Captcha

Week 2

After getting your funnel set up, with an email sequence ready and waiting, it's time to find traffic. 

Week 2 is all about traffic, where to find it, how to track it and of course scaling tips. It is no surprise that James uses Solo Ads for this method, it's a relatively cheap but effective way to build an email list. It's also scalable, which is crucial for this style of marketing. 

Breakout Affiliate Mastery Review 7 Breakout Affiliate Mastery Review

Getting BAM automatically gives you access to James's awesome 'Little Black Book', usually a $47 upsell, this gives you access to the exact people and platforms that these guys use. This removes one of the biggest costs, testing. 

I feel that a lot of people who try with solo ads, or this style of marketing, fail at this point. It is the part that can become a money pit if done incorrectly, so getting this right and tracking everything is vital to increasing your chances for success. 

This whole week is well laid out, and it may seen short, but it is very important. Finding a decent platform or vendor who you can work with and grow with allows you to scale at cost. 


  • Week 2 Training - Intro
  • Importance of Quality Traffic
  • Where Solo Ad Traffic Providers Get Their Traffic
  • Importance in Tracking your provider
  • Managing a Rapport with Provider
  • Quality Traffic = Bigger Profits

Week 3

With funnels ready, traffic flowing and your emails following up with new subscribers, week 3 dives into the use of split testing or A/B testing. 

As I have mentioned before, testing, tweaking and playing around with optins or offers is something you should really be doing as much as you can (though within reason). 

Tweaking an optin page to go from say 30% to 40% can mean the difference between 100's of additional emails and potential customers per run. 


  • Week 3 Training - Split Testing / Optimization
  • Setting Up Split Test for Optin Pages
  • Setting Up Rotator to Split Test Bridge Pages / Offers

Week 4

Possibly the most important week, especially if you are wanting to scale and make this sustainable. Without this, you can quite quickly burn through any cash you make, resulting in you stuck with a unresponsive list and no way of growing or kick-starting it. 

It seems such a boring topic to talk about, but Money Management is key for any type of paid advertisement method. Solo ads are no different. 

Affiliate Mastery Review

James actually re-invested everything he made back into growing his business for 6 months. 


  • Week 4 - Money Management.
  • Importance of Money Management
  • Scaling Effectively - Long Term Strategy
  • How to Deal with Refunds / Chargebacks

Week 5

As we start to get to the end of this Breakout Affiliate Mastery training weeks, you may feel like you have everything set up, running on auto pilot, but there is still more to learn.

One of the keys to the success is keeping your subscribers, making them happy and of course showing them awesome products for them to succeed with. Cleaning your lists, ensuring anyone who simply doesn't open is removed and taking the time to answer some of the many questions they have.

This week will also dive into writing emails, and finding high CTR or High Open Rate emails that can be re-used, tweaked and updated with new products or launches. 

As with a lot of the other weeks, this will come down to testing, but you are also provided with DFY emails that you can in theory plug and play, but I would recommend looking at what others are doing and creating your own spin. You want to be unique, not a straight up carbon copy. 


  • Week 5 Introduction
  • Email Copy - How to Write Email Copy for Cold Audience
  • Dealing with Subscribers

Week 6

The final week, but not the end of the learning (more on that in a second). Week 6 is all about scaling, optimising and growing your email lists and commissions. 

In reality, week 6 is more of a reminder to keep going back through weeks 1 - 5, tweaking, understanding and scaling your business. Even though they have done around 80% of this for you, with finding good suppliers, high converting funnels and even to an extent offers, you still need to take the time to tweak and test yourself. 

You should also be on the lookout for offers and products that you want to promote and can be sent to your email list.


  • Week 6 Training
  • Continued scaling and optimizing
  • Review Weeks 1 - 5 Training
  • Rotating Offers Continually - Evergreen must!

What Is Inside Of The BAM Support Group?

So something a little more difficult to show, or explain, without breaching James's students privacy and of course content is the BAM mastermind group.

Alongside the core training, is the support and private group. The group contains additional training, more templates and of course the Live Q & As and coaching calls. 

Breakout Affiliate Mastery Review group overview

Each week James will go live with a Q&A session, or a training session that anyone can join, usually spanning across a few hours. These sessions can cover anything from problems people have had that week, or new offers that have been released that are converting well and people may want to check out. 

The point of the sessions are to provide a helpful environment to keep people moving. A lot like the mastermind sessions found within SAA, these calls can be huge in helping people right then and there, rather than letting people sit and worry about problems they have (and thus never moving on). 

Secondary to these live sessions, are all the past recorded sessions and additional training guides that James has built up within the Units section within the group. 

These units are mixture of new converting funnels, high open rate email templates or even some simple mindset training, aimed at ensuring people stay focused and following the steps outlined. 

Having the group actually allows a much higher engagement rate, and keeps people on track. If a new optin page was created and then released into the training, most people won't notice, but by dropping it into the group and talking about it, people can go grab the page and implement it almost immediately.

Edit: After originally writing this affiliate marketing mastery review, James has now left the private group, and handed it over to his launch partner Mark. He is the same guy who is behind some of the big launches that James & Mark did. You can actually see some of his work within this Phoenix Review.

What Are Solo Ads?

A large part of this method relies on solo ads, a form of paid advertisement, but not a lot of people really understand how they work or the different types. So it's probably worth explaining a little here, especially if you are on the fence about buying BAM.

 If you want a full breakdown of solo ads, and how they work, check out this Solo Ads for Beginners article. 

The TLDR version is that solo ads are a paid advertisement method, whereby vendors, or solo ad providers take your link (usually an optin page link) and they send an email to their own list with that link.

They will then monitor the number of clicks, rotating to a different link after your clicks have been complete. An alternative way, is that they may set up capture campaigns with Google Ads or a Media buy company and use your link as the capture form (again for a certain number of clicks). 

They take on the risk of building up a decent list, you take on the job of offering a high converting capture page and follow up. 

This style of marketing can be a lot cheaper than buying traffic via traditional methods. Costing as little as $0.19 per click (though the traffic is going to be pretty bad for that price) all the way to $1 - $2 with sites like Traffic Blade or even Udimi. This could mean that a new subsciber to your lists costs from $0.40 - $4 depending on your page conversions and of course price per click. Potentially a lot cheaper than trying to do adverts.

The added benefit is that some of these companies also offer pre-warming, so they are emails and people who had perhaps purchased a product before or who are actually interested in whatever niche you are in.  

Who Teaches BAM?

So I have spoken about this mysterious guy called James Fawcett a lot in this BAM review, and many people probably don't know who he is. He is a number 1 vendor and number 2 affiliate on W+, which considering the sheer number of affiliates on that platform, is fairly impressive. 

With well over $1.2m in commissions earned from affiliate sales (the last update I could find was November 2021, so we can safely assume another 100-150k has been added to that total).

The guy went from having $50 in an account to a huge achievement in a few years, by doing exactly as he teaches. He has of course since launched products and generated his list from there, but looking at the numbers that email list would equate to 5 - 10% of the emails he has these days. Plus the 1.2m above doesn't take into account vendor sales. 

It's fair to say he knows a thing or two about this style of marketing and lives and breathes it. 

How Much Does Breakout Affiliate Mastery Cost?

At the current price, BAM is currently priced at $497 $997. I would say that there is additional costs associated with this, so another $100 - $200 would be a good start to have for the traffic, as this will allow you to start getting emails onto your subscribers list. 

The cost of this is actually cheaper than if you purchased some of the benefits individually. For example, you could purchase End Game, a good decent product at around $12.95.

If you then added the Profit Automators ($37) to get access to high converting DFY swipes and the DFY Package with their DFY funnels and bridge pages etc ($197), plus then add the reseller bundle (letting you keep nearly all of the commissions at $67). You then add the Little Black Book ($47) you at around $270. But, we are not done yet. 

As BAM also gives you access to the resellers rights across other products that they own. So you can also get that on Breakout Reloaded, Checkmate, Infusion, Rebilz 2.0 and any others they choose. Which alone would cost you the product + licence rights. That would actually cost you more than BAM, and you missed out on the other benefits. 

BAM adds the bonuses of access to the ongoing mastermind, weekly calls, new campaigns and templates and a whole host more as part of BAM

Breakout Affiliate Mastery Bonuses

As I mentioned before, purchasing BAM already gives you benefits, but it's worth understanding all of the bonuses that James offers as part of this product. 

  1. Mentoring and access to both Mark And James - The group is co-hosted by both of these giants. Since writing this review, James has now left the group. The training is still James, but he no longer runs the live group part. This is just Mark. 
  2. Actually get questions solved (no need to email or sit and wonder why a campaign has it up and get answers)
  3. DFY Templates & Campaigns. You could buy these separately as discussed above, but it would ultimately cost more
  4. You can actually promote BAM directly, rather than indirectly (it does appear within funnels)
  5. You are provided commission bumps on their products (those that can be bumped)
  6. Of course access to the group
  7. Additional content and training within said group
  8. Weekly updates and ideas about current trends or affiliate practises 
  9. The ability to focus.. no more jumping around and trying to make stuff work. 

 You get a lot of BAM for your buck. Yeah, ok terrible joke. 

Who Is BAM For?

I always find this a tough question to answer, as it's different for every product or tool that I look into. I would say BAM is for anyone who fits into one these areas. 

You have tried succeeding with solo ads, or this style of marketing before, and you need a place to up your game. With help or guidance on where you may be falling over or not quite hitting it. 

You may have tried affiliate marketing in the past, but you haven't found a method or a style that suites you, and again you want a more hands on approach.

Is Breakout Affiliate Mastery Right For You?

If you fit into one of the above categories, then yes. James offers pretty much everything you want or need to get going with this style and method of marketing. 

What I Enjoyed About BAM

To be honest, pretty much all of it. The lessons are easy to follow and having the DFY funnels and campaigns can really help if you get stuck. 

You can tweak the pages using James's instructions, or update email campaigns fairly easily. 

Weekly Q&As are fun and you get plenty of time to ask questions about campaigns or landing pages, with no BS answers provided and usually a few harsh truths (like stop using different vendors who are not proven to work). 

You will never get tied of seeing email notifications of sales from emails you have sent, or traffic you have purchased. It feels amazing. 

I have actually managed to have success and starting to see real numbers with this. I have done this style in the past and have used some of the training that James has offered (even offering my opinion once or twice), but I personally needed that little extra push, which this gave. 

What I Didn’t Enjoy About BAM

Part of this is luck, and volume, which can vary between people. For example, someone using $100 to buy clicks may get a sale or 2 on that run. But if they only get a front end sale, with no upsells etc, they are left with around $20 after that run and maybe 100 new subscribers. 

Of course over the next few weeks they can swap out offers and show new ones, and they may get another 1 or 2 FE sales (I find I get 1 sale per 100 people who see a product). So again they may get $50 from that initial $100 and a dwindling email list who may become less likely to click or buy (people drop off lists and 100 people can quickly become 50). 

That $50 earned once again may get 50 new subscribers and 1 sale. This can quickly turn into diminishing returns, as you then have $20 to spend on more traffic. Yes you have got some new subscribers but with maybe 100 people on that list and some money spent, you may have to wait 10+ days to see another $10-$20 sale. 

So I do say that some of this is luck, getting a good sale within your first run or two can lift spirits and help with future campaigns. Without the higher sales, this method could take a lot longer to become profitable or make this a long term business. 

To this date, I have never got a 'funnel sale' as they are usually called. Not a single subscriber has purchased all the upsells or any significant upsell. I do get the smaller $10 - $20 sales, but never a $200+ sale.

Fast forward a few months since starting this method, I have actually been lucky enough to get a number of high ticket sales from this. Usually giving $100 - $200 commissions (even with 100% commissions you will find that W+ takes a cut, so you end up with slightly less). 

This has let me grow, and refresh this list and slowly build it up.

I wouldn't say this is an issue with BAM itself, it's simply this style of marketing. Any paid advertisement method needs to pay for itself in some capacity. You pay for higher costs when doing Google Ads, because you can target ready to buy people and see a return on the products sold. Solos can be a bit of a gamble. 

Breakout Affiliate Mastery Review Conclusion

Even though I feel there is an element of luck with this, I still feel like this method and style can be started with a smaller budget than most people think.

If you are serious about growing a business via paid traffic and email marketing, something that can be pretty hands off (I purchase traffic and set up a few emails in the morning) then the Breakout Affiliate Mastery training should be right up your alley. 

James gives you a lot of information, DFY content and instructions within this training, it really is a worthwhile course. If you are unsure about the method and you want to spend a little less on a course or mastermind, then I would recommend checking out End Game or Affiliate One and upgrading to BAM at a later date if it works for you. 

Breakout Affiliate Mastery




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