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There is a huge variety of pricing from $0.30 - $1+ per visitor. So you can usually find something to fit your budget.

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Ease of USe

It is really easy to navigate around the site, add filters and even find the right seller for you. 

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You can add filtering as well as searching for mobile only or desktop only. The filtering isn't 100% perfect, but it's a good start. 

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I have had mixed interactions with support, sometimes being ignored, other times having issues solved quickly. 

Summary: Udimi is a great place to find a huge variety of Solo Ad sellers, allowing you to get solo ads for a number of different budgets and niches. 

  • Large Variety Of Sellers
  • Quick & Easy To Find & Buy
  • Easily Filter Out Poor Performing Countries or Traffic Exchanges
  • You Can Check Back Past Feedback & Stats
  • Can Get $5 Free Credit Below (That's Always A Plus!)
  • Sellers Can Manipulate The Stats A Little By Asking For Only Good Feedback
  • The Filtering Does Not Always Work - Use ClickMagik To Help With This

Prices can range from $0.35 - $1+ per visitor, so be sure to find ones that suit your budget and needs

List building is one of those secret affiliate marketing tricks that very few entrepreneurs or 'Gurus' tell you about. But it's really where the money is held, one of the many ways of building up an email list is to use a technique or advertising method called Solo Ads. 

One of the most well known places to get Solo Ads from is Udimi, so today we will look at what Udimi is, and why people rave so much about it, enjoy today's Udimi Review. 

If you haven't read the beginners guide to Solo Ads, then I would recommend it as it will go a little more in depth than this particular Udimi Review.

What Is Udimi?

We might as well start this review off with the hard hitting questions.

In a nutshell, Udimi is a marketplace place, designed for those looking to find solo ad sellers. 

It allows people like you and me to sort through and find the good sellers, without having to spend hours searching through page after page of Google. 

Udimi Review - Udimi Top Sellers

Udimi is a place where some of the best sellers come to share their lists and sell spaces on those lists, with the added ability to sort, filter and narrow down that search. 

Finding Sellers on Udimi

Finding solo ad providers on Udimi is really quite simple, you are provided with a number of different options to choose from when it comes to finding that perfect seller. 

Udimi Review - Find Sellers

You can choose to find sellers based on your own criter using the 'Find Sellers' tab, or you can let Udimi find some for you by selecting 'Solo Deals'.

Finding Your Own Solo Ad Provider

If you are after a really specific or certain type of provider, such as wanting clicks between a certain price range, or wanting to only see providers who deal within certain niches, then Udimi provides a filter function. 

Udmi Review Udimi Filter

As you can see from my example, I have chosen to find sellers who can start to deliver 200 visititors within the next 24 hours, and that do not go above $0.95 per visitor. 

I have also asked to see only sellers who have reported that a recent buyer has got sales from their purchase. This means that at least 10% of the solos they have provided have resulted within a sale. 

For me, that criteria is important, because it shows that the sellers list is engaged and are willing to explore new opportunities. 

Be careful though, as some sellers have managed to play with this metric by offering refunds to those who claim no sales or post negative responses. More on that later. 

Udimi Review

Using the criteria above, I have narrowed it down to the above seller. As you can see from the summary, he currently has 17% of his sales are down to repeat customers and that 36% of buyers reported that a sale has taken place. 

These are pretty good stats, and starts to give you a rough idea about potentially how good this seller may be. 

If you scroll down, you can read more about them, including the list make-up (what countries the list makes up) and some reviews by customers.  

Udimi Review - Potential Seller

It also gives sellers a chance to really sell themselves because at the end of the day, they are competing with other sellers and they have to try and stand out. Remember that when you are browsing.

Choosing Solo Deals

The other option you have is to use the Solo Deals Tab. 

This tab will show you a variety of solo providers who are currently offering a % discount off their regular price or who have paid to show up on the solo deals tab.  

Udimi Review - Udimi Solo Deals

These sellers will appear in your normal search (and will show up as promoted) .

It's a great place to start if you are trying to find potential new sellers and well worth checking out. 

Do keep in mind that some people have paid to display there, so they may not meet your criteria. 

Purchasing Your Solo Ads

Now that we have found a potential seller, it's time to purchase a solo ad from them.

I always choose to test any new solo ad providers, especially if I have no used them before in the past. 


Because it means you can do your own research and understand how responsive a list is, before you spend $$$'s on a potentially dead list. 

I usually test between 100 - 200 visitors, and then work out the optin rate, open rate and the type of list that I am buying. 

Udimi Review -Udimi email creator

Udimi gives you a number of options when it comes to what is included in the solo, as well as when you want it to be fuffiled. 

For this Udimi Review, I decided to purchase 200 Visitors, starting as soon as possible (the earliest the seller had was 26th August, but some sellers will start early if you allow them (you can turn this option off if you have a time dependent sale or offer).

I also decided to use a text ad, this allows you to create your own email, you can decide to just provide a link, but then you rely on the fact the solo vendor is a great copy writer!

Finally, you can also add filters to each solo ad that you send. 

By default, you will always get the base filter, this is added by Udimi to remove fake clicks, bots or sign-ups that look to have come from ad exchanges etc. 

If you are feeling fancy, you can purchase other filters such as Prime (essentially it adds an extra level of aggressive bot and fake click removal to the filtering - It's always added if you have a Udimi Prime account, which I do recommend). 

Other options include only accepting top tier countries (i.e USA,UK, France, Germany etc) and not accepting countries such as India or Russia. This can help ensure that the likelihood of a sale increase, but most sellers these days offer 85% - 90% + top tier countries anyway, so this is not needed as much. 

And your final options give you the ability to only target mobile or desktop, which you shouldn't need to use unless your pre optin offer or even the optin page are not mobile or desktop friendly. 

Tracking Your Stats & Optins

One of the good things about Udimi, is that you can actually see the flow of visitors to your links, now it's not as detailed as programs such as ClickMagik, but it does gives you some idea about when they signed up, where they signed up and even what type of operating system they had. 

Udimi Review - Udimi Premium

The other good metric to understand, is the see where some of the potential signups have come from, out of a list of 200 visitors, 33 got filtered out, which is around 15% of the list. Because these got filtered out, these 33 where replaced by a different 33, but again it's good to decide if this is a list you would want to go for in the future, or if it's one to steer clear of. 

Again, if you want to track your full funnel, or even do more advanced tracking of where your potential visitors have come from, using something like ClickMagik can really help, and even be used to prove that certain providers traffic is junk (yes, I have successfully done that in the past). 

What I Liked About Udmi

I like the fact you can actually create search criteria when searching for your potential sellers. 

Many sites such as 10DollarSolo only offer you the ability to send to an unknown list. There is no choice, just a fixed price and a fixed list. 

Another great point about Udimi, is the sheer number of sellers, you have a huge choice to choose from, within a variety of niches, countries, languages and prices.

I have already spoken about the fact you can look at stats about the different sellers on the platform, it allows you to find out what past buyers have purchased, if they got sales and even find out some useful information such as clickthrough rates and optin rates. 

Finally, the filters and removal of rubbish clicks and visitors is a must. Udimi offers both a basic level and a higher level of filtering, allowing you to rest easy knowing the fact you are getting a higher rate of clicks and visitors. 

What I Didn’t Like About Udmi

One issue that I have seen a few times, is that some sellers will go out of their way to stop you from posting bad reviews. 

You will get messages, emails and even negative posts if you put 'did not get sales' as feedback. 

Doing this really messes with the scoring and stats, as it gives people a false sense of security around how good certain sellers are. I think if more buyers where honest with their feedback and reported no sales more often rather than 'don't know' or just putting 'got sales' because someone offered a free course for the feedback. 

Yes, that happened in the past. I was offered a free course in exchange for a 'got sales'. 

The other point that annoys me, is that if sellers don't like you pointing out their traffic is poor quality, or that the click through rates and open rates from their visitors are quite low and even pointing out that a large majority of their traffic came from similar IPs and quite similar email addresses. Udimi will just let the seller refund you, hide the negative review and carry on with their day. 

Not cool. 

Final Conclusion - Should You By From Udimi?

If you are going to be buying solo adverts, and they fit in with your business model, then I definitely believe that Udimi can become one of those places to get traffic and potential sign ups. 

The sheer variety of different sellers, the ability to ad filtering on top and even read through past results and statistics means you have a higher chance of finding sellers who match your criteria. 

And hereby ends the Udimi Review, let me know your thoughts about, have you had success with Udimi or maybe you have a horror story to share.





Ease Of Use







  • Huge Variety
  • Some Decent Filtering
  • Can Easily Find Past Results & Feedback From Other Buyers
  • You Can Get $5 Free Credit On Sign Up


  • Some Sellers Ratings & Stats Can Be Manipulated
  • The Filtering Does Not Always Work

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